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on October 2, 2013
Impressive in every way with bright daytime images and convenient size features that still allow you to carry your phone in your pocket without noticeable bulk except that the description does not mention that you can not view single images, only slideshows and video. As an oil paint artist who uses photography and digital projection in my preliminary sketches on canvas, I bought this projector sleeve for that primary purpose. I was ready to send it back when I found a wonderful App called "Go Universal" in the IPhone App store. This App seamlessly works with this (and other) IPhone projector sleeves and also extends the range of items you can project and share like Facebook, YouTube Videos, the World Wide Web, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. You can also share individual photos, pinch-and-zoom into photos, or add a custom music playlist to your slideshows. ($4.99 a the IPhone App store and a free version called Go U Lite also projects still images with the occasional pop-up reminder).
Very happy! Having a digital projector feature is such a fun addition that it would be hard to imagine that future IPhones wouldn't incorporate this somehow into the IOS.
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on September 23, 2013
I bought the projector to show a film in Haiti. Needed everythign to be battery powered since there would be no electricity there. I charged the projector before we left and used a solio charger(solar power) as the backup and to recharge the projector. I find that even in the heat of Haiti the projector will hold the charge is says it will but only if charged right before you use it. The first part of the film we showed which was days after it had been charged only lasted 30 minutes. The second day after rechargign it it lasted over an hour till the film was over and still had life in it.

The only real negative thing about it is that it can't mirror your phone, so only stuff from your video or photo album or streaming content like netflix or youtube could be displayed. And you can't get audio from the headphones port, it has to be bluetooth. So I paired it with a HMDX Audio Jam bluetooth wireless speaker and it worked great. I would suggest though either having a larger bluethooth speaker or ones that can pair with others so it can get louder if it's for a larger crowd.

Would have been nice if it had some kind of popup stand to easily aim it up, but overall loved the projector, excellent picture.
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on October 18, 2013
Sadly, due to my carelessness, my projector sleeve broke. With that aside, I enjoyed every minute I had with this product. It's like having a flat screen TV on every wall in a room. This product is very easy to use, I do highly recommend downloading the "Go U Lite" App by Platform Development Inc. a free app that optimizes your projector sleeve device. From there you can access youtube, Netflix (omg so awesome), web surfing, photos and if you buy the app you can view docs like pdfs. So it's great for doing presentations. Only thing is and it's not a huge one, the sound will only come from the iPhone itself, this device in no way maximizes the sound, it's only good for personal viewing and not for a crowd. I did however managed to pull pranks on people using images of bugs and ghosts, it can project beautifully from 100 ft away outside when it's dark.
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on June 10, 2017
Dont even think to buy it..don't waste ur money
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on April 15, 2013
At first I thought this projector was a dud because it flickered so bad, but it turns out it was just super low on battery. Once it was charged up, it's pretty amazing. I know it's made for an iPhone, but it works just as well for an ipod touch 4th generation. Seriously folks, it's super nice for the price. To be honest, if I had paid $300 for it, like those entry level SVGA 800x600 projectors, i would have been satisfied believe it or not. My somewhat...i hate to say about "mature" parents thought it was as good as a projector could get. So if you are the type that doesn't notice the difference between 480p and 720p, this will blow you away and make all your wildest dreams come true. For everyone else, it will still impress you, no doubt. Here's the good stuff...

It's very bright, much brighter than i EVER would have thought, pretty incredible. I mean in a very dark room I can project, idk, maybe an 8-9 foot image on the wall and, while it could stand to be a hair brighter for the darkest scenes, it's very very much watchable and enjoyable. You can watch a movie on an image, say, 30 inches across no matter how bright the room you're in is, with all the windows open on a sunny day, doesn't matter. In the late afternoon and evening, maybe a 40-50 inch screen. At night, make it as big as you want. The best color and brightness for me is roughly a 80-100 inch image i suppose. Now...for the nitpicking :)

1). If pressed, i would say it has a hint of a red tint in the picture. Not enough to really bother me though, and is only noticeable if you're looking for it in certain scenes.
2). The focusing wheel is kinda lame lol, but it works. it makes it hard to fine tune it jussssstt right though, but i'm very picky and notice these differences more than most people and it still doesn't bother me much.
3). YOU CAN'T HOOK IT UP TO EXTERNAL SPEAKERS!!! there's no way around it because the headphone jack is blocked (i even bought a 30pin extension cable to circumvent this issue, but to no avail). so disappointed, but then again, the ipod is loud enough for me and in a quiet room will even suffice for a small crowd (not really if they're all eating popcorn though lol). Waaaiiittttt a minute....a BLUETOOTH speaker...yeah, that might just do the trick!
4). When hooked up to the charger, only the projector sleeve charges, the iPod does not. in other words, if it's hooked up to the charger, the amount of movie runtime you get depends upon the iPod's battery.

