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on November 28, 2014
Opened it up but had to leave quickly so just popped it on and flipped through the dial. Wow, so angry that almost no stations were received and recalled bad reviews about that. Got home the next day and popped it on again but this time read the instructions too and what an amazing difference. Apparently you need to allow it to search for stations before being able to manually flip through them. Guess what, after following the instructions this terrible piece of garbage turned into the best channel reception of any portable radio that I have ever owned. Don't buy this unless you plan to read the instructions because this is not something that can be figured out without them but if you are willing to read the instructions then this is the best ever headphone radio with 24db noise blocking. I am now listening to stations that I had previously given up on due to poor reception. The product says that it has improved reception and that is no lie!
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on June 3, 2017
My friend had a pair of these and after letting me try them on, I had to have them. You don't realize how loud your lawn equipment is until you use your decibel screaming lawn equipment with these bad boys on. As others have stated, it pays to read the instructions. You won't get a solid working knowledge of how to work the FM stations without them. If you plug in an aux cord to play music off your phone there's no need to even turn the volume knob to turn the headphones on. They'll come on by themselves and use the volume on your phone. There's an auto-shut down if the headphones aren't being used for a certain period of time, so it won't run the battery down if you forget to turn them off.

I recommend wearing the headphones by themselves if you plan on having the noise-canceling portion work. If you create any kind of gap between your ears and the headphones you'll be sure to find a glitch in the matrix, as in, no noise-canceling. I was able to wear sunglasses but only after putting on the headphones and then sliding the sunglasses well above my ears. It's kind of uncomfortable but beats having the death rays from the sun burning my retinas.

The noise-canceling effect you get is amazing. I can use lawn equipment and listen to a podcast without feeling like I'm straining to hear what's being said. Your ears will thank you when you're finished, too, having skipped out on being blasted by the high decibel levels power and lawn equipment makes. If it's hot outside your ears are going to sweat, but the headphones can be easily wiped down with a cleaner.

Using the instructions provided, I was able to get most of the FM stations in my area to work, with crystal clear audio. The headphones fit snug, easily adjust, aren't heavy, and are just the kind of good quality I would expect from 3M.

Do I look like a doofus riding around on my lawn mower? Sure. But it can't be worse than the clunky headgear teenagers are calling headphones nowadays.
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on May 13, 2016
Better than expected! They cancel outside noise and bring in radio stations clearly. My wife uses them when riding the lawn tractor, and operating the log splitter. Indoors she uses them when she vacuums to cancel noise, but because they are comfortable to wear she often wars them around the house now...just to listen to music. They're almost too good, because I have to hit her with a pillow to get her attention! You neeed these!
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on August 27, 2016
Before placing an order for this EarMuff WorkTunes, I read a lot of comments and viewed their images. It seems that quiet a lot of people had problem with no sounds or not working. I was little bit skeptical, but the number of comments and stars for this item just screamed at me. So, I figured that it looks like a lot of people bought this WorkTunes. So, it can't be that bad. I am glad I bought it. I will tell you why.

-Instructions that came with it was short and simple especially with voice-assist it was very easy.
-It has Bass Boost - 1 to 2. :) ME LOVE IT.
-It almost completely shut-off outside noises. With music on, you can't hear anything.
-It nicely and tightly fits my head. I wore it with my cap on doing my yard work. Amazing - couldn't even hear my lawn mower running only 7 feet away.
-The whole unit is lightweight.
-For those who are saying there is not much sound coming out, I one point had it full volume by accident and it was loud. I am guessing it depends on the radio station too. The closer the radio station the clear and louder it is.
-Reception was Awesome. It picked up over 20 radio stations.
-I never had any headset like this for working outside. Wow, it was a whole new experience. I didn't feel like I was working at all with my favorite songs playing.
-Do you have MP3 player or cellphone with lots of your favorite songs? well, then you can connect your device to this EarMuff using male to male jack and listen to your favourite songs... No need to listen radio... :)

It doesn't say which side is which - RIGHT or LEFT - anywhere on the unit.
I wore my WorkTune. So, the ON/OFF and Volume Knob would be in the front. I noticed that as I was moving around my left shoulder sometime accidentally turned the volume up. :)

