Customer Reviews: 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones feat. cVc Echo Noise Cancellation Technology and Hands-Free Calling incl. Multipoint Pairing [Amazon Exclusives]
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on July 13, 2014
I’m very pleased with the customer service I received regarding an issue with the first pair of headphones I purchased and had to return. The 66 Audio contact I communicated with, John, is the perfect example of the type of person a company wants to be dealing with their customers. Kudos to him!

After receiving my replacement pair, I found the headphones quite easy to sync with my phone and the sound quality to be pretty darn good.

My previous pair of wireless headphones were buds that fit in my ear, so the size of these takes some getting used to. That being said, it’s not a con. Just an adjustment.

I was initially unsure how secure I felt the set was on my head, but now that I have worn the headphones several times, I can comfortably say they do stay in place. Unless you have a very small or very large head, I think you will find these headphones will almost certainly fit you.

I am notably impressed by the battery life of this headset. My old pair has nothing on these (they lasted about four hours or so, though I must admit they were also significantly smaller in size).

We will see how long this set continues to work so well. My previous pair, Jaybirds in case you are interested, lasted only one year and one week (so one week past the warranty) before they “died.” I realized they were no longer under warranty, so I didn’t make too big of a fuss, but I was disappointed by their short lifespan for the cost, which is why I decided to give 66 Audio’s headphones a try.
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on August 16, 2015
I have been using this product for nearly 2 months, primarily for running and weight lifting. I run approximately 30 miles a week (30 min for 5 days and 1 long run a week) and lift twice a week for 30-45 minutes. That being said, here are my thoughts:

1) the battery life is amazing. I have charged this product twice in 2 months, both of those times being out of paranoia that it was close to dying without any reason to believe so other than the amount of time I had used it.

2) the sound quality is great. Loud enough to envelope me in music, but somehow leaving me able to hear cars coming.

3) feels secure on my head - most of the time. Occasionally when I am very sweaty it feels like it may slip off but it never actually does.

1) it is a little glitchy. If I suddenly turn my head quickly or take a particularly bouncy step, it stops working for a couple of seconds. Sometimes it stops for no apparent reason. It usually starts again on its own but sometimes I have to hit a button or two to remind it it's supposed to be playing. This seems to happen more often when I have my phone in my FlipBelt as opposed to my hand.

2) I feel as though I look like a bug when looking at me straight on (See attached, excuse my post-workout appearance). They look fine from the side but stick out pretty wide. Inconsequential to me really as they are functional but worth mentioning in case that matters to someone else.

Overall, I'm happy they stay on and last so long with no cords getting in my way. I would love less glitchiness and a sleeker appearance but maybe that will be the case with the next version. I recommend!
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on May 16, 2014
This is the third set of bluetooth headphones I've owned, and the second best out of the three. The first pair I purchased was a Motorola HT820, which I still use occasionally to this day. I'd use them more, but they have a mini-USB charging port as opposed to a micro-USB, which makes charging a hassle since I need to swap USB cables.

The second pair I purchased were the LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730, which confusingly gets good reviews despite being a half-baked product. $50 down the drain.

I had high hopes for the 66 Audio headphones, and they mostly deliver with some caveats. First and foremost, they sound great for bluetooth headphones. I have a background in sound engineering, so you can trust me on that front. Just don't expect them to compete with your Beyer Dynamic headphones :) Clarity, treble and bass levels are all acceptable. Since these are on-ear headphones, there is not a tight seal and you will lose bass response. If bass response is very important to you, seek out an over-the-ear set or earbuds.
They paired easily and uneventfully, range is acceptable if you walk away from your source - the standard 20-30 feet. However, the neckband could be a bit larger for my huge melon. The over-the-ear loop puts some mildly uncomfortable rearward pressure on my ears. This is not pain, just some mild discomfort. It should be quite tolerable for an hour or two, but I'd rather not endure it. I had no such issues with the venerable Motorolas.

