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on March 31, 2016
I don't really need 64gigs, although it would be nice to have, they're super expensive now. I bought this for around 50 dollars.

On this memory card, i have:
Call of Duty black ops declassified
Minecraft vita
Borderlands 2
Assassins Creed liberation
Dead or alive 5 plus
Metal gear solid 2
Samurai warriors chronicles 3
Titan Souls

12 ps1 games including some big ones like:
Legend of Dragoon
Final Fantasy 7
Sim City
Jet Moto 2
3 Megaman games
And a TON of indie games

In total I have 28 games! and i still have room for 5 movies (around 850mb each) plus a whole collection of photos. Trust me, its enough space unless you're the kind of gamer that needs a hardcore variety. I'm even planning on deleting some games so if i need to make room for more, its no problem at all.
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on September 14, 2016
Speeds aren't bad
but the prices are horrible
it is a proprietary format
and single handedly killed the vita
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on April 24, 2016
The memory card works, but it was not brand new. When I plugged the memory card in, it said that it was linked to a previous PSN account and needed to be formatted. The package is an original memory card package, but it's obvious that it was put into that package and resealed to look "new". Happy that it works, disappointed that it's not 100% as described.
review image review image review image
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on November 2, 2016
First, the price. Sony price gouging is horrible with the Vita memory cards. Absolutely terrible. Other than that the card was working perfectly when I got it set up. I downloaded all my Vita games and went on my way, playing them and not worrying about the card. That is, until it failed. I booted up my Vita and it gave me an error, the memory card was not detected. After reformatting my Vita the card was still not detected. This is horrible quality for the price. Thankfully Amazon has an excellent return policy but I will not trust Sony hardware as much as I did before.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 17, 2014
With the advent of digital downloads for games I really appreciated the ability to store a lot of games without the need to carry around separate game cartridges for each one. I felt the 32GB was the best bang for the buck when it came to cost to amount of stored games ratio.

I have roughly 10 Vita games and 5 PSP games on my PS Vita with a little more room to spare. I like being able to carry the majority of my games library in the system itself so this card was a necessity. I haven't experienced any issues with it so I would say I'm quite satisfied.

Do I recommend it? Well, yes, if the price doesn't bother you. I opted to pay significantly more for convenience and that is what this boils down to. You can still hold quite a bit of games with the 16GB card which is what I initially had for the system, but I had a lot of digital games and I didn't want to have to erase and redownload games all of the time. Is it worth the convenience for you? I paid more than the current listing of ~$53 for this convenience. Memory of this sort in MicroSD cards and flash drives runs for considerably less money, so if you are aware of what you are buying and what you are buying it for and still want this card, then I can easily recommend it.
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on January 11, 2016
If you intend to have Playstation plus or intend to buy any games digitally you need either this card or the 64GB. With the amount of great games that go on sale in the PS Store, you'll end up buying some digital games. I found my memory card quickly filled up after buying just a hand full of games. I should have bought the 64 GB.

That said, the prices are ludicrous. I thought PSP Memory Cards were bad when that launched, but this is so much worse. Over $2 a GB is just greedy and a shame. It could have easily been released with standard micro SD cards. If I didn't want to relive the best of Final Fantasy (PSO Classics and FFX Remaster) I wouldn't have bought a vita at all.
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on September 18, 2016
Fits a decent amount of games, but why is it so expensive Sony? I don't blame the retailers, but the price point on these is ridiculous, especially when storage is so cheap now days in other flash and SD cards. Regretfully the Vita only takes these proprietary cards so you don't have much of a choice.

