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on November 9, 2010
I didn't have any problems using the batteries in some lavalier mics, but I was shocked to one day see what looked like black powder all over the desk at my office. Further investigation showed the black material had come from my bulk pack of batteries and inside the open package there were two batteries burst completely open.

My office mate said she had one day heard a loud bang, like a gunshot or the window cracking. Nope, just these batteries.

I threw out the entire batch as a result. Not worth the risk.
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on March 21, 2013
I bought these batteries because my child has some little electric cars that use two at a time and I'm going through a lot of batteries. I figured in a pack of 50 at this price point would certainly have some bad cells but did not expect nearly ALL the cells to be bad. Here's my experience:

The cells arrived quickly and were in a plastic tray with a cardboad cover taped on top to prevent the batteries from spilling out. Upon opening them I found about 8 were split open - two with the typical white corrosion going on like they'd been shorted out for quite some time. I threw these batteries away and then put some of the remaining batteries in a toy car. Car didn't work - the batteries were dead. I tried another two and the toy barely had any power so I decided to test them all using my multi-meter. I discovered with the meter that NEARLY ALL the batteries were dead or had barely any charge. I sorted them out and ultmately had 11 batteries that were fully charged.

I suppose at this price point I'm still coming out ahead compared to buying batteries at Target but that's still not a very good experience (especially if you don't have a way to test the batteries to find the good ones). I wouldn't recommend you buy these batteries.
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on March 5, 2008
I have found that virtually all low voltage batteries seem to have a residual residue that can insulate contact surfaces and make you think the battery is dead or produce intermittent energy. These batteries behaved the same way. The cure is to buff all surfaces with a course towel or similar fabric. After buffing, they worked fine. These are an outstanding value and were in my mail box 3 days after ordering.
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on April 3, 2012
I received all 50 batteries taped tightly between two dimpled pieces of plastic. In spite of the tape, the package had flexed in transit and the batteries were essentially in a loose jumble in the packaging. The whole taped together plastic shell was also in a ziplock baggie that was also taped tightly closed. No batteries were loose in the box, all were in the plastic shell inside the baggie. Despite the poor packaging and some damage that appears to have happened in transit, this remains a good value. I am happy with this purchase. Here's the details.

A visual inspection showed me that a few were bulged which implies either a fast discharge (shorted) or an attempt to recharge. I decided that due to the condition the batteries arrived in, I should test them all.

2 were nearly dead (bulged)
8 more were below half capacity
10 were about 75% charged
30 were fully charged.

If I had to guess, it appears that in shipping while the batteries were bumped around, some were shorted out due to various contact between each other. To calculate a value, I'll assume one desired fully charged batteries, which is after all what you would expect when ordering these ;-)

30 fully functional batteries for $5 yields a cost of about ~17 cents each.
2 batteries in retail packaging at Walmart is $3, which yields a cost of $1.50 per battery. I've seen these for over $2 each in most stores.

Even with the damage it remains a decent value! The lower than fully charged batteries are useful but won't last as long. I only had 2 that weren't worth using at all.

3 stars for the value and nice batteries, and general happiness with the transaction. This would have been a 5 stars had they all arrived safely with their full capacity available.
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on February 12, 2011
I purchased a 50 pack of LR44 alkaline batteries from plexsupply on September 20, 2010....about two months after I had received the package, the batteries starting falling apart IN THE PACKAGE....the center piece of the button cell came off and all the battery acid fell out....I kept the batteries in a drawer in my house so temperature is not a factor...I had to throw every battery away...
NEVER PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT....I was required to give this product a rating so I picked the lowest offered, but I would give this item a minus 100 stars at least
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on January 29, 2012
50 Maxell LR44's from MYBATTERYSUPPLIER, shipped promptly: Five 10-packs in blue hologram packaging as shown. "Made in Japan" on package, "Hitachi Maxell" on cells. Manufacture Date Code of "18" (= Aug 2011) on all of them.

Tested five of them (10%) upon arrival; One from each of the 10-packs. This is no-load, open-circuit voltage:
1.594 V

Any new name-brand (Energizer/Duracell/RayOVac) alkaline battery will read over 1.6 V. These Maxells were less than 6 mos. old when tested.

I suspect these will work fine in all devices that don't require a SR44 / 357 silver-oxide type. Just don't expect them to last nearly as long in service, or in storage, as the name-brands.
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on December 22, 2012
Received the 50 LR44 batteries. They were neatly packages on one large card which allowed individual battery removal. That was nice. However, after having read many user reviews, I was somewhat skeptical of the product.

ANALYSIS: First, I cleaned each of three batteries needed with electrical contact cleaner before inserting them into the targeted toy. They did not work. Next I replaced the old used batteries. They worked but were still low on power. Being very suspicious of the results, I got out my multi-meter and micrometer. First I measured the voltages from the new batteries. The results were good. Next, I used the micrometer to measure each battery (both old and new for overall size.) They were all within the same size range. So I thought hummm. Something more must be going on here. So, thinking that there may still be a connection problem, I placed a very small, thin piece of metal on the negative end of the battery making the final connection with the toy. NOTE: the negative end of a button cell battery is the nipple end. RESULTS: They worked!

CONCLUSION: Though both old and new batteries were of the same overall length, the nipple ends were SLIGHTLY different in lengths. SOLUTION: Either bend the negative contacting end on the device out so it will contact the new batteries or insert a small thin piece of metal to bridge the gap. MORAL: Never jump to your conclusion too soon. Yet another problem thoughtfully solved.
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on September 8, 2012
I checked the voltage on all 50 batteries (5 packs of 10 Tiantan brand distributed by GloriaGroup, Inc., Arcadia). Yep, took about 20 minutes, but they have access holes on the positive side and the negative lead can be forced through the crosscut opening in the back of the package. Out of the 50, only one was really below par at 1.465V. About 23 more were slightly less than what Duracell or Energizer would be new, but still over 1.510V, while all the rest were a healthy 1.55 or more. These are priced well for alkaline.
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on March 31, 2012
Although there isn't much one can say about a humble batch of batteries, I still felt the need to review them because of the new picture that Amazon is associating with the product. Although this is the link I ordered them through as you can see by my verified purchase label, my batteries did not arrive in such a professional looking package. If you look at the customer pictures that were added on the product page, my batteries came in the same flimsy plastic that David Koss posted. The two pieces of plastic were then taped together with packaging tape. It honestly looked like someone had scooped up a bunch of batteries from a bin and shoved them in a package.

That said, I haven't had a problem with the batteries. They have certainly given new life to all those dinky little toys that have long been relegated to the bottom of the toy bin. Since I've bought them I have become the cool mom who says yes to resurrecting the dead Hess motorcycles. I also rescued my husband from certain death when I replaced the dead batteries in his voltage tester. A couple of batteries didn't work out of the package, but I buffed them up with rough fabric as another reviewer suggested and they worked fine after that.

I have no idea how long they last compared to name brand batteries, but for the price I think they are worth it. It is nice to have this size batteries on hand when I need them.
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on July 15, 2014
I just went to get 3 batteries for a flashlight. Opened the first back of 10 to find all were corroded, 2nd pack corroded, 3rd pack corrorded. I managed to get 3 batteries out of the whole lot that weren't corroded to get my son's flashlight worked but I'm worried that these will corrode in the flashlight so I'm ordering a different brand to replace them asap. These batteries were stored in a draw in the interior of my house. They were ordered in January. They were never exposed to temperatures that would have caused this.
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