Customer Reviews: 3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Stand (MS110MB)
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on October 24, 2011
Not only does the stand manage to accommodate my monstrous 30" screen (WQHD, about 15"x26.7"---my aspect is 16:9, *not* 16:10 that is more common among computer monitors so I can't speak authoritatively for all 30" screens), it does so while supporting all the different rotation modes (I do have to slide it as far above the desk as it goes and tilt it all the way back when switching between portrait and landscape orientations---but this wouldn't be necessary for most smaller screens, including all sizes that this is actually designed to mount.), and it's capable of enough spring counter-balance to make it reasonably one-handed to adjust! There are two screws that adjust the tension of the weight-balancing springs; between these, essentially any screen that fits can be given the right level of spring to balance gravity---granted, my very heavy monitor isn't effortless to raise, but I can still manage it one-handed and it stays put at whatever height I like.

Let me say this again: If you adjust the two springs in back correctly (Yes, it can take many turns of the screwdriver to get there...), this *CAN* support any weight screen staying put at *ANY* height/angle, up to at least 1.5 times the rated screen weight. Reviewers saying the spring is too strong or too weak for their screen's weight have not made this adjustment. One spring is hidden under a plastic cover by the "main" angle hinge, the other is in the middle of the vertical support column, accessed from below. Google "3M MS110MB" (no quotes) and the 3M company page for it has links to useful PDFs of dimensions and specs, plus the end user manual.

Thankfully, the plastic covering the base and main column is purely aesthetic. All load-bearing internal structure is metal (from the look of it, something ferrous---probably steel).

Overall, quality is excellent, style is understated if you have dark hardware (and as elegant as matte black plastic can be). Unless you have very demanding positioning needs, this completely obviates the desk-attached arm you may have been considering.

tl;dr (a.k.a. "Summary"): Is your VESA-mountable monitor less than 30" diagonally, weighing under 24 pounds? This is *the* monitor stand to buy; all advertised features will work with your screen.
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on October 1, 2012
Overall, this is a decent stand but I don't have the enthusiastic praise of the other reviewers. The primary downside is that this monitor stand is not very stable. It doesn't take much to wobble it and I definitely would hesitate to put it in a high traffic area unless you aren't afraid to break your monitor. Overall, the base is too small in my opinion. The turning mechanism also doesn't work that well since the inner ring doesn't slide very smoothly.

Finally, the price has gone way up on this stand. I think you can get much better ones for the price. (I bought it under 30 and it is over 50 as of this posting)
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on May 13, 2010
I was thinking of buying one of those super expensive monitor armatures for mounting on the wall or to the desk, but was turned off by the price. All I really wanted was a mounting system that would allow for monitor rotation, for standard angling, and for easy raising and lowering. This does all those things with aplomb. Let's face it, how often do most of us need to move a monitor? Not very often. We get the thing in the position we like and leave it there. The super expensive armatures may look sexy, but they're unnecessary for most. This simple mounting device does everything you need. I am very happy with it.
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on March 22, 2010
Recently set up a 23 inch monitor to do portrait view so I can read academic papers without killing tree. Have one Dell monitor that can pivot, but this one works much more smoothly. The height adjustment also works great, as long as you find the right setting by turning the screw. It does take some trial and error. Screw it on too tight, it is hard to move up and down. Screw it on too loose, then it never stays at the height you want. But once you get it right, it works great. And most important, after a few weeks of using, it never loosen on its own once you set it for a particular monitor. The tilting also works great.

One great benefit of getting a LCD stand that I did not anticipate is the improved posture, and how much it improves my work. I got it to do portrait alone, as I didn't really think I need any ergonomic things to help, but once I used it for a few hours, I clearly noticed how much more comfortable it is to have good posture. Highly recommended!
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on March 27, 2013
- Ergonomics: I look at a computer screen basically all day, and I started getting a lot of neck strain. Buying this stand helped my personal office ergonomics a lot, allowing me to constantly adjust my monitor height depending on how I may be sitting or trying to use the monitor. It allows for basically full 360degree rotation for the monitor if you are in a field like programming where you may benefit from switching monitor orientation a lot.
- Stable: this seems actually a lot more stable than my old stand that came with the monitor
- Does not take up extra space! -- I really like how this stand is durable while taking up virtually zero extra desk space compared to the original stand.

