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on November 7, 2012
I was lucky enough to pic this up as a freebie a couple of weeks ago. I am always a bit wary of paying 0 for something but gave this ago seeing it had some interesting reviews, so thank you Mr Montgomery, I would have payed for this. I do hope you do a sequel, as I loved some of the characters and know you could come up with something very interesting for them to do.

I don't normally enjoy religious based intrigues, although this one was so full of information that I thoroughly enjoyed the religious tango of the good and bad and the explanations.

The book was full of " you have to think about this " and a real page turner. A deceit to die had an amazing amount of interesting characters that were well developed and believable, also likeable. Why do some authors create books full of nasty horrible characters, it is so much better to have a good balance, where even the so called badies can be understood and appreciated.

The only thing I did not like was a few editorial issues, as the book progressed they did get less, I always think this is a shame when the book has so many great qualities that the one thing you pick up on is editorial negatives that do a good book no favours, and I would have given this a 5, I have already recommended this book to friends and they have purchased it.
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2012
Professor Ian O'Brien has obtained a document that someone will go to any lengths to acquire. It's a 16th century conspiracy that now they want to obliterate. This is the premise for this unique, suspenseful novel by Luke Montgomery. It's clear that the author has knowledge of both religious and Byzantine history and how past and present governments have used and continue to use religion to suit their objectives.

One thing I did not like about this book is that all the Christian characters are very "good" and all but one of the Muslim characters are really "bad". I also did not like how he wrote the character of Judith Herrin, it would have been much better if she had played a bigger role and we had more understanding of her character earlier in the novel. I would have rated this 5 stars but these are two of the reasons I did not.

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on July 7, 2012
Luke Montgomery has produced a masterpiece! As an avid reader, I am often often dissapointed by conversations and events which seem unrealistic. Example, "This is an outrage to me and my family. I will no longer stand for these atrocities." Example, "the brothers were going from room to room defeating their adversaries with courage and brute force." I have never said such things, or defeated people with "brute force". If you are seeking this type of reading, please do not insult Mr. Montgomery and choose a different selection. Reading this novel was quite the opposite. The characters personalities and events were so realistic, on many occasions I felt as though I was in the conversation, or a part of the chase.

This intriguing tale takes us around the Middle East with twists and turns, leading the reader to feel the emotions of the characters and travel with them on their adventure. Wonderfully written and exciting from start to finish! Although I am not familiar with the history and religious aspects of the middle east, the author is obviously an expert. However, an amazing amount of historical information is incorporated into the tale in such an integrated manner, the reader was never overwhelmed.
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on August 12, 2012
I picked up this tome that a friend suggested who warned me to get through the first 100 pages or so that it "picks up" after that. I found that advice to be helpful in a way although unfair too. I hesitate to call the book slow or boring at first. This is a book written by an American and has a lot of important Turkish history to cover in order to understand the convictions of the Turkish characters. As a fellow American, I don't know these things so I need that foundation of knowledge from which to base the characters actions on.

I would recommend this book based on how I feel after reading it. I feel like I could brazenly walk up to a Turkish citizen standing by their cosmopolitan street corner and openly discuss the spiritual angst derived from this Western vs. Muslim tug-o-war. Of course I'm joking, but my points are 2 fold; (1) I learned so much about Turkish culture/history and their role in world history too, and (2) the book does often mention this insensitive American mindset that I speak of.

What few criticisms I have speak more to my own lazy reading habits, not this well-written rookie novel. "Lazy" as in I'm used to being spoon fed action without much historical context; or what's going to happen next in a story is obvious with few plot twists, etc. Reading this book was like watching Sense and Sensibilities instead of Dumb and Dumber!

I had some trouble keeping up with all the bad guy characters. I know there was a hierarchy inside the bad guy's organization but their names and underlings were a challenge to keep up with so I just chalked it up to this novel taking place mostly in Turkey and the Middle East where there aren't too many Billy's or John's to help me out with. The constant double-crosses and step-ahead end games that are part of this genre was a bit hard to keep up with but who would have it any other way? This book is part of my "Most Anticipated Reread Books of the Year." My only real issue with this book was that the protagonist family mentioned on the back cover are just a bit too smart for one family, they each have a skill that is perfect for the situation at hand but this doesn't take away from the realism of the book.

