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on June 20, 2015
This COMES WITH AN INNER REMOVABLE BAFFLE, why dont they mention this , or show a picture?? Neewer does a HORRIBLE job describing their products, I purchased a flash from them and the manual was actually PAINFUL to read .This was way better than I thought it would be, All the metal pieces are very sturdy nothing flimsy here. The soft box looks & feels like I paid way more than $30, this is a no brainer if your in the market for a softbox or even if you just want try something new. The only problem I have seen is if your flash triggers are bulky, my cactus v5 didnt fit , until I turned them to the side .To review, FYI the ring "fits" AB Lights NO MODELING LIGHT !!! DUH. Neewer hardware yep I'll buy it again, anything else PASS.
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on September 25, 2011
I actually like this unit better than the Cowboy Studios version (CowboyStudio Photo / Video 24in Large Speedlite Flash Softbox with L-Bracket, Shoe Mount & Carry Case)

-The contents of both this and the Cowboy Studios softbox kits are virtually identical.

-This one has a simpler tilt mechanism than the ball head on the Cowboy Studios softbox.

-The metal ring on this unit has a rubber edge which gives a more secure and snug fit with the softbox. It also removes the sharp edge that could, with repeated use, cut into the fabric on the softbox on the Cowboy Studios version.

-It was about $10 cheaper than the Cowboy Studios version.

-It INCLUDES an inner diffuser baffle (as does the Cowboy Studios version) which is important for even lighting.
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on May 22, 2012
The soft box is made of decent quality and is worth the price overall. Prepare to attach a diffuser like a Stofen though to help spread and soften the light inside the box. I ordered 2 of these soft boxes and neither came with a baffle. The description doesn't claim it does but it's sort of the whole point of soft box, isn't it? They cheaped out by not including one. This item could have been a GREAT buy instead of just a good one. Apparently, some customers DID receive a baffle but consider them lucky! Just don't expect to get one either and you won't be disappointed when yours arrives. Other than that issue, the box is worth purchasing and it puts out wonderful soft light with an added Stofen type diffuser on the flash.Maybe even better than using a baffle as it helps spreads the light around inside the box from all angles from the flash head.

One thing to note is that smaller flashes like the SB600 do not mount properly. The knob on the adjustment screw does not allow the flash head to mount flush or inside the speedring. Spill could be an issue. I find it strange that they list the softbox as working with the SB600 but leave out the bigger SB900 that actually fits properly.

On a side note, I purchased these soft boxes to use on a light stick. If you are purchasing for the same reason, I highly recommend the Wooster Sherlock 4-8ft adjustable paint pole and Kacey Pole Adapter. See here.
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on November 13, 2015
When you first unpack the folded soft box and take it out of it's plastic bag, please be careful and hold it as far away from you as possible. I thought it would fold out the same way my reflectors do; with a bit of a soft 'pop' out. But no! This soft box violently popped out and hit me so hard on the nose, I thought I was going to pass out. Other than that, all I had to do was watch a video and look at a few pictures of the soft box and figure out how to put it together. No worries.

A plastic part that holds the flash unit in place had broken off when I tried to insert my Cactus RF60 into the bracket. The bracket provided with this soft box will not fit ALL flash units. My cheap little Rokinon flash with a plastic base will fit onto the unit, but not my Cactus RF60 flash with a metal base. I will have to get a base that will hold my flash onto the bracket so it won't fall off.

