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on December 18, 2009
Took a risk with this alarm system w/o knowing much of the seller and the few technical specs provided. Well after receiving and testing a while it has met my expectations...especially for the price.
Some things to note which the seller forgot to mention. It comes w/ 2 horns which is essential for any alarm system (one outdoor for your neighbors to hear and one indoor for yourself). The installation instructions are sparse and seem hand made in a personal computer but it is clear enough so I haven't needed to contact them.
Of all the 30 plus components I received, 1 of the 5 motion detectors wasn't working. I didn't contact the seller to replace it since 4 is more than enough.
Programming the unit took less than an hour. Because all the units are wireless, you will need to replace batteries on everything which will be a real pain. The instructions don't say how long they last. But its better than running wires all over the house.
All in all, its everything I expected to provide a good deterrent from your opportunistic thieves. One of the reviewers here gave it only 1 star since it isn't foolproof. Well what do you expect from a $320 system? Yes, if a thief breaks a window and the alarm sounds, he can start searching the house for the keypad and horns and disable them, but I'm guessing they'd just split instead of taking the chance of getting caught (unless you live in the boondocks where neighbors will not here the alarm). You also get a phone call from the system that the alarms went off, so you can take appropriate action. Yes a pro will be able to disable it but i bet he can disable most of the other alarm systems out there as well...
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on May 10, 2012
After a recent rash of break ins in my neighborhood, I decided to purchase this system. All the monitored alarm systems companies wanted over a thousand dollars to install a system and they used basically the same system as this one. I was able to install a sensor on every door and window and still have some left as a back ups. The programming was easy to follow as long as you read all the instructions first. I took the advice of other reviewers and made a map of the house and numbered every sensor. That made the set up really easy. The other thing I did was replaced all the batteries prior to installation. My only gripes on the entire system is you need to have a phone jack and free outlet near where you want to set up the control panel. I had to install an extra outlet in my kitchen to set up the control panel. The other problem was the sticky tape doesn't hold very good on the transmitter. I had the system go off at least 6 times the first night. The alarm is very loud and not a pleasant sound to be woken up too. Since then, I have installed screws in all the sensors. The process was quick and easy if you have a drill and a 1/8th inch drill bit to drill a pilot hole. I also made a small plexiglass box for the transmitter and receiver to attach to my front gate in front of the driveway. The third night after installation, I was able to successfully catch a group of kids trying to break into my truck. They set off the alarm when they opened the gate to the driveway. I also caught the same kids breaking into my neighbors van with a security camera system. Over all, the system works pretty good for me. It calls my phone when triggered and is loud enough to scare anyone off. I would recommend this system to anyone on a budget and needing a little extra piece of mind.
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on November 29, 2010
I read most reviews here prior purchasing this systems.
I bought this one to replace the current expensive system in my home that is inoperative recently !
First, Let's me conclude:

4* for the product
5* for the customer care

I am happy with the purchase and here is my wish list of improvement to make this Alarm system much more better.

a/ No close loop monitoring. The system can not tell what door (sensor)is open prior the Alarm SET. (You may think that the whole house is armed)
b/ Once you failed programming a sensor, you must repeat the process for all sensors again. It is very straight forward, but tedious and time consuming.
c/ The double sticky tape on sensor are useless, you have to use the good one; otherwise, sensors may fall (at night!) and the alarm will wake you up!!!
c/ Enable and Disable chirps sound the same, unlike the car's alarm. One chirp is ON, two chirps is OFF. SO you can't tell what state the Alarm is in.

Problems encountered:

a/ I have 3 sensors failed during programming, but 25 sensors are provided; I don't bother to get replacements.
b/ The systems went off by itself , just 3 minutes after ARMED. Remedy: Deleted and reprogrammed all sensors. So far so good

Customer care:

Sent email, got quick reply offering a Refund
Since it was installed, I decided to keep it give it a try

This system is very very basic one. However, with the price tag, it sure will do the job deterring intruder until he/she can find the Main Panel located !!!

