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on October 18, 2012
My family has been using this tablet now for over 6 months.

I have a two year old daughter, who loves a large variety of kids videos so I was mainly looking for a smaller format tablet just potent enough to mainly play and store videos - it would have to be a lower cost device in case she splattered it with oatmeal or of course, dropped it. An added bonus would be if the wife could surf, check her sites, weather, read news, etc.

The other primary concern was to determine if the family would actually use a tablet enough to justify one more expensive (down the road) and if so, would a 7" format suit their needs? I have a droid 3 phone that the office issued me, and both my daughter and wife love using it (it's like a big treat to use daddy's phone). This tablet feels like a larger version of my phone.

Well, when the tablet arrived just in time for her birthday, I was absolutely stunned at the quality and how well the tablet works overall. The screen is surprisingly responsive, crisp and usable, much more than I expected.

I was concerned that some specs were too good to be true - but so far, all have been true and even understated.

Here's some of the hesitations I initially had before buying, so I thought it might be helpful to address them now that I've been using the tablet for some time (over 6 weeks).

Does it really have the option to insert and USE a micro-SD card?
- YES! I purchased a 32GB sandisk micro-SD card (max is 32 Gb). I opted for a class-4 card because I'm using it to view 1080 HD movies shot with our HD video camera (my daughter loves watching her cousins, herself, etc)
- Using the microSD card is easy as I hoped. I use a USB card reader on my laptop and simply drag-drop photos and videos to the card. Then I pop the card out and into the tablet (I shut the tablet down first). The videos just show up by clicking on the video icon, or by navigating to the SD card, perfect - no fuss.

Processor/Memory/OS Speed - would we consider it slow?
Would this tablet actually be quick enough to keep the attention of my 2 year old? Or to just pickup here and there to check the weather, read, fantasy football scores, surf, run apps, etc?
- So far, the answer has been a resounding yes. It is a bit slower than my droid 3 phone when loading some apps and web pages (over WiFi), but just a bit slower and certainly not enough to matter.
- I was concerned that HD video playback on the screen might be choppy, slow, etc, but I'm shocked at how smooth it plays (only MP4s and AVI so far).
- It does come with android 4.0, fully loaded, nothing to do except turn the droid on

Battery life - I was very concerned, how long would the battery in a tablet this inexpensive last?
- I'm happy to report that the battery lasts around 3.5 hours of video playback or active surfing after a full charge. If you read ebooks in shorter sessions, this will probably be ideal. But if you read for hours and hours, you might not be thrilled.
- IT IS CRITICAL that you allow the battery to fully charge before turning on the tablet (at least 6 hours - NOTE THE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE TABLET). Then allow the table to drain completely - to where it shuts itself off. Then, plug it in and leave it alone for at least 6 hours. Then let it fully drain again. Do this AT LEAST 5 times through normal use.
- Apple recommends "cycling" the battery on the iPod and iPad at least once a month, good advice for any device. They even have a link to schedule a reminder:
[...] (search for apple ipod battery maintenance)
- NEVER store a drained device, or leave it off the charger if it's fully run down. This puts it in a deep discharge state, and you might not be able to recharge it. See apple's recommendations (in iPod link above for "Long Term Storage")
- Other sites recommend allowing the battery to drain to 10%-20% before fully recharging to increase it's overall life.
- Do NOT leave connected to the charger long after fully charged, this will harm the battery
- But as a general comparison, the tablet battery seems to last as long as my droid 3, it'll last a full day or two of here and there use, sometimes longer.
- The battery does drain when left on standby. It probably loses 10% or a bit more overnight- It does disconnect from wifi when not in use, but I suspect we have some apps that turn it back on throughout the night for status updates
- We generally completely shut it down at night to prevent battery drain. It takes about 2 minutes to boot.

Apps - would this tablet have full access to the android "Play Store"
- YES! I've been able to download and run every app so far from the play store. There are no restrictions.
- We have Verizon fios, internet and DVR... and actually use the Verizon fios app more on this tablet for scheduling the DVR recordings, checking recordings and tv listings that we do on OUR REMOTE! Surprisingly, the tablet is easier than the remote. It's way easier to search, scan, scroll and record. I know, I wouldn't have believed it either. I now reach for the tablet to manage the DVR.

