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on December 24, 2011
I purchased a 6 pack of the White sky Lanterns and they were larger than I expected, which was good. My family used them to commemorate what would have been our daughter's 40th birthday. Watching the lanterns float skyward was a beautiful sight at twilight. Initially we had some trouble lighting and launching but that was due to some gusty winds. When we found a protected sight they launched just as directed. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again myself.
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on July 12, 2016
They are challenging to light - getting the wick to catch, attaching the candle to the crossed strings, not burning the crossed strings, keeping it upright long enough for the hot air to inflate the lantern properly. Especially if it is windy. But once you get them going they are quite magical. Well worth the $15.

I think they are more difficult at the higher altitudes. We live at 5700' (1700m). With 20% less air pressure I imagine we also get 20% less lift.
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on February 27, 2013
I have not tried these yet, but they appear to be the same product I recently used at a wedding. The waxy square fuel piece is difficult to get lit although all the wedding guests were able to do so eventually (the bride got some wax dripped on her dress). Mine wasn't unfolded all the way, which we didn't realize until the sides started burning a hole. It didn't fly well after the burn hole but the lanterns that were properly opened flew beautifully.

My skylanterns took 17 days to arrive. Plan on ordering these a month in advance because that seems to be their biggest problem.

They are fun. Try them. (over open water works well.) Most/all are bio-degradable.

I wanted to share the instructions because the translation is hilarious.

1: After the distribution of fuel to packaging equipment Kong Cross wire in the side of the field again deduction presses The fuel-pressure lock firmly.
(I think this means that once you light the waxy fuel square you should firmly attach it onto the crossed wires or lantern will burn to the ground.)

2:A person wishing light take up a Top; Another person fuel ignited the four angle. (this means two man job w/ one holding top and one holding bottom)

3: Wait for that the heat enough light, lanterns person lest loose A top hand, changes grips under the light to encircle, Has when the lifting force may let go releases for flying. (I think this one and the next are self-explanatory)

4: Wishing light rose slowly the sky, do not forget Wishing oh.....


Should choose the option open, calm environment released for flight. No fire ban areas. the tall building the floor and so on have covers under the thing to release for flight, must leave outside the airport 10 km from flying. (Use in an open, calm area in places not under a fire ban. I don't understand the middle but don't use near an airport.)

Then they list three more notices that I didn't understand other than adult supervision required.
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on July 28, 2013
All of the paper for these are stuck together, so after removing it from the package, you need to pull apart paper stuck together. The first one ripped so bad that it wouldn't inflate, threw it in the fire. Second one, stuck also, ripped in a a couple of places, took a LONG time to inflate, and once it did, it was very slow to rise, got stuck in a tree (this was done in a very open area by the way), sat in the tree, as we waited for a fire to start, then it let it self free, didn't rise, moved but not up. Finally it caught some wind and moved up and out.

Aside from the poor design that causes all of the paper to stick and rip when pulling apart (causing it to be unsafe to use), they are small. I've bought lanterns on three other occasions, never had a problem, they went up and out very fast, and were pretty much double the size of these.

Would not buy again or recommend.
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on July 10, 2013
Of the 6 lanterns we received, we only got 3 to light and fly. Those 3 that did fly were a lot of fun. They were pretty, flew up quick, and stayed up long enough for the lantern to look like a star.

Here was the main problem: The fuel cube absolutely will not light with a regular lighter. Even with no wind, holding a lighter directly under the fuel cube for a full minute just makes your hand tired. After trying and trying to light them with a lighter in all different directions, wither the lantern paper would tear or catch fire. This was frustrating so we brought out the big gun -- BonJour Crème Brûlée Chef's Professional Culinary Torch with Fuel Gauge -- our creme brulee torch.

With a blow torch putting out a huge flame, we were able to get the fuel cubes to light in less than a minute. It still wouldn't light fast, but it did light.

So make sure to have a blow torch ready to light these. Make sure to aim the torch perfectly straight up because if you don't you WILL burn a hole in the paper.

4 stars because 3 out of 6 to work isn't bad. If we had started with the blow torch we would have had better results.
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on October 9, 2013
Here is my advise with this....

Know the wind direction. Light a cigar or check a wind sock but do not release this unless you know it will not get caught in the trees or a house or building on the way up. Coming down is no problem as the fuel will have expired and once it returns it is unlit.

The best place to do this is out on a boat away from a shoreline. Check your local laws in case there may be something preventing the use of these or fireworks in your area.

We release these on our lake trip last week and had a great response.

The instructions that come with them are translated by an individual who clearly does not understand English as it is obvious he or she has used a computer translation from Chinese to English. Here is the instructions as I see.

