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on February 18, 2018
I've already bought 7 of these books and given them all away. What a wonderful message in this book. You do not have to have had an accident to see the Hand of God in it. I received a truly beautiful answer to how God moved in my life and "worked"....Now I have answers and I am fully at peace with what I have been through. You will have to make up your own mind if you feel about whether Don Piper was dead or if he had a spark of life in him [like a spark in a cigarette when you try to crush it out]. I'm not sure of that, but the book is more than worth the money you will spend for it. I am waiting for more to come in stock...I am going to get more to give away.
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on October 29, 2017
Piper tells an amazing story about his life after death experience. That's the part one would expect. What I did not expect was his explicit, candid, forthright description of the terrible pain and suffering which he endured during the time of his recovery and even till today. He bares his soul in the pages of this book, not sugarcoatimg any aspect of his experience. This is the story of a man who was killed and came back to life after being dead for 90 minutes. Powerful and inspiring.
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on November 4, 2014
In the last 4 1/2 months, my son was killed in an auto accident and my husband died from cardiac arrest after a lengthy illness. This book was difficult to put down before I finished reading it. Notice I did not say I "lost" a son and husband. You cant lose anything if you know where it is. As Christians, I know they are with our Heavenly Father and His Son. Don Pipers descriptions of what he saw, helped me to visualize their wonderful experiences upon their arrival. Also his painful ordeal and recovery from his injuries helped me to see purpose and design behind my husband's illness. My husband was a faithful witness until his death.
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on November 22, 2017
A good book - I really appreciate Mr. Piper allows for skepticism and people to not believe. It seems like he is ok with our skepticism - it is not his to change our hearts and minds - he leaves it up to something (or someone) larger than him to do that work. He is just telling his story. The story feels like a nice, comfortable Sunday afternoon conversation between two friends.
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on September 28, 2017
Excellent book about dying & returning. Oddly, he mentions that he was glad he was wearing a seat belt. I can't figure out why he'd say that since a seat belt is designed to keep you from dying. Well, he died!
Anyway, besides a great story, he has some tips on living that all should consider.
I recommend it.
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on July 27, 2013
This amazing story gave me chills. Don Piper's depiction of his experience of heaven was beautifully vivid and moved me almost to tears as he described being reunited with loved ones who had passed away before him, and a feeling of being overwhelmed by complete and total love.

After he returned to life, and to his broken body, the amount of pain and suffering he endured is almost beyond comprehension. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to read the extent of his injuries, the painful procedures he endured, as well as his feelings of hopelessness, and his battles with depression- but clearly God was with him along the way, helping to strengthen him and shape him as he recovered, so that he could share his story, and his faith, with others. I'm reminded of the scripture in Romans 8:28 that tells us God works all things together for good, and I feel like that is exactly what He did for this man. His accounting helps reaffirm our belief that God is with us, and has a purpose for each of us, and that one day He will call us home to be with Him.

90 Minutes In Heaven is both a great witnessing tool for loved ones who question the reality of an afterlife, or wonder where they will go when they die, as well as a source of comfort for those who are struggling with an illness or death. This story is one of hope, that if we only accept Christ into our hearts, one day we will be with him in heaven, in perfect peace and love, for all eternity. What a comforting thought!
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on May 24, 2013
One of the two best stories about an NDE that I have ever read - the other being Betty Malz's book. I've spent quite a lot of time researching and reading about this topic in general and Don Piper's story is absolutely gripping and full of wonder. Of course, it's the description of his experience in heaven that we all love and are fascinated to hear about. And although that portion of the book is relatively small, it alone is worth the price of admission, so to speak.

The rest of the book covers the series of events leading up to his death and his long, painful and exhausting recovery upon his return to his body. To a certain extent, we have to take the author at his word, that his experience is true. But when you read his description of his experience in heaven then, at least for me, there was no doubt in my mind that the story he tells is the truth.

A few years back I saw a documentary on the National Geographic channel where they invited various "experts" to discuss similar NDE's and their veracity. I distinctly remember one obviously atheistic doctor stating that he thought that NDE's were solely the result of the release of substances into the brain, chemicals that are released after death. Nothing more than an illusion created after the blood supply has been cut-off. But he allowed his bias to cause him to omit some inconvenient facts that would deny his theory;

- All thoughts in the brain prior to death are caused by a combination of chemical release AND electrical stimuli, never by chemical release alone.
- NDE's are, by definition, events that occur only after the brain flat-lines out, ie. no electrical impulse at all.
- That doctor himself would have pulled the sheet over the head of Piper as soon as the EEG showed zero response. He wouldn't have conducted tests to see if chemicals were being released into his brain, and then left his body laying on a bed in the E.R. for 90 minutes in the expectation that he would pop back into life at some point.

The author's experience is a perfect example that a human beings essence, our consciousness, remains alive after physical death. Piper's description of his body's condition establishes without a doubt that there was no blood flowing into his brain or into any other part of his body for at least 90 minutes. If he had been taken to a hospital ER in an ambulance, he would have been declared DOA the moment that the gurney rolled through the door.

And if you, like that doctor, also believe that man is merely a physical entity without a spirit, then I challenge you to read this book. If Piper's description of the beauty of heaven doesn't cause your heart to ache in a longing response, then perhaps nothing ever will.

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on April 27, 2016
A well written and very interesting account of his experience. The book is extremely Christian based, which is understandable due to his belief system. I did find it a bit restrictive in that area, since I have more spiritual leanings. I thought his honestly, courage and strength in overcoming such a horrible event were amazing. I do believe in miracles and the power of prayer, and that the collective power of it saved his life. I was most impressed with his honesty about the depression, anger and other psychological struggles he went through during his recovery. His ability to use this experience to help so many other people is commendable.
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on September 25, 2015
A beautiful glimpse into Heaven. Just before my mother passed away, she was looking up towards the ceiling. She had a look of awe and wonder on her face. Her eyes were moving around as if she was looking at many things. I was sure she was seeing Heaven at that time, although she didn't pass till hours later. Now, after reading this book, I have an idea of what she might have seen. Thank you Mr. Piper, for sharing your story and some wonderful scripture from the bible as well.
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on September 26, 2017
Great book. Love the journey's God takes people through. They aren't always easy.This book tells a story of one man's journey through a very tough time.However, it demonstrates how God uses whatever, and whoever He wants to shine through. I would recommend it.
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