- Only tech geeks with a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) like me or people who have a similar pet peeve in wanting things like picture frames to hang "perfectly straight" will know what I am talking about here...I really wish this stand would have a feature which allows you to temporarily "lock" into the horizontal and vertical axis (ie at 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees). I just HATE it when my monitor and/or the text I am reading on the monitor is not running parallel to my desk/floor. Without a locking mechanism or something to help you align the monitor, I find that I will often find my monitor just slightly askew after usage or adjustment of the stand. I then spend time adjusting and then wondering if it is "truly" straight--which seriously kind of drives me nuts. I know that this probably upsets the 1% of us out there--but if you are looking into this kind of monitor you very well be in that 1%.
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on January 13, 2012
I love the concept of this stand, but it, unfortunately, fell short on several key areas once delivered.

Cheaper than an arm
Came with a variety of hardware for various monitors
Great concept

Mine came with weaker than expected springs, so my 22" monitor won't sit at the highest position, which is a shame because...
The stand is shorter than expected, it only raises my monitor 1.5 maybe 2" more than the original monitor stand
It has no locking positions, so not only height, but rotation is floating, it doesn't lock vertically or horizontally, so you have to "eye-ball" it, or get a level.
Big 3M logo on the bottom (really, this doesn't endear us to your brand) means you are branding your monitor with a second logo, silly I know, but it's annoying
Quality was sub-par, the plastic cap doesn't fit right.

I really wanted to love this stand, and it came highly reviewed, but it's only "OK." If it held my monitor higher it'd be 4 stars, if it locked and was sturdier I'd give it 5. My other monitor, and Asus, came with a stand that holds it higher and included rotation (and locked positions). It's a shame that this 3rd party accessory simply isn't as well-made as the stand that ships with many monitors.

Sure it's better than the stand that came with my Viewsonic, but it could be better.
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on January 11, 2016
after one year it refuses to remain in one place, no matter how you play with the adjustments. Their "phone number" which is on the back "made in China" label leads to NOTHING, just a voice asking for some pin number. Their website is a joke, manuals, instructions, and most unforgivably: no phone number! Are there no humans at 3M? What good is a "3 year warranty" if I can't even talk to any one at the company?
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on July 19, 2013
Don't let the title fool you, it's not a bad stand I was just pointing out the biggest hurdle with this stand. They took some time to get the adjustment right. Once setup correctly, the stand was very sturdy and worked like it should. The stand comes with all the necessary hardware to mount to any monitor with VESA compatible screws. This is a standard, which means most monitors on the market will have the correct holes.

The problem was the screw in the back that adjusts the forward and back tilt. The instructions don't explicitly say which way to turn to loosen or tighten the thing. If you turn the screw too hard and compress the spring then the face of your monitor will start tilting forward. It took me a while to figure out which way to turn in order to balance the weight of the monitor so that it stood still. I set my monitor vertically kept tilting up. After some fiddling with the screws everything worked out. I'm happy with the purchase.
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on October 26, 2015
I wasnt too excited about spending $50+ on a monitor stand but I dont recall ever being disappointed with a 3M product so I decided to pull the trigger. Dont let the pictures fool you in any way - this is a solid, well built piece of equipment. It's exactly what I needed - an easy way to make height, tilt, and swivel adjustments without removing brackets etc. The tension adjustment screws work great. The stand came with all the necessary hardware and took little time to set up.
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on November 29, 2012
It was very easy to attach this stand to my Dell 23" monitor. I've turned the monitor 90 degrees and have never regretted it. The vertical movement on the stand is good for allowing the monitor to rotate but even better for allowing me to focus on different parts of the screen.

This stand has made me add "can attach to 3M stand" as another requirement for any new monitor we consider for the office.
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