4K Ultra HD Buying Guide

What is 4K Ultra HD?

4K Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K or UHD, is a new resolution standard designed for electronic displays such as TVs, laptops, and iPads. It has 4 times the resolution of an HD TV (1080p), resulting in sharper lines, more detail, and more clarity. The cost of 4K televisions continue to decrease, making them more affordable than ever.

What is HDR?

HDR or “High Dynamic Range” provides a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a much more realistic image. HDR may be the single most important feature for improving the picture quality of a TV. HDR10 is the current High Dynamic Range standard, providing a higher level of contrast, deeper blacks and a wider array of colors vs. Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to create a much more realistic image. Dolby Vision is a step-up HDR technology, as it can both process and produce HDR content, resulting in better picture quality.

4K Content

You can watch 4K Ultra HD content on 4K Blu-ray players, 4K streaming media players, and select smart TV apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube.