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on November 4, 2013
Just got these adapters, tested them and all of them work great. Usually chandelier bulbs are more expensive than the normal ones, with these adapters I can save money.
Plastic and quality build looks good, metal parts might be a little flimsy but they work just fine.
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on August 19, 2016
NOTE: The wattage and heat limits of this adapter do not replace the limits of your lamp or fixture!!!

* Compact design
* Decently crimped
* Simple, no-solder construction
* Claimed rating well above anything a candelabra base would need
* Materials ratings higher than claimed ratings.
* Easy warranty through Amazon

* Ratings/limits not marked on the units
* Seller / manufacturer solicits further sales via Amazon order updates
* No US presence, so limited recourse in case of fire damage

Overall, I like the product. They are low cost. The design is solid, simple, and easy to inspect.

The rating says 1000W and 200C limits.
* A 100W bulb operates around 120C in open air.
* A 250W T10 halogen bulb operates at 257C in open air.
* The socket is made of bakelite (250C max continuous)
* The electrodes are made of aluminum (470C max continuous), and brass (450C max continuous).
* There is no solder to melt, just two screws.

So, you can run a 250W heat lamp, or a 200W T10 bulb, or most normal 1-way bulbs in this and stay within ratings, but be careful with halogen bulbs.

In normal use, you will be limited by the candelabra base fixture before you will be limited by this adapter.

NOTE: Look at your fixture, lamp, light kit, or whatever you plan to install this into. If that limit is lower than the limits on this, USE THE LOWER LIMIT. Just because this adapter can handle high wattage does not magically replace the wiring inside a 60W table lamp, or a 100W porch fixture.

Realistically, this will most likely get used with ceiling fans or table lamps, which usually, anything more than 100W is not comfortable.

I wanted to rate this poorly because of the spammy message I got, but the product exceeds my expectations based on product description, and my own "it should do this." I'm using them in a ceiling fixture, and they are working well, even with vibration.
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on September 29, 2015
Great product. The Manufacturing, Feel and just Craftsmanship is Fantastic. Wanted to change out the Chandelier lights on two Chandeliers since they were using Standard Incandescent Chandelier base/style bulbs. Wanted to go to LED for Length of Life and Energy savings. But Chandelier LED bulbs are crazy expensive.

So got the JACKYLED 15 pack and some of the Standard size Phillips LED Bulbs.

Of course the LED Bulbs screwed in just fine and then screw the bulbs into the Chandelier. Easy as pie.

Also what I like is the white of the JACKYLED Base Adaptor matches closely the White of the Phillips LED bulbs I bought. So gives it a nicer look.

And the JACKYLED Base Adaptors came in a nice ziplock bag. And they are packaged nicely. And so the bag isn't crazy large. Which is why I had to order a second one. Because its so nicely packed I put them some where and no I can't figure out where. Because it actually is packaged so nicely :)