Here's the primary reason for the average score: The giant, noisy buttons. Every push of the enormous, clunky buttons results in an ear-piercing "thwack thwack". Imagine taking a Pop-O-Matic Bubble and putting it flush against your ear and "popping" it for each incremental volume change or track skip. Now, I can avoid ear pain by putting my thumb underneath the earpiece and pulling it gently away from my ear while pressing the buttons. A workable solution, but not even close to optimal. The Motorolas have tiny buttons at the edge of the earpiece that make nary a sound, and were a delight to use.

I have not yet had the chance to use them with a phone call, so I can't comment on microphone quality.

To sum up, add an ever so slightly larger neckband and re-engineer the control buttons, and this is a 5-star product. But 3 out of 5 ain't bad, and I will definitely use these over the abominable LG earbuds.

Update 8/22/14:
66 Audio was gracious enough to send out a replacement set of headphones due to a potential button rattle problem. Their amazing customer support initiated contact with me within days after my original review, and offered to send a replacement, completely free of charge. Since then, I've used these nearly every day, and I remain pleased with them. While I still think the buttons need a redesign, these have proven very sturdy and dependable. I really like the product and have grown quite comfortable with them over the past few months, and still admire the sound quality from this over the ear design. They are comfortable enough to wear for long periods without discomfort, and apply just enough pressure to your ears to deliver decent sound while being unobtrusive to the outer ear. I've only used them for a phone call twice, but there were absolutely no quality issues with the conversation on either side.

I've bumped the rating up to 4 stars as a result. Unbelievable customer service, and I look forward to their future products. Thanks!
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on August 11, 2013
Spent a few hours researching behind the neck headphones on Amazon and settled between the Kinivo and these. I've always used earbuds when running or at the gym and got sick of them always falling out and constant ear pain. The moment I received this I went on a two hour run. Wow. Comfortable, light, great sound, you can control your tracks and volume from the buttons on the side, just a very well thought out product. I've been using them for well over 20 hours now and the battery is still going strong. Not sure what they put in this battery but it's incredible. Great price, great design, love the sound quality, they're super comfortable and light, took me less than a minute to pair with my iPhone 5, I can't say enough about these! Do it.
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on April 19, 2016
Purchased these about fourteen months ago, and have used them exclusively for indoor workouts (treadmill, weights, stationary bike trainer) and didn't use them at all over the warmer months (didn't trust them to stay on during an active outdoor run). I've been quite happy with the sound and functionality, and they've paired with both my laptop and my phone (iPhone 4S) without issues, including with some use of the multipoint. I haven't found them uncomfortable, though they seem to fit better when I'm not wearing my glasses. Battery life always seemed fairly solid, and I have to admit that I didn't even have them die on me in mid-use until after I'd owned them for more than a year. I'd estimate that I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 hours of active use on them, and I know I've drenched them in fairly heavy amounts of sweat (the screws in the hinges are fairly well rusted).

The last few weeks have started to see some slightly more erratic behavior from the headset - the track-forward button has failed to respond intermittently, and battery life has gotten fairly short (4-6 hours) before the unit dies completely without warning. (The icon on my phone still shows the unit as having full or mostly-full charge at that point, and the "low power" beeps have never occurred.) When plugging it in to charge, the unit may display no light at all, and then will begin charging with the red light steady with occasional (and sometimes frequent) flashes of blue-and-red light. The unit does seem to take a charge - the red light goes off, and they can be powered on and paired for normal use - but the charge doesn't seem to last much beyond one to three workouts now. I have a nagging feeling that, between heavy use and sweat damage, this pair may well be nearing the end of its life. I can say they lasted the length of the warranty and then a bit, but if they were going to fail I'd rather have had the chance to find out how well the company's warranty service worked.

