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on August 29, 2016
I received my item promptly and earlier than expected. I was able to use one of the keener advantages of Amazon Prime and got the item via Amazon's two-day free shipping option. Initial impressions are important to me when receiving purchases through the mail because you never know what kinds of conditions the items have to endure during processing and handling. Suffice it to say, if the materials are packed and packaged securely, the packaging will often mitigate most unforeseen damages. I loved the efficient way this product was packaged. The box was not unusually sturdy, but the contents were placed and packaged in an appealing manner. For example: Once the box lid was folded back, I could see its contents were compartmentalized according to their respective functions. The pair of 3D goggles were sectioned together and secured under hard, clear plastic so that the package's recipient could easily identify and distinguish them from the 3D Console. The 3D Console was separated in the same manner, from instructions and cords needed for the device's operation. I would rate the packaging alone at an "A". Starting with the goggles, I was pleasantly surprised how lightweight, yet sturdy they felt. About one week prior to my purchase of the 3D Video Wizard, I'd purchased a pair of passive 3D glasses at a big box electronics store. That single pair of glasses cost approximately $10.00. The quality of construction of the passive 3D glasses were not nearly as robust as the two pair of 3D glasses provided with my 3D Video Wizard kit. The only drawback to the 3D goggles are the lens. In my opinion, the two-tone (red and blue) lens seem slightly dark for low-light situations, so the user should be aware that the 3D goggles will function much differently than actively-lit 3D lens or even passive lens provided at the theater or used with some 3D televisions. However, this is just a personal observation to a preference for more light from the screen. In fact, the contributing darkness may have more to do with the ambient light in the room, and the size and brightness of your television screen, than the actual functionality of the 3D goggles. The 3D goggles perform perfectly, though they may press too tightly behind the ears for larger-sized heads. The 3D Video Wizard set up quickly and easily, and the instructions were simple to follow. The 3D Console is made of a durable plastic housing that is resistant to dust, but susceptible to oily, fingertip smudging. I particularly like how sleek and non-cumbersome the 3D Console looks. Once connected and turned on, a series of blue lights helps the user distinguish which mode the 3D Console is currently in. The unit itself has one button to help actuate the different 3D mode options, so the unit is simple to operate. Selecting the correct setting, based on the user's needs, couldn't be easier. The unit is an excellent companion to my other television peripherals. I see the 3D Video Wizard's two greatest advantages for consumers as: Convenience and Economical. This product shines as a convenience for those with access to 3D movies, but do not have a 3D television. It is an economical alternative for parents whom wish to provide their children with portable 3D content entertainment at an affordable price, all whilst freeing up the family big screen television. The 3D Video Wizard performed as expected and surpassed my expectations in quality of construction. I rate this product a solid "A". Well Done!!
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on December 9, 2014
Received the "3D Video Wizard" in a timely manner.
That was the only pleasant part of the experience. The remote didn't work at all. I checked the battery, made sure it was installed correctly. So I tried to get the console set up with controls on it's front. Finally got it set to 3D.The Sony Blu Ray player I have is rated for 3D as is the Sony receiver I was running it
through. Put in a new 3D disc of Avatar. Got a message on screen that the "device" didn't support 3D format. So I hooked up a new Samsung 3D player that I had on hand. By now I'm still getting sound but an all white screen. Took the receiver out of the loop and went with HDMI directly to TV. (Phillips 47" 1080 120) Same results.
In conclusion; very frustrating experience, the remote was defective out of the box, the console MIGHT have worked for 5 minutes or less, the supplied 3D glasses are too dark and too heavy and the supplied HDMI cable is a POS.
This order was fulfilled by Amazon, described as "used, new condition" Some one dropped the ball big time on this one!
I'm not a whiner or chronic complainer. I've purchased a lot of stuff through Amazon. I'm not even going to send this back. More trouble than the small amount is worth.
I'm gonna save my money and get a passive 3D TV. Will probably get it through Amazon as I think it's a great site with great service and good prices!
I WON'T be buying any more "magic black boxes" :-}
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on February 15, 2014
I looked at this product for some time before deciding to purchase it. I will start my review by discussing the glasses. Mine came with a pair with black frames and a pair with blue frames. They seemed to be fairly durable. The downside was that they were obviously meant for someone with a larger head. Admittedly my head is a bit larger than most so keep that in mind. That being said the glasses had enough give in them that they fit my head. They were a bit uncomfortable but you get used to it and it wasn't too bad. Also of note is that I wear glasses and the provided glasses fit well around my glasses. People said that the glasses have good side shields to eliminate outside light, although they didn't work that well for me because of my existing glasses. This wasn't an issue since I was watching in a dark room.

