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on October 14, 2011
If you're like me, you bought one of the $200 4gb Xbox slims and are here searching for a hard drive. I've had mine now for 3 weeks, and it works awesome. Plus, it enables full usage of Halo: Reach so I can finally do co-op and firefight over xbox live. Get this and save some money instead of wasting it on one of those "official" Microsoft hard drives.
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on November 30, 2013
After purchasing Battlefield 4, and then realizing that my Xbox 360 wouldn't play it....I was furious. after trying to return the game to no avail "because it was opened"...I decided to look and see how much the hard drive was.....$130 !!!! Luckily I stumbled across this unit. for 1/5th the price. it arrived, I snapped it in, and was good to go. Save yourselves some $$$$ and buy one of these.
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on December 31, 2012
I am familiar with AGPTEK products as they make many grey-market OEM replacement hard drives for a lot of makers. Mine is experiencing errors and stuttering, and while it is Microsoft compatible, Microsoft will not support this unit in your system. I have seen a few responses in the first few pages that have had similar operation issues.

A few installs like COD BO2, F1 2011, and others have had nothing but access problems and long, long install times. 2-3 hours on one game to install is way too long, and very suspect.

While I feel Microsoft is gouging customers at every step (all of the time, forever), I also feel the additional of Lego Star Wars is even more proof they are ripping off customers. The fact that you cant use standard laptop hard drives is another key proof they are protecting their interests and not ours.

Buying OEM hard drives has its risks, and for peace of mind, look elsewhere.

ALSO- Jan 4th, 2013.

New Microsoft Xbox hard drive works 50% faster than this OEM piece of crap. You WILL have longer downloads and installs with the OEM AGPTEK hard drive. The hard drive is substandard by any comparison, build quality to times.

Skyrim installed on the OEM drive in over 1 hour. Skyrim on the 'same' Microsoft labeled drive... 8 minutes. All 14 games also similar savings in install and add on downloads. Yes, downloads... the time writing to the drive. Yes... look it up. and then prove it to yourself.

Buy both after your OEM drive fails and you can compare too.. very easily.
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on December 11, 2016
I really, really, really wanted this to work. I purchased a few games over Black Friday, and lo and behold, most of them required a hard drive. Refusing to pay nearly double the price for nearly 1/3 of the space by purchasing a used one from a video gaming store, I opted to buy the 320GB 3rd Party version. When it arrived, I inserted it into my XBOX 360, turned it on, and it showed up as a hard drive! Awesome, right?

Well .. no .. not so fast. After installing one game, I played for about 30 minutes or so, and then turned off the system for the night. A few days later, I decided to play it again. I turned on the XBOX 360 .. and waited .. and waited .. and *boom* big black screen with an E68 Error and a red light on my XBOX 360... crap. Checked the info on the code and found the error to be with the 3rd party hard drive... double-crap. Removed the drive, and the system booted again without issue. Reinstalled the drive, and back to the error/red light.. *sigh* .. so I got about 30ish minutes of use out of this drive before it took a nose dive.

Looks like I'm hunkering down for a Microsoft version instead.
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on December 29, 2012
So I reluctantly bought this 320GB expansion drive for my Xbox 360 slim. The primary goal was to expand the storage since I bought the 4GB Xbox bundle and ran out of space after downloading a couple demos. But I wasn't sure if it is going to work, as I read some confusing and misleading reviews.

Installation of the drive was extremely easy. ( make sure you remove all the cables, power, HDMI etc before inserting drive). There are no screws or tricky panels to remove. Microsoft did an excellent job of designing the drive bay, the removal of drive access cover is effortless, after that you just need to slide the drive in to the slot, push it until you hear a click, place the drive access cover back and you are done.

The system automatically recognized the drive, it came pre-formatted so there was no user configuration needed. Immediately after powering up the system I moved all of my contents from built in 4GB space to the hard drive and logged in to my live profile. I downloaded 3 demos (Forza sports, just dance 4 and black ops II) to the hard disk and played them right after the download, all ran without any issues. I also played Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (for Xbox 360, not to be confused with the original) the system cached the level to the hard drive to reduce loading time. I don't have any Xbox original games so I can't test whether they will work or not.

I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 because the drive came without install instructions or other documentation, no contact/support information, no warranty info, no specifications of the drive such as speed, cache, rpm etc. The packing was very basic, although the box was printed with genuine Xbox product kind of look there was no padding/protection to absorb impact during shipping. The box was shipped in one of those bubble wrap envelopes. IMO hard disk packages need to be a bit more sturdy.

All in all it is a great alternate to the $120 Microsoft drive, with few improvements needed on the packaging.
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on January 24, 2014
21 days is a bit long for delivery, but it beats the hell out of "President's Day". Amazon REALLY should REALLY reveal on the product page that the item will ship from China. No kidding, REALLY. This should be an Amazon requirement. It ticks me off no end to find out AFTER I order something (yeah, sure, caveat emptor, etc.; I should check the supplier first, etc. Yeah. Right.) Now, back to the drive...

