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on April 22, 2010
I bought these clips at the same time that I bought a pair of Skull Candy Full Metal Jackets in early March of 2010. Be forewarned; The clips are tiny and therefore easy to lose. The basic design is for one to be used on the single wire portion of headphones and the second clip to be used on the two-wire section. The wires should not be forced into the clips for fear of cutting the cord's outer cover. If it seems snug, use a coin to open the clip a little wider. Then while the clip is still in a wider-than-normal state, the wire should slip in with little resistance. Attaching the clips to clothes is a little tricky because the jaws do not open too widely. More than likely, there are some models of earphones whose wires are just too thick to fit into these clips. Clipping onto the edges of clothes like hems or the side of a tie is much easier than pinching the fabric in the middle of a garment. One unanticipated benefit of using these clips is the reduction of noise created from the headphone cord slapping around. It's been my experience that the in-ear style of earphones often turns any contact with the cord into a soft noise. The vibrations caused by the cord simply moving over clothes has turned some people away from the in-ear style in favor of the kind originally packaged with an iPod. Keeping the cord clipped eliminated this noise.

Because I often wear headphones while doing a lot of physical activity where headphone cords can easily get snagged, I often run the cord under my shirt and around to the back of my head. Instead of having the cord in front of my chin, I clip the cord to the back of my shirt around where the tag is and have the earbuds run to my ears from the back. I mention my personal setup because these clips in particular do that job very well. They are small and unobtrusive whereas other clips I have used to route the cable in this manner always seemed to get in the way, rub on my neck or pull too much on the neck of my shirt. The small size and lightweight nature of these clips suits me perfectly.

I've used the Acoustigrips almost everyday for slightly more than a month and have found no noticeable deterioration in performance. Their hold on both wires and clothes remains secure.
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on February 6, 2012
These clips are exactly what I was looking for when I bought them. The clip is smaller than a dime, yet grips securely on to my t-shirt. I work out about 5 days a week, alternating between lifting weights and cardio on the bike or rower. I've had them around a month, and have not once had the clip come off during a workout. I've seen other reviewers talk about how small they are, and how tightly the cord fits into them. Exactly what I was looking for in a headphone clip! The wires slip tightly into the bottom of the clip (as seen in the product picture), and I pinch my shirt together to create a small seam on my chest, and clip it there. Once I clip it to my shirt, I forget about it, because it is virtually unnoticeable. The best analogy I can think of for these clips is to think of somehow attaching a safety clip to your headphones, and then attaching that to your clothes. Tiny and effective. I can not think of a way to improve these clips, and plan on getting a pair for my wife to use in the gym as well. I was looking for a very small, secure clip for my Skullcandy headphones, and in my opinion, this product is perfect!
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on March 11, 2012
I needed some form of shirt clip for a pair of iems I own that have a ridiculously long cord. I love their sound, but they just weren't the best for working out (or really moving around at all).

I stumbled across these and decided to pick them up. In all honesty, I couldn't really tell from the picture how they worked.

The package comes with two clips, but I only needed to use one at a time for my purpose. This is great, because I now have a backup!

I was a little surprised at how small they were. This is a good thing when working out (they are nearly unnoticeable), but if you dropped it in the grass somewhere you would be hard pressed to find it again.

I attached the clip to the main cable, which was a really tight fit. I look at this as a good thing. The clip does not seem to be in any danger of falling off the cord.

The clip itself holds pretty tightly to my shirt. It has yet to come undone. Thick shirts may be a problem, however, as the fit was kind of tight even on my very thin workout shirt.

All in all, I am very pleased. These little clips did exactly what I hoped they'd do. What more can you ask for?
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on March 30, 2011
Let me start by saying that I really like earbuds but absolutely hate it when, during my commute, I get shocked in the ear or (if I thread it inside my winter coat) have to struggle with them getting yanked out of my ear canal painfully. Enter the Acoustigrips.

I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and effective it was to incorporate these into my cheapie earbuds. You basically just need to push in the wires into the groove meant for them (the side grooves if after the headphone split and the top groove if before) and clip it onto your clothing. Once the Acoustigrip is attached to the headphones, its really easy to forget that its there and use your headphones as normal unless you have the need to clip them to something.

Some reviews complained about the small size of the Acoustigrip and I have to respectfully disagree. I think the size is small enough for it to be helpful as well as be inconspicuous when clipped to a shirt.

One thing I would have liked is for the actual part that clips to be a little bit narrower. Most of my shirts will usually slide right out of it with a little pulling so I have to fold a local area in half to keep the clip secure. Another point to mention is that having a little plastic bulge on your headphones can get it pretty conveniently caught on anything if it is just free hanging including zippers and pockets.

