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on February 6, 2016
I'm a NICU nurse and we have one of these on my unit at work. When a baby likes it, it's a lifesaver, and sometimes the only thing some sleep-deprived infants going through drug withdrawal will sleep in. So I registered for one for my daughter and received it at my baby shower. It's very cute (especially with the monsters insert) and a GREAT space saver compared to other swings, and I love that it can be controlled via smart phone. Having said all that, my daughter hates it. It's way too gentle and boring for her. She needs more movement and more stimulation. We had a hard time ever setting her down, and getting her to sleep was a nightmare, and when you finally did get her to sleep it would only last 45 minutes. Fast forward to two months old and I finally caved in and bought a traditional Fisher Price cradle and swing. And she loves it. She will sit quietly in it without crying to be held most times, and even takes two hour naps in it. Knowing what I know now, I wish I'd registered for the standard Fisher Price swing and saved my money purchasing it myself after the fact. Maybe my next child will like the Mamaroo, but seeing at work how different babies either love it or hate it, I'd save my money and go with the more traditional baby swing which I think appeals to almost every baby.
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on March 27, 2017
I LOVE 4moms products! With my first child I had one of the first model MamaRoo's and after she outgrew it I gave it to a friend. Now, with my second...he's a bit more challenging of a baby than my daughter was. But, the no fail way to get him calm is a car ride. Classic solution right? Well, with this MamaRoo, not only can I simulate that very thing...but I can change the settings of it from my PHONE! I LOVE this new feature! With two kids at home, I'm often doing 900 things at once, this is just such an added bonus for me. I'm still in love with the clean lines and aesthetic. I truly believe this to be a MUST HAVE when you come home from the hospital. I baby wear and carry him often, and a lot as an infant. But sometimes, you need your hands and this is such a great way to give them that 4th trimester feeling with the motion and noise.
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on March 20, 2017
I'm so glad I splurged on this product! Our son is almost 2 months old and he had one swing that only moved side to side or front to back. That swing he didn't seem to care much for as he wouldn't stay in it for longer than 5 minutes unless he was deep asleep in it already. After getting the mamaroo, I can put him down in it for awhile longer and he can take some naps in it. He loves motion so this is a life saver for us. It is much smaller than our other swing so saves space in the house.
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on December 7, 2016
Well, baby has not liked it. We've tried..and we will get 15-20 min out of it every few days but that is it. Expensive piece to use so little. Overall, great concept but I do no like the fabric - wish it was organic!!! and the arch broke from moving it from side to side early on. Also the bottom edges are so sharp both my husband and I got cut on it!
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on February 9, 2017
I received my MamaRoo in Nov 2016; upon arrival the screen was broken during shipping so Amazon replaced the order without an issue. My wife and I are light users of the MamaRoo, using it once or twice a week with a baby that weighs about 9 lbs. As of today (Feb 2017) the screen flashes on and off when activating the motors to move seat and stops movement immediately upon starting. When I unplug the unit and turn it on again, I can engage the sound machine. One of the 4Moms customer support representatives reached out and encouraged me to contact customer support. After describing the problem, 4moms sent me a new base. I hope this fixes my issue!
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on June 12, 2016
It's a genius baby product! It looked good in our living room & didn't have overpowering colors like other swings. It was also not big at all & had it in a space that was enough to to do the motions. We almost always had it in the highest speed because my baby didn't like the slow ones haha. Also, the noise never bothered us. I'm pretty sure other swings make a sound, and the Mammaroo sounded like background noise. I am giving it 4 stars because every time I had my baby in the fullest upright position, it looked like it was invortable and sliding down. It worked out for the moment we had it set up though. Also, we got it at 2 months instead of a newborn. For our next baby, we'll be using this from the beginning. My daughter stopped using it around 5 months.
Forgot to mention that we removed the mobile because it doesn't spin on its own...which sucks because you'd expect it to move automatically for the price tag it has. Our baby was fussy each time it didn't move. It's pointless if we had to keep doing it because the point of this swing is so parents can have their hands free.
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on March 10, 2017
We have a baby that has to be held constantly, I have a swing that I swore by with my first two children but for some reason this third child wants no part of the swing. I started researching through the sleepless nights and read about the mamaroo from other parents who had babies that also didn't want to get put down and so far it's a dream! I have been able to put her down in the roo a lot now and am able to catch up on sleep or chores; it's not all the time because she still wants to be held so I invested in a carrier as well to start babywearing since I'm wearing her anyway the majority of the time and vacuuming with one hand. I think between the two of them it offers a resolution to putting her down. This is a smooth ride and she sleeps in it soundly and she's safe in it. I definitely recommend spending the money even though it's a lot for this if you have a fussy baby you can't put down.We love it and couldn't be happier with the product, the quality is high and the technology advanced. My mom even said they should make one for grandma's and call them grammaroos since she has issues sleeping at night. some people said the buttons don['t light up and it's hard in the night to see it but they are fairly cut and dry buttons and I actually press them with my toes now if I'm holding her.
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on February 16, 2017
Anyone in the market for a baby swing MUST purchase this 4moms swing!! It is incredible! I decided to buy this one after seeing my friend use it for her baby. Not only is it the most innovative design for a baby swing, but it offers several unique settings/motions with various sounds. It is compact, so it takes up much less space than the original swing designs. My little girl loves the "car ride" feature along with the "heart beat" sound. Works great to let her rest in safely, comes with safety harness, so Mama can get a few chores done while keeping an eye on her, hands free! Worth it to spend a little more for a GREAT product!! I plan on using this for the next baby too.
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on March 25, 2017
It works well, but definitely not for every baby. It has nice soothing movements, but even on its fastest setting it's not super fast, and for babies that actually like the speed and movement of regular swings this probably wouldn't work for them.
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on January 16, 2015
I LOVE IT! I've been looking at this swing through my preganncy and finally got the swing! Our little one is now 1 month old and loves it!!

