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on April 24, 2017
I bought both these and the IncrediSonic Vue DLP Link glasses so I will be comparing the two. Both of them work as intended and when combined with my BenQ w1070 projector, they both produce the best 3D picture I've ever seen, however, there are pros and cons to each. These glasses are the most comfortable for me and seem a bit bigger, so they aren't as tight fitting on my big head. Once on, they feel more like they're molded to fit my face while the IncrediSonic glasses kind of feel like a hunk of plastic sitting on my nose. (I even tried the different interchangeable nose pieces and they didn't help much) These also seem to adjust the 3D picture correctly for each eye the first time while with the IncrediSonic glasses, I found myself having to press the power button to swap eyes. There are a couple of things I don't like about these glasses, however, and that's why I'm giving them 4 stars instead of 5. For one, the lenses are not perfectly smooth. They seem to be made of plastic and there are tiny variations that distort the picture very slightly. It's really a nitpick because it's not enough for most people to notice, but it is there and the IncrediSonic glasses don't seem to have that problem. Another thing is the location of the power button. It's inside the temple next to the lens and although I can press it without taking the glasses off, it's a little difficult. The power button on the IncrediSonic glasses is on top of the temple which makes it very easy to press. The last thing that concerns me about these glasses is battery replacement. The IncrediSonic glasses are rechargeable but these have a button cell battery that has to be replaced. Overall, both brands of glasses are acceptable, though I think I prefer the IncrediSonic glasses for the clearer lens and rechargeable battery.
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on August 8, 2013
These were the second type of 3d glasses I tried with my Benq w1070, and when I need more glasses these will be the ones I order.

These are big, non-rechargeable, glasses that don’t really have any flaws, except that they’re big and non-rechargeable. And even those two qualities have their charms.

The battery is easy to replace and easy to find (same little battery as the apple remotes) and seems to last quite a while. It would be nice to never need batteries, but it’s also nice to not have to deal with having yet another cord/charger sitting around. 3DTV corp also included another pair of batteries to replace the ones installed in the glasses when those run out, score!

The glasses are big but so are the lenses, and the thick frames help block your peripheral vision, which is nice. The frame material is pretty shiny though, and could pick up reflections from behind you which can be distracting - darken your theater.

One button turns these on, and then they work. They haven’t ever lost sync randomly, they work great with 3D games, and I’ve never had to fuss around with right/left eye settings like with the cheapest Sain Sonic Glasses. This is how I expected 3D glasses to work, without any weird frustrations.

I couldn't compare them to the Benq glasses because those are gonzo expensive, but these glasses give a rich, vivid, 3d experience without any major hiccups or flaws.

I can’t attest to it personally, but these are allegedly the same (highly regarded) model of 3D glasses that are sold by Monoprice, but in a 2 pack with different branding for $10 less each. If you just need one pair you might want to look those up.

I’ll be ordering more, and I’d recommend you try these first. At the moment they offer the best balance of price and performance I’ve seen.
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on November 9, 2013
Bought for Benq W1070 projector. Couldn't be happier. Syncs perfectly with screen, sharp image, very impressive 3D overall, no ghosting or image issues at all, and I'm pretty picky about this stuff. Enjoy 3D with these glasses and the W1070 much more than in the theatre, too, if you're on the fence with home 3D as I was. Didn't bother using the 3D capabilities of the projector for months after buying it, as I've never been a huge fan of 3D in the theatres. But loving this setup at home. Can adjust settings, of course, to lighten up screen and get away from some of the 3D murkiness I find in theatres, which increases impact of everything. Only minor issue is a bit of nose pain after an hour or so of wear with my current glasses. Wouldn't be a problem without wearing regular glasses, but they seems just a little bit tight for a big guy like me. Still, love the quality overall and this issue is awfully minor.
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on May 1, 2013
I was reluctant to buy at such low price, but I've been super impressed! It seemed to me from other reviewers that the biggest complaint was that they would lose synchronization when looking away from the screen. I found this to be super rare. I had to look to the wall beside me for probably 5-10 seconds before the sync was lost, and even once I did lose sync, it quickly came back in sync within seconds of looking back at our screen.
As far as packaging goes, I give it a B+. The box the glasses were actually in (not shipping packaging, but retail) has a tab inside to help pull the glasses out of the box. Mine were busted so my only option was to pull from the glasses which made me nervous.
Other than the small retail packaging issue, AWESOME glasses!
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on June 17, 2013
I am using this in combination with an LG 75U LED Projector TV. I have been using one pair exclusively, reserving the others for guests. Each set of glasses includes a soft carrying bag, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, 1 battery in the glasses, and one spare battery. I have easily clocked at least twenty plus hours on the included battery and it hasn't failed yet.
My 3d picture is at least as bright as what you see in the neighborhood theater, and usually much brighter. The 3d effect is genuine, although finding decent 3d movies cheaply is another matter. I have been enjoying the 2d to 3d feature on my LG Projector, which converts any media into 3d format. There are some flaws with that (with the projector, NOT the glasses), like even mirror reflections/paintings in a TV also appear 3d when they should be 2d. Again however, that is the television and not the glasses causing that.
I have not had any problem with the glasses losing signal unless I look away for a very long period of time or leave the room. Reaquiring the signal is extremely fast.
I would recommend these glasses to others.
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on August 11, 2013
I bought these glasses after reading a favorable post in a forum relating to my 3D projector. They did not disappoint. I ordered two pair for my wife and I, then almost a year later I ordered another pair for visitors.There is a tricky side however relating to turning the glasses on and off, and there is no way to know if they are "on" without watching a 3D movie or image. A blinking LED would help but would drain the battery more quickly. The glasses blink 3 times when there is a change in "off/on" mode, and go black for a second when a 3D signal is received - then you see the image in 3D. The power switch is inside and not easily accessible when wearing the glasses so they have to be removed to turn on or off. Once "on" however they are comfortable and light-weight. For my first 3D movie, Avatar, the image was reversed and we watched the movie with the glasses upside-down - and they were very comfortable that way! For the second movie I learned to reverse a setting on my projector.
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on January 4, 2012
I ordered these glasses to work with my Acer H5360 DLP 3D projector. I also own two pairs of the Optoma 101 glasses. Both work very well but 3DTV Corp glasses seem to hold the signal better than the Optoma's. I played Motorstorm 3D Rift on my PS3 last night for about an hour and the glasses didn't lose sync even once. They are much lighter than the Optomas as well so you can get through an hour without them pushing into your nose and causing discomfort. The Optoma glasses come with three interchangable nose pieces but it's really just semantics. They barely improve the comfort simply because there is just too much weight pushing on your nose. These are much more comfortable around the nose and look a little more slick. They also seem to let through a little more light than the Optoma glasses so the screen remains relatively bright; a big advantage over the Optoma glasses for anyone using a projector.
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on June 5, 2012
I have an 82" Mitsubishi Model WD-82740. It has both an internal emitter as well as a port in the back for an external emitter. I didn't buy an external emitter.

