Customer Reviews: 3M 39071 Scratch Removal System
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on July 14, 2015
I had a large scratch on my car from backing up into a raised, painted curb. My car picked up the color from the curb (white) and although the scratch was not very deep, it took up a large area of my bumper. I bought the Scratch Removal System because it had great reviews and a decent price. Although the initial square buffer pad wasn't large enough to cover my large scratch (understandable), I was still amazed at how effective it was at sanding and polishing the scratch. Attached are before and after pictures after just one treatment. I may need to go back and do it again, but for the price, it was definitely worth it.
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on January 24, 2011
I helped a buddy while he used one of these kits, then I got one for myself. Awesome. Splotch of paint from coming to close to the garage door frame, gone. Key dings around the door locks, polished and vanished. A line where the trunk of the Christmas tree scraped along the door -- Away!

I'd warn you, though, this is like a gateway drug. Two jobs under my belt and I'm imagining things like buying a buffer -- polishing my boat, or the mini van, or anything really.

Frenkly, I've always wanted to do this sort of thing -- but clear instructions are hard to find. Now I get it, now I know what to do.

3M needs to make a larger kit, or sell a multi-pack, or something. I have a '97 Prism that got cleaned with the wrong side of an abrasive sponge -- it's going to take some doing to get all the fine scratches out.
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on July 11, 2011
Ok, so I just bought this the other day. I should have a long time ago for personal use, but now that I'm about to put my 2005 Acura RL up for sale, wanted to make sure I try to get rid of some of the door dings. I have kept my car in very good shape, so I was skeptical if this would damage my finish more than what it was, so I tried a spot on the roof, and was very happy with the results, so then I tried some unsightly door dings, and these were dings where it didn't chip the paint, but left some of the other vehicles epaint on mine. The sand paper removed it well, and the compound and shine made the disappear. Now I've used other polishes before that say they remove scratches, but really they just hide them. This really removed them. I ended up using this on every scratch I could find on the car, including a spot where my wife put a box on the truck lid and pulled so it left long fine scratches in the clear coat. All gone!
Couple of things, one my car is very bright metallic silver, so the reflection may make it harder to see any of the scratch left, but it still made it much much better to a point I couldn't even see where the scratch was when it was time to apply the polish.
Two, you must get very comfortable with the process, or your results will differ. My friend was working on his car while I did mine, but his results were much less impressive. He has a 2007 gray/silver Mazda CX7. I think he was applying too much pressure on the drill buffer stages, and not moving around enough. Note in instructions say not to stay in on place too long. And third, this is not for anything that has gone deeper than the paint, other wise use touch up paint first, however your results will not be as good as a light scratch without touch up paint. But it still will be much better than the alternative. Anyone rating this product less is either expecting a body shop result for $15 or they suck at the process and therefore should leave this to the pro's.
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on February 13, 2015
I had a few light scratches in my dark gray tundra. After reading the reviews and watching online videos on how to use the product, I decided to give it a try. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Took the clear-coat scratches completely out to the point you cannot even see where they were! The product is extremely easy to use. The procedures tell you to sand a little at a time and then check. I agree...if you do this, you won't go too deep with the sand paper. I would also practice in a small scratch that is located in a spot that isn't too easy to see in the first place to gain some confidence. But, you will be astonished as to how easy this product is to use and how little time it takes. Just follow the instructions (watch the online video too) and you will be on your way. I included before/after pics so you can see how awesome it is. That scratch took maybe 3-4 minutes total.
review image review image
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on November 8, 2011
Got this to fix some loooong scratches along the side of my car. I have no idea how they got there, but I could barely feel them so that meant they were only in the clearcoat.

This product does exactly what it advertises, and does it very well. The only thing I can add is this. Just how well it will work depends on the amount of sanding you do beforehand, obviously if you don't sand enough, the scratch will still be visible and no amount of buffing is going to fix that. So, if you've got a scratch longer than a few inches, I highly recommend getting some regular sized pieces of 2500 or 3000 grit sanding paper. This kit does come with that, but the pieces are very small, and are only going to be effective if you've got a small scratch. I had to order this sandpaper from amazon as well, as nowhere local seems to carry anything with this fine a grain. By the way, it can take a looong time to sand the required amount by hand, especially if it's a long scratch. If I had to do it again, I'd find some way to attach the sandpaper to a drill with a pad or something. That would make this super easy.