Charging - I had read some reviews about not being able to charge via the USB port
- So far, this is true. I've only been able to charge the tablet using the included, older style charger (the kind that charges a laptop for example, or a baby monitor, etc).
- Ironically, I had saved all my old cell phones and chargers over the last 10 years. Guess what? I'm actually able to use chargers from 10 years ago. But don't let this discourage you, the charger is a very common rating 5 volts at 1-2A. You can get this type of charger (universal) at regular wal-stores.
- Do NOT leave connected to the charger long after fully charged, this will harm the battery

HDMI playback to a TV
- I haven't been able to test this out because it is an odd size HDMI connector. It's bigger than a micro HDMI connecter but smaller than full size HDMI connector. But since this isn't a big need, I haven't researched it. The HDMI connector I use on my driod 3 is too small (small male end of the cable).

- We've used the tablet for video skype quite often, it's very convenient. My wife skypes me at the office when my daughter misses me during the day, or when she's crabby after a nap. It's quick, pretty decent and happens often because it is so convenient and free

- As other reviewers pointed out, the buttons are "real" buttons. You push them and they click. This is ideal for my two year old who grasps the screen when she holds the tablet. There are also screen buttons built into the android OS, we use both. But I really like having real buttons.

- At first I was going to get a microfiber cloth, whatever is best for these sensitive screens. But, with my two year old's sticky fingers, it would have been pointless. It is usually coated (splattered) with food, yet the screen just continues to respond as if nothing were on it. We just kinda wipe it off with a damp paper towel.
- It takes a lot of abuse. We dropped it in mud on a hay ride (fell out of the diaper bag, screen down of course), I picked it up and basically wiped off the screen on my jeans in one quick motion. No scratches, nothing. I don't get how it could be this durable at $80. It's been dropped about 1-2 feet many times. Nothing worse than that, but it would break if dropped by 4 feet or more. No doubt.

Instructions are lacking, although good on battery advice. Read my battery comments please - very important!
- I opened the box and immediately plugged in the tablet, let it charge for 6 hours straight (the screen tells you it's charging, big battery icon that cycles like a progress bar for a few seconds when you first plug it in)
- Then disconnected it from the charger and held down the power button, it booted up
- After booting, I swiped the screen to unlock it
- Clicked on "settings" (lower right icon)
- Clicked on WiFi, selected my home network, entered the password, clicked save.
- That was it, I was on the internet and immediately started downloading apps from the play store (there's already an icon setup) and started surfing (there's a browser icon also already setup)

Issues so far:
- I noticed that a small slice of visible screen does disappear under the frame, so that the last letter is sometimes cut off when reading. Not really a big deal, just not perfect
- Battery life at 3.5 hours could be longer. A coworker has an ipad2, it lasts at least twice as long as this tablet.
- We had one lockup so far, the app just froze still indefinitely. So we tried holding down the power button to reboot for a long time, but nothing happened. I connected it to the charger then held down the power button again, then it rebooted. Haven't had the issue since.
- Pretty bad glare in sunlight or sunny day, not sure if this is true of all tablets. I sometimes have the same issue on my phone (droid 3) but the phone seems to handle it better.
- We just haven't had any of the negative experiences that other reviewers have mentioned. I suspect that at this price, there could be a bunch of dud units out there, maybe we were lucky and got one built on a Tuesday and they got ones built on Friday haha.

This is a crazy value for under $100 (I paid $76). We were basically looking for a first time tablet experience and were quite blown away. If you're looking to try out a tablet, or want a backup tablet, something durable or something you're not worried about kids breaking, etc. Just buy this, don't hesitate, I can't say enough about it.

===== Update 11-8-12 =======
Quick summary: It's been a few more weeks since my review, we've downloaded more games and still no issues. Battery life is holding steady with everyday use and abuse (see below).

I thought the toddler abuse had finally chiped the bezel and a bit of the screen in the upper left hand corner when in landscape mode (top side). I was very concerned because a coworker had dented his orginal iPad when getting off a plane. He tried to gently push the dent back in, then cracked his screen (he did have a warranty plan though, so he was able to get an iPad 2 for like half price).

So I was very hesitant to even touch the chip on mine, but I couldn't resist. Good news! False alarm! it was cookie frosting. I had noticed it when I was cleaning almost dried, but tacky pancake syrup from the buttons (with a damp q-tip).

