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3M Precise Mouse Pad with Repositionable Adhesive Backing and Battery Saving Design, MP200PS
Size: 7" x 8.5"|Style: Repositionable Adhesive Back|Color: Bitmap|Change
Price:$7.59+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 3, 2016
My husband does both coding and InDesign. He's one of those intense, quiet IT types. He refuses to use anything but the 3M Precise Mouse Pads. When his gets too gunked up, after about 5 years, he throws it away and buys a new one. He won't consider anything else. He likes this size because he says it allows him to mouse all the way across the screen with one wrist motion. He's pretty intense about his computer peripherals, so I'll just take his word when he says that this is the most accurate mouse pad there is and there's no need to even try anything else. According to him, the wrist pad is very comfortable, and he is on the computer about 10-12 hours a day, so he would know. 3M Precise Mouse Pad: the choice of intense computer guys (and gals).
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Top Contributor: Petson February 5, 2018
The header for this product might make you think that this is some sort of miracle mouse pad... promising to enhance "the Precision of Optical Mice at Fast Speeds," (whatever that means), and to extend "the Battery Life of Wireless Mice up to 50% (who knows how this figure is arrived at or by what means this "extended battery life" is quantified or measured.)

As mouse pads go, this is made of a thick material. It is not flimsy. That is about all I can say with positivity.
The pad is thick. The edges are hard and rigid and uncomfortable on contact with the wrist.
The discomfort to the wrist is the primary reason that I returned mine for a refund.

Instead, I ordered "VicTsing Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges." I love the VicTsing Mouse Pad that I ordered a second one (one for my desktop computer and one for my laptop). In contrast to the 3M Mouse Pad, the VicTsing Mouse Pad is soft and comfortable. The material seems like a softened version of neoprene. It is extremely comfortable to the palm and wrist. In addition, the edges are soft and rounded. The pad is large enough that you don't ever have to pick up your mouse and adjust its' position to keep from slipping off of the pad. It's non-slip base works perfectly. And it is said to be non-fading and washable. I would definitely recommend the VicTsing Mouse Pad over the 3M Mouse Pad. (Did I mention that the VicTsing cost $3.99, less than half the cost of the 3M Mouse Pad.
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on November 15, 2016
Wow, I almost forgot what a good mouse pad feels like! This one is great, it has a thin plastic top and ample rubber bottom. The version I got does not have a sticky bottom but a simple rubber one. Regardless it stays put on the desk and does not move at all. The top is very nice and creates nice gliding surface for mouse but not too slippery. If you ever got mouse pads from DELL which were really nice, this what the top of this mouse pad looks like. DELL mouse pads were shipped with their workstations and I really missed them when they broke. Now I found a replacement. The thickness of the pad is about 3-4 mm. I think DELL ones were thinner.

The only two cons I can think of :
1) it kind of stinks of rubber very strongly but I think the smell will go away
2) you need to be careful not to bend the surface when cleaning it, probably best to use a cutting board and wash the mouse pad on the cutting board. DELL mouse pads used to crack if one is not careful and then the mouse would catch on the crack.

Highly recommended.
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on November 21, 2016
This mouse pad will wear out after a few months. I ordered 2 of these and have had them for a little over a year now, and with every day use, you can feel spots in the surface of the mouse pads where they are slick and spots where they have a slight texture left to them. The areas with texture allow the optical mouse to work just fine, but the areas where you can feel the pad is slick will not let the optical sensor on the mouse read properly. Unfortunate, with normal use, that mean the entire center area of the pad is worn out and useless while just the edges that get little use continue to have enough texture left for the mouse to read. I use these mouse pads on a glass top desk and within 20 minutes of normal use, I can look down to see the pad has rotated 90 degrees. The backing of this pad will not grip to smooth glass. 3M is a good company with normally good products, but this isn't one of them.
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on September 24, 2017
Hands down my favorite mouse pad! I love sticking it on the back of my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar and throwing my mouse into my book bag for on-the-go gaming. The pad it also very sticky, after picking it up and resticking it, it has not lost its stickiness. I also found out recently that I can easily throw it under water for a second or two to clean it off and it'll still be perfectly fine! Would definitely buy one again if I need more than one.
review imagereview image
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on May 31, 2017
Sad that Amazon insists on combining reviews for unrelated products. This review is for the one with the built-in gel wrist wrest MW85B.

I have the matching wrist rest WR85B, so I thought I'd get this one. The wrist wrest is OK. This mouse pad is, however, garbage!

For starters, it is not even close to being flat. It is warped/dished, and the corners raise off my desk 1/8" to 1/4". So, as you move the mouse around, it is flopping around as well. This is a deal breaker for me. I tried to flatten it out with no improvement whatsoever.

