Customer Reviews: A To B Life
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on January 15, 2005
This album is going to be a classic. Unlike a lot of music where people scream you actually feel what he is feeling. Sometimes it is so raw that I get goosbumps when I hear some of these lyrics. Lyrically this maybe one of the best albums I have ever heard with the opening lines of Gentlemen, "We never met you and I, we were always inside, we were so far inside one another and I'll live without you love but what is one glove without the other?"

I am usually never into screaming at all some of my favorite bands are Interpol, Modest Mouse ect. but this album touches me because it maybe the most genuine music I have ever heard. On paper the lyrics do not sound very moving but when the singer screams, "I once was alive, when you held me" you just feel what he is saying.

I saw these guys live this summer and I think they maybe better live because you get more of the emotion. I am from close to where they are from and the girl that most of the songs are about was at the show. Which was kind of awkward but added to the experience.

Music wise this band is also very good. The instuments are sometimes very hard and sometimes very soft. There are some spacy fillers that are also very good.

Mewithoutyou is like no band I have ever heard. I look forward to seeing them progress and make great music but I don't think they will come close to A to B: Life. Hopefully they will.
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on January 2, 2003
MewithoutYou is simply unbelievable! I don't think you could just call it hardcore, I guess it's more hardcore than anything else...but not just hardcore. I've heard some describe it as punk meets hardcore meets emo meets folk, etc. You just can't label it; I call it poetry! "Through a garden overgrown, no it's a long walk home. I said I'd not come back...I'm coming back and you'd better be alone." Like the last guy said, the whole beauty of MWY is their live show. To be honest, after seeing them live for the first time I was a little disappointed when I listened to the cd, but I said a little. I've seen them 3 times; when I saw them at Furnace Fest 2002 they threw flowers (or sod or whatever it was) everywhere! They, or I should say Aaron, knocked stuff over as usual and pranced around the stage like a true romantic. I think I saw him kissing people's feet in the audience. If you like their music, go see them live. If you don't like their music, go see them live. It's entertaining at the very least. Simply put, mewithoutYou is one of the most inventive and brilliant bands out there, so buy the cd!
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on December 6, 2004
This in my most favorite cd ever. The performance delivered from this band is nothing short of breathtaking. The style of the guitarist is very original and unique. The style of the singer is amazing, he can write poetry better than any famous poet and is so truthful and personal, it just gets to you. His voice sounds so intense also. The drums are very moody, and can range from a sweet, soothing beat to a hardcore pounding.