Setup was very easy. The instructions tell you to download a firmware update however the website given on the instructions is not correct. If you google 3d wizard firmware update you will find it. The file is very small. You put it on a jump drive and then just plug it into the USB port on the side of the device. It takes less than 30 seconds and it's done. The box itself has a nice simplistic yet functional layout. The front has two buttons (mode change and input change) as well as several LEDs. The meaning of the LEDs isn't obvious since they aren't labeled although the manual specifies their meaning. They are supposed to show you that you have power and what mode it is in. Other than that the front has the logo but is otherwise nice and attractive. The left side of the unit has a USB port that you can only use to update the firmware (it is labeled as a service port). The back has the power point, a power switch, a HDMI output, and then two HDMI outputs. The remote is similarly simple and useful. There are the traditional arrow buttons, a 2d/3d button, a menu button, and an input toggle button. I didn't find myself using the menu or input buttons often since I was using the output from my receiver. I did seem to occasionally have problems with the remote not responding.

I started by playing call of duty black ops on my xbox 360 with the 3d turned on. I had to push the 2d/3d button on the remote or front of box to switch from 2d mode to 3d side by side mode. The 3d looking exactly like it does on my buddies TV who has a 3d tv with two differences that I'll discuss later. There was a substantial change in brightness as was expected. Even at the lower light levels it was okay. I turned up the brightness on the 3d wizard but it didn't seem to do anything. I could have upped the brightness on my TV, however it didn't bother me enough to change it. I then switched black ops back to 2d mode and switched the wizard to the 2d to 3d upconvert mode for comparison. I couldn't even tell that it was working (more on this later).

I then tried a non-3d blu ray with the upconvert on. Again it didn't appear to have any effect (again, I will discuss this later). I then borrowed a friends 3d blu ray player and turned on John Carter in 3d. The 3d effect was very good just as it had been for the xbox. They appeared exactly as they did on my buddy's TV with the following two esceptions. I noticed that most of the color looked washed out. This single thing is what caused this to be a deal breaker for me. All of the colors look very black and white. The aliens are supposed to be a dusty green color however they basically looked like a shade of grey with a hint of color. Even items with lots of color didn't look as vivid as the should. I'm guessing the colors have to become more grey so that the colored lenses of the gasses don't mess up 3d effect and block out certain colors that are part of the movie. The second problem was that some of the images had a strange look about them. It is hard to describe. I'm sure it is an artifact of the technology and the glasses. My wife said that the picture was such that she wouldn't watch it. I didn't mind it too bad, but I'm a fan of 3d.

After watching for a while I tried watching John Carter with the 2d blu ray and upconvert it. I must have missed the warning that the box gave me earlier saying it cannot upconvert a 1080p input signal. I changed my receiver settings to output at 1080i and then the upconvert worked. The upconvert didn't work as well as I had hoped. I have seen upconvert on various TVs, all of which were marginal at best. This upconverter worked less good than others I had seen. Unfortunately the 3d blu ray player I was borrowing didn't have a 2d to 3d upconversion because it would have been interesting to see how the 3d wizard looked displaying an upconverted signal from a different unit (have the blu ray player upconvert instead of the 3d wizard). Overall the upconversion added very little and it dimmed the colors on the screen, so I wouldn't recommend using the upconvert. I did not try it on DVD since my previous experience showed that the upconversion of DVDs is far worse than that of blu rays, which as previously mentioned was less than adequate for this unit.