As I turned the tablet at an angle to the kitchen light, there was so much food and stuff splattered on the tablet that it was virtually unreadable at that angle. Then I had an idea - to post toddler food/experiences the tablet has been compatible with so far. So here it is:

Toddler food and tablet compatibility listing:
- Oatmeal, gerber baby (splattered, spoon shaken or sneezed on), used damp cloth. But if it dries, it makes for a textured screen experience when drag/dropping and swiping (not all together bad). Mostly expect smaller droplets when sneezed.
- Cheerios & milk, mostly chewed. (when sneezed, droplets are finer than oatmeal, but have a larger, more distributed blast radius)
- Yogurt: "Yo-toddler" (Stonyfield, organic, several flavors), Yoplait "gogurt" sticks - both wipe off fairly easily, but have impressive blast patterns when sneezed. Chobani Greek yogurt - this one is the heavy hitter, even when sneezed - chunks are still respectable and opaque, so you'll probably be forced to wipe it off right away due to visibility.
- Mac and Cheese, Kraft Note: noodle parts are vitually impossible to grip once on screen, expect to chase them around, smearing more the whole time. Forget trying to actually pick them off. (try to wipe off before dry if possible, otherwise dampen lightly, don't scrub).
- Syrup with french toast bits. Creates surprisingly stubborn swipes when dried, it kinda stops your fingers at a dead stop when drag-dropping (haven't tried light syrup or real maple). I was able to use a damp q-tip to get syrup out of small gaps around buttons.
- Cake and cookie frosting - leftover buttercream-like/thick (not the thinner whip-cream type frosting). This was hand smeared on, it's kinda oily, so we used the same cleaner we used on our plasma tv. It's also been 'tested' with ice cream cake - easier to clean off, but dries wicked fast, kinda remarkable actually.
- Goldfish crackers, partially chewed. Chunks can be more or less carefully 'flicked' off
- Homemade dehydrated bananna chips. Your gonna want to get these off before they fully dry. Homemade dehydrated fruit tends to remain flexible, (like raisins) pending how long ya leave it in for. But if left out long enough, it hardens up well.
- Sweet-n-sour chicken breading (take-out chinese). I swear this stuff could be used as heat shielding on the space shuttle. It does leave a greasy residue
- Hay-ride mud (I wiped it off on my jeans, not recommended but didn't cause any scratches)

===== Update 12-19-12 =======
I happened to walk by a display that had both the latest Asus and a Galaxy 7" tablets. I was dreading this eventual day... would I of wished I had ponied up the extra money for a brand name tablet? So I picked up the Galaxy and held it... wow. The difference is immediately clear... the screen quality and resolution is breath-taking. Apps load almost instantly. You can tell by the first touch that you're hold high-end electronics - that cool metallic feel.

WELL... probably because daddy was so interested in it, my 2 yr old suddenly wanted it. Instantly I found myself saying, "oh-no honey, this one might break" and handed "her" (the AGPTek) tablet to her - without a single worry. She's been using (beating) it for months now. That's when it completely hit me that I made a 100% right choice buying the AGPTek.

The AGP loads 'almost as fast', the screen looks 'pretty good' and I can buy two for the price of one the high-end tablets. This tablet (AGPTek) still does everything I ask of it, and I think the battery life is actually increasing - it was always more than enough, but seems even longer life now. We're still thrilled with it.

===== Update 4-23-13 =======
I honestly can't believe I'm back to update this review. I had purposely lowered expectations when I bought the tablet to "well, if it lasts a few months I'll be happy". Ya know... I'm thinking this thing is gonna fall apart in a month.

But here I am, still shocked. I just can't believe it's STILL running just as good (maybe better battery life now) than when I bought it. I mean, I figured the software and apps would at least be phased out at some point. Nope.

The goal was really to just figure out if first, a tablet would have any real place in our lives and second, would a 7" tablet be big enough. Well... answers are yes and yes. But despite my "intentions" on upgrading to an expensive, name brand tablet... I just can't justify it because we're all still so stinkin' happy with this one.

So I'm going to put the hundreds I saved (and would of spent on a fancy tablet) towards a big swingset. This tablet is like part of the family now anyway.

Cripe, it's been over 6 MONTHS of daily 'abuse' mostly by my 2-1/2 year old daughter. Now she mostly plays free princess coloring and dress-up apps, moving on from her favorite free drag-n-drop puzzles. Before that, we packed a few micro SD cards with videos for trips. I mean... she learned how to use a table on this tablet -and- it seems like my 1 year old son might too (read on).

It's taken on even a new life as we allow my 1 year old son to watch a few videos of relatives (shot with our sony digital camera) a few times a day. We used to be careful to put it in a sleeve when traveling - now we just toss it in the diaper bag.

