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on January 15, 2016
I like this machine a lot. I ordered it here on Amazon and I've had it for about 3 years now. Wanted to wait to write a review! I've used this machine on all kinds of materials including lots of canvas and even vinyl. The heaviest thing I've sewn on it were faux leather (vinyl) purse straps which I had to sew through 4 layers of!! After adjusting the tension, it handled very well and did a great job. I've also sewn through those layers of vinyl on top of a very firm/thick layer of canvas on a very heavy weight stabilizer!! (As in sewing those purse straps onto the purse body which was constructed out of canvas and heavy heavy weight stabilizer).. So yes this machine can do heavy duty!! I've never had it break down or any major issues. I love that it comes with tons of presser feet. I most often use a walking foot because, well, why not!? Walking foot always gives the best results, in my opinion (maybe because I'm a lazy sewer who doesn't like to pin or iron or baste or any of that! Lol)... I recently used the embroidery portion on 5 pillows I made for a lady out of her grandpas old button up shirts. That feature came in handy for sure!! While you can't do anything too big or fancy with the embroidery, it still has its pros, and I didn't buy this to do embroidery anyway. One day I'll have the money to buy a real deal embroidery machine.
Conclusion- great machine! Great price! I only learned to sew a little over 3 years ago on a Kenmore machine I borrowed from a friend, when I saw that I loved to sew and decided it was time to buy my own machine, I searched around a read a lot and this is what I decided to go with, and I'm glad I did!
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on August 2, 2016
I have been sewing for about 3 years and have slowly worked my way up to quilts and larger projects that had simply outgrown my Brother CS6000i, which I love. Love it or not 5.5" throat makes any quilt larger than a twin a nightmare and when my older, cheaper beginner machine died I needed a new backup. I moved my CS6000i into back-up machine territory and went looking for a new primary machine.

I eventually decided to give a Singer machine a go rather than another Brother just to see what I thought and since this particular model was listed as one of the better affordable machines I took the plunge.

Overall I am happy that I did. The table gives lots of space and I appreciate that it is sturdier than the one on m older, smaller brother. The light is fairly bright but like most machines, they really could do a better job designing this so that we don't all go blind looking at small details. The drop in bobbin is always a nice option and I appreciate how quickly it makes bobbin changes.

The machine is fairly quiet (not $900 juki/babylock/etc.quiet) and runs pretty smoothly as well. I have to admit that this machine is not that much quieter or smoother than my old Brother CS6000i and I was disappointed in that. For double the price I expected a smoother performance. The low shank foot makes for easy changes which is always a great thing.

The number of stitches is great. That said, I found the instructions on accessing them and what the mirroring stitches do to be lacking. I suspect this machine is capable of more than I know but the instructions are basic and leave the discovery up to you. Well, I generally am not looking to sit at my machine and spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what buttons do what in which stitches, etc. Perhaps there are just more options than I personally need. I do believe there is a series of Youtube videos a woman made on this machine, I'd advise finding it.

My least favorite things: The lettering stitches work well although I found myself wishing I could make them a touch bigger. Most of the embroidery stitches are a bit 'thin' and would likely look better if you doubled the thread. the lack of detailed instructions to use the special features. I find myself often having to tinker with the tension which can be annoying. The cover for the bobbin area feels like the little tab that holds it in could break off if you aren't careful trying to remove it. The automatic needle threader is fussy and you have to have the needle all the way up for it to work very well.

My most favorite things: The thread cutter-this is awesome! The stability of the table is great. The throat space is better than what I had and the variety of stitches is great. The button hole feet work well and I do love that it is sturdy. This machine is heavier than my last so it stays put on the table better than my old one.

Overall this is a good purchase with some picky issues that are pretty personal to me. I would encourage someone to feel comfortable buying this machine as it is a good buy for the money! As for me, this will someday become my back-up when I save up for a mid or long arm for quilting.
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on April 17, 2015
I'm Sew Crazy since buying this machine a few months ago. As a novice sewer- one who only hand sewed when a button popped of, or if something needed mending. I was reluctant to take the giant step into sewing machine land. At first this machine was a bit overwhelming with all the value added features and 600 different stitches available. but i took the first running step and made the purchase. It arrived within a few days, and I sat there in awe sort of like the apes in 2001 A Space Odyssey staring at the monolith... then I can hear that theme music...I opened the instruction manual and learned to thread the bobbin, then the needle... The Dawn Of A New Age... No more running to the tailor shop to have men's pants altered and hemmed. Bought those summer shorts but lost weight? no problem... machine sewed darts. I ventured onto toss cushions.. I learned how to do an invisible zipper. Curtains.... Limitless possibilities. Special thanks to Roxanne on Youtube for providing additional instruction on this machine. This machine was a great investment for a beginner ...I felt it was value for money, I don't understand many of the negative reviews, maybe people just like to complain when they don't throughly review and understand instructions.
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on November 6, 2012
I LOVED this machine when it first arrived around August 4, 2012. Then after almost 3 months (Oct 30, 2012) thae machine stopped working. I trouble shot their web-site and was told to take to an Authorized Singer Repair Shop (40 miles away). After the repair shop checked out the machine I was told that the Mother Board had gone and they contacted Singer for a replacement part and was told that it would take 8 to 12 weeks to get it.

