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on September 11, 2013
I received this book today and, consequently I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but I already have a problem. Of the recipes I've checked so far, most will have to be reworked before I can use them. Unlike the author who was put on a sodium restricted diet due to congestive heart failure, my husband's problem is hypertension and the medication he's on precludes the use of potassium supplements and "salt substitutes" which are high in potassium. We've found in the months since his diagnosis that many "no salt added" products -- especially tomato products -- make up for the absence of salt with large amounts of potassium. Many of the recipes in this book call for "no salt added" products which achieve the "low sodium" designation while putting them off limits for persons on certain hypertension medications. I don't fault the author for this oversight but if you are wanting to get this book because you're cooking for someone with hypertension, be aware that depending on that person's medication you will have to rework certain recipes before you can use them. Consult with your doctor and I suggest developing a label reading habit bordering on obsessive.
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on April 19, 2013
My husband just was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and we had to go to a 2,000 mg sodium diet. I spent 2 hours in the grocery store looking at the sodium content on all the foods and didn't know what I could cook him. This book has everything from homemade breads to lower sodium soy sauce, make aheads and great recipes. I'm able to use his sauces with some of my recipes like the barbeque sauce, teriaki sauce, which is delicious! A must have book. Very easy and quick recipes for the everyday cook.
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on February 4, 2017
I've enjoyed making several of these recipes already. They're generally pretty tasty and the book has been a great addition to some of the other recipes I've made. I will caution, however, that some of the measurements aren't quite spot-on. For example, I'm making the Nutty Wheat Bread right now (from page 311) and the recipe calls for 2 1/8 cups of water and then says parenthetically 270 ml of water. When the dough was looking quite wet after 10 minutes of mixing, I went back and noticed it should have been 1 1/8 cups of water. The book's been out for 5 years now, so I can't be the first person to make a second batch after the failed first batch. I suppose I'll go a little slower in the future... Great book other than the careless errors like this.
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on September 12, 2013
I'm a working mom with a young baby who was recently diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. As a result, I need to keep between 500 - 1,200 MG sodium a day, if not less. Thanks to Dick Logue, I can do that. I read his book regularly, subscribe to his blog, and thanks to him, I've been without a crippling attack of vertigo and nausea. I'm thinking about food in a completely different way, searching for "hidden" sodium that I never realized was there. I've bought a bread maker and a rice cooker (both at Dick's suggestion), and I couldn't be happier. I love making my own bread, and not having to worry about what I'm going to eat (as much)! My husband, who is a salt LOVER has really enjoyed the recipes, too, and only sometimes reaches for the shaker. I've had this book only a month, and already it is dog-eared and post-it'ed and very well-loved. I've recommended it to all of my friends looking to make a change in their lives, because it made a HUGE change to mine. Thank you, Dick Logue! I am a believer! :)
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on February 3, 2016
I have Meniere's disease and was put on a low sodium diet. My ENT doctor said it would be very hard to stay within the limits of the diet (1500-2000mg/day), but I should try. With the help of Mr. Logue I not only can stay within the limits, I am under 1500mg most days and sometimes under 1000mg. The recipes that I've used are very tasty and I find I don't miss salt very much at all. The book not only has excellent recipes, but it also has a lot of very good advice on how to stay on a low sodium diet.
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on April 27, 2015
The best thing about this book is that it has recipes for low-sodium seasonings and coatings that can be made in bulk and stored for easy use when cooking. I don't feel deprived, when there's a good chili seasoning mix on the shelf, for use with those low-sodium canned ingredients. Or the container of coating mix is ready when we want to bake some fish or chicken. The pot roast with Italian and ranch dressing mixes is delicious! And there's a container of cream of mushroom soup ready in the freezer for a casserole recipe. I've bought this book for friends on a low-sodium diet, too.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon January 16, 2016
I need to limit my sodium intake due to high blood pressure. Meeting my primary dietary goal, controlling salt and thereby hypertension, is the main reason I bought this book. My daily target for sodium intake is 1,500 mg per day, not the 500 or less called for in some extreme diets and for individuals with conditions that require major reductions in sodium intake.

Most processed foods and restaurant meals have extremely high levels of sodium, and even everyday meals prepared at home may have high levels of sodium, so I have been looking for cookbooks and recipes that specifically emphasize low-sodium dishes. My attention was caught by this book which, as presented on Amazon's website, seemed to be just what I was looking for. Upon receiving the book I immediately and carefully went through it page by page and ended up with mixed reactions:

- 500 recipes is a large number, so there is probably something in here for almost anyone looking for low-sodium recipes.
- The author has given due attention to providing recipes that address flavor as well as sodium content.
- The vast majority of the recipes are indeed low-sodium.