At the end of my experimentation I took off the glasses and was switching between the 2d pass-through and the 2d to 3d upconvert modes. The change in the brilliance of the color was very noticable. This issue was so prevalent that it was a deal breaker for me and I returned it. I contemplated giving 2 stars, however the device worked very well with true 3d content except for the loss of color. So bottom line... this unit is fantastic if you are going to feed it a true 3d signal (no upconvert) and you don't mind loosing a chunk of the color and a few weird side effects of the technology. If the color issue wasn't there I would have kept the unit.
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on March 26, 2016
I wanted to get the 3D Video Wizard to try out some 3D at home. I got this at a good price. On eBay there was an auction for the same product (new) that ended at $20. That disappointed me a little since I had forgot about, however, my emotion changed once I got the product. This one came from a 3rd-party seller on Amazon, so not only did I get a bit cheaper, but this variant (?) came with a sticker stating that I get 4 extra pairs of 3D glasses! Two pairs are (considered to be) for adults, and the other two are (considered to be) for kids. On Amazon, the adult pairs 2-pack go for almost $12, and kids 2-pack go for almost $8. Considering what I paid, it is slightly less than what I would have paid for if I got the same extra pairs of 3D glasses and won the eBay at the $20 (which would have likely been higher).

Speaking of the glasses, they are nice and seem to be made of durable quality. The big ones will fit your regular pescription glasses, given that they are not some crazy big ones! They are comfortable, but they do make everything a bit darker. I changed my Samsung TV to the movie mode picture settings to help brighten the picture up as much as possible without messing with the brightness or contrast options.

The box is very light, and while the plastic looks somewhat cheap, it is very well made. You could place a substantial amount of weight on top of it without it cracking. The remote is tiny, but you really only need the arrows and the 2D/3D button.

Setting up the box was quick and easy. Plug in the power adapter, plug in the HDMI source, plug in the output HDMI cable, and plug that into the TV. It took less than a few minutes once I knew where everything went.

The box works with everything I tried, even cable. Once you have the box running, you just need to press the 2D/3D button to get 2D to convert to 3D, or to change the settings to watch a 3D movie or game. What is nice is that the box knows exactly what type of 3D you are using and will give you only that option to use, instead of a list of everything it can possible try. This made it very simple for testing.

Fortunately, I had an Android TV Box that also has the same 3D functions. The only difference between them is that the Android TV Box can only be used with downloaded media. Whereas, I can use this with anything that outputs through HDMI. When using a frame-packing 3D sample video, both devices were equally good in terms of experience in quality. However, when I used side-and-side or top-and-bottom 3D samples, the 3D Video Wizard seemed to be miscalibrated. There was a clear yellow tinge that would be most visible on characters, and while it should be there, it should not look like it is inches away from the character, but on top of them. It was as if one of the pictures was pushed too right. This really agitated my eyes, which are not that good to begin with. And for a while after, my eyes felt like they kept going out-of-sync. Not what I was looking for, not wanted.

Because of this, I decided I would try to call their support line. Not the people who sold this item to me, as a small piece of paper that came with the 3D Video Wizard specifically states to call them for support issues. They must be on the East Coast as I have called before 5pm and got no response. The phone rings until it tells you that mailbox is full. It then proceeds to give you a few options, one being support. When using that option you are sent to someone's line where it continues to ring and ring until his mailbox picks up. If using the option for the operator instead, it essentially does the same thing as when first calling telling you THAT mailbox is full.

I like the product, and I had read that the support was really good, so this is a big letdown for me. I will try calling them at an earlier time next week and see if I can get a hold of someone, anyone. But for the time being, I can only give a 3-star rating or lower. Hopefully, they will be able to help me so I can boot that rating to at least 4 stars.
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on November 22, 2016
I bought this to go with my new 65" 4K UHD TV. My previous 43" Samsung had 3D technology. I built a massive collection of movies that worked well with that TV, however Samsung never improved the astonishingly poor quality 3D glasses since the technology didn't quite "take off". This incredible new TV of mine lacks the 3D technology, something 3D Video Wizard was supposed to fix. My 3D files, which worked perfectly with my last TV and its glasses, no longer seem "right" with these glasses. The blue (right) is way WAY too blue. The 3D effect does seem to work, I tried several movies with both glasses, but the same Blue issue persists. It was quite painful to look at, even after watching for almost over 15 minutes. I really tried to like this thing, because it would've helped my large collection of movies come alive. This device has great potential, I think the Glasses need a bit of an adjustment. Alas, now I am trying to return it. (
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on October 17, 2012
I bought a 1080P Plasma HDTV right before 3D tv's became increasingly popular and cheap. Only a few years ago and am not about to dish out another $1k for a new television when mine works great. I figured for $50 I'd purchase the 3D Video Wizard Console with minimum hopes. I know Amazon has a great return policy (and although I've seen this unit on eBay for $45, I figured I'd spend the extra $5 in case I needed to return it).