I do Crafts for a living. My 1st Fair of this Season was in 4 days and I have no machine and I was supposed to wait 8 to 12 weeks to get the part? So I e-mailed Singers Customer Service and it has been 2 weeks and NO response. I also tried calling them but waited for over an hour and nobody picked up. I feel singer is not what it used to be and I am very dissappointed. I will NEVER purchase a Singer again!!! Buyer beware.

But the silver lining is I contacted Amazon where this was purchased and due to the fact that Singer could not get the part to me in a timely manner Amazon shipped me a NEW machine free of charge!!!! KUDOS to AMAZON!!!! I will do business with this Company any day.
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on February 14, 2016
I have an old Singer Sears fully mechanical sewing machine that was made in 2005. This new Singer 9980 is a dream to use. Auto tensioning is wonderful, stitch selection is great, customization is just awesome.

I couldn't find much difference between the 9980 and the 9985 other than a touch screen and a few more stitches. I decided to save a couple of hundred dollars and go with the 9980. It's perfect and I love it. It has already worked through some thicker fabrics easily.

The electronic thread cutter and auto needle threader are awesome. No more wasting precious minutes to find my scissors (again) or trying to get thread through that tiny needle!

Speed control is also a dream. My old machine of course did not have speed control, and the foot pedal was very touchy and would start out too fast with the slightest pressure. Not this, it starts out slow and stays slow if you wish.

All the accessories are really nice and I found myself with a bunch of cool presser feet I can't wait to use!

This machine is very easy to thread. The only tip I can give is to hold the bobbin in place when you are threading it, don't let it turn and hold the thread taut when threading. The one and only time my thread looked like the tension was off, was because there was too much slack in the thread around the bobbin in the bobbin holder.
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on November 1, 2016
I've only had it for 3 weeks so I haven't tried out everything yet. I initially had trouble with the thread cutter but I rewound the bobbin and that fixed the problem. I'm working on 2 quilts now and it sews beautifully with no trouble on different thickness. This has replaced the Brother machine I bought earlier because it heated up after sewing for a few hours. It would sew again after it "cooled down" but I didn't appreciate sewing on "Brother" time.
I haven't tried all the special decorative stitches but I'll get there! It's heavier than all get out but it doesn't bounce around the table like the Brother did either. All-in-all, I'm very happy with this machine.
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on April 15, 2016
I have owned this machine for almost a year. I have made multiple quilts of varied sizes and it has handled them without any issues. I don't use the extension table because I have a longer extension table that I purchased that also acts as a light table ([...]). This machine is amazing. The decorative stitches are beautiful and stay even (a problem I had with my previous machine). Loading the bobbin is SUPER easy. My only caution is when working with large quilts, or other pieces of fabric and they get bunched up before the needle, they can change the stitch setting because they pressed up against the buttons on the right. Don't let that dissuade you, though, this machine is really great and absolutely worth the money.
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on January 6, 2017
Do not buy type 15 J bobbins. This machine uses type 15 bobbins. NOT 15 J.
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on April 13, 2017
Have you ever called a company and gotten the feeling that they just don't want to help you? This is how I have felt with Singer. I have called twice and emailed twice. All of my emails went unanswered. They claimed they didn't receive them. My phone call experience has been horrible. I feel like they are mad at me for making a warranty claim or something, or maybe they just don't care.

