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on October 3, 2014
I bought this faucet to replace a Peerless that was acting up. It was easy to install - it took me longer to take out the old one than it did to install the new one. About a one and a half hour job from start to finish including cleanup.

It looks very nice and fashionable. I really like the touch feature when washing pots and pans. It definitely saves on water.

One thing I notice is the touch does not work sometimes if my hands are totally dry, I usually dampen a fingertip and it starts working.

Update: The batteries lasted a year for me. I was very impressed. We have had Zero problems with this Faucet.
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on December 2, 2015
This Delta Faucet does not work well at all. I am in the process of having Delta give me a full refund. I have had this faucet for less then 3 months.
For the amount of money that this item cost one would think that it would work flawlessly. The touch function breaks repeatedly to the point were no water comes out. They say that you can hook it up without the touch function and just have it as a regular faucet but that defeats the whole purpose of buying a touch to turn on faucet.
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on July 18, 2017
Why did it take so long to develop this terrific faucet? The installation was easy and the batteries seem to last a very reasonable length of time. The only problem I've had is when the water pressure is too high the spray will splash around the area more than it should. Just have to be careful when setting the handle pressure. Having the flexible neck is a godsend.
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on September 23, 2016
We put this in our kitchen about a month ago and it is SO nice to be able to turn it on when I start cooking and then use my elbow or whatever to touch it on and off e.g. when I'm dealing with raw meat. The other use case for us is that I wanted my husband to waste less water when he's doing dishes so he doesn't just leave hot water running the whole time. I'm taking off one star, though I'd really like to take off maybe a half a star, because occasionally it seems to turn off without me touching it, but it's easy to just touch it to turn it back on again. Overall I'm quite happy with this purchase. Also looks nice too.
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on March 8, 2014
I read thru many of the reviews listed here about this faucet. Amazon def had lowest price but I was concerned if it d/n work out/well I'd have wasted my money (I'm not very good at returning via mail). So I took a gamble, glad I did even though Some reviews mentioned problems w/the faucet, sensor, installation, etc. I've had this for about 2 months and it works pretty well. The install was not bad. My husband is def. not patient with such installs and prefers to hire someone, but I was pretty insistent that he try it (to save some $ and that I read a review about a plumber installing it and there was a problem -- owner thought the plumber may have damaged it on install for lack of knowledge on installing a touchless). Glad I persisted, install was easy, husband admitted and all went well. Hands- free def. very cool. Very much like the magnet holding the faucet in place -- did not want to purchase a hose-in-faucet set-up because I d/n want it to loose the suction(?) that holds the head in place and eventually loosens and then dangles vs. connecting securely to the faucet. This magnet ensures I won't have the dangle effect (so I hope). The faucet works w or w/o the touchless if needed, though I do think the auto shut-off remains on either way. Maybe there's a way to override this feature --- I soak my orchids in the sink and have to run the water to fill the sink and the auto-shutoff kicks in when I don't want it to. But it's true-- def. a water saver with the shut-off feature. The touchless can be tempermental at times. Cleaning around the sink -- it can tend to turn on and off as I'm cleaning, but really not too much of a hassle. It does turn off arbitrarily fr. time-to-time for no reason -- don't know what that is all about (hoping it's just a fluke thing), but it's not too bad in the grand scheme of things. 4 stars to this faucet -- I'd give it 5 if it weren't for the the arbitrary shut offs and that the soap dispenser is chrome painted plastic -- real cheap feeling. It's a good size and like the visual style but the plastic ruins it. So I bought a $40 Kohler dispenser at Home Depot. If buying the faucet here on Amazon, suggest you scope out a soap dispenser as I think it would be cheaper here as well. Lastly, the battery pack lives under the sink and has it's own spot at the back of the cabinet where it's undisturbed and away from my cleaning products. Don't recall if it's C - or AA batteries....too lazy to get up from my chair right now to look, but it's a non-issue so far. That's all Folks!!!!
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on August 17, 2014
This is thing is great! Easy to install, kits comes with everything needed to install (unless you need silicon which you only need if the surface you are mounting to is uneven or cracked, pitted etc) and only take about 1/2 an hour to install by yourself. It does greatly help to have two people to work on the installation. Instructions are dead simple. Shipped with Duracell batteries, not el cheapos. The only thing extra I'd like to see Delta do is include a way to actually "fill" the soap dispense. I'll tell you now that depending on what type of soap you prefer it is a PITA to fill this thing. I have ended up with a 20oz syringe with a hose attached so I can load the bottle otherwise it is almost impossible to do without losing a ton of soap and making a mess. This thing is blasted expensive but I believe it will be worth it in the long run. Darn fun getting used to turning it on with just a touch.
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on February 12, 2017
Faucet looks good, operates well thus far. However, a couple of issues: First the lesser - the soap dispenser feels cheap. The second issue is more central to the function of the product. I don't really like the on/off touch feature! For one thing, it mysteriously shuts off sometimes while using the faucet - without a touch. (Luckily it never turns on without a touch - yet.) But too many times I brush up against the faucet and it shuts off, or water splashes onto the handle and it shuts off, or I try to turn on the sprayer and it shuts off. Just annoying. It seemed like it would be a handy feature, and it honestly is kind of cool to show friends. But from a practical standpoint, I'd just buy a standard, great-looking Delta faucet without the touch feature next time.
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on August 16, 2014
Our contractor had a bit of trouble installing this faucet but he had never installed a touch faucet before. I love having the touch feature and the magnet holds the sprayer end securely.

EDIT - We have had this faucet for almost 2 years and it does not work. When the faucet is left on but "touched" off it drips terribly requiring us to turn it off at the handle which completely disables the touch feature - which is the whole reason we bought the faucet. Also, there are times that only a very small stream of water comes out of the faucet, even when turned on all the way. We have to play with it - turning the water on and off (with handle and touch) until it decides to release water. Changing the batteries has not helped. I have contracted customer service and am hoping there is a fix. The faucet was far too expensive to break after less than 2 years!
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on March 6, 2017
These DELTA PILAR faucets have only a 5 year warranty, because they use an electrical solenoid for the touch on/off function. The solenoid on our original unit failed 4 months after the warranty expired. Replacing the solenoid wasn't cost effective. The new PILAR unit has a different solenoid and battery set up. Hopefully it will last longer than 5 years.
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on September 7, 2016
Looks great - the touch feature doesn't work as well as I would like. Touching the handle works every time - touching the spout seldom works. I contacted Delta and did what they said - still doesn't work properly. I bought two - both work the same - unfortunately.
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