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on January 13, 2007
Gloria Vanderbilt's novel isn't about Gloria, it's about Suicide and the aftermath of depression and grief. Even in the ever increasing, unwanted clique of suicide survivors, it's still fairly rare for those who have actually witnessed the suicide of our dearly loved ones to find help for our special sorrow. Suicide of a loved one is hard enough to deal with, but there's a distinctive anguish that must be dealt with when such a disturbing, shocking, and painful life-taking event is witnessed.

Such an event separates us from the rest of society in an uncomfortable and agonizing way, and no one could have been more separated from her feelings than the last American Debutante: Gloria Vanderbilt. Raised to be a "lady", to never show strong emotions, to remain in control at all times, Gloria experienced many shattering events, but her "glass bubble" broke when her son committed suicide before her very eyes. Gloria had to break her glass bubble in order to survive, to deal with the overpowering emotion exclusive to survivors of suicide, and she poignantly shares her journey in this heartrending account of her son's life and death. Breaking her "bubble" was a gutsy act, one that perhaps you are facing now. I found strength in her words, and courageousness in her willingness to share her unique pain. Her story is about celebrating her son's life and accomplishments, remembering him as he was before his illness overtook his life, and about her courage to "break the glass bubble" and share her deep, heartfelt emotion and pain in order to help others in spite of her upbringing, which encouraged a lady to bottle up feelings.

The stigma attached to suicide, and even those who are left behind, is often crippling. None felt this stigma more than a woman in constant "limelight", a woman of "old money" forced into a strict code of ethics that forbade public displays of emotion, or public displays of weakness. Uneducated people see suicide as a weakness, and apply this not just to the originator but to his/her family in his/her wake.

I highly recommend this book for survivors of suicide. If you're looking for courage in this time of great need, please pick up a copy of this book. Also, do a google search for 'suicide survivors', and call your local Crisis Hotline for survivors groups in your area or phone numbers to call. You're not alone. There are groups of real people out there who share your unique pain, please contact them.
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on December 9, 2012
I cannot imagine losing your child. This is heart wrenching. I cried so much. I identified. I have not
had a child die, however, you think, what if? I know as Mothers we at times have thought about a child dying, haven't you? Gloria V. tells her story in a beautiful and stunning way that
you as the reader can understand. Your heart hurts but you feel better knowing that she has a strong
support group of friends and a full life.
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on March 5, 2014
My first pair of Designer Jeans were Gloria Vanderbilt. I loved them, they fit me like a glove. I didn't know anything about her at the time, my Mother told me what she knew of her from what she read about her over the years. I've been fascinated with Gloria ever since. I was unable to read this book when it first came out, it was just too sad for me to bare. I'm ready to hear her story now about Carter. Having a son in his mid twenties, who at this time is doing great, we did have issues in his early 20's and this very well could have been my story. For all the years I admired Ms. Vanderbilt from afar, this story has connected me with her that only a Mothers heart could.
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on February 28, 2017
Good book. Arrived on time.
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on April 10, 2013
This beautifully written book was thoroughly enjoyed due to it's heartwarming honesty, emotion and almost poetic way of scribing of content. The pleasant and happy times made me smile as if I was there watching. The sadness and gut-wrenching emotions of losing her son envelopedmy soul along with Gloria. Will treasure this literary work for always. So much heartbreak, but so artistically penned!
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2005
Gloria Vanderbilt describes herself as living from earliest childhood in an "unbreakable glass bubble," a sense of being isolated from people because she was unlovable and unworthy, unable to feel deep emotions. Though she knew happiness for the first time with her fourth husband Wyatt Cooper and her sons, she still felt tinges of being cut off from reality. Her husband's death started to crack the unbreakable bubble surrounding her soul, and it shattered completely and forever when she witnessed her son Carter commit suicide, when he was 23.

She then was able to feel the deepest pain and guilt, and to acknowledge the boundless joy he had brought to her. She writes in a disjointed manner, flashing back and forth with journal entries and short reflections about events in her life leading up to Carter's death, which she describes in acute detail. Her musings are written to herself and to Carter, except for one chapter in which she reaches out to readers who are dealing with loss; she never imagined she could survive after her son's death, but she did, and given enough time, others will, too.

This little book is short enough, and compelling enough, to read in one sitting. Her reflections are deeply personal, and yet universally understood.

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on February 26, 2014
I always knew Gloria Vanderbilt as a fashionista, style maven and all around socialite. I admired her work, but never realized that she was such a wonderful writer.

This book relates her life quite eloquently in terms of the losses that she must endure. First, the loss of her husband, Wyatt, then the tragic suicide of her son for inexplicable reasons. This book could have been maudlin and depressing; but no, the author writes with such fluid grace that we are taken to vignettes of joy like watching her two sons by the ocean when they were little, to the depths of despair when asking "why" her son did the ultimate act at his own hand.

This book is not a guilt-ridden cry for help, but rather truly, A Mother's Story. We are drawn in to her emotions because we want to be there, and not because we are given vicarious details of one young man's suicide. Gloria makes us feel like we are a trusted friend listening in with empathy, instead of being dragged down into the pits of a depressing tale. The author is to be admired for her courage, wisdom, and for writing this book. A must read for any mother, whether be it of a son or daughter. You will appreciate the precious moments you have with them more; I know I do.
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on December 23, 2013
great book, i can't get myself out of the book for a very long time after i finished reading it, heard to tell how much i love it, and how much i felt. i cried a lot while reading it. it's not just a book talk about a mother, but also a story with much emotions and feelings, it did encouraged me a lot, the true story always makes people turn their points of view in some way.
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on October 26, 2016
It was simply okay. It was probably cathartic for Gloria buy. unfortunately, I didn't find it very interesting
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on April 28, 2016
This book was so touching! I can't believe I'm only reading it now... Gloria is a woman for all times! She's an icon and inspiration!!!
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