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on May 17, 2016
I love the look of the faucet and when the electronics are working, it's great. Unfortunately, my plumber replaced the electronics last Tuesday and it started acting up again, over the weekend. I've had this since November. It first starting really malfunctioning in April, but looking back, it would do the blinking thing when I ran my dishwasher when it was first installed.

There is a design flaw with the LED base. The wires come out of the bottom of it and unless you are just very lucky, those wires will get smashed and stripped where they come into contact with the counter surface. I'm attaching pictures of what happened to the first unit. The wires should come out from the inside not the bottom of the unit. Poor, poor design! When this happens it causes the faucet to turn on and off by itself. It starts with it happening just here and there, but within days it is blinking on and off constantly. I hate it! I want it out of my house.

I have called Delta and I told them I want it out of my house. The rep. said I could simply detach the electronics and use it as a regular faucet. I said I did not like that solution because I paid more for this faucet to have the touch technology, and I don't want to pay for something I'm not able to fully use. The rep. then got snotty with me and said I'd need to fill out a bunch of paperwork and maybe I'd get reimbursed for a different faucet. I'm quite unhappy with that response. I plan on telling Delta how unhappy I am. I may never buy Delta products again. I'm still deciding what I'll do.

I paid a professional to install this and I know he did it correctly. He then came back, free of charge, and swapped out the electronics for me. I've had to put in about 18 new batteries within the last month because with the unit blinking on and off uncontrollably, it's burning through the 8 AA's it requires. Batteries are not cheap and of course I'll not get reimbursed for that.

If the engineers fix the design flaw, it will be a great faucet, but until they do, stay away from it.
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We first noticed this faucet when checking out styles in Home Depot. We liked the tall neck, the stainless finish, the spray nozzle and although not necessary the touch feature was pretty cool. The only thing we didn't care for was the price; at $400 it was more than we cared to spend. But me being a bargain hunter, I set out to find it at a price we could accept. I tracked it for a month or so and bought when it went just below $330 here on Amazon and although we didn't plan on using the soap dispenser because we only had one hole drilled in our granite, it was cheaper to purchase this set than the faucet alone.

Installation was a nightmare, but only because of the way our kitchen plumbing was "updated" by the previous homeowner. What should have taken maybe 30-45 minutes, took half the day with a two trips to the hardware store. Once installed though it was PERFECT! I thought it would take some getting used to, but I don't even reach for the handle anymore. It's nice for someone that likes to cook like me, being able to turn the water on without transferring any food stuff that may be on my hands. The only thing I don't like is if it's turned off in the spray mode it drips for a few seconds, but I don't notice this when it's on stream.

As a note this faucet will work for a single hole like ours that doesn't require a faceplate, but it will also work on a 2 or 3 hole set-up.
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on April 16, 2013
This is, by a mile, the best sink I have ever used. If presented the opportunity to go back in time, I would buy this sink 100 times out of 100.

I know you're wondering about the "touch" feature, trying to figure out if you'll really like it, or if it's worth the extra cost. The answer is yes, yes, 1000 times yes. We purchased it because of the design, with little consideration for the "touch" feature. After using it for the first few times, we knew right away that we would never go back to a non-touch sink.

Remember the first time you got a DVR, and quickly realized that you'd never be able to live without one? It's the same thing.

The sink turns on/off when you tap it, and it DOESN'T turn on/off when you grab it, allowing you to move the head between sink basins without adjusting the water. It can get a little finicky with you try to adjust the water pressure or temperature, but it's easy to tap the sink back on/off.

Installation was straightforward, and the instructions were among the best written that I have ever seen. There is also a handy installation video that I would definitely recommend.

The "touch" feature is operated by a small battery pack, which is designed to rest on the floor of your under-sink cabinet. I have not had any problem with items bumping into it, or having the water go on/off unexpectedly. I've even been able to place the battery back directly against the rear-corner, all without any problems.

One warning that I would pass along is that the wiring for the battery pack is partially exposed as it exits the main body of the faucet. When I inserted the faucet body into the hole cut into our granite counters, I accidentally abraded one of the wires. It would have been nice if the manufacturer had included a plastic sleeve (similar to what electricians use when feeding wires through metal cut-out). Absent the extra protection, I exposed one of the wires. I've read quite a few reviews from people that weren't able to get the "touch" feature to work, and I'd bet that they did the same thing that I did. I was able to splice the wire back together and secure it with electricians tape, and (to my relief) the "touch" feature worked great. Just a tip - be sure to protect the wires!!!

In summary - this faucet looks great, works great, has an awesome magnetic head and a cutting-edge touch feature. You have GOT to buy this faucet!!!
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on June 16, 2013
First of all, I am not a professional plumber. But I have some experience in replacing leaking pipes under the sink, replacing shower heads, replacing toilets......all in my home. When I heard about this product I said to myself "I MUST have this!".