But for me presonally, my most frequent use for it is as a remote for our DVR, it's still easier to use than the remote for scanning, searching and setting up shows to record (I'd use it for more, but wife has it all configured for her accounts, etc).

Wife still totally uses it for everything (email, weather, games, surf, babysitter...)

From my initial review, battery life actually improved to about 4 hours of video on a full charge. I'm probably breaking all kinds of device rules here, but I kept using it after it warned me that there was only 1% of the charge left. Yup, it lasted at least another 25 minutes.

I think one reason it's lasted despite the pounding of a two year old and a one year old now is that it's made of plastic. The few times it has been dropped, it just kinda bounces versus flat out breaking.

So here's the BIG BONUS for us... it uses the same charger as our baby monitor (motorola). I know this sounds silly, but we plug the tablet in during the night when we bring the baby monitor back upstairs then we plug in the baby monitor during the day when using the tablet. The wife laughs at me but this is a total two-fer. Love it.

Anyway... just thought I'd share this update for those folks that actually read to the bottom of this ridiculously long review. Hope it helps!
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on November 12, 2012
For the price I wasn't expecting too much but I wanted a small tablet for email and some apps. I am an ipad user so I anticipated a minimal experience with the tablet. When it arrived I was immediately impressed with the display quality. Experience with my android phone made the learning curve quite gentle. That's good as the documentation that comes with it is lacking if you aren't familiar with android. At first I experienced it losing connectivity with my home network but soon found that if I was a little more patient with it when waking it from sleep, it would find the network and all would be well. My only other frustration with it is that I have yet to get Netflix to work.

Is it as good as an ipad? No. Battery life is significantly shorter and it has some of the normal android quirks. That's OK with me as it is also a fraction of the cost of an ipad and it performs very well.

Is it worth buying? Yes, YES. One of the best values I have seen for the money. This comes with access to Google Play, something you need to watch for with some of the cheaper tablets. Not all of them do. Overall I am very happy with it. I often find myself grabbing it instead of the ipad for some tasks just because it is easier to handle.

I think I am going to buy another. My wife keeps taking mine.
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on September 7, 2012
This is my first foray into the world of tablets. No way was I going to spend $250 or more on something I wasn't even sure I needed. I do not regret spending $80 on this one. Connects easily to my home network and works fine. Battery life is good and I have not had any problems with it at all.
I did by a 32GB MicroSD card, but haven't needed it yet. I play chess and scrabble on this all the time. I grab it when I want to check IMDB or the scores on ESPN. This thing has a mini HD plug and I have watched 2 full movies on it connected to the big TV with no issues. Sound and picture were great and we still had battery life to spare.
There is only a front facing camera for you Skype people, otherwise no real way to take pictures because you don't know what you are pointing at. Speaker is on the bottom in the back so that can sometimes be an issue. All in all this was a great purchase. I now see tons of sub $100 tablets out there from all kinds of no-name makers. If you are curious and hesitant like I was, I would recommend pulling the trigger on one of these. If you like it, you can always upgrade to the bigger, brighter and WAAAY more expensive ones.
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on October 9, 2012
This little ICS tablet surprised me with how well it performs. I have had zero issues to date...plays movies perfectly, no issues with Netflix or HD Youtube vids. Processor speed is a plus and the GPU functions flawlessly. Every app I have tried has worked with no hangups. The only down side is the battery tops out at about 6 hours, depending on what's running. Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive tablet that will do just about anything you ask it to.
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on November 6, 2012
I purchased three of these last week for my children ages 3-9. Mainly I wanted cheap games, educational apps and movies with an added bonus of a camera for their fun. I dont have an ipad or any other tablet and really wanted something inexpensive but lasting for our kids to use instead of my phone or laptop.

Everything works as needed, however I could not get Netflix 2.0 to work. The member sign in button never worked. Some forums mentioned using Netflix 1.8 and I contacted Netflix who said AGPTek would have to offer a differnt app. Others have mentioned Netflix works for them, but it didnt for me on any of the three.

Otherwise all games were great and kids loved the tablets. Drag and drop was a bit different from what they are used to on our phones, but I wasnt sure if this was normal for a tablet.

I am actually returning these as I am happy with the company and buying a different model from AGPTek (through amazon) with 1G ddr3 and built in 8G of storage capacity for only a few dollars more. I did some comparing with other comany websites to help determine quality from customer reviews and the best prices.

Finding a protective case was challenging, however I found for this specific tablet the "Poetic Slimbook Case for the Coby Kyros MID7042 7-Inch Tablet Black" is an almost perfect fit even for the screen that is off center. It sells right now for under 20.