Edited 5/24/2011
After 6 month, most of the sensors started dying (20 of them!!!), alarm went off in middle of the night. To pinpoint which one, you have to remove one by one, this is a very frustrated process. You will not want to arm it any more!
Save your money, get a better, more expensive one for long run. I re-rated 2 stars as of today.
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on October 6, 2015
This is a great alternative to monthly paid subscription security systems. All it takes is preplanning and a small amount of time to install this system. After receiving this system and initially setting it up I realized that I would be better served to also have a wireless second keypad. So, I contacted the company and they immediately put my order in for priority mail 2 day delivery (Excellent Service). You can order the AAS 700 Wireless Home Security Alarm System DIY (2nd Generation), which already has the wireless second keypad and save yourself some money. It also comes with a flashing strobe alarm. Overall this is an excellent value for a very complete security system, with 25 door/window sensors and 5 infrared motion sensors that more than cover most houses. The door/window sensors work great as is for windows using the self-stick pads but, for door casings, I drilled small holes into the sensor base for a more secure mount because the self-stick pad wasn't enough to hold to the uneven surface of the molding (otherwise I would have rated 5 Stars).
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on March 4, 2011
After our house was burglarized last September, my wife and I decided to look into purchasing a home security system. After investigating several commercial security firms offers, we made the determination that what they provided was too little and too expensive. If we were going to have a system over which we would have total control, it would have to be one we installed ourselves. So I began looking on Amazon to see what they were offering in home security systems. We found that the AAS 600 system was well recommended and priced very fairly for what was provided. So we decided to order it.

The system was very well packaged when it arrived, but there was no packing list provided so I went to the picture of the system in Amazon to compare that with what was received in the package. It was all there. I immediately began to read the instruction manual that was provided to get an initial idea of what was involved in the overall installation. The instruction manual was easy to understand and it appeared that installation of system should be no problem.

Before installation, I mapped out the system in a diagram that listed where each sensor was to be installed and the zone to which it was going to be assigned. This diagram proved to be immensely valuable not only as an installation tool, but also as a record of the entire installed system. Once installation began, it proceeded very quickly and easily. There were several questions that arose during installation and I called customer service for help. They responded immediately and issues were resolved very quickly. The end result is a system that really works! The key fobs that are provided with the system allow almost total flexibility on how to manage arming and disarming the system when either entering or leaving the house.

I would certainly recommend this system to any homeowner that doesn't mind doing a little work themselves! Installation and programming the system is simple. The end result is a reliable security system totally flexible to suit each owners needs. It's a great investment in security and should give each homeowner a break on their insurance rate.
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on March 30, 2011
I purchased this product approximately a month ago after reading most of the reviews here on amazon, with the intent of supplementing our current alarm system. We built our home approximately 2 years ago, and have a "wired" system with a battery back-up. We have 4 doors monitored, 3 windows monitored, 1 glass break sensor, and 1 motion detector for approximately 1k installed. We were on a budget at the time, and unfortunately this left a fair amount of ground level windows unmonitored. Plus, the guy from the local alarm company, used the kind of logic "well, you won't have to monitor this window because you *should* be able to hear the glass shattering at night".

The system from AAS has worked out nicely for us, and its too bad we wasted the money on the original alarm system. This bundle (AAS 600) has more than enough sensors to cover all of our entry level windows/doors, and the motion detectors are a good back-up...just in case your would-be burglar breaks out all the glass in your window, and doesn't physically open it, thus not setting off the window sensor.

I followed advice of previous amazon reviewers, replaced all the cheap 12V batteries with new ones. I also opted to use velcro to attach the window/door sensors. I have a lot of trim/moulding around my windows, and it was helpful to be able to fine tune the placement of the sensors, by using the velcro. One other piece of advice on installation: When installing the motion detectors, I used a 3" drywall screw on the bottom support, and actually rested the motion detector on the screw, rather than having it unsupported. We had a false alarm post-installation, in the middle of the night no less. One motion detector was loose where the ball joint meets the support - and slipped down in the middle of the night, setting off the alarm. Nice to know that the detector is that sensitive, but I wasn't wanting a repeat of the near heart attack of the alarm false alarming again.

The biggest positive of the system, is obviously you get a lot of bang for the buck. The components that come with the system are similar quality to the ones I had professionally installed. The key fobs are an obvious plus, you can disarm/arm your system in your driveway rather trying to punch in a code, and make a mad dash out the door.

Some minor negatives, more of product improvement ideas: Make the instructions better, and more concise. Other reviewers have pointed out this point already. The instructions could be in a better, more logical order, and could be better written. Secondly, it would be nice if the control panel could be backlit with LED, so its easier to arm/disarm in the dark. Lastly, it would be "nice" if there were more flexibility in naming zones, particularly assigning sensors and motion detectors to a zone.

Overall, a very nice system for the money. Would recommend it if you are willing to spend an afternoon on installation and set-up, which seems reasonable for that extra piece of mind.
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on December 28, 2010
Price: Very good for the number of component included. I got only one defective battery in door/window sensor.
Installation: It took me longer to install because the manual is poorly written and illustrated.
Quality: Good. Sensors react very well. Sensors should be fasten with screws, not just back to back tape.
Performance: Good, doing what suppose to do except I still getting false alarm and its a little bit hard to trouble shoot because there no log of which sensor/s has been activated. It just stay in the display for a certain time. Recorded message for telephone annunciation is bad. Can't hardly understand it.
System: Its good except that the window sensor can not be program separate from the Door and Motion sensor with out delay in entry and exit. Window sensor should be instantaneous because this is not a normal entry and where most break in occurs. They should have used a more common battery type for the sensors so it will be easy to find and buy.
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on February 14, 2012
the kit that i received was not as i expected it was way more hype than quality and the devices are very cheap construction all plastic to big of an eye sore to have on all my walls and doors and windows (used some of the kit) but it does fit a quick and fast system to ward of would be burglars and it does call your cell to let you know if some one is in your house the pet immune sensors are ok for a cat (says 25 lbs or under ) but if you have a dog ,pot belly pig,mini or what ever your animal there will be a lot of falls alarms i added cameras and a cell phone app the view my home remotely to help with the areas i did not use motion, and it will allow you to set up an at home system (perimeter)or full home system .if you are crafty you can use parts if i had to do it again i would order pieces to fit my needs. did not come with an outside keypad that is extra that is my review thanks
you get less thsn what you pay for AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)
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on October 16, 2010
This is one heck of a alarm system, everything that Aas Alarm Systems claims works. first the instruction manual was pretty basic but straight forward. Second prior to installation i drew a diagram of my home showing each room and were i would place each sensor. This makes install much easier. After programing in all my window/door sensors, smoke, glass breakage, and motion detectors, everything worked as planned. It has a phone line cut alarm on it as well as a frequency interference alarm on it. There are two things i would change to the overall system to make it better IF i was Aas. One have a wireless horn for the inside instead attached one that is connected to the main control panel. They do make a wireless strobe horn but is not included in this kit. Second, integrate a battery backup in two the outside wireless horn. I will buy one in the future for my system. Overall This a great system, the most bang for the buck i seen on the net.
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on September 12, 2010
The alarm system is fairly easy to install if you follow the printed directions. It is important to number every sensor, as instructed in the printed materials. It took me about 90 minutes to secure the entire house, including four sets of doors and 19 windows.

I would have rated the unit 5 stars but for three weaknesses. First, the Home setting should have a different activation delay function, allowing the user to set the delay to 0, when at home. A delay to zero in the Home setting will set the alarm off immediately during an attempt to invade the home. Other systems I have used in the past allowed this distinction.

Second, by making all wiring connections to the control panel on the side, it was difficult to make a clean installation. I had to install it in the kitchen pantry, where it would be obscured from an intruder as well as hide the wiring.

Thirdly, this exception is easy to solve. The outside horn requires you to purchase a small battery backup in case the invader cuts the power first. The manufacturer should incorporate the battery back-up unit into the body of the outside horn, and the kit would be complete.

Overall, nice system at a great price. Would recommend to anyone.
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