Another thing about this band is the live show is by far the best you can ever see. They cover the amps and stage in flower petals and the singer holds a boquet of flowers and starts thrashing it around when the music starts. The singer will flail his arms and spin around and fall to the ground while telling his emotional and confessional message to the audience, the drummer is a beast that pounds on his drums like a madman, the guitarist will swing his guitar in uncontrolled and uncoordinated ways all around his body. The bassist will saunter around the stage as if searching for some sort of answer. It truly is an amazing show that will take your breath away. A ticket to see them is worth any amount of money. The live show is Far better than the cd also. Please support this band. Even though this band is christian they are not at all the preachy type, they deliver their beliefs in a way that makes you want to comfort him or praise the Lord with him. If you aren't already a believer don't be surprised if their music and/or live show makes you a believer.
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on December 4, 2002
What an amazing album! Finally, a hardcore band that has the capability of being melodic as well as yelling emotional vocals. MWY is extremely talented and they portray an uplifting, Christian influence through their music. Every track on the album is great.
The standouts on the cd are:
track 1. "bullet to the binary"(great intro and outro, brilliant lyrics, exciting bridge)
track 3. "nice and blue"(great lyrics, perhaps the best bridge on the album)
track 4. "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"(soothing lyrics, solid bass and drums, incredible outro with some of the most passionate yelling/singing on the cd)
track 6. "gentlemen"(amazing, catchy vocals and a very good beat\great chorus)
track 8. "we know who our enemies are"(nice guitar, great tandem vocals, and once again, fantastic outro featuring amazing lyrics and great guitar)
track 11. "silencer"(beautiful guitar, penetrating drums, and some of the best lyrics on the album)
If it seems like I said most of the songs on the album are standouts, it's because every song is just unique and sweet in its own way. This cd is a must have by a incredible new band that should be prominent for a long while.
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on August 2, 2004
ok... i'll have to admit... i saw this band at rockettown in nashville, with lovedrug and working title...and mewithoutyou was last... at first, i hated it...i was like..are u serious?...this is the closing band?...but i kept watching because it was kinda funny... and i started to like them because they are probably the most entertaining bands i've ever seen before...the singer broke like 3 mics, and at one point i couldn't breathe because i was laughin so hard at the drummer, and a few of the band member's long beards...i mean...there's nobody like them...but i would classify their music as... if tool and a perfect circle went indie. then u tie in a poetic screamer and lots of awesomeness, which if your not used to that, it make take a few listens to appreciate it...if the random yelling is getting to ya just try to get into them by listenin to The Ghost (track 2) he kinda sings a lil on that just gotta let go, and surrender
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on June 27, 2002
Mewithoutyou can be described by one word, unique. Their blend of punk, hardcore, emo, and just plain wierdness is comparable to no other. the closest band they would be compared to are At the Drive IN and Fugazi. If you have ever heard the song Dancing on the Corpses Ashes by At the Drive In, you have a pretty good idea of what Mewithoutyou sounds like. This cd is worth the money and is probably one of the better cds Tooth and NAil has put out in a long time. You will not be disappointed.
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on August 22, 2002
This is an extremely impressive CD. A mix of very hard music and beautiful, if dark, lyrics, makes this a very meaningful album. I was very impressed with the guitarwork, a wonderful and unique break from the standard metal power chords of most rock today. This is fresh, interesting the whole way through, and completely blew me away. Buy this.
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on March 30, 2003
"In truth, the record A-b life has a very plausible shot at doing well among the underground scene.Wiess's abilities as an intriguing,almost Jim Morrison meets Tiny Tim-like frontman,combined with the bands abrasively,quirky,intricate music,makes for a great show.Their alblum translates fairly accurately,embracing the aggressive,subversive,and creative essence of the punk and postpunk movement.Guitars punch in meander methodically, in an eqaully melancholy and angry manner, as smooth textures and raucous power chords melt together in a wretched mess of melody and cacophony littered with tortured screams of a singer conducting his own therapy. The result is brazen punk rock that nods at Fugazi and Slint,winks at Henry Rollins,and at moments embraces the Roadside Monument.It's dark,dirty,and beautifully painful."HM
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on March 21, 2004
Ok so everyone else's reviews all made it sound like this band was one of the most talented bands ever. Well....basically they were all right. I'd never heard of them, but I saw them live opening for another band, and was blown away. They were way better than the headliner, and I immediately bought the cd and listened to it over and over. Their extremely dynamic and powerful music combine with some of the most carefully crafted lyrics I've ever heard to create a totally unique sound that I don't think anyone else could imitate. They don't have one musician who stands out as really talented, they all are extremely talented at the instrument they play, and combined, their sound is unbeatable. I highly highly recommend this cd, and if you ever have the chance to see them live, do it.
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on June 4, 2004
i first saw mewithoutYou at a show in the begining of 2002 (i think) they played with my brothers band One 21 i didn't remember much about them except their name, their talent, and their line "i said i'd not come back, but i'm coming back. and you'd better be alone"
later that year i attended purple door where they played on a little dirt corner that was kinda seperated from the rest of the festival. and it was one of the most amazing shows i had ever seen... it literally changed the way i approach music. i bought this cd, and kept falling in love with it more and more.
i'm proud to say i've even heard of this band. they are wonderful musicians, and i consider Aaron a friend even though we don't see each other to often. but he knows who i am so... thats cool.
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