I'll say I've been happy enough with them that when they do die completely (and I somewhat expect that to be in the next few weeks) I'll probably replace them with an identical pair.
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on February 10, 2016
**update** these are lasting good. 9mar16. Daily use for the gym is a decent proving ground. I still experience the cutting in and out. Battery is still lasting a good time

Jan16-I purchased these on sale thankfully. I also have Liger Blaze in ear to compare these to. The BTS+ definitely cuts in and out even while near the phone. I started looking at what was happening around me and it seems when other Bluetooth users come close or between the phone and headphones, it messes with the BTS+. I have not experienced this with the Liger Blaze I have. So I'm not sure why it happens.
- I can get about 25 feet from my iPhone before it loses all signal which helps when replacing weights on racks and hitting the drinking fountains.
- my ears are a little sore from the outside ear pieces post workout when I run.
- the volume on the headphones is different than the iPhone volume. So to get loud music you have to turn iPhone up and the headphones. Liger blaze has only one main volume control. Why have separate??
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on April 30, 2016
These have great sound quality and stay on very well even during a lot of different types of workouts. The sound is really clear also. I can’t believe I waited so long to go bluetooth. No getting tangled up in the wire, I love them!
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on November 27, 2015
I was in the market for a new set of gym headphones that were wireless and had great sound to replace my previous Motorola S305s and my ill-fated and garbage Power Beats for $200. I needed a product that gave me more "oomph" in my tunes and was also lightweight and reliable - earbuds also hurt my ears.

I have previously tried and owned the Motorola's and the Beats like I mentioned but those headphones sounds like tin cans, couldn't keep a charge and what a waste of money the Beats product was.

I just grabbed a pair of these 66 audio BTS Sport and must say that I am MORE than impressed. First, they're very comfortable and don't weigh down my ears. They last a long time and the sound is just stellar for a product in the category - they come close to my Bose headphones but obviously not as good. But they're not expected to be, I expect them to be better than the earbud solutions out there and the Motorola's and they truly are.

Needless to say, I am extremely happy. The sound quality is truly magical and the bass line is rich while I get these awesome crystal clear highs. They sound like a truly premium $150+ product! I'm not necessarily an "audiophile," but I know what's great vs. mediocre and I'm a careful consumer, I always speak the truth. These get me moving in the gym and they work well at home too while I'm cleaning or even outside mowing the lawn. I think people think I'm crazy when I'm mowing the lawn since I do take a good amount of phone calls. Ha.

My only somewhat neutral comment would be that this headphone would be 100% perfect it they were a tiny bit thinner but I understand that you have to pack a lot of tech into the shell casing or whatever it's called. Don't get me wrong, they are stylish and better than earbuds any day of the week there's no doubt about that. So ignore the naysayers who in my opinion are just somewhat lax given that they have battery or other "usability" issues. If you have a problem, as all electronics will tend to have, use the warranty. How many iPhones break down from the worlds greatest company? Don't bash a product because you can't make it work. Read the manual, seek some help and your life will be improved dramatically when you enjoy a headphone like this.
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on January 2, 2015
My wife got me a pair of these for Christmas. Today was the first day using them at the gym. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair that would mainly just get use at the gym, and while mowing the yard. After reading reviews on many different sets, I settled on these. As of the first day using, I think they are perfect for an average person just wanting to eliminate wires. The sound quality is good enough for me. If I run in to any issues, I will update this, but for now I think they are great. I would suggest these to anyone looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that will not break the bank.
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on May 4, 2016
They're perfect. They fit on my ear and are comfortable they work 100% I have no complaints. In fact that I want to buy another pair

The only suggestion that I would make would be and the only reason they don't get 5 stars is for people with long necks they probably won't work. Because they don't stretch and the plastic part that rests on the top of your ear should have some cushion on it because it does hurt after a while.

This is a second review because I needed to do this. These headphones are just so good! I'm going to buy another pair. I work glasses, and they were just perfect with them. I love them. They're the best.
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