1. Remove the paper lantern from the bag and carefully unfold it making sure not to rip it, get it wet, or damage the frame or wire.

2. Remove the fuel cell from its wrapper.

3. Hold the paper lantern by the round frame and fill it will air as you would a trash bag before placing it in a trash can.

4. Pinch the wire in a manner to allow you to slide the fuel cell over the "point" of the wire and then fold the wire to hold the fuel cell firmly in place.

5. Verify you are in an area of safe release and that the wind direction will allow you to, not only allow for a safe release, but also a clear viewing of the lantern for its entire travel. (Out on the lake, or the ocean may be best, but again, check laws! it may be illegal to release due to environmental concerns)

6. Hold the lantern by two fingers at the very top point of the lantern where the paper seams are welded together. (The frame and fuel cell dangle below.)

7. Light the fuel cell making sure that the inside chamber has enough air volume so the fuel cell does not light the paper on fire! Once it's lit, continue holding the top with one hand and then use your other hand to hold the frame of the lantern.

8. Wait.

9. Keep waiting.

10. The bag will slowly inflate. Do not try and make up and down movements to accelerate the process, just be patient.

11. The next step is the tricky part as you must judge when there is enough lift for you to move your hand from the top of the lantern where you have been pinching it down to the frame where you will then hold it with two hands. If you do this too soon you could see the bag collapse and catch fire.

12. Wait.

13. Seriously, keep waiting, if you are too excited for the release and you let go you are going to see the bag fall to the ground, or water, and all your friends will laugh at your sad ability to understand simple physics.

14. When the bag is finally ready for release you will be able to hold the bag with only your index fingers, one on each side, fingernails up, and the tabs of your fingertips holding the lantern down from the upward pressure it has finally built.

15. When ready, and you have verified a safe wind direction and release conditions, make your wish and release.

16. The fuel cell burns much longer than you will anticipate (I'd say about 5 to 8 minutes, the outside temperature will affect when you can release it, winter is best)

17. You will see it burn out, eventually. It will flicker a few times, go out, and rest assured, will not be burning when it returns.

I bought 6, for $10. It was cheap, easy, and fun.

Next time I think I'm just going to buy a bunch, as I have tested it out and concluded that this will be a tradition on vacation. Just a great alternative to standard fireworks. They last much longer, are much cheaper, and have a greater overall effect.
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on October 12, 2013
The product arrived and there was only one lantern instead of 6. So I ended up returning it. The TnT Sales did contact me offering to send me additional ones claiming that it was an amazon error and not there fault. I declined their offer since I had already put the one back in the mail to be returned. Since that time TnT Sales continues to contact me stating that my review is not fair as it isn't their fault. They have called so many times I don't even answer their calls anymore. I contend that they should have packaged them differently before sending them to Amazon or they need to work with Amazon's pick and ship department to ensure they are shipping the appropriate number.

I just want TnT Sales to stop calling me!

I ended up buying the Original Colored Sky Lanterns. A bit more expensive but when I look at them they seem to be of a much higher quality than this product.
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on September 27, 2013
After we FINALLY figured it out, they were awesome! I nearly gave up after over an hour of going through a box of matches and finally getting a hand long lighter. (That is the key!) We finally got the block to ignite on the lantern after holding it in the same spot for a long time. Then you have to find a part of the beach, closer to the ocean for us, where it would take off after you have it lit for several minutes, then hold it up and sort of VERY gently toss it up. If you don't let the block burn long enough, it won't go up in the air. Buy extras for the ones that burn, tear, etc. The lantern is easy to pull into shape. I don't think you'd want to do it near houses....incase it came back down before it blew out and caught a roof on fire.
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on July 15, 2013
These were awesome. Tried to use on a night where a small breeze was blowing and it was very difficult to keep the lighter on long enough to get the wax piece to light. So gave it up until a couple of nights later when it was very calm. It still took a little while for the wax piece to flame up enough to take flight. But when it did it was really cool. It takes a couple of people to light - one to hold lantern and one to light wax. They lasted a good while. Highly recommend and don't be deceived by Amazons month delivery claim if you need some quickly. They were true to their word and shipped out the next day and I received within their 7-9 delivery time claim.
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on March 14, 2014
Used these for a celebration of life. Recommend buying more then you need for the event as some are rusted or torn in packaging. Open lanterns VERY carefully to avoid tearing (they still flew with a decent sized tear in them. We didn't burn the ones with large tears). A few burned to the ground without flying. And a few lost their wax before flying. Because we were lighting around 60 lanterns, we opened them up for everybody the Night before as they are very delicate and there's a certain way to open them. Overall, beautiful, inexpensive compared to the more pricey ones. Would buy again.
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