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on June 30, 2015
It's really too good to be true.
An intersting tome only, not a true guide book for what people want, which is fat loss.
Sadly this is not the holy grail he sells it as.
Nice if it was.
He suggests eating a healthy slow carb diet- nothing new here. But where I differ, he says eat as much as you want to satiety anytime.
Unfortunately a calorie is still a calorie and eating a large amount of slow carbs over your daily burn rate will not help you lose weight.
I think this is a doable diet plan except for the part where he says you don't need to count calories.
I don't typically count calories per se but do count daily macros (total grams protein, fat and carbs) which translates to calories ultimately.
I think this book is more for those who have a lot of low hanging fruit to lose, not people like me who are already fit- 11% BF and regular weight lifting and cardio 3-5 x a week.
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on August 11, 2016
I had heard good things about this bood and really wanted to like it. I found it difficult to follow the organization of the book. It might be better suited to someone who is already an athlete with good nutrition, but wants to fine tune.
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on January 6, 2015
I didn't learn anything from this book. There's no secrets here. If you've never read about nutrition etc. then give it a read, but if you're knowledgeable about it already don't waste time and money just because it sold well.
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on March 20, 2013
A friend had dropped quite a bit of weight and i wanted to know how. He said "4-hour body" ... had never heard of it. I bought the book and asked him a question about it and used "4HB" as an acronym... he had no idea what i was talking about. Seems his partner bought the book and my friend just did what he was told. Maybe that's the answer. This book has too much info and unfortunately, on back cover says, "to lose 20 lbs. in 30 days, go to page..." That is where I went and he says, "if you want to know more, read the next chapter" but let me tell you, this is scary to NOT know more, because i dropped weight in the first two days. i was even enjoying what i was eating, with beans and eggs... and I upped my water intake... but I did that "for me" not for what was needed. And on the evening of day 3, I passed out because I had not eliminated what needed to be eliminated. For those who are smart and careful, i guess it works. It's just a lot of information to "put out there" and hope that people are responsible.
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on May 3, 2011
The promises of the book are exciting, and sure, I'll give it a go, but it's going to take four hours just to go through and take notes on all the throwaway tips he mentions once (glowingly) and then figure out how to use them together. Grapefruit juice, for example. Somewhere in the book, he does mention a benefit of drinking it. It does not appear in the index, however, and when I did manage to find the page (but sadly, not mark the spot) at lunch yesterday, I was frustrated to see that he didn't say when to take it, or how (or whether) to combine it with his other blood-sugar regulating-substances suggested, cinnamon and lemon juice. The chapter on cinnamon and lemon juice, which have the same purpose, doesn't even mention it.
I might have to go back to his sample binge day log -- NOT a typical diet day -- for clues on how to actually use his tips. Wouldn't, say, a complete shopping list and hourly dosing schedule for 1 week of food and supplements have been appropriate for a book with so much space devoted to a specific diet plan? I'm actually flipping through it as I write this to see who to blame, but there's no editor. Mr. Ferriss can fill a book with frothy anecdotes, amazing discoveries, and throwaway references all he likes, apparently, without having to pull anything together. I'm not impressed. When he gets an editor, I'll consider buying another of his books.
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on July 28, 2014
It is hard to figure out if there is really any truth to this book or not. It is really just another fad diet/exercise book with very little evidence to back up its claims. It seems to go on and on forever...
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on April 7, 2016
I didn't like his writing style at all, so I couldn't get into the book.
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on April 29, 2012
I must say I think the idea of the book is great. A lot of the areas of personal improvement that are explored are certainly things I would like to improve myself.
The problem is I feel that this book will not help most people but rather move them in a wrong or at least not very desirable direction, which is mainly taking more and more supplements to try to accomplish anything and everything.
The author himself often states that this or that supplement he used is not recommended because of its side effects but still recommends so many others, while mentioning and sometimes not the possible side effects.
All this to conclude (in the appendix) that we can only supplement in what we know, which is possibly a very small portions of what actually is. Well, I'm concerned that these short term results will be shadowed by longer term diseases, like pretty much all performance enhancement drugs do in a way or another. This book is really the apology of do it today, whatever it costs (money and health wise), just continue doing whatever you're doing (nothing wrong about eating pretty much anything at all), just pop some pills and do some funny exercises and the rest you should just not worry about it.
Very dangerous attitude if you want my opinion.
There are a few interesting things and experiments in the book but they are almost completely lost in a ocean of doubtful practices and recommendations.
Do they work? Maybe.
Do I want to endanger my life to try to reach some of my goals? Probably not, at least not intentionally!
I would love to see a similar book but using natural methods (although the author would probably say that his methods are natural).
All I could see is that the author is trying to justify whatever he already does (e.g. what he eats) by finding (or not finding) any possible scientific study that goes along his lines and just have fun with it.
Not really what I was looking for
If it works for you, great! Not my way of conducting my life. I respect my body too much
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on September 13, 2014
the author devotes a few pages on the slow carb diet (the only reason I bought the book) and the rest is wandering on about body building and the such...the book is poorly written in that it makes general statements about the diet then does not give supporting information about being on the Slow/low Car diet. This was a complete waste of time and money. I was going to try and resell it but so many people are trying to sell this book and almost giving it away ...I now know why. Dont buy it if you are expecting a good guide to losing weight on the low carb diet.
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on January 13, 2011
For the record, I loved Four Hour Workweek. I've kept it as a resource that seems to keep on giving. So I had very high expectations for this book. Disappointed on several levels -

First, he started the book by challenging you to start with one thing rather than everything, so I took it to heart. I started the Slow Carb Diet just after Christmas, and I've followed it to the letter. Started out 6'4, 247, 27% body fat. Three weeks in, I'm 6'4", 233, 26% body fat. Thirteen pounds in three weeks with that level of sacrifice and nasty food? You could argue that I'm just one guy and that's not that scientific, but it's amazing, after you start looking, how few of his examples in the book actually did his prescribed diet! He just keeps saying things like, "If ___ would have just added two hard boiled eggs in the morning, or stopped eating rice, or ate more spinach, it would have been EVEN BETTER results!" Well, I'm one guy who wants my three weeks back to do Weight Watchers or something. THis diet sucked.

My second complaint is going to get me called prudish, but hear me out. The better sex chapters were intriguing, as I've been married for 19 years and my wife and I have a better time in bed every year. But his examples were... porn stars? Why not interview some couples who have pleasured somebody consistently for the long term and stayed committed to them? I can assure you that's the best sex in the world. If you want better sex, get married and give your whole life to one person.

Still too early to tell on the weight-lifting/ supplements, etc. So there may yet be some interesting nuggetsto be had in this resource, but from this reader's vantage point, the junk science I received I could have gotten by surfing the Internet. To Ferris's credit, that's probably how he researched the book, had someone in India ghost write it, and he's laughing all the way to Buenos Aires for a few months to relax. For that alone, he deserves two stars.
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