- The "15-Minute" description in the title is quite misleading because a large percentage of the recipes rely on using sauces, spice mixes, stocks and other ingredients that one must prepare in advance (in addition to the 15 minutes called out in the book title).
- While most of the book's recipes are not too bad as far as calories and sugar are concerned, some of them are well out of line with most weight-reduction diets, so it is necessary to scrutinize the nutritional information for every recipe.
- Quite a few of the recipes--70+ pages' worth or about 20% of the book--call for using a slow cooker, which I don't have and don't plan to buy. If the Amazon description and the front and back covers of the book had clearly indicated how much of the book was devoted to slow-cooker recipes I probably wouldn't have bought it.
- A quick scan of the recipes showed that at least one reported nutritional values with serious mistakes. For example, on p. 146 there is a salmon dish that calls for a 6-ounce portion showing the suspiciously high values of 792 calories and 253 mg sodium per serving, whereas my checking the ingredients with a USDA calculator showed about 300 calories and 121 mg of sodium per serving. Whether this error is just a typo or a sign of careless documentation, it should give pause to those who need to monitor and control their nutritional values and need to rely on accurate nutrition figures.

Things to watch out for:
- Some of the recipes include ingredients that are high in potassium or have substituted potassium for sodium. Anyone who must control potassium intake should carefully check the nutritional values provided for each recipe.
- Some of the recipes call for a 4-ounce portion of fish or poultry or meat, while others use 6-ounce portions. If you are also concerned about weight loss in addition to sodium reduction the 6-ounce portions can often bump your calorie intake to higher than desired levels.

Bottom line: Given the problems and issues noted above, I estimate I will be able to use perhaps 10% or 50 of the 500 recipes. However, I am so desperate for decent low-sodium recipes that I will probably keep the book. Who knows, perhaps Santa will bring a slow cooker this year so I can use even more of the recipes.
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on October 20, 2014
I was completely blown away when I received a diagnosis of congestive heart failure last summer. When I got out of the hospital I was committed to lowering my sodium intake, but the food I was cooking tasted so bland! I found this book after searching through low sodium cookbooks for the Kindle, and at first I was a bit overwhelmed by it. I felt like I was buying out the spice section of the grocery store just to start making the "make aheads" At the beginning of the book. I was surprised by many of the things that my local supermarket had, but there are some things that seem to be harder to find, like sodium free boulion, and sodium free baking soda? (Try figuring that one out.:) Nevertheless I started with the barbecue sauce, which I made on Labor Day when we were having company. They didn't eat it, but it was delicious! Since then I have tried a few of the recipes and most of them have been good! A few are a bit on the bland side, but they are better than what I was creating on my own.
I plan to find the things I am missing and try many of the recipes here. I am very excited and encouraged by the fact that they are really tasty. And, I am very happy to report, I feel really good these days and have lots of energy, so the extra trouble is worth it to me. I will really be jazzed when I have everything I need to truly make these recipes in 15 minutes.
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on September 27, 2014
This cook book is AWESOME!! Only 15 minutes to prep these meals, so great when you don't have a lot of time to cook (or don't like to spend hours in the kitchen, like me)!! I Have already cooked a lot and my husband and I LOVE all of them!! I like that you can make your own dips, condiments, sauces, etc. That is really nice, so you don't have to go hunting for low sodium stuff. It is a lot of spices that you can readily buy at any grocery store. There are SO MANY options, and everyday dinners, lunches, breakfast, snacks, appetizers and they ALL sound amazing - meatloaf, crab cakes, chicken, kabobs, all "regular" food, lots of different egg recipes, gives you A LOT of variety and who doesn't like that!! not some weird recipes that don't even sound good or that you can't find the ingredients for. I have a bazillion cooks books, and so far I have used this one the most and will continue to do so!! My husband and I have High blood pressure and have to lower our salt intake and this cookbook IS AWESOME!! LOVE IT!! I have been telling everyone about this cookbook and a good price too!! Definitely worth the money and it pays for it self over and over again. Plus it helps my husband get healthier and who doesn't love that!! Thank you Dick Logue!! :)
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on April 16, 2014
500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes delivers. The recipes are simple but not plain, and they don't have tons of ingredients. Logue also includes a section about where to find low-sodium versions of foods and what foods are naturally low or high in sodium.

I also appreciate that Logue gets right down to the business of how to eat low-sodium. He does not go on a diatribe on why everyone should eat low-sodium, or belabor the story of his own low-sodium eating.

Chapter 3 is invaluable. It has 5-minute recipes for condiments, sauces and seasons that are hard to buy in truly low-sodium versions. There are salad dressings, onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup, bread crumbs, bbq sauces, soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce.

The cookbook has only low-sodium recipes. It is not sodium-free, and it doesn't offer menus to treat specific health conditions. But each recipe's nutrient info is printed below it with serving info to help you decide which recipes will work for yourself.

However, not every recipe's serving information includes serving size. It isn't a big deal to divide a recipe that yields 4 into four servings. But when something yields 16 servings of an unknown size it gets harder to dish yourself the right size serving.
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