But overall great product. Great price.
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on December 12, 2012
I hesitated ordering these adapters, but did anyway since other sellers were overcharging and asking as much as $5 for one converter. The converters/adapters enable using LED bulbs with standard base in candleabra sockets. One hidden problem with LED bulbs is that so far I haven't found a bright or just as bright LED bulb with candleabra base for use in current model Hunter ceiling fan light mounts. The standard base LED bulbs are just now dropping slightly below the $10 per bulb price. As an electrician I noticed that the standard base LED bulbs include a large heat sink base that allows for cooling of the bulb and safe operation even in the inverted position.You can actually touch this ring and feel the heat while there is no heat on the glass sphere. Many spiral flourescent bulbs and LED bulbs have the transformer built in to the base with a overheat cutoff. Many spiral flourescent bulbs fail to operate in overhead cans because of the overheat cutoff. After trying LED bulbs of a variety of bulbs, so far the generic brand led perform just as well as more recognizable brands. Some reviewers have complained about some converters not working; I am guessing this is because the bulbs are improperly installed. If you are putting these bulbs outside you should use petroleum jelly or automotive quality silicon electrical grease on the threads since LED bulbs may run longer before being replaced. I mount the adapters on the bulb and then install on the fixture. This allows more torque and doesn't strain the fixture. I suspect the seller started testing prior to shipping this item. For the really technical folks you can use a meter with a continuity option to test each adapter. The truth is that there are very few parts in the adapter that can fail. Read the review about lifting the center contact(while disconnected). I have not seen a problem with the thread depth of the adapter reported in another review.
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on November 23, 2017
I have several newer fans in my house which require the smaller chandelier bulbs. Unfortunately as a result, the amount of light we had in those rooms were drastically reduced since there are few chandelier bulbs out there over 60w equivalent. I don't know if this is the result of some overreaching environmental regulation or what, but it's a terrible decision. Regardless, these adapters allowed me to install 100w equivalent LED bulbs in my fixtures and bring light back to my rooms again. They make the bulbs stick out a bit further, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to make.
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on October 19, 2016
It really bugs me that ceiling fans don't use normal or standard sized light bulbs anymore. I searched for hours for a fan that didn't have candelabra style lights. While there are some fans with normal size light bulbs, all the major brands have switched. I prefer daylight LED bulbs to anything else and options are limited in the candelabra style. These adapters fit my Hunter brand ceiling fans and I'm now using daylight LED bulbs. The bulbs now stick out about an inch, but oh well. Interesting note, the bulbs in a Hampton Bay fan didn't stick out at all. The bulbs in this fan were flush with the outside of the light globe. I have had zero heat issues and they have worked perfectly. I highly recommended if you too want to use the light in a room to actually see.
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on March 19, 2017
I normally don't provide reviews when sellers pester and harass me for feedback but this is for the product, darn the seller.
Saved the day with these new ceiling fans which ONLY come with candelabra base fixtures, I hate 'em. These adapters allow a brighter, cooler LED bulb and make us feel human again. Don't put big, hot, energy hog incandescent bulbs in these things or you just defeat the purpose, burn down your house and get these outlawed too.
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on February 21, 2017
Awesome! just what I was looking for!

My problem:
I just bought my house, and I have some existing fixtures that only hold the small-based candelabra bulbs. These tiny bulbs did not give off enough light, and I needed more light at night to do projects in the evenings during the winter when it is already dark by the time I get home from work.

I needed bright light in the room but I was at the point where I still couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my large dining room area, but didn't want to waste money on replacing a fixture with something temporary, but brighter.

Enter these converters. ... Problem solved.
I just plugged these into the candelabra bases, and then inserted regular LED bulbs. Let there be BRIGHT!!!!
AND, I didn't have to waste money on extra bulbs because I already had extra LED bulbs for other fixtures around the house that take them.

I wish I would have found these sooner... Now my BRIGHT DAYLIGHT WHITE LED bulbs are in my ugly brass chandelier and I am not rushed on replacing the fixture yet.
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on August 25, 2016
What a great deal. 15 of these for $13. I ordered some from another seller last year and only got 12 for more money than this.
These adaptors are built well.
I have tested them thoroughly in my new fans light fixture that has the small canelabra type bulbs. They work as described. I screwed this on the base of my regular sized led light bulbs and then screwed into the fans light fixture. Now I can use my standard value priced(lol) led light bulbs in the small base fixture saving me a lot of money...the handlebars based led bulbS are EXPENSIVE!
These solved a very expensive problem for me so I am happy with them.
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on June 15, 2015
I ordered these so I could install E26/E27 standard base LED bulbs into my fan lamp that had E12 (candelabra) bases. Although it was a somewhat tight fit since the LED bulbs were bigger compared to candelabra bulbs, and as the adapter adds a bit of an additional clearance requirement as well, it fit just enough for it to work overall. These adapters work exactly as they are supposed to. To prevent myself from putting too much torque into the fan base when installing the adapter, I screwed in the bulb to the adapter first, then the adapter to the fan base. Now I have customizable lighting on my fan, as the bulbs I installed are of the Philips Hue type, which don't offer candelabra-type bulbs yet. Very happy with this product!

NOTE: Specifically for fan lights, please take care as to what kind of bulbs you will be putting in if you decide to use this adapter to upgrade to bigger bulbs. There is a fuse unit inside the fan that will disconnect the lights if the lights pull more than a certain amount of current for safety reasons, so using these adapters to upgrade to standard size A19 incandescent bulbs will not work unless you use LED bulbs, which use less current than incandescent candelabra bulbs. Something to keep note of.
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