A few weeks after receiving this machine the auto threader part popped and would no longer thread the needle. I bought the machine for my mom for Christmas so it took some time for me to locate the warranty paperwork, as she had misplaced it. I had purchased an extended warranty so I wasn't in a rush and I had so many other priorities over the holidays. I suffered a few injuries in the year and then ended up in emergency surgery the next fall. I finally called in about a week prior to the 1 year warranty deadline in December where it would be easy to just go with the manufacturer warranty claim. I really felt like the person I talked to on the phone was not very happy to help. This is a very small part, it probably is a few dollars, but they wouldn't send it until they got a serial number (I had the part number). Of course I'm very busy and the machine is at my mom's house so I said I would email it. I finally got photos of the serial number and emailed it in. I got no response. the next month I emailed again, no response. I finally called again today. They said they never received my other emails. I was trying to figure out what was required to get this part, and I was told to send a proof of purchase. while on the phone I was trying to login to Amazon so I could view this but the associate on the phone was so tuned out, its as if I felt she was trying to end the call. I asked what was required if I purchased from Amazon, can I send a screen shot etc. and she didn't even respond to my question. It's like she was just waiting for me to just give up. I got frustrated and told her that I was at work and I'm trying to get this taken care of over the phone. She was right, I did give up, I was trying to tell her that I had all the photos in my phone of the serial number and the part, but she just talked over me. You know, the kicker was when she sounded surprised that it had been a year and a half since I purchased the machine and I told her I'm very sorry I had surgery at the end of the year and was very sick, she didn't even respond. She didn't care at all. So I spoke with TWO customer service reps, and they don't really care. My patience has a limit, and I detached myself then and there and just said goodbye. I emailed these things back right after the call. I think next time I buy a nice sewing machine I'm going to go with another brand. The sewing machine is OK. The plastic is very lightweight and the cover is very flimsy..It looks very easy to break.
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on March 14, 2014
I started out this little venture by getting a Singer 222K with as many feet, accessories, pieces, parts and manuals I could find. This little machine sewed beautifully, and became my favorite. After a MANY projects I had an additional machine ( Spartan 192) that I'd put the attachment or foot I needed at the time. Then a Singer 99 for the heaver stuff. (3 machines + a Imagine serger) REALLY? Yes really!

I played with the Singer 160th machine and liked the buttons and it was black. Basically a needle attached to a computer. NICE. The sewing room looked like a ancient futuristic museum of functional modern art . But I was hooked on the technology. Several EBay sales later I bought a 9985.

Let's see, measure, cut, baste/pin, create a pile of things, put on Black Sabbath (loud) and sew, sew, sew. Every foot and accessory was included. I did buy some more plastic bobbins (plastic on plastic is better). Use the alphabet to sign the thing somewhere and off to the next project.

Back-tack is automatic or not. tension is adjustable for cover stitches or what ever. and finally I don't need that pesky foot peddle. It is nice though to plug it in set the slider for maximum speed and off you go. Stitches are ( I think) logically laid out and help is just a poke away. The thread and bobbin are hidden under a lid, there are pictures of stitches under there too, and diagrams to thread and make bobbins. 1 step buttonholes ( I'm still working on the technique but better than the old way).

OK! the automatic threaded takes some getting use-to (put the foot down, hit the up/down button twice; to lower then raise the needle, center the needle, lift the foot, load the threader and push it down, place the thread in the slot and slightly lift up, slowly start to release the threader; if there is some resistance it is caught in the teeth and the needle will thread) I now can get it to work with any needle and thread... COOL!

The up/down button is NICE, You can just about use the back-tack button when-ever you want. AND the thread cutter is nicer than... well it's nice. Wind a bobbin, place it in the well, pull the thread through the little channel, use the cutter to cut it off, replace the cover, throw in your material, drop the handle/ needle and sew. NO you don't have to pull up the bobbin thread. At the end back-tack or with auto back-tack the machine does it for you. push the cutter button, lift the handle, and remove your item.

Drop the feed-dogs, put on the darner foot and DARN away. Oh darn! Zigzag too!

Nicely lit and pretty.

The touch screen is great, Nice size (I don't have to use a magnifying glass as much) I have like 50/400 vision so I memorize finger placement, count beeps, do a test, and get to it. It is pink and doesn't have a case... or does it

"Everything Mary - Hard Side Rolling Sewing Case - Pink" from scrapbook dot com The only thing that will fit is the machine and foot controller. It is tight and has a foam liner that grips the machine. VERY NICELY! It's $119 though ( a hare high, a rabid pun) and they seem to be the only ones with any stock on hand. This case is the same PINK as the 9985.

Now my new Singer is complete! And I had enough EBay money to get a SAILRITE for the heavy stuff (LSZ-1).

What started out as an exercise of traditional sewing techniques, developed a life of its own, and evolved into the most efficient way to get the job done with the least amount of equipment. There is a certain amount of an OOOH factor when you drag out that old free-arm 222K, but, The 9985 gets as many looks, is easier to use, more consistent, and well, a needle attached to a better computer. If it had speakers, wifi, and a USB port it would be perfect.

~KRK~ 2014-03
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