At first when I tried these glasses on the Directv 3D channels, I couldn't get them to stay synced while sitting on my couch front and center. If I stood up, they worked perfectly. If I was off to the left or right they worked perfectly. If I was behind my couch crouching down, they worked perfectly. What the?! Then if figured out that if i partially covered the receiver part of the glasses with my finger, i could get them to work while sitting on my couch but who wants to watch TV like that?

Next I started playing with 3d settings on the TV and all the while I just assumed that the "Internal Emitter" had to be ON because I don't have an external emitter. But these are DLP Link Glasses - I mean I "knew" that's what I bought but still thought the internal emitter had to be on for them to work. Actually you DO NOT want the internal emitter on as it apparently causes a conflict with the signal. After turning the internal emitter OFF and keeping the DLP on standard, they work flawlessly!

I have yet to try a 3D movie but will do that soon. The 3d can be a little taxing on the eyes after a bit but I'm getting more and more used to them.

What else...oh I (sometimes) wear glasses and can wear them underneath with no issue.

Great price for these great glasses. In fact I just ordered another set of them!

Hope this is helpful to someone out there! Cheers!
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on August 21, 2012
These glasses are very high quality, especially seeing as they cost only $25/pair. They work quite well and improve the contrast of the image without darkening it. They are lightweight, comfortable, and fit very well over my normal glasses; even better than the RealD glasses from the theater do.
Pros: Durable, light, well-fitting even over glasses, comfortable, bright, comes with cleaning cloth and protective case, and priced to move!
Cons: Non-rechargeable - requires a (probably expensive) button cell; can accidentally be left on and then *Boom*- you're out $5 for the battery. Won't work in brightly-lit rooms. Someone here said they were forced to wait until dark to watch 3D, however, I simply closed a few shades (during broad daylight) and was instantly in business. My projector is 2700 lumens, so this might be a factor, since DLP-link uses the screen to display the sync signal. At any rate, I wouldn't have wanted to watch a movie in the brightness conditions where the glasses didn't work anyway.
Verdict: A great buy, period. I see no reason to spend upwards of $100/pair on DLP-link glasses when you can get as good a product as this for 1/4 of the price.
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on April 2, 2011
I recently bought a 58" Samsung 3D TV. I got the display model on sale so it didn't come with any glasses. After doing some research I skeptically decided to go for the generic brand glasses rather than paying Samsung $150 a pair. I went with the above glasses due to their low cost as well as the stellar feedback the seller got for customer service.
I've got to say, I am MORE THAN IMPRESSED. First off, the glasses work great. I purchased Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans in Blu Ray 3D and they look gorgeous! Gran Turismo 5 doesn't disappoint either.
Also, these glasses work great with the 2D to 3D feature on my TV.
Customer service is where the seller WINS hands down. I ordered on a Sunday and emailed them asking to do their best in getting it shipped out ASAP due a personal situation. Monday at 9am I had a very courteous message in my inbox telling me my glasses had shipped and assuring me if there was anything else I needed they'd be there.
I got the 3-7 (or maybe 3-5) day shipping (I can't remember exactly), but the glasses were on my doorstep in 3 days flat.
The only MINOR drawback is that due to the thicker frame of my prescription glasses, getting both to fit on my nose takes a bit of getting used to. Not uncomfortable by any means, just a bit crowded. If you've got the trendy wire-frame glasses you should have no problems.
I bought the 2 pack to try them out (the seller and the glasses). I will be buying the family four pack and ending up outfitting my family with 3D glasses for half the cost! WIN WIN WIN
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