The last third of the book culminated with such great scenes that I could barely put it down to take care of my ADL's. While some of the scenarios wrap up a bit too perfectly, this book is such a roller coaster ride with numerous unexpected plot twists, some neat & clean wrap ups were welcome respites. I hope there is a sequel; there is plenty of room for these great characters to grow.
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on July 24, 2012
As a former resident of Istanbul and a lover of anything well-written, I found Mr. Montgomery's rookie novel to be a highly compelling read. I am the type of reader that has bookmarks in five or six books at a time, so it often takes me several months to get through a book. Not so with A Deceit to Die For; I got to the end in quick order. The storyline was kinetic and unexpected at times. The characters were nuanced and believable. The underlying themes were rich and thought-provoking.

The only complaint I had (and I mean ONLY) was that there were a few scenes of dialogue that I felt were a bit unbelievable. For instance, in chapter 2, Ian and Judith, two history buffs, had a discussion in which they laid out the rudiments of Byzantine history. The information was needed to provide historical background to the reader, but it did not feel like a natural exchange between two historians.

This minor complaint notwithstanding, I highly recommend this book to any thinking reader with no reservations whatsover, and I anticipate further pieces by Luke Montgomery.

PS-I really give this 4.5 stars rather than 4. I really wish Amazon would allow half stars!
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on June 25, 2012
The consistent 5 STAR reviews are wholly justified: Well written, plots and subplots are well developed and integrated as are the primary and secondary characters. The end makes you wish you had the sequel to jump to immediately.

If you are reading it in a Kindle (as I did) don't miss on the opportunity to enhance your reading: search on the historical figures; look at the images of the places in Istanbu where the characters go. It will enhance greatly on both your understanding of the plot and your reading experience.
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on November 14, 2012
I felt a pulse pounding excitement as the clues to this thriller took the protagonists to interesting and exotic places. They were in a race and followed by unknown enemy. never too sure who to trust. This machiavalian work of fiction mimics, in some ways, recent events. The heinous manipulations in this book are a reflection of the realities of today. The book is about both groups and individuals that become so thirsty for money and power or fanatic in their beliefs, they are willing to subjugate or kill, without any but these evil justifications. The story shows how most of the rest of us, with our prejudices and heads in the sand, are bullied into either support of inhumane actions or fooled by enemies who speak softly yet continue to support terrorism, violence and prejudice. The book also shows that an organization's or a government's monetary support or their lack of suppression of those those that do these things are the evidence to their true purpose. Historical references within show that business has partnered governments and governments partnered religions to take away freedoms before and to me, warned for the future. All in all a political thriller you'll want to read.
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on October 6, 2012
The author of this book invested a lot of time understanding the time of the Islamic Moors in Spain and the conflict between the Catholics and the Islamists forming a foundation for the plot which weaves murder and intrigue into the notion that Islamists, even when proclaiming peaceful efforts to establish democracy, have a violent notion of destroying infidels. The inference is that Islamists of our time, even if peaceful, may have a hidden nefarious motive to create Islamic world domination at least as large as the Ottoman Empire and larger. The Catholic barbarism in dealing with the Spanish Islamists is not hidden. The book revolves around the Gospel of Barnabus and the notion that it was created with an ecumenical intent to deceive Christians to convert to Islam. That plot is inferentially present in a previously lost document found by an old professor who then searches for its meaning. He loses his life over it and the lives of his grown children and the lives of others are imperiled as the plot is one of hunter and hunted across continents with unexpected friends and enemies. The plot keeps the reader's attention effectively even tho this is a 512 page book. It was ideal for reading on Kindle. I rate it 4.5 stars.
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on September 14, 2012
Wow this author is amazing and really knows his HISTORY!!! It must have been very challenging and exciting to write such a great book. I had read his acknowledgements and how he was proud to make this book he's very first since he published it. Well I got to say I'm really impressed with the details of this book really came alive. I'm very proud to be a fan of his first book written. You got to read the book it is very detailed and smooth all the way to the end.
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on March 29, 2013
Luke Montgomery's knowledge of both history and current events in the Middle East (esp. Turkey) makes him an invaluable source for sensing the seismic status of that highly volatile region. Consequently, in his frequent reports of news from that area, and at no minor risk, his words are accurate, insightful and fearless.

He brings that same courage, passion and depth of knowledge to the spirit of his novel, A Deceit to Die For. He draws rich, multifaceted historical facts into today's emotionally and religiously-charged political threads, weaving a plausible and enticing story line. The plot presents personalities with which you will readily identify and empathize - even those with whom you fervently disagree.

The fast-paced intrigue, complications, whiplash scene changes, and emotional connection with the characters all collaborate to pull you into the story.

Fair warning - Don't forget to breathe!
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