Finally did a video review on this product, check it out on YouTube type in "Mamaroo 2015 Swing Review"

HUGE TIP - You really do not need to spend more money and get the plush version...for what? Your baby is going to be sweating up a storm, especially when it gets HOT. Talk about overheating! Get a $5-$10 car plush insert as I did in the video to put in your baby's seat. Spending $32 for their version? I don't think so. Don't let them squeeze every nickel and dime out your pocket.

I never had the old version so I can't compare it to the old one. Even though the older version is cheaper, I went ahead and dropped a few more dollars ($50) because people complained about the old one making a clicking sound and having to take it back because it stopped working. So even though the 4moms company doesn't mention that they may have fixed the problems, of course they are not going to put in the description that they've fixed promblems that the old one had.

Other then that the only new thing about it is that you can control it from your iPhone. If I am cooking or folding clothes etc I can easily control the speed and movements from my iPhone.

My daughter loves the contrast of the mobile, like other newborns, and she steadily kicks her legs in it in a content state and full of wonder.

This is a great second pair of hands while daddy is gone, when I'm by myself and just need to put her down for a little.

I put my first daughter in the swing all the time and she grew up to be so independent even at the young age of 6 months she wanted to be off doing her own thing. And now since we haven't had a swing since are new addition has been born she loves to be held constantly and will cry if you put her down. Nothing wrong with it, it is normal, however I believe some independence is a must a few times each day so they can soothe themselves back to sleep. And this is why my daughter at 1 month sleeps 8-9 hours through the night!

Our night routine is:

Lotion Massage
Swaddle (I widen the strap to the swing to fit around the swaddled legs but wouldn't recommend for older babies)
Nursing until she or he pulls off or drowsy
Then place in the MAMAROO (kangaroo preferably) for a few minutes and then stop it (you don't want them getting use to being rocked constantly or you'll be in for a treat..a restless one)

The speed I thought would be slow at the fastest setting..but boy does this baby go fast at high speed (with a 8-9 pounder). UPDATE: Starting to get a bit slower at high speed, most likely from her gaining weight. The movements are perfect, each one is great and different so every now and again I'll switch it up. My favorite movement is Kangaroo because as a mother and past nanny I rock all my babies like this movement (typical sway and bounce). Once asleep I drop the speed from the highest to the lowest speed and switch to the Wave or Car movement.

The sounds I think are not so great. The only one I do think is decent is the fan. It's the only one that sounds like the white noise app we have on are phone that she falls asleep too. Also I hooked up my iPod so she could listen to the iTunes radio Lullaby station and it sounds decent enough coming through the speakers.

Also wanted to mention that surprisingly the swing is light when lifted. Super light compared to the fisher price swing. And if you have little ones be careful because they can easily hit the speed button.

Overall great product, love the movements, love the speed, highly recommend to all mom and dads!
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