Instead of a Leappad or Innotab for my children I decided on this tablet and would buy again. I am considering their 10 inch tab for myself.
UPDATE 15 NOV 2012:
For those experiencing the Netflix issues with the member sign in buttons not responding, it will work. Install the netflix app like normal and open the app. Enter your existing account user name and password into the "free month" sign up box. Use the enter key from your on screen keyboard to submit your log in info. Once you sign in Netflix should work as needed. I didnt have any cache issues or any browser issues. My only issue was I could never log in as the log in button or continue buttons never responded. Using the on screen keyboard enter key solved my issue. Now my kids can use the netflix app by hitting the quick launch button from their tablet home screen and it loads our account automatically. YAY!!!

Happy mom of three.
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on October 26, 2012
Model # WM8850-mid
Thanks to the many positive reviews, I went ahead & purchased this tablet. I didn't want to spend over $100 on my first tablet, at least not until I know if I really like/use it.

I've had a couple days now to play around with this tablet, so a good 8+ hours worth by now, and I'm really having fun with it! Everything I've tried has worked very well with the exception of the Netflix app (one of the features important to me in purchasing any tablet); the app freezes and it's difficult to get it to play movies. But I believe it's a problem with the app and not this particular tablet since there have been so many complaints since there was a major update to this app a couple months ago. For the one time I did watch a show for a few minutes, the picture was nice & the volume was high enough for me to hear w/ some noise in the next room.

It took only a minute to connect to my wi-fi. I typed in the code & it hasn't dropped connection since. I turn it off to conserve battery, and when I turn it back on it picks up the connection right away.

Here are some apps I have downloaded from Google Play Store:

* Opera browser, which is very fast.
* Astro file manager, based on the great reviews. I haven't tried it much yet (I sought out a file manager bc it was a hassle when I downloaded some mp3 files & had to move them/rename them).
* Overdrive media console for books/audiobooks borrowed from library. I logged into my library account in the browser & downloaded an mp3 audiobook with no problem (though the download took a long time bc the file was big - next time I'll xfer via another method).
* Kindle app - this is great bc Amazon offers tons of free ebooks (updated every hour). They download in seconds.
I also used this for a borrowed library ebook (the Kindle version), and the ebook downloaded instantly when I synced.
* TextPlus - for sending text messages via wi-fi (great for cell phones w/limited text messaging, too)
* Audible - Plays great, downloads an entire audio book via our wi-fi in about 5-10 minutes (30-50mb file size)
* Skype - works great for video calls. camera isn't great but sufficient.

Plus I downloaded a couple bejeweled-type games like Jewels Legend, JewelQuest and a few games for my kids eg Temple Run, Minecraft, Flow (the kids say the games work very well, no lagging or glitches - they love playing on the larger screen, compared to on phones)

Speakers are fine; volume is higher with headphones.

To me, its very responsive & everything works fast... but then, I may be biased bc my cell phone is ultra-slow & laggy! I love that when you touch a button the response is instantaneous (whereas with my phone it can literally take 20 seconds or more to respond)

Battery life: The battery seemed to last only about 2 hours at first before the 15% warning showed up. This was with wi-fi on, maybe GPS too, and while I had been downloading several apps. Once I turned wi-fi off and dimmed the screen (which was fine for me for most things even at its lowest setting) the battery was lasting much longer. Battery seems to charge pretty fast (took about 2 hours to go from 5% to 90%). I hope I can find a cable or adapter so I can charge it via USB port on my computer, even if it would be slower, just for convenience. I like that the battery info includes a note about how long the battery has been used, eg right now it says I've been using it for 1 hr 13 min with 35% left.
EDIT: We use this adapter to plug our laptop into our car for long road trips & plan to use it for this tablet too: BESTEK 75w Dual USB iPad charger dc ac power inverter car dc 12v to 110v car adapter usb charger car samsung adapter pda car charger htc adapter car lg charger mp3 car adapter iphone charger car motolora adapter ipad car charger blackberry car adapter l...

I ordered a case with USB keyboard & that works very well. I had to return the first one bc the size was wrong (9" x 6.75" or so); the smaller case measuring 9 x 5.75 is ideal. {Edit: There are many similar listings, but here is a link to the one I bought 7" Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard - Black Faux Leather Carrying Case }

EDIT to add: It read my USB flash drive w/o problem. My Western Digital external hard drive did not show up, but I think it's because the tablet doesn't have enough juice to power it (my hard drive has no power cord, just gets energy from the computer it's hooked up too). The light turned on showing it was connected, just didn't seem to have enough power.