For you amateurs like myself, take my word on this......installation is arduous. For me, this whole process took over 2 hours and I had to have a second person help. It may have taken less time if I didn't have to start half-way over again because of a DESIGN FLAW, which I'll explain below. The second person has to hold the faucet above the sink and keep it from wobbling around while you're below the sink doing the work. The printed directions that are included in the box are not bad. A little short on explaining things with words; its just a lot of pictures/diagrams. But come on Delta! A few words here and there would be nice!

There is a DESIGN FLAW in my opinion. The wire that connects the faucet to the electronics box can easily get pinched when you slide the faucet through the hole in your counter top. After installing the whole thing, I was extremely disappointed to find that the touch mechanism did not work. I must have touched, grazed, banged the faucet a million times like a maniac until giving up. The blue LED light (which indicates faucet being on or off) would go on/off on its own. Sometimes turning on the faucet the old fashion way wouldn't work either. So, I uninstalled the whole thing and noticed that the wire was being pinched within the hole of the kitchen sink where the faucet feeds through. So for about a half hour, second person helping and a whole lot of irritation/aggravation I managed to get the faucet through the hole with the wire clear of pressure. Finally, the touch system worked! I think Delta should make a skinny, hard plastic sheath (imagine a long, skinny straw) that wraps around this wire so that its protected from being pinched. It would be a simple fix. I've read other people's reviews where the touch mechanism didn't work for them too. I just wonder if they had the wire get pinched too and didn't realize it.

I installed this yesterday, 15 June 2013. I will make updates on how well this faucet is doing. I'm curious how long fresh batteries will last in maintaining the touch mechanism. I'm curious how well the electronic box will hold up dangling below the sink.

UPDATE 2.5 months later (31 August 2013):
This Delta faucet is working amazingly! I've had no problems whatsoever. The touch mechanism works flawlessly. Even with daily, heavy use I still haven't had to change the batteries. No leaking either.

UPDATE 6.5 months later (30 December 2013):
Still working flawlessly. Still have not had to change the batteries despite heavy daily use.

UPDATE 12.5 months later (05 July 2014):
Still working perfectly without any issues. Still have not had to change the batteries after over 12 months of use.

UPDATE 18 months later (08 Dec 2014):
Finally had to change the batteries. Still working perfectly.

UPDATE 33 months later (06 March 2016):
I'm still amazed. Still working perfectly. No glitches. Its been 15 months since changing batteries. If history holds true then I should have to change batteries in a few months.

UPDATE: 3.5 years later (10 Jan 2017):
I'm changing my review to 2 stars from 4 stars. After only 3.5 years this Delta Touch faucet has thrown in the towel. It no longer works. The blue indicator light turned off completely a couple months ago and that was the initial sign that the end was near. Since the blue light turned off, the touch sensor was working intermittently. Despite changing all the batteries to brand new batteries, the touch sensor was still sporatic. Even turning the hand to on-off and off-on wouldn't work reliably sometimes. So enough was enough. I changed it out. I think for such an expensive piece of hardware it should have a life greater than 3.5 years. Furthermore, as stated in my original 2013 review installation was really difficult. Sure enough, removing it wasn't easier. It took me a little over an hour to remove this from my kitchen sink.