All-in-all, the Acoustigrips are a simple yet intelligent product that can help you avoid a hassle. I would recommend them to anyone who uses earbuds regularly during the winter.
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on May 11, 2015
I like these little clips. They stay attached to the cord well. I put one just above and the other below the splitter to minimize stress there, as I tend to be rough on ear buds. Interested parties should note that these are made for small round cords. They are very small and a little difficult to get used to, but have a pretty strong bite for their size. The only one reason to give 4✨instead of 5🌟 is because if you clothesline yourself, they're coming off anyway. In a perfect world, a safety clip would rip my $20 shirt before it would allow me to lose my expensive buds.
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on July 4, 2013
Use these when exercising. All the other clips I tried would not hold the three-button/mic section of the cable in place. These will, at least when used on the top edge of the shirt.

Tip: I use an iPhone/earbuds when running & like securing the three-button/mic section by the cable at both ends. This way there is no need to feel around for it (to answer phone calls, change the volume/move to the next song, or use Siri). And if done correctly, where the two clips "pinch" the button section to hold it away from the shirt, it keeps the sweat out of the mic hole (even when I sweat big).

The Acoustigrip is the best clip I've tried but still will not secure the controls well enough on the bottom (where it only pinches the fabric, not the edge of a microfiber or poly shirt). Two Acousigrips work well on cotton (to keep a good "pinch"), but I don't workout in cotton shirts. Solution: If you try this and the bottom connection keeps coming loose pin a small safety pin right above where the bottom connection should be, then secure the Acousigrip to either end of the pin.

Before using this method I'd need to replace the earbuds frequently in summer (due to sweat running into the mic hole or buttons). They make earbuds that claim to prevent this problem, they simply don't work (I tried four brands, all but one over $100, all failed due to sweat). When secured with a pinch, which holds the mic hole/buttons away from the shirt, this completely resolved the problem even when using earbuds not designed for exercise.
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on December 21, 2013
I have been on a quest for almost a year for the perfect clips for my headphones. I swim daily and I have finally found them, yay! Initially I thought oh man my headphone wires do not fit, seemed like they should but as per instructions I did not want to force them in and the option in the center for a single wire was not going to work. SO I contacted Amazon to contact the seller of which I got to speak w/ Rhonda directly. She sent me pictures as well as consulted w/ her tech and have a cool trick w/ the edge of a dime to slide into the opening for the wires and it keeps it open long enough to get the wires in. Really! She assured me that if they broke in doing this she would replace them but was confidant due to the quality of their product that would not happen. Took a few minutes but it worked and have used several times in my swim and not a problem. The clip secures as it should. What I like best is that they are all plastic. Most are a really cheap plastic that breaks easily w/ a metal spring that will rust and break. I've tried at least 6-8 different clips and these are the best. Thanks to Rhonda @ Burton!
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on June 7, 2010
I bought this wire management accessory to try and improve my handling of a pair or Shure SE350. True to other reviews (and the website of the manufacturer) this "clip" fits a specific set of earphones. It fits the Apple earbuds nicely as well as a pair of sport Sennheisers. Alas, not the Shures. So, be advised. It fits relatively thin cables not thick ones.

That said, if it fits your earphones the acoustic grips are awesome. Using one for the two earphones and one for the single cable part. I use them with my running earphones and they hold the cable in position during half-marathons (2 hours of continuos running).

I don't wear "thick" clothing I cannot comment on that limitation. For regular t-shirts and other sports gear the clips attaches perfectly.

I liked the acoustigrip enough to buy another pair!!!
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on September 30, 2011
I've been using the acoustigrip for almost 7 months and I only can say good things about it, I guees the only minor complain will be that with thin shirts it may not hold so strong and it will end up loosing its grip, but you just have to take a double ply in your shirt and that's it, it works perfectly. I've run 26.2 miles with it and it will keep my Ety's cable in place avoiding cable bouncing and its terrible noise transference all in ear headphones have, so if you hate cable noise, this is the best solution you'll find.
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on December 1, 2011
I purchased this clip about a month ago now, and it has served me well. The picture is decievingly large, but the whole clip can fit inside the circumference of a dime. There are multiple options for where to insert your wire depending on its width. I have Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones and I put the clip just below the split of the wires. I used the single, middle, top notch as seen on the picture. The picture has the clip above the split and uses the bottom two areas to hold the wires, not exactly how I roll with mine. The middle one works perfectly for fatter wires, while the bottom two are for thinner ones.

I do not want my clip to be able to slide on the headphone wire, and this one does not. You can force it to with some more pull, but I don't, and it stays in place. In regard to clothing attachment, I'd say its the best I've used. The big flat sides of the clip are textured and you squeeze the top to open the bottom teeth. The opening in the teeth is not huge, and the bite is strong. I am really happy with their hold. You probably couldn't fit very thick clothing material into the tooth gap, indoor clothes are fine, but it probably wouldn't accommodate a coat.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone. And it comes with two in case you lose one. They are small and discrete, a plus for me.
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