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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 22, 2013
The 7.1AT Treadmill is a good treadmill for the price that it is listed on sale as, but if you think you are getting a $3000 piece of equipment for $1700, think again. It does all of the things a quality treadmill will do - various programs, multi-users, a decent dashboard with speed, distance, time, etc. - but some of the advance features either don't work or are not the value they're purported to be.

I really like that I can plug in my iPhone and the speaker quality on playing music is very good. This is probably the one feature that sets it apart from other $1500 range treadmills.

However, the marketing on this unit is very misleading. Their agreement with Nike has either expired or the terms expired. The Nike / iPod Workout Tracking only works with iPhones that are 3S or earlier. So, anyone with a relatively new iPhone will not be able to use this feature. This is something I was looking forward to, and since the technology obviously exists, is something AFG could solve by coming out with their own smartphone app.

Also, the safety key is very sensitive - too sensitive in my opinion. I've used many different treadmills over the years, and if you even graze this unit's safety key, the treadmill will stop. This can be annoying as the key is infront of other frequently used tabs.

Finally, the heart rate monitor hand grips seems to be inaccurate / unreliable. This feature isn't incredibly important to me, so it doesn't bother me. I haven't used the strap that comes with the 7.1AT, but I imagine it would be more accurate for those who really track their heart rate during a workout.

The Passport feature was something our salesperson pitched hard when selling us the unit. Quite frankly, when I tested it, I felt slightly motion sick. Again, not something I'm incredibly interested in as I typically read, listen to music or watch TV when I'm on the treadmill.
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on November 8, 2016
Very poor construction. Once you put it together, it seems like a pretty good machine. However, the screw holes are bored so poorly, that the parts don't line up right. Further, the screw threading is not cleaned out properly. So, you end up struggling to get the screws in and you strip screws in the process. Main handlebars barely fit on; I had to hit it with a rubber mallet to put it together. Even then, I couldn't get all the screws in because the holes don't line up. This could be a safety issue.
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on March 23, 2014
Read a lot of good reviews about this treadmill before I bought it. Had it delivered and assembled by the retailer, and noticed 2 problems. The safety key is very sensitive. And the upper console shakes and is noisy. The belt and motor seem to operate nicely. The key managed to stay in during the assembly, and the technicians made a second pass at tightening the console so it was tolerable. But it has loosened up and besides being annoying, sometimes shakes the key out. I have emailed AFG for a solution, and will post their response here. Until then I suggest you NOT purchase this treadmill.

Update: I was able to tighten the many bolts in the upper console and the supports. The bolts strip very easily with the supplied allen wrench, but the company sent me some extras. This reduced the shaking noises somewhat.
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on February 4, 2013
I bought my first AFG 7.1AT from Sears. I returned it after realizing the incline didn't work and Sears' inept service contractors couldn't fix it after 2 repairs appointments over the course of three weeks.

However, I liked the 7.1AT's features & specs, and figured I had bad luck, so I bought the 7.1AT again from a local Texas store called Fitness HQ in hopes of receiving better service in case I needed it again.

While using the 2nd one for the first time at a 2.5% incline the deck collapsed down two different time with a crunch and now doesn't work at all. The belt still moves but the incline doesn't work....the same symptoms of the one I bought from Sears.

So, either I've got INCREDIBLY bad luck or the 7.1AT is a piece of junk. I'll let you decide.

By the way, I'm 184lbs so don't think my weight is an issue.
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on August 20, 2012
I purchased mine from Treadmill Factory in Canada. I got a great package deal and had it set up in my basement.. I have had it since January and got to tell you.. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. The features are great, but I love the stability and strength of this machine. I have used the passport a couplet times without any issues but I prefer to just watch T.V. when on it instead.
I would Highly recommend this machine!
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on March 23, 2013
I have put over 1000 miles on this without issues. DO NOT buy a fold-up treadmill if you plan on putting a bunch of miles. The Passport is a nice thing... but actually don't use it much. I would rather run to a baseball/basketball game. It hooks up to your IPOD and works great with NIKE+. It will go on sale often at $1799 and I would buy it again. You don't hear that too often from treadmill owners!
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on June 22, 2012
This treadmill has all the features you could ever want, and more. The Passport Player is a particularly interesting feature which allows you to connect up to a TV and run in various locations virtually around the world. (check out the videos on you tube for a demo if you haven't seen it) I did not purchase it through Amazon, but through Sears who had it on sale for $1799 which included delivery and setup. After waiting 9 days for the delivery, the install team set it up as promised while I was at work. When I got home and tried it out, it was immediately apparent that the incline did not function. We called Sears and had to wait another week for the next available technician. When he didn't show up, we were told that he had been in an accident. The following week the tech didn't show up again, this time because "of a family emergency". When we called the Sears customer care line, an investigation revealed that Sears has no one on the payroll who even knows how to work on a treadmill! (In our area anyway) From there we called AFG and were told that since it is a "new installation" that they would not help us and that is was up to Sears to take care of the issue. I can only imagine what they would say if you ordered it from Amazon and assembled it yourself...good luck! In addition to the incline motor not moving, the handle-mounted heart rate monitor and the IR transmitter didn't work either. I disassembled the handle and found a loose connection that fixed the HR monitor but the cable where the connections are made is very poorly designed because the screws that hold the handle on take up the same space inside the handle as the cable runs through. Therefore, when you install the screws to hold it all together, there is a good chance that the screws will interfere and rub on the internal connections. Since the IR transmitter doesn't work, the passport module doesn't either. If you buy this thing, I wish you better luck than I've had!
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