In its place I purchased the Moen motion sensing kitchen faucet. In comparison, the Moen was a breeze to install. Furthermore, I think the motion sensing version is better because you don't have to touch the faucet, as is the case with the Delta. When you touch the faucet with your soapy hands it leaves soap/water stains on the faucet. Also, if you are in the habit of wearing gloves when you wash the dishes then you won't like the Delta Touch2O since it doesn't recognize rubber glove touches. Sorry Delta. You were pretty good while you lasted. But 3.5 years is too short!
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on November 15, 2016
We had a plumber install this faucet in December 2013. All worked well for about 18 months...then the little blue light went out. Not a big deal as it still worked when touched. But then, about few months later, the faucet would only deliver water intermittently. Now, I sometimes have to go 5 or 6 hours without water in the kitchen sink because it won't deliver water. I called Delta; they confirmed it can be made into a manual faucet. WOW! That is why I bought this one...right?! Or I can replace the Solenoid for a price...because the replacement Solenoid, per the Customer Service is Rep, is "so much better." It is laughable. This faucet has not been worth the hassle given the price.
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on February 28, 2017
So far, so good! This is a beautiful faucet. I had no trouble installing it myself. I was thankful for all the wonderful reviewers who left tips on things they learned while doing their own installations. I heeded ALL of their advice and took my time. It worked perfectly the first time! It looks beautiful and will be a lovely addition to the kitchen. I will update if anything changes! I wasn't sure I'd like the "touch" feature, but it wasn't much of a price difference between the regular model and this one, plus this came with a matching soap dispenser. I can see the touch feature being very handy. Very happy with this purchase.
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on July 8, 2016
I really want to give this faucet a 5 star review but because of the "ghosting" issue others have mentioned, I cannot. It was love at first sight when I had the faucet installed. It has a beautiful, elegant look and wonderful finish. I was most excited, however, about the touch feature. It was so convenient!! All I had to touch it and it would turn off and on. It was freaking awesome!! But then, out of the blue, it started turning on by itself!! I would come into my kitchen to find the water running. It was happening all the time so I had to remove the battery. Highly disappointed that I specifically paid extra for that feature and cannot use it. I should have headed the warning of others.
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on August 10, 2015
My beautiful faucet! I ordered this Dec 2012 for installation in my new home that I moved into at the end of January 2013. It did take a little adjustment to get used to it, but once I did I loved it! I love that I can turn it on at just a trickle for the cats to drink like jungle kitties - - and walk away knowing it will shut itself off automatically in a few minutes! I love who it looks - heavy, expensive, clean - - simple, elegant with just the right amount of detail.

Now I will say I have another reason to love it - which is a strange reason I guess. You see, it kind of lost its mind! It started to only allow a trickle of water unless I went under the cabinet and performed highly technical adjustments (jiggling the wire) and touching it multiple times. Finally, it refused to be jiggled anymore and a trickle was all I got. It was pretty easy to remove the solenoid and convert to just a plain old no-touch faucet - which was good. But here is the best part! I called Delta and talked to a friendly, helpful representative. She agreed with my assessment and is sending a replacement kit for the solenoid! It will arrive in 7-10 days I'm told!
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on January 16, 2014
I bought this faucet to replace an old one and thought hey this touch to turn on thing might be cool. I figured it would be sort of a novelty and nothing more. Boy was I wrong. Since I got this it's changed the way i look at faucets. This is so easy to use and amazing that i have forgotten how old faucets work. I go to friends houses and smack their faucet around pondering what's wrong with it when it won't go on.

But it's not perfect. The wire from the battery pack to the unit is very sensitive, and it took me about a week to get it so it would only turn on when i touched the faucet. I ended up having to but insulating foam around the wire between the batter pack and the unit before it worked as "designed". Of course during this time it was pretty entertaining as it would go on and I'd sit across the room swearing at my faucet until it went off. My son still tries it with other faucets. So buy it, enjoy it, but if it doesn't work at first don't freak out, just find a way to keep the battery pack way from anything conductive, like your sink, your pipes, and well pretty much everything under the sink....
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on November 16, 2013
Let me start by saying this faucet looks amazing. It's rather large and tall, has a great finish, and built quality, and the added soap dispenser is a nice additional that we did finally decide to install when doing our kitchen updating. We've now had this faucet installed in our kitchen for a little over 3 months now.

We use it quite often, and as this is our first touch faucet, we've fallen in love with it. But just like any love, also comes a bit of heart ache. One slight frustration I have with it is that the entire faucet is touch-activated. The nozzle/sprayer head activates it, anywhere on the faucet activates it, the handle/lever activates it, and even the main housing area that the lever connect to activates it. While some may argue that this is a nice feature, I find it rather annoying, especially when trying to clean up around the base of the faucet and accidentally bumping it (doesn't take much of a touch).

A side note, it's nice that you can even tap it with most pots or pans and it will turn on, or with a paper towel between your hand and the faucet. The biggest drawback to this sink is apparently the lifespan of the touch feature.

Going into this, I've read that six (6) AA batteries would need to be replaced about every six months. Since we are a little over three months into it, I was a bit shocked when the touch feature began acting up. Sometimes a touch will activate the faucet, and sometimes it won't. It's gotten very moody. There is a little blue LED light (at the base of the faucet where it connects to the sink) that turns on when the faucet is activated by touch.

Every time we touch the faucet, the light will still turn on, but the actual faucet will not activate. About 50% of the time it will work. I can audibly hear that it is trying to work when it's triggered, but it just doesn't. Thinking the batteries were the issue (even though the LED light was still working correctly), I replaced all 6 batteries. Still has the same issue. I've contacted Delta to see about getting this fixed under their warranty, so hopefully this gets resolved soon. Until then it's back to using the faucet like most peasants. 3 months in, and the touch feature has failed. It's broken my heart.

UPDATE: After a few phone calls, Delta sent out a new solenoid and it fixed the touch problem. Back to loving it for now.
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