Functionally works just fine. Decent amount of storage. I went with this because I hear the 64mb size may have some problems and failures.
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on August 7, 2015
So this is a little over priced but I am reviewing it under the impression that you are willing to pay for the product listed. Now with the Vita, owning games digitally is becoming more and more popular. Why carry around 20 boxes and possibly lose them when you can switch back and forth between games directly on your Vita? Quite a few games (especially if you are an indie gamer fan) go digital only and you cannot play them unless you download them to your Vita. To add on to that, if you are a Playstation plus member you are getting at least two (if not more for cross-buys) digital Vita games per month, Now with this information, you will see the the laughably small memory card that ships with Vitas will soon fill up which means you have to constantly delete games any time you want a new game. This is a large memory card that will let you have a good sized library of games before it gets full. I believe the only bigger size is a 64gb which is more memory space per cent but you probably won;'t need that much space as an average gamer.
If you plan on using your Vita extensively, you will be needing an upgrade in memory and this would be my recommended size.
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on July 4, 2013
So when the PS Vita first launched beginning at 249.99-299.99 (depending on if you wanted the 3G model or not)I felt that the device was priced reasonably well for what we were getting out of it. It is after all just 50 dollars more (for the WIFI) than the competition which when you compare specs, is so much more for just that little bit extra. I knew it was a bit too good to be true though as there are strings attached...namely the memory cards. In fact in my mind that's the biggest draw on the whole Vita sales debacle. Sony wants to invite buyers in with a wonderful price tag then rope you up with this money gouging proprietary memory and frankly, not a whole lot of people are buying into it...or buying it at all rather! But if you really want the PS Vita and you really can't wait for anything cheaper to come along, your stuck with the Vita memory with no real workarounds. The second biggest problem is the size of these cards in general. 4 GB is useless as most full digital Vita games will wipe such a card out. If your buying nothing but physical retail Vita games and doing nothing else, I'd direct you to the 8 GB card. 16 GB is the minimum for anyone wishing to do anything remotely serious on their Vita. If your heavy into PS One classics, PSP, and Vita digital downloads, 32 GB is a must and even then this may not be enough for some people. They really need to come off these prices and offer a 64 GB solution (hello 2013!). As for the read/write speeds of this thing, I'm no memory card expert but I have quite a few different formats lying around my house and I'd say that Vita memory reads/writes no faster than your standard class 4 SD memory card. By the way these things are tiny so be careful when using them and make sure if you invest in multiple cards that you store them away where they can't be lost so easily. The Vita game card cases are pretty cheap and offer a slot for securing Vita memory. PlayStation Vita Card Case
If you ask me they should dissolve the 4 GB memory all together and maybe offer it standard with EVERY Vita, then make a 64 GB memory card available. Even better, they should shave some of that price off these things!

4GB- Don't waste your time here, move along
8GB- If your only interested in buying physical retail copies of Vita games and have no desire for anything off PSN
16GB- If you have a few PS One/PSP downloads and maybe a Vita download or two
32 GB- If your going mostly digital with your Vita
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on January 4, 2016
If you own a Vita (or Playstation TV) you'll already know what this is, so there isn't much more to say in that department. The memory card fits my Vita perfectly, it can store a lot of content, and it disappears in the Vita so you'll forget it even exists. I have only filled a fraction of my card thus far but will likely continue to download games as part of my Playstation Plus subscription so time will tell if I need to upgrade.

What is frustrating about this card, and why I can only give this card three out of five stars, is that there is no reason Sony had to develop yet another proprietary memory format. They could have used a regular micro SD slot and we would have been able to buy cards for about one sixth of what we pay for these. I'd like to think that Sony would learn their lesson about proprietary technologies after VHS won the war against their Betamax, after their Minidisc never managed to overtake CDs, or how their MemorySticks are a distant memory while SD Cards and MicroSD Cards continue to live on.... but apparently Sony has determined it is in their best interests to develop new formats for random products just to eek out a few more bucks from their loyal consumers while wondering why so many former Sony fanboys have moved on to the competitors.

Therefore although the card works well, there really isn't anything special about it and as such this can not be considered a good value. I was somewhat stuck since the internal memory in the Vita wasn't enough to download a single game - thus a captive customer is forced to pay the Sony tax and buy an overpriced memory card. However I'm not about to forget the next time I'm shopping for a TV or Stereo... so perhaps Sony needs to think longer term the next time they feel the need to "improve" the market by offering proprietary technologies.
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