Other than that, so far, so good. And I do have the inner white diffusing baffle as well as the outer diffuser too. I am unable to fold it back up and put it back in the carrying case. so I'm leaving it just folded in quarters. If I were to try and fold it up enough to put in the case, I'd be afraid to take it out again for fear of being walloped in the face again.
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on January 11, 2016
I will admit that I had issues the first time I tried to set it up with my trigger connected to may flash. I actually initiated a return. Neewer contacted me and I emailed them back telling them what the issue was (flash with trigger wouldn't fit on bracket) but then I had a moment of clarity, why don't I just rotate the flash and put the trigger on backwards? Once I did that it worked and I set it up in no time flat. The ONLY thing that dings a star is the ballhead screw needs to be tightened overly tight in order to keep the softbox in position. We will see if this becomes problematic as I use it more but, for now, its a fine product and is well constructed. Be prepared to manhandle this thing to fold it back up to get it into it's case, though, the frame is really well made. I do wish that instructions came with it but plenty of You Tube videos out there for the beginner (like me) to figure things out.
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on April 6, 2016
My first impression was great. It is surprisingly well made. The hardware looks pretty good. I cannot find fault with poorly written instructions since there are none! I put it together in about 5 minutes after figuring out how to unfold it. The metal bracket just fits inside the rear hole and the weight holds it in place. If in windy conditions, forget it. Probably need stand to hold it as it is a bit heavy unless you are Arnold in his prime. The supplied internal baffel is nice and evens the light more but will cost a stop or two. Would have been nice to use velcro for baffel instead of hooks. Next, I will try to put it back in carrying case. Wish me luck!
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on March 1, 2017
OK, first I have to let you know that I have several of these softboxes and LOVE them.. Then you might ask why only give it one star. Well, this morning I unpacked the softbox and upon unflolding it instead of creating a nice square, one side is curving in. Making this softbox unusable. :-(

I only use these about 4-6 times a year.

HELP..If Neweer is reading this, I purchased this softbox last Sept. 16, 2016. Is there any warranty on returning it? I have purchased a lot of other products from you all and they are great products.
Thanks, Rick

Thank you for your time.
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on December 21, 2014
Simply put, this is great. Can't beat the price, and the quality is great too. It also comes with an inner diffuser as well as an outer diffuser for those who want to know (as this information is not available on the add, unless they've updated it).

My only gripe, and the thing preventing it from getting 5 stars is that the inner diffuser should have used velcro to attach quickly. Instead it uses these terribly awkward clips that are a pain to put on and take off. A lot of the times these little metal clips start to tear the elastic loop they attach to when trying to put them on. This can be quite annoying.

Overall though, for the price, the construction is great, including the bracket which is solid metal (however it has this annoying stopper at the bottom which slows down the assembly/disassembly. I broke mine off and problem solved!

Also keep in mind you can only fit one flash through the hole. There is no way at all to fit two through that hole.
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on April 8, 2015
This is an excellent product, very portable when folded, fast and easy to configure for studio or outdoor use. The quality is much better than expected for this price.

There seems to be a question about different versions of this soft box and whether it includes an inner diffuser. The product delivered to me in April, 2015 looks exactly as pictured and does include a very effective inner diffuser, which can be left off or easily attached by clips.

The included mounting bracket is adjustable and large or small speedlights will fit well.

Photo results when using this soft box are outstanding, with very soft light that makes your subjects look wonderful. There are not many products that you can add to your photo gear that have this much of an impact for such a small investment.
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on October 9, 2014
I am an amateur photographer and I've just gotten into exterior lighting. I use a cannon 7D and I use a Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight Flash with Yongnuo RF-603 II RF603 II Wireless Flash Triggers.

One problem I have found is that's you cannot get the flash completely inside of the soft box when it's mounted on the flash trigger. As you slide the flash forward the flash trigger hits the bracket. It leaves the flash about 1 inch from the soft box opening. As a work around I am using a PC sync cable to connect the trigger to my flash so my flash is not mounted to my flash trigger. This allows me to get the flash inside of the soft box.

The construction of the unit is very good. I could see a potential problem with how the soft box connects to the round disk. The disc has some rough edges and if you're not careful it might tear the soft box. It is difficult to fold up the soft box backup to put into the zipper bag but it is not a show stopper for me. It took me about 5 minutes to figure it out. I would recommend this product.
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