Next, it is really too small. Like the wrist wrest, the gel is quite hard, and, therefore, it's best to use it as a PALM rest. Either way, it is too short. From where your wrist wrests, the mouse goes off the top of the pad often. Width-wise, it is OK. Not generous, but OK.

Additionally, it is a very scratchy/rough material for the mouse surface. It feels like you are almost dragging your mouse on sandpaper. It does not move easily, and, considering I am using a very expensive/precious Logitech MX Revolution mouse, I don't want it wearing the pads off.

Finally, sort of a con, but these are not the "satin pillow" that 3M describes, but rather a firm (almost no give) gel/rubber with a matte soft-touch vinyl cover much like you might see on some automotive surfaces.

In sum, the wrist wrest is OK, but the mouse pad version is terrible.
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on January 28, 2018
I haven't been able to find a hard or soft mousepad locally for years that didn't slip and move around. Very annoying. I'm just a retired person that uses my computer a lot during the day for my hobby. I needed some way to get a mousepad not to move around but didn't want to forever ruin my desktop by permanently gluing it down. I'd tried many ways, no working satisfactorily at all. This is just what I would have asked for. It's a thin hard surface mouse pad with an adhesive that will allow you to reposition it if you don't get it exactly right the first time (I didn't). And I am not a gamer and didn't even know that my mouse was not tracking as well or fast as it could, but wow, this pad really makes an amazing difference in mouse performance too as a bonus. But yes, it works great. It is repositionable. The adhesive is sort of like a sticky note and will not ruin your wood desk surfaces.
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Top Contributor: Guitarson January 12, 2018
I really, really like this mousepad. The wrist rest is perfect for me. I'm on my computer just about all day and night, so comfort is a huge deal. I program, do a lot of screens and coding, so precision is nice, but I'm not a graphic artist and I can always hand-enter dimensions if I can't get it to the exact right spot. No issues with this mouse pad. To me, the wrist rest is the exact perfect height, and it's super soft and smooth. My last one was a coated foam type, and it was falling apart and never as comfortable as this one. The tracking pad is the perfect size, and it's very precise with my red laser mouse, as the the product title states. I read the other reviews warning people not to remove the plastic backing, so I have left mine on. It does lift up a tiny bit at the sides - maybe 1mm, but it's flat over >90% of the surface, so I didn't even notice this until I just checked. I'm docking it one star for that (and for this problem making it so hard to decide which mouse pad to buy in the first place - I almost didn't buy it, just because of that, but I'm very glad I settled on it, anyway...but that made an easy purchase take hours to decide upon!). IMHO, for this price, 3M should have fixed this problem by now, but it's truly a very minor issue, at least with this size pad and my usage. YMMV (but, most people will love this pad!)
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on October 17, 2017
Nice mousepads. I bought this because my mouse doesn't track well on my desk.

I have both the foam backed and the sticky versions. Both pads track exceptionally well. I never had a problem with battery life, so I can't say if it's improved, as it lasts for months already.

The foam version is my favorite. It is thinner than I expected, and measures just a sliver under 1/8" total. I thought the combination of the foam backing and the plastic might be uncomfortable due to the thickness, but it does not feel bad on my wrist when I'm using it, and is pretty unobtrusive.

The sticky backed version is slightly smaller in dimensions, and is thinner than a credit card. When it's stuck to the desk, it's so close to the same level that it's about impossible to know it's there.

The major difference is in the sound and feel of the two pads when moving the mouse. The sticky version is so much louder in every way than the foam backed one. When I lift and set the mouse to reposition, the sticky version allows the clunk to come through the desk as if there was no pad. When I am recording webinars, the knocking can get quite loud. The knocking effect was to be expected, as there is no cushion. What I didn't expect was how much quieter the foam backed version would be when I slide the mouse around... the texture of the two pads are the same... the sticky version sounds like it is always scraping across, and any grit or tiny particles are amplified, where they are unnoticeable on the foam pad.

I thought I would like the thinner sticky pad, but I definitely like the smoother and quieter foam pad.
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on February 8, 2016
This is a nice mousepad for a laser mouse. I used my Bluetooth Dell mouse on my desktop for years and complained about how it periodically seemed to "disconnect." The symptom was that I'd be highlighting some text or dragging an icon when suddenly the cursor would jump and drop the icon in some unintended spot or drag the partially highlighted text to some random location.

Then, I tried using an old free mousepad from some tradeshow I once attended. I noticed an improvement, but the irregular pattern on the surface (advertising) seemed to cause the same symptoms. I decided to try this 3M pad, which is inscribed with a regular pattern and a reflective surface. The improvement has been dramatic and now the annoyance is gone.

The pad is cushioned, but is relatively thin. The surface cleans easily. The cushion does not slip, but it also does not adhere, so it can be repositioned as needed. Not much to look at, but it works great.
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