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on August 19, 2014
The led bulbs are a replacement to the factory 194 non led bulbs in my Scion TC.

These look and work great, run cool, and are very bright. They have a slight tinge of blue, which makes them look really frosty. You seriously cannot go wrong with this color. Simply amazing, and not to mention these are way cheaper than going to the nearest auto parts store. Great license plate and dome light bulb replacements. Definitely do recommend.

5/5 arrived quick, and installation was very easy.
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on November 18, 2012
These lights were shipped from China but arrived in just more than a week from order placement. There were no instructions or documentation whatsoever. This is unfortunate, because LEDs require correct polarization and this may not be common knowledge. Hence, all the buyers who are finding that only half of these lights work. The automobile sockets and the LED holders are not polarized, i.e., allow the lights to be inserted either way. If one of these is not working for you, remove from the socket and reinsert flipping the orientation.
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on April 5, 2013
Used them for the interior lights in my Sienna Minivan - they are a bit bigger than the incandescent bulbs, but they fit OK everywhere in my case.
Color is daylight bluish white - closely matched some 6500K fluorescent tubes in my shop
Easily as bright as the 6 watt bulbs they replaced
I bought 3 packs of four, and all 12 bulbs were perfect, at least initially.
I measured one of them when powered from a regulated 12VDC supply, and it used 0.042 amps ( almost exactly 1/2 watt at 12 volts), less than 1/10 the consumption of the bulb it replaced.
Some folks buy these for the cool look - I got them so that I could go camping and leave the doors open for a some light without killing the battery. I'd give them 5 stars if they were a little less blue white - my taste is for a more neutral white.

4/7/13 update: I had enough to also put them in the door courtesy lights of my Mazda sedan. They would not fit without a small modification. I had to shorten the base a little (just sliced off about 1/10th inch with an Xacto knife) to get the light lens to snap back on. The plastic cuts easily with a sharp hobby knife - you just have to be careful not to cut the wire leads.
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on November 8, 2012
These lights are a cheap alternative to improving lights of your vehicle's interior. The lights give off a crisp 5000k white light with a very slight blue tint and compared to the normal incandescent bulbs, these lights are unheralded. The only issue I would warn Amazon customers is to not buy these lights from one of the companies that are located in China, such as "autocarstore." I ordered from two companies, autocarstore which is located in China and Auto Garage which is located in California and the lights from autocarstore came in a small box meant for holding earrings and the package was very unorganized and to top it off, the lights did not match in color, whereas my order from AutoGarage came in a nicely organized package and even had the original packing of the light bulbs. In the end, these bulbs are great, but you must be careful of who you buy them from.
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on September 14, 2016
3rd brake light I used 3 of these. After 2 years one worked, one was all burned out and one bulb had about 50% brightness. Original bulbs lasted 10 years before multiple were burned out. So much for longer life LEDs!
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on October 28, 2012
Ordered from Bestsourcing, not impressed. During the streamlined buying process, never was there a mention of shipping times. It wasn't until I received the notice of shipment and saw the estimated arrival date that I had an idea. I contacted the seller about this and was told that shipping information is very clearly stated. I had to search for it through there seller's store front. Not impressed. Shipped direct from China, so buyer beware.

As far as the product, I guess in this case you get what you pay for. Not to those who plug these lights in and they immediately fail to work, try turning them 180 degrees. They are diodes and therefore will only work with the current flowing in one direction. Out of the 12 I bought (for exterior low voltage lighting) 1 was dead on arrival. One day later, the remaining 11 still function. As for light output, DEFINITELY am not impressed. These bulbs are suppose to be equivalent in light output to a 194 or 168 bulb. Not even close. 194 bulbs are rated at about 4 watts, the same as the T5 wedge bulbs I was replacing in my landscape lights. I'd guess that these are not even HALF as bright as the old incandescent bulbs I intended to replace. The 4-watt, T5 bulbs were bright enough to walk along the sidewalk with full illumination of the sidewalk. With the LED bulbs installed, the landscape lights are now only functional as accent lighting, and that's a stretch.

I'd return these bulbs due to their misleading and false advertising of "high power" "brightness-enhanced technology" and "Ultra Bright Effects" except that it'd cost me way more than its worth and way more hassle than its worth. Chalk this up to a learning experience.
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on September 25, 2012
I used these to replace the tail light bulbs and front seat map lights in a 2008 Prius. They are about as bright as the original tail lights and acceptably bright in the map lights, although they do not seem quite as bright as the original bulbs in either case. But they are much brighter than a pair of led bulbs that an auto supply store sold me for the tail lights. The color is similar and not at all blue-ish. (I compared with a blue-ish LED at the same time.) They fit better in the map lights even though this LED is slightly longer than the original bulb. They also fit in the tail light, but not at all as tightly as the originals. I am taking away one star because I am worried that they will someday slip out. Otherwise, a couple days after receiving them, I am happy. Will try to remember to update this if they fail anytime soon.

10/10/2013 Update: One year after purchase. One of these failed in my tail lite about a month ago, which I confirmed in the front map light. I was right about slipping because the other tail lite was loose so went out also. So I am back to the original bulbs for my tail lites. I will keep these around for emergency replacements but will be looking for something else. Taking away 2 more stars for quick failure and confirmed slippage. LED's are not supposed to fail in one year.
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on January 27, 2013
Bought these for a direct replacement of my interior lights on my 09' Altima sedan and they work like a charm and look beautiful. They replaced the two front dome lights, two front door/foot lights, two rear dome lights, inside trunk light and two license plate lights. The thing is people have problems with LED bulbs because they don't know that LED bulbs only work in one direction and you have to make sure the contacts are touching their sockets. So if you're having trouble with these bulbs working try to switch the bulb the other way around (turn it around) and/or try bending the wires a bit to make sure they're sitting in their sockets. Also, these bulbs don't "fade" out when the doors close in my car they just cut off, which is expected from LEDs. Another thing is try not to handle LED bulbs without gloves, they'll last longer. I highly recommend these lights, they gave my car that classy look that many other high end vechicles come stock with, everyone that has seen it has liked it a lot. I have't had them long so i'll report back after some time has passed and i'll try to put one of these bulbs into my motorcycle guage cluster as well.
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on February 9, 2013
The bulbs are plenty bright, I used them to illuminate the license plates on my car and my motorcycle; did have a bit of an issue with installing them into sockets on both vehicles though. Natural thought is to just insert the bulbs into the socket and push down all the way but when I did that, 3 out of the 4 that I purchased didn't work. I wiggled the bulb in the socket which is when I noticed that the bulb did work it just wasn't getting a proper connection. I inserted the bulbs about 3/4 of the way into the socket and they each worked fine. it's been a few days and so far the natural vibrations and bumps of driving around haven't jarred the bulbs too loose on either car or motorcycle but only time will tell if they stay that way. I'll update my review if anything changes.
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on July 2, 2012
I just bought and installed these in my Toyota as LED replacements for the map lights.

PROS: Good price, they work. They will use less power and I won't worry as much about us accidentally leaving one on (which is why I bought them).

CONS: They are not as bright as the OEM incandescents and they seem to have bluish cast to them. I could live with the bluish cast if they were brighter. These do provide light, but I don't think I am going to like trying to read a map, or text with them. Now, it's entirely possible that they are a bad solution for map lights because only 1 of the elements points directly forward. The other four project to the side. This is my first experience with LED replacements, so maybe I just made a bad choice--although I have seen others say they use them as map lights and they like them. I think I'm going to look for a bulb with more than one element projecting straight out.

Myself, I feel that the cons outweigh the pros, so I think I'm going to sell these off and look for a brighter solution.
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