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on February 11, 2013
For the first week or so, I LOVED this charger. It came lightning fast (2 days faster than expected) and worked perfectly in my Acer 5552.

Tonight however, it has finally motivated me to write a review and warn innocent buyers of what they could be getting themselves into.

I am not helpless when it comes to electronics, or technology. I purchased this charger because as a poor college student, I couldn't afford to drop $60+ on a charger supplied by Acer. When I saw this one, I knew the price was perfect-- especially with such great reviews; no one had anything bad to say about it! "How could it possibly go wrong?".... Unfortunately it did go completely and disastrously wrong.
I am a very tech savvy person, I took proper care of the charger. It was never plugged in when not in use, I always gently coiled it up when I put it in my laptop bag, it was given as much ventilation as I could manage, and it was never plugged into my laptop unless it was actually charging my battery. Regardless of those precautions, the power supply gets HOT!!! However, this is not unusual for most laptop chargers; even the stock Acer charger puts out a respectable amount of BTU's. When I felt the heat coming out of this device; I thought nothing of it. It was comparable to the heat I have seen produced by stock Apple chargers for a Macbook Pro. Everything seemed perfect!! I was wrong.
The power supply gradually got hotter during use; then finally it got so hot that it managed to get so hot it melted, it melted the acrylic fabric on my couch, singed a nearby throw pillow, and the power supply itself was a mangled wreck. My only theory on this is that; while the voltage emitted from the charger is high enough, the amperage was not sufficient; causing excessive heat.

Perhaps I got a faulty product, perhaps it was just a fluke but I will never purchase another cheap charger, or another product from this company ever again. So buyer beware; you really do get what you pay for and quite possibly more than you bargained for!
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on October 6, 2013
We bought this charger for our Acer Aspire at the beginning of May. It officially died last night. It has been on its way out for about 2 days -- it reached the point where it would only charge if you had it in the perfect position. My laptop pretty much stays in the living room -- I do not wrap up any cables or travel with the charger.

I give it 2 stars only because the price is quite reasonable in comparison with an Acer charger but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

As my laptop is getting old, I bought this replacement charger because I didn't want to pay a lot for brand new charger when I know I'm going to be buying a new laptop within a year. I only wanted this charger to last until I bought a new laptop but it hasn't even lasted 6 months.

Another few things I didn't like about this charger:
- It is significantly shorter than my original laptop cable (by a good two to three feet)
- It got quite hot (uncomfortable to touch)
- It occasionally would make a crackling noise -- I could only hear it like at night when everything was quiet and I was trying to sleep but it still made me quite nervous
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on October 2, 2017
My laptop stopped charging and I was sure I would need to replace it! Took a chance that it might be the charger, and it was! Best <$15 purchase ever! I'll get a few more miles out of my old laptop and this bought me time to back-up my files before the laptop dies for good.
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on November 13, 2015
My Acer laptop used to have a battery that lasted 2+ hours. My power cable stopped working one day and I thought this was a compatible replacement, and I even checked the models of laptops this charger worked with and my laptop was in there, so I bought this charger and began using it.

For the first few days, I didn't notice any problems, and it seemed to work well. About a week and a half after I started using this cable, a little notice popped up on my laptop when I was using it and said "Consider Replacing Your Battery". My battery was permanently shot after that. I couldn't use my laptop for more than 15min without it being plugged in.

Seeing as nothing else about my laptop use changed during that time and I had a perfect battery before using this cable, I can only guess that it was this charger's fault that my battery was ruined.
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on August 28, 2014
not good after a while the battery it melts it works and does its job but the battery has melted scared it will damage my laptop already killed my actual internal battery Update:So I contacted the seller because I had bought a new battery thinking that my internal battery was damaged by the charger but the charger was still doing the same. I had told him what was the policy return since it was only a few months I had the the charger. I gave him my order number the information when I purchase the charger and asked if either I could get reimburse or get a new charger if this one was defective. Though I didn't hear from him today in my mail unexpected a new battery came in the mail and my computer is running back to normal. I am hoping this was just a defective battery things like this can happen its only human mistake. So lets see 4 months from now. So it didn't even last the 4 months it was heating up until their was no life the green light was not even showing.Don't know if it was my bad luck of getting defective chargers I sent it back to him in the packaging it was sent I paid out of my pocket for shipping I was refunded for the charger not for the shipping.Your looking for a charger to hold you down for a couple of weeks this is your charger if not invest in a good charger.
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on September 26, 2016
I purchased this item out of necessity because my original one died. I chose it only because of its affordable price. After 3 years of use it is still working strong, it outlasted the the original. I have had no troubles with it, the charge is not super fast, but it does the job. The chord has a good length and the plug fits into to laptop nicely. It heats up a little, but nothing that concerns me. For the price, I do not have much to complain about. I feel I definitely got my money's worth on this one.
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on April 26, 2015
It works really well. I've been using it since last August and the charger still charges my Acer pretty fast. I just have two problems that are sometimes manageable but a bit frustrating:
-It unplugs easily, the charger where it connects to the adapter and the part where it connects to my laptop. It's really loose. Maybe it's because my laptop is different, but hey, it still charges!
-It's REALLY short. Not crazy short where you have to crouch near the outlet, but it's only around six feet, it probably says that somewhere in the description... I should read things sometimes. But again, it still charges!
It gets hot, but that's normal for a charger.
Overall though, I am satisfied. It's worth it's low price.
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on June 19, 2017
This unit was bought to replace the original power supply for our Acer laptop, it actually charges faster. It also seems to run cooler while charging. Good value.
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on December 2, 2016
Bought this once back in March, worked fine until shortly after thanksgiving where the cable coming from the adapter came loose and would no longer send a charge. Bought another and had it shipped to me only to find that they sent me the wrong cable in that the one going from outlet-to-adapter does not fit the adapter, and the one from adapter to my computer, an aspire e5-411, does not fit in the plug like the previous one did. Guess I'll be sending it back
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on May 24, 2014
I ordered this charger for my acer aspire 5733 as a back up and i've had this charger for about 2 weeks now, and it worked perfectly up until a couple days ago. The part where you plug it into the computer overheats. A LOT. I have been burned several times when trying to take it out and accidently touched the charger end when it was only in there for about 30 seconds. My original charger has never done that, so I know it isn't my computer. PLUS the charger only works if it is at an angle; which wears down the rubber since it is constantly bent. And I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this product, but I had bought a brand new battery for my laptop the same exact day as the charger, and now it is completely drained. I just thought I should mention that. This is NOT worth the money, no matter how cheap it is.
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