All in all, it's a great little device. *gives stamp of approval*
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on October 2, 2013
The 3M projector sleeve worked well with slideshows and videos from my phone's pictures. It did not work, however, when trying to stream video or projecting a singular image from my phone's pictures which was the purpose of my purchasing the projector.

I have to resort to an elongated slideshow in order to view a singular image for a long duration, and then restart the slideshow once the image changes - Kind of a pain, however if anyone has any solutions, by all means help a guy out..

Picture Quality is great for such a small machine.
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on May 12, 2014
I got this as a gift. It is cool, but 3m is seriously lacking in documentation. We can get it to work with pictures already on the phone but have no luck with UTube and other "outside" sources (things that aren't native to iPhone). When we try to figure out what we are doing wrong there is no help from 3m and onlilne chat rooms offer little more. Too bad....
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on August 18, 2013
I really like this type of iPhone pocket projector from the first day I saw it at Brookstone (Telstar MP07) because it combined a) an IPhone 4 case with b) a spare battery and c) a cool pocket projector which I use to show videos and photo slideshows everywhere (including the ceiling in a pinch)! My first one (Telstar) from Brookstone did it's job. When I dropped my iPhone: the case broke apart but the phone survived! But a connector between the two case parts detached. I tried to get a replacement connector by locating / calling / emailing the Chinese company which makes it. No dice. They told me to go back to Brookstone.

Since I dropped it, I figured that it wouldn't be right to go to pursue a Warranty with Brookstone. So I just bought another one from Amazon. After a couple of months, the charging switch stopped working and there was a rattling sound in the case. This time I sent it back to Amazon to get a credit or replacement under the Warranty (manufacturer's defect).

While planning to order a third one, I saw on Amazon that 3M was now selling a similar looking but different version. So I ordered the 3M's and have been trying it out. Here's my thoughts to date:

3M PS4100 vs. Telstar MP07

- After Sale Service 3M. I haven't called 3M. But from comments here, they seem to be much easier to reach than Telstar's manufacturer (for which I could only find a telephone number by Googling creative combinations of the product ID). I called the Chinese company and after a while was put to an English speaking marketer who gave me her email address. I emailed in a request for the connector (with pics and Serial number). No surprises: never got a reply.

- Battery Capacity Telstar. 3M's spec's list a smaller battery capacity which creates a slightly slimmer model. Only problem is that I only get about an 80% recharge from a full 3M battery compared to 100% from Telstar.

- Video Quality 3M. Video projection is much brighter with 3m (specs indicate a brighter projector lamp), and 3M has three handy projection settings depending on whether one is showing video, text, or economy. I haven't compared the length of time which a full battery can sustain a video for either machine. But in practice, I haven't yet used the projector long enough in one session to run out of battery.

- Build 3M. Telestar's case is all matte black while 3M's case is glossy black with chrome panels. My wife thinks the 3M looks sturdier and slimmer. I do notice that 3M's buttons and focus wheel feel much more robust than Telstar's switch and wheel (see problems with switch above). Design and construction generally seems better on the 3M.

- Charging Telstar. When plugged with phone, Telstar charges the phone first then automatically charges its battery. With 3M it is not stated. But at first plug in, the 3M will charge automatically charge its battery. One has to press the "charge phone" button to charge the phone. Then after charging the phone, it looks like one has to press the button again to stop charging the phone and start charging the battery (this doesn't happen automatically and I am not sure whether after the phone reaches 100% the charging switches to the battery automatically; the LED indicators still show the phone charging until somebody presses the button to turn phone charging off).

Overall, I prefer the 3M for its better video, construction, and design (3M and Telstar are currently selling at around the same price of the iPhone 4). But it would be a plus if 3M could adopt the automatic charging of phone first then device battery second which Telstar has. Perhaps 3M may already have this feature when the phone + battery is plugged in and the charging phone button is pressed. If so, the 3M should state this clearly in the instructions?

Hope this helps!
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on August 22, 2013
decided to invest in a cheep , toy like projector just to have some fun with the grand children, and for my own pleasure. When I received the projector and tried it, I was totally blown away. It performs like a 2000 dollar machine. I told other family members, and friends about it and also demonstrated the projector. Showed it to 4 people, all four now have out door movie night with their kids.
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on June 8, 2013
Got it for my Mom for Mother's Day and she loved it. Besides showing photos, videos, and Internet content from your iPhone, it also doubles as a battery back-up for your iPhone.
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