Other than that I am VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYY happy with my WorkTune.
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on May 30, 2017
Volume is,not high enough to be of any value whatsoever.
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on August 22, 2016
I was really hoping these would help my "tweens" enjoy mowing the lawn more, but when you can't even make it through a 1 1/2 hour lawn mow before having to change batteries, they are frustrated and they sit on the bench. I am not happy at all with this product. Maybe we got a dud, because everyone else seems to have good reviews, but literally, they go dead DEAD on us within and hour and 15 minutes. Seems expensive for a products that eats batteries.
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on August 31, 2015
I gave it 3 stars cause the volume doesn't seem loud enough, the use of an external MP3 player's volume is adjusted by the headphone only and not the MP3's volume which would be nice to add more volume to, the knobs are sensitive and if your cutting grass and happen to go under a low branch, the limb may hit your knobs and change the station and there's a voice that calls out stations as you rotate the station selector. After awhile, it starts to get annoying hearing the voice each time you change your saved channels. When you change channels, the music or station information plays for 3 to 5 seconds then shuts off for the voice to announce the station channel. I don't like the interruptions. I wish I could turn that feature off. On the older head set model, it would display the station number instead of the voice. Though the reception is wonderful and don't have any problems picking up long distant stations. I'm about 22 miles away from my cities broadcasting range. The headphones do drown out the noise to a certain degree but not completely. I use it for cutting my grass which is about 2 acres and my churches grass which is about 5 acres. It does make grass cutting more enjoyable. There very comfortable but tend to be uncomfortable after a few hours while wearing prescription glasses. But that would depend on the thickness of your glasses arms. Overall, it's a good head set. Unfortunately, I have never owned the previous model but I have a neighbor who is using the previous model and he seem to like it with no problems.

October 10, 2015. So far these headsets are performing excellently. A voice lets you know when the batteries need replacing. I've noticed that as batteries get weaker, the single distance gets weaker. So strong batteries will pull in distance stations with a more powerful sound. At least in my experience. I get my batteries to last about 2 months with constant usage.
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on February 2, 2016
Excellent product and fits big heads great! Very comfy and you almost forget you have them on. The padded inside earcups is a plus ,but if you fall asleep with them on you may get an ear ache because the pads over the speakers are a little too thin. So heres my rec. Get you a Wrap-a-nap. And if your not using it from your eyes and ears, use it for your head. That is lay your earmuffed noggin in the middle of the wrap-a-nap and it provides a cushion around the muffed Ear. That is if you lie on your side. Also for added extra comfort, get some camel back gel Sealing Rings. They provide extra comfort and block a little more noise than the standard cushions. The wireless version is pretty neat in that it has Bluetooth, and a micro USB port along with 3.5 Jack outlet . If you go with the Jack you have to cut the Bluetooth off and unlike the wired headset you have to power up the wireless to use the 3.5 outlet being there is a function for it on the AM/FM button. The wired you can just plug your phone or mp3 and turn it up by the device volume. Update 4/12/16 Also,the stereo sound is way better than the communications headsets in some cases.
Update 4/30/16 Keep in mind the newest Wired work tunes are not digital and the Tekk logo is no longer under the 3M logo. They are better than they ever were .

5/1/16 Purchased both Wired and Wireless sets for McKenzie Westmore-Tatopoulos. She seems pretty ecstatic to get them. Lol. You ladies check out her products Westmore Beauty. Update 5/23/16...bought a third pair of wireless . One went to Mac Westmore. She's is supposed to model them for me for a collage I'm making , but she's very busy. The first set is for home the third for work, and I really do wish they would change up the headband. I most have bought 4 sets of the wired... gave away all three, and also a fourth pair to dr Dino to help in building the new Dinosaur Adventure Land in Repton Alabama .

Update, 12/26/16 back in October gave away several older models and finally bought a pair of the first set they ever came out with. Just recently bought a set for a lady under me at work and she loves hers . Haven't yet to see the celebrity with hers on yet, although she said she loves them and wore them,just no pictures. Will post later . Here is my officer where I work.
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on July 17, 2017
The 3M work tunes looked great on paper. They are well constructed and have a quality feel. For the most part they worked was decent, the Bluetooth connects OK (sometimes it acts up and disconnects or wont connect, and sometimes there are huge gaps in the program materiel), but mostly I have an issue with the headband. It doesn't hold the ear cups tight enough against my head and the slightest movement of my head breaks the seal and I hear the outside noise level increase. You have to have the two sides adjusted perfectly even for it to work right and even then if you move your head slightly the noise level increases. It's enough to drive you crazy! Also, I know its a hearing protector and it has to abide by government dB levels as far as the amp/audio level, but it's really weak. I struggle to hear anything that I am trying to listen to while wearing these. The literature talks about a rechargeable battery that can be purchased so you could charge the headphones using the USB port on the side, but there is no info on where or how to purchase said battery, and upon reaching out to the manufacturer, I was told they don't have a battery for it and don't know when they will. I purchased a set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries and a wall charger. I use these for both lawn work, and in my wood shop. They seem to work better in the shop than while on my riding mower. Disappointing, overall..
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on April 21, 2016
Excellent buy for the money! Sound Quality is good, they are comfortable to wear for extended peroids, battery life is decent (3M says they should have lithium battery pack available soon) and best of all No Wires ! BT has a range of at least 150 feet ( advertised 25'). Noise level is kept to a minimum and music comes thru loud and clear even when using an industrial leaf blower. I have had 4 pairs of the yellow ones that didn't block noise as well as these and they had wiresto connect to phone. I love having BT to stream Spotify from my phone and no darn wires to get snagged all the time. Yes sound quality could be better, but for the money they can't be beat. I rate at 5 out of 5 stars !
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