The unit came today. First thing I did, unpacked it, hooked up the HDMI and then grabbed a USB thumb drive to install the updated firmware. The instructions recommend doing this and so do everyone's reviews on here.

Next I updated the firmware on my PS3 because version 4.25 actually makes your PS3 3D! How great is that? I don't have to go out and buy a 3D Bluray player, I have one already! Okay so next I turned it on. It asked me the size of the TV I have (47") and if I could read the display (1080P setting). Once it was installed, I put in a 3D movie (AVENGERS) and what would you know, with the glasses on it looks 3D!

I tried the unit out again using Vudu and I've never been as impressed with Vudu HDX. I feel that their colors wash out but you can watch 3D previews and the first 2 minutes of movies so it gives you something to try out. Not bad, but the actual 3D disc looks better. I also tried via Vudu a 2D (FRINGE) to upconvert to 3D and was less than impressed. I don't know yet if it was the fact again it was played through Vudu. I would suspect if I put in a 2D Bluray disc it would look better but not up to 3D standard.

I would recommend this if you have a PS3, 3D Bluray player or are willing to drop about $100 on a 3D bluray player. I personally don't feel like it's worth the $50 for the upconvert (at least from what I've seen) but from watching AVENGERS today, wow, that's worth it.

I would also suggest a very dark room (we have blackout curtains where the 3D Video Wizard Console is located). The shades included are dark (especially the blue one as other reviewers have noted). I had no problem with this as I could use the remote provided to adjust brightness. Each movie felt different for brightness so play around with it. I also ordered another set of glasses by ColorCode as recommended by a reviewer on here. They'll come next week and after using I will review those as well!

As a side note, although the directions don't explain it, I did hook this device up through my receiver and it works fine. My receiver is however 3D capable. I'm unsure if that would change anything if your receiver wasn't compatible.
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on May 18, 2016
did not live up to what it claimed it could do as far as converting 2d to 3d. could not enjoy watching more than 30 minutes of terrible fast action converting. product could not compensate color definition in fast paced video. menu functions need to be refined. remote control would not work unless you pointed it one foot away from unit. if you connect a laptop up to converter using HDMI cable, there is a 3 second lag in video while audio is mis-synced.
do not buy this product only if you intend to solely use it for 3D BLUE-RAY DVD playback. and the whole purpose of purchasing this product, is to save you the cost of buying a $3000 3D compatible flatscreen. 3D BLUE-RAY DVD players will play 3D DVDS all day, but if you have a 2D tv, you will only see 2D movies and videos.
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on March 10, 2017
Good product, however, on some of the 3D Blu-ray discs, I get a great picture, but sometimes there's no audio, the firmware update does not really work, I am unable to get a hold of the customer service department because they changed the number and when you message them, there's no response!!! Tried changing a standard HDMI cable to a gold tipped HDMI cable, it works sometimes and then it goes out!
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on October 27, 2016
I got this because everything that I saw about it said it was easy to use. When I got it I couldn't get it to work the way they said it would work. I went through everything that came with it and, call the help line to see if I could find someway to get it working. I didn't find anyway to get it to work so sent it back.
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on April 14, 2016
I bought the 3D Wizard about two months ago and returned it due to poor picture quality. The 3D Wizard seemed to produce dark images and unusual colors. But I just recently bought a new projector which is so much brighter than my older one. So, I thought I would re-order the 3D Wizard to find out if there would be a difference in picture quality. Well , this time with my 4200 Lumen projector instead of my 1000 Lumen projector that I had given to a friend. Well this time I was really impressed with the 3D Wizard's performance. This time the picture quality was great. The 4200 Lumen projector brightened my screen and greatly improved the colors.
In all honesty, it still doesn't measure up to the active shutter system of my 3D Mitsubishi 82' DLP, but the 3D Wizard finished close enough to justify $37.00.
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