It's fine and comes formatted for the ZexBox. Which is a minor problem if you can't do that sort of thing yourself and have to go dig up some weird utility, not to mention an adapter cable. Plug and Play. Slide the little latch at the rear of the right side of your ($140?) 4G (that's on the MB - you can't screw with it) Xbux case , stuff this 2.5" SATA case in, fold the pull-tab into the space, and VIOLA! (as they say in the string section). I should add that if you need to back up an existing drive to your new one, BE PREPARED to pass a computer science class (like a good boy/girl scout).

Actually, I've a mind to try an SSD using this convenient plastic SATA case (selling just the case would kill off a LOT of profit wouldn't it?). That should speed up games and stuff immensely. Wonder why nobody's selling them for Sexboxes and PS3/4's yet? Anyway, this is at least as good as the rest of the other sliced bread in the bake shop even though someone seems to have flushed one and complained about 'water damage'. Maybe the boat sank while shipping the container to San Francisco where the Chinese slave ships landed in the 1800's? You never know.

If you check the Nexperts on the blogs and other garbage dumps, they generally claim that using a USB HD (that you can plug into the back of your SexyBox) is SLOWER than an internal SATA drive. This simply isn't true. Both devices use serial data transfer and you can bet your horse's saddle that a device requiring physical movement will be slower than anything that doesn't. You can stuff as many gigglebytes as available into a USB port and it'll be just as good as that chunk of watch-making machinery. So there.

Subtracting the ancient DVD and SATA drives, an X-Bux should be about the same size as an Apple TV box and maybe have a few more connection sockets. Not to mention AirParrot and an entirely separate GPU. I'd be really interested in a layered and modular OS architecture that fire-bombs the packaged, corporate patented, ideas that Apple and M$ have been selling us for decades. Gurgle has some other thing in mind, but neither Android nor any of the tablets have hit that ball over the fence.
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on November 8, 2013
Great HDD, fits perfectly into the Xbox Slim. Other Retail stores wanted double to triple the price for the same amount of Gigs. Works flawless with Battlefield 4, it is able to download the required 2gb memory to run the game.
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on August 16, 2014
So I bought this hard drive for three major reasons- 1, I bought an xbox DLC pack that was 4g on it's own, and my 4g slim couldn't handle it. 2. I bought an xbox originals game on download, similar problem. 3. I was concerned with the large games I was playing on disk, like assassins creed and Bethesda studios games.

this is not an authentic Microsoft product. (It did not previously specify the brand) I don't really mind, and knew something might come up, except I had to spend some time hacking my hard drive and installing/restoring the partition 2 emulator for xbox originals. Bottom line, when I got it, it didn't play my original xbox game. I heard mixed answers about whether it plays originals - it does not, unless you restore the partition manually on a computer with a usb connector. I am familiar with computers, but programming is not my game of choice. It was a nuisance but it got done.

Everything else was just fine. The price couldn't be beat, it fits right in with no hassle. It's hidden from sight, so I don't have a big black box hanging out of my white slim (also, I had difficulties finding the drive slot since I had never previously needed to - your hard drive slot is under one of the grated sides, and you can open it by a small, realatively visible latch). Works fine with transferring existing data from your xbox memory, and except my original, I have not had any difficulties playing anything or downloading any other games from the store. My xbox isn't as hot when it runs now, life is good.
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on July 20, 2015
Great buy - purchased via Amazon from Vendor Dongcoh Electronics (West Coast). Delivery took 7 days using standard S/H to Middle Georgia (I was in no rush).
Item fits perfectly into a XBOX 360E.

To install, unplug electric cable for the XBOX , insert this Hard Drive into the slot that is built-in the XBOX, push in firmly until it seats firmly into place; plug XBOX back to electric outlet, turn XBOX and confirm all is well. Took less than 1 minute to install.

I would definitely purchase from this vendor again.
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on August 31, 2015
Ok here the deal . I own a Xbox 360 slim 4gig version and I wanted to buy 120g hard drive to play my games download stuff. Well the lady at GameStop gave two price for a used 320g and 120g it was $79.99 and $59.99 it that order for the official Microsoft hard drive. Keep in mind they were used preowned. I said I'll be back. Went to Amazon and found this 320g hard drive $28.64 it's a no brainier. Arrived 2 days in a little box. Now there is a lot of mix review but mostly good. And I have to say I just opened the side latch to my Xbox 360 and put this baby right in. Automatically it recognized it as a Xbox 360 hard drive. Love it. Now I have to say that it read as only having 296 space but for $28.00 it's all good. I download and ton of stuff already and it haven't put a dent in the space I have left I took up around 11 gigs. Played online and everything so it's no problem over here. I would really recommend this product. If they had bad batches way back when to get bad reviews, well they got there stuff together NOW. I'm super happy.
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