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on December 22, 2016
This is an AMAZING movie. I love Missoula,Montana (where it takes place and is mostly filmed) and the visual of the hill behind the school during several scenes, the hill that now houses the the 'M' in rocks with a trail (steep hike) up the mountain. I lived there for a year.

Point being, it's beautiful now and was even more ruggedly, gourgeous when the movie was portrayed to be filmed there and the historical media used for the film. They accentuate the 'Beaty of the Wild West' (at that period in time) and that is a major reason to love the movie. It is very realistic, and harnesses light on the rustic and rough nature of the geographical region as well as society at that point in time.. It portrays what I know by growing up in the mountains and about the early European heritage settling in This great country during that time.

The acting and the play/screen writing is also high classily, historically accurate in my opinion having studied and living in that country for much of my life.

Of course this role was well played by Brad Pitt to say the least. One of my fav Pitt carachters. The other actors where very good as well. The whole family that the plot circles around are very good actors.

Lastly the story is weaved in a very interesting and followable way. It's an easy watch. (In my opinion). Very entertaining with followable but not boringly so plot. It is a moving adventure of growing up in that time period and geographical region. That is very 'romantic' or a 'utopian' society for me. Not that it's was perfect, but it seems more simple and pure of truth and honesty to me. (While this may not be true just my romanticize he the time period and region). It at least makes me feel good to watch it for at least entettainments sake and to day dream of a time more simple and without the outrageous mess technology has made our workd.

I would have loved to grow up to be a 'proffesional fly fisherman' too. Also, not to dismiss the young men that play the families' boys at the beginning of the movie where also well picked for thier roles and were very moving. They personified growing up in the mountains and reminded me of growing up in the mountains. Playing outside from dusk till dawn. This is a great movie for the family; a little adult situational events and language. But nothing they aren't already regularly subjected to (for the most part) in this day in age. And also in my opinion. Good date movie too, a good laugh here ad there, touching moments, and the tragic and beautiful intersecting circles of human nature of love, life, family and presented during a time frame as well as its geographical region. It's one my top 5 fav films. I'm very picky about movies and somewhat portals of semi accurate time periods as well as the real nature of sociological views and values, moral and material itwMs and entertainment vs work ethics of a time period.
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on September 29, 2017
I think this is the first time that I've watched a movie that was better than the book on which it was based. The Montana landscape is indescribably beautiful. No words can do it justice. It must be seen. Also, there was quite a lot in the book about the intricate art and skill of fly fishing. The movie emphasized relationships and family dynamics which I found more interesting. The movie was beautifully done. I will probably watch it again sometime just for the scenery.
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on October 18, 2017
They simply just don't make movies like this anymore…it is indeed sad. I laughed. I cried. I walked down memory lane, thinking back to the days when my own father taught me how to flyfish…when he is gone, I will always have that treasure, in my memory, that only a father can share with his son. 5 star masterpiece, and one of the best movies, in my opinion, ever made!
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on April 2, 2014
It's too bad there aren't more fly-fishing scenes in this movie, but then again I bought this because I'm a fly-fisherman and there aren't too many movies out there that are good and portray the art well. This is just a good old-fashioned movie about an American family, their struggles, love, bonds, friendship, and, of course, how a river in Montana runs through all of it. It's not mind-blowing film-making, but if you like heart-warming stories, this one may be for you. Of course, if you're a fly-fisherman, it doesn't get any better as of this review. ;)
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on April 17, 2015
I didn't see the original DVD film so I can't comment as to how much the digital re-editing changed the film's audio and video for the deluxe edition. The movie itself is a 5-star production.

The bonus features are severely lacking however (at least on the DVD version). The only real "extras" are a filmography of the main actors and a small glossy booklet (with multiple editing oversights that lead me to believe it was hastily put together) about the making of the movie, a note from Norman Maclean's daughter, and another filmography that renders the one on the DVD redundant. The extras were an almost total disappointment and are worthy of a 1-star rating.

Since the movie is the most important part I rate the whole package 4 stars.
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on April 15, 2017
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on August 15, 2017
I have seen the movie several times. One of my favorites. I actually bought it for a very dear friend of mine. When we went fishing out on Lake Erie, she caught the most and the biggest. She absolutely loved the movie. She had never seen it before.

I would absouletly love to go to Missisoula, Montana with her. Can't imagine a better getaway. I think that was the best film Brad Pitt ever made.
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on August 10, 2017
Was going to take a trip to Missoula and wanted to watch this to "study up". It was actually the movie that inspired the trip. What a beautiful place--both on film and in person.
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on March 22, 2017
I must have seen this movie 100 times by now. It is the reason I started fly fishing as a kid. Do yourself a favor and take 90 minutes to watch this gem!
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on February 16, 2011
EDIT: I just want to clarify that this review refers to the original 2009 Blu-Ray release which may have been a special edition. I just noticed that a new lower priced version is available starting in 2011, and the one I purchased is no longer available on Amazon. How quickly things change. My original review follows:

As a trout fisherman I love this movie, but I'm not here to review the movie itself. I just want to make a few comments about the blu-ray presentation, which I imagine is what many people are here for. There is a great collection of in-depth "making of" features and some other odds and ends--even one that examines the one-time plight of the Big Blackfoot river itself and how it has since been restored. Most or all of this is in HD. There is also an informative color booklet about the movie incorporated into the well-designed digipak case.

Is the BD worth an upgrade from the latest DVD release? For the special features: If this is one of your favorite films, I would say yes. For the HD transfer of the film: Probably not, at least if you have a smaller screen. I watch movies on a 26" screen from some distance but can generally still see a striking difference between DVD and Blu-Ray. In this case, there were some intermittent scenes where resolution was much improved, but most others were disappointing. In particular the aerial shots and many of the wide shots incorporating woods and river scenes were unimpressive. The original film stock may be at fault, as was suggested in an expert review somewhere else. And I had very high hopes and expectations, so that might be another part of the problem.

If you are not too concerned about having amazing image quality none of this might matter, but I wanted to put my opinion out there. The BD is still satisfactory compared to other films from this time period, and the disk is definitely worth a buy if you love this movie but don't own it yet or want the extra special features this release provides.
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