It can be a little scary to sand your car with this stuff, and everything you sand is going to get very hazy/cloudy. Don't worry about it! After using the magical 3M buffers and compounds it all goes away and you're back to the former shine.
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on April 11, 2015
With a 4.5 star rating with over 100 reviewers I thought I would give this a shot to restore a scratch I had on my Lexus. Although I was a little hesitant when I saw the abrasive pad as part of the kit, however I followed the instructions to the "T". The result is, you guessed it: the finish on my car is worse than what I started. To be honest, the majority of the scratch came out. However, the clear coat came off with it and attempts to restore it proved futile. Look, I'm not an auto hobbiest and I don't doubt the veracity of the reviewers when they enthused over this product. If you're constantlt working with filler and restoration products, you accumulate more expertise. However, for the average Joe, I really think this product is not a good idea. The problem comes at the scratch removal stage which is to know when to call it quits. In my case, I used light to moderate pressure and did not exceed 10 second intervals (per the mfr's instructions). There are two problems: the foam emitted from the pad obscures the level of abrasion. Even constantly wiping it won't do. Also, the mfr stating that "dulling" of the finish is no problem (it will be restored later) is misleading. I wish anyone good luck using this product.
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on July 20, 2012
I had a scratch on my car that I wanted gone so I did some research and decided I would try to buff it out with this 3M scratch removal system. I watched the video multiple times and read the directions very carefully. I am very good at following directions but in the blink of an eye when I was using the small sand paper that comes with the product, it took the paint right off of my bumper. I was not applying much pressure and it really happened so easily and fast it was very disappointing. It turned my scratch into a quarter sized stripped down area and now I have to have a professional fix it. I have to stress that I went over the directions very carefully. My conclusion is that this is not something that should be used by beginners who are new at doing touch-ups. I think it probably takes some extra knowledge to know how to approach these things as well as practice. I also must mention that the package was missing the rubbing compound it was supposed to come with and when I called 3M they wrote it off and told me to contact Amazon, which wasn/t even worth my time. Now I wish I would have just left the scratch alone or let someone more experienced buff it out. This system just opened up a can of worms and caused more damage to my vehicle so be very careful if you choose this product for touch-up's.
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on February 16, 2015
Does the job right and can do 3-4 cars (front headlights) with the solution it comes with. BUT, the sand paper it comes with will only be enought for one set of lights. That same sand paper (3000 grit) can be bought separately for about $4-$5 dollars. I still use the adapter and pads that attach to the drill. Just bough the rubbing compound and scratch remover separate because I ran out after doing 4 sets of Head lights. You just need a sealant after you clean your headlights to keep them looking good and to protect them.
review image review image review image review image
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on June 23, 2014
This is the closest thing to a professional product. However, be very careful. If you are too aggressive with the compound, you will remove the clear coat. It did remove many scratches but I just wish more of the liquid product came with it. This same system will remove dull haze on your headlights. I used the leftover to to clean up my headlights and to remove the scratches.
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on May 13, 2015
Can this take a minor scratch out of your car? Absolutely. Minor meaning you can see it but can't feel it with your fingernail. However, you can severely damage your paint if you aren't careful. I bought this before I really put time into research on exterior detailing, and basically this turns your drill into a mini-rotary which should only be used by experienced car detailers. It is too simple to burn through your paint with the constant circular motion and ability to use excess pressure. For that reason alone, I'd recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
My personal experience using this was fair. I have a black SUV that has more than a scratch or two on it, so I gave this a whirl on a minor scratch on my rear bumper (if you decide to try this, definitely test it out of a less noticeable area first!). I followed the directions to the "T" and the result was a less noticeable scratch. I then tried it on a scratch on my hood, again exactly as the directions stated, and it left a foggy/faded looking area 4x wider than the scratch, probably due to my being a little more confident and using more pressure on the drill. Luckily, I was able to remove with a lot of elbow grease and Meguairs Ultimate Compound & Ultimate Polish. Probably took 20 minutes though. And the scratch remained! I will not be using this product again.
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