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on March 8, 2013
For me, these slippers are the perfect design, and I love them. Hopefully this review helps you decide if the design is right for you.

-- I can easily step into them without having to use my hands to put them on.
-- They stay on while I'm walking around--I never accidentally kick them off like most other slipper designs (my big pet peeve).
-- I can easily take them off, like you would with old moccasins or sneakers - just use your other foot to press down the heel edge while you step out of them. Easy.
-- They are super warm and soft and comfortable---just as warm as wool fleece. The footbed is very cushioned and comfortable.
-- They have durable rubber soles. I wear them outside for brief trips to the mailbox, trash bin, etc. Once I actually brought them with me skiing and changed into them at the bottom of the lift and walked home with my boots. That was awesome. :-)
-- They're very durable. I have had a pair for three years that I wear almost every day, and they're still just as warm and soft. The only fault I can find is that they stretched out a little and are a little looser on my feet now, but I still wear them just as much as my new pair.
-- I haven't had any problems with things "sticking" to them. I mean sure, grass or leaves will stick to them if I go traipse through the back yard on a rainy day, but they stick to my shoes too. We have two cats and haven't noticed that they attract cat hair more than any other object in the house does.

The only advice I can offer is to make sure you like the high-back design before you buy, because this is a relatively unusual shape. And if you like that, they're awesome. :-)
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on March 25, 2016
Update 8/31/2016: I have had these just over 5 months now. I wear them daily and they are still holding up great. No cracks, no tears, nothing if falling apart of off of them.

Update: 6/17/2016 After wearing these daily for almost 3 months (all day long. Not just at night) I actually am giving them 5 stars instead of the 4 I had given previously. They have broken in really well and my toes now have enough wiggle room. I have no tears or rubber sole damage. My home if mainly hardwood and tile. These really do help cushion my feet. I never had an issue with the cuff of the slipper rubbing my ankles and I sometimes where them with thin socks. I am posting some pictures with this update. So these pictures are from almost 3 months of all day use.

Update: 3/29/2016 I have been wearing these everyday since I got them about a week ago and they have broken in pretty good. Would still like the toe area to have been a bit taller, but the foam below has compressed a bit to allow for more wiggle room. I will post another update after about a month or so to let you all know what the wear and tear situation is for me. I plan on wearing them daily as my house we will see.

3/16/2016 After having returned a pair of slippers (different brand) that were too wide, I put these on and found them to be fine. I ordered size 11/12 since I wear size 11-11 1/2 shoe and found these to be pretty tight in the toe. If the slipper was a bit higher in the front I don't think I would feel the tightness at all. It is pretty shallow. I am wearing thin socks and it is a tight fit. Unfortunate for me, I can't go up anymore sizes (they don't make them).
They do have support and they have nice cushioning to them. It could be argued if the support is good or not but I think that just depends on an individuals foot. I can definitely feel it in both my arches.
I read the labels attached to the slipper and they say you can get years of use of of these if taken care of. I read in some reviews that theirs have fallen apart way too soon. As of delivery I inspect mine and found them to be put together fine. I could not find any defects. I plan to wear these daily in my home, so we will see how they wear. I will update if I find them to have fallen apart too soon. Right now I am just hoping that they loosen up a bit so my toes don't feel as cramped.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 21, 2016
I wear a size 9 shoe, so I ordered the size 8-9 slipper. They have a nice arch support, and I like how they fit except for the heel. The length is perfect, and the faux fur lines the entire inside and up over the edges of the slipper. I like that I can walk outside with these as they have a waterproof sole. The only thing negative, and why I left a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star is the loose feeling heel. Because of the faux fur lining, and the slight slippage of my heel at the back of the slipper, I can't wear them with socks of any type, because as I walk the up/down slippage grabs the heel of my sock and after several steps, my sock has migrated down and is bunching up under my foot. I hate this feeling. I've tried different socks with the slippers, and nothing helped. So, I wear them bare footed. They are warm and comfy, and easy to slip into. If the furry cuff was any higher, I would need to reach down and pull the back of the slipper up over my heel, but I don't need to do this. I love the boiled wool uppers. The slippers do stay on my feet very well, and I will buy them again, despite that I can't wear socks with them.
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I was looking for a pair of slippers with a solid sole, arch support, and that were not the mule-type, which I kick off by accident far too easily. These fit the bill perfectly! I wear a 6.5, so I originally bought the grey color in a medium size. It was way too big. I returned it and bought the black color in a small. These fit perfectly!

They are incredibly comfortable. The sole is solid - not like so many slippers with cheesy rubber soles that are so flimsy. This provides firm footing, with arch support and lots of cushion. The animal-friendly faux fur feels wonderful. It's very soft.

These are quite warm, but that works for me. I love that they have a higher back, so they stay on my feet. Also easy to slip on and off with no hands.

They feel like very good quality slippers.
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on December 13, 2013
I've been looking for some time now for the perfect slipper and finally have found them! They have arch support, back heel support and a thick enough sole to wear outside if I need to go there. I also like the fact they don't have stitching around the toes. The size is one half larger than a regular shoe size. Thank you Acorn for making these and Thank you Amazon for having these! Love my slippers!
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on November 4, 2016
The smell is so overbearing. I didn't expect to get a artificial chemical "vanilla/baby powder scent" with these slippers. I have a mast cell disease and the scent coming out of the box about killed me. They should state that they scent their slippers!
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on January 15, 2017
This is my third or fourth pair of Acorns, and I still wouldn't buy anything else. They are warm, soft against the skin, cushioned, and washable. The only downside is the sizing. Each size is listed as a range, such as 9.5-10.5, but the true size is the one in the middle of the range (so 10 in this example). The next size down is truly for an 8.5, so if you're between sizes, you'll have to either go too big or too small. These slippers will stretch out slightly if you wear them with socks, but the interior seam around the edge of the footbed doesn't change, so I recommend going on the large side if you're in between. They are cheaper here than in stores.
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on December 24, 2017
These slippers are awful, don't waste your money.
I wear a size 9 shoe, so I ordered the 8-9 size. My feet are swimming in them. There is no support and the ankle part is huge. I actually have pain in my feet from wearing them for 1 hour.
Not what I expected.
UPDATED REVIEW *******************************
I've now been wearing these slippers for 3 weeks. They seemed to have conformed to my feet. Not only are they comfortable, but they're holding up well. (Because of my feet I usually have holes in my slippers after 2 weeks)
I misjudged them too quickly. So wait and wear them for awhile. I'd order them again.
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These are the best slippers I have ever bought and I have bought a lot of them. I have neuropathy and my feet are so painful, shoes are a huge issue for me. These are so great, they are cushioned, have arch support and are very warm-all the things I have been praying for. After the pocket book drain of the holidays, I'm going to buy another pair, maybe two. LOVE these slippers.

Additional Note: If you order the wrong size in these slippers, you will have to pay the return costs. You will have to pay over $10.00 to return these, even though they are Amazon Prime. Not going to purchase anything from them again.
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on January 4, 2018
These are the best slippers I’ve ever purchased. Yes I spent a few dollars more this time to try the Acorn brand, and they were definitely worth it. I bought them in grey and was worried they would show stains/ spills as I tend to be rough on my indoor shoes ( jumping into cleaning and cooking so they take a bit of a beating sometimes) but I’ve been wearing them a few weeks and have put them to the test spilling spaghetti sauce, coffee, and wore them outside to take the dog out getting pulled into some dirty-muddy let’s just say it’s been a busy few weeks at home since I took time off to vacation at home. I just used a damp cloth and some dish soap to spot clean these every time I spilled something on them and washed them within a few hours and theycame out perfect. I did not dry them, I always prefer to air dry my slippers and other items because I know it extends the life of them. So Acorn, you got me now. I will and have recommended these slippers since I’ve recieved many complements because they re really nice looking. My only suggestion would be to Carrie half sizes. These are high quality, they will last me I’m sure 2 years at least so paying a bit more as a consumer makes sense but if these were just 1/2 size smaller they would be perfect. I still believe they are worth the 5 stars but hope you consider offering whole and half sizes. Thanks, I’m a loyal customer now!
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