One thing my kids noticed is the screen calibration seems a little off. I haven't found a way to calibrate, though I'm still searching. (Some tablets have a Calibration option under Settings, but not this one)

All in all I am well pleased with this purchase and may buy another one in the near future for others in the family.

UPDATE 11/6/12: I had some problems re short battery, also freezing/vertical lines on screen. However, I think the issue was letting the battery get really low. The unit "sleeps" after 10 minutes (you can change the time setting), but I thought it was shutting itself off so I left it alone. Therefore, my battery was draining all that time eg overnight. Once I realized my mistake, I made sure to shut the unit off. Now my battery often lasts at least 4 hours before I charge it (esp when I'm not doing heavy tasks, but just reading Kindle books or simpler things), and no more freezing or screen problems.

I still have problems with Netflix, but the issue is the Netflix app. It's hard to choose the item I want, and sometimes the app is slow to respond to screen touches. Once the app is responsive to my choice, the video plays fine. Also note that you can't watch Netflix through browser apps on a tablet.
EDIT: I couldn't sign in via the "sign in" button at top of the screen, so I just entered the info in the "sign up" location & that worked. The app definitely has problems & doesn't work all that well except when the video finally plays it's fine. If I "clear data" each time (as recommended by another reviewer), Netflix works fine.

UPDATE 11/7/12: Well, I've decided to return this unit & get a replacement (have to re-purchase). I still think this device has great potential, just maybe a problem with my unit.
- HDMI: I purchased an HDMI adapter ( Aurum Cables Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI Mini Adapter ) but after using that I couldn't get it to work. Another reviewer (cyberjay) noted under his comment section that his has an HDMI menu, but mine does not.
- While searching under settings again for an HDMI setting (there is none), my screen started going haywire, flashing a lot every time I touched the screen. I rebooted, and that stopped, but it started showing a bright red border around the entire screen when I went back into settings & pressed on the screen (not always, and it only lasts a split second each time).
So considering there is no HDMI menu on mine that shows up on others' units, and the screen problems, I'll opt for a replacement unit.

I still feel confident enough in the APGtek tablets that not only will I re-purchase for me, but I decided to buy a 2nd unit for my 7 y/o (sure beats the price of an iPod Touch or DSi!)

UPDATE 11/13/12: I spoke with a rep at the distributor Brainydeal about the various AGPtek tablets listed. This is what they said: The way the models differ are the processor, A8, A9, A10 (A10 being the fastest, model # TP15), and also the more obvious 4gb vs 8gb internal storage, and RAM of 512mb DDR3 vs 1gb DDR3. Note that some also may have other upgrades eg HDMI ver 1.4 or 1.3 - firmware upgrades that anyone can do on their systems (if I understood the rep correctly).
Hope this info helps others trying to compare the various AGPtek listings w/different prices - it helped me. :)
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 2, 2013
I ordered this tablet for my daughter last Christmas. In June it began not holding a charge, we finally returned the tablet after trying multiple new chargers, etc. We paid to have it shipped two day delivery. After no response from them after two weeks I contacted Brainy Deal to check the status and was told they never received it after checking the tracking number and sending numerous messages they said the indeed received it. After several more messages asking the same questions (order number and tracking number again and again). After informing them that I have since changed bank accounts and asked how I inform them of new account info or if my refund check can just be mailed directly they send me an email saying my refund will be sent in 1-2 days. I again emailed same information and they responded with contact the bank. There is nothing the bank will do, the account is closed. They then informed me though I paid $96.90 in December they are only refunding me $22.50. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!! I asked why and the email I received was it was in the clause (which they have yet to show me proof of) and for me to contact Amazon to get my refund. This is terrible service. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. And, for the refund to be so low is unbelievable. So, tablet was sent in October after fifteen emails back and forth my daughter has no tablet and no refund and basically company says it is not their problem.
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on March 15, 2013
We have now purchased this tablet twice. The first time, it worked great and we were so happy with it, Then my 18 month old spiked it off a shelf onto the floor. When we received our warranty refund, we purchased the same tablet with the same company. If we ever decide to buy another tablet we will probable get this one. They ship quickly, and the tablet is great. We went with a Flytouch before this tablet and we were so disappointed with it that we sent it back. This one is not perfect! It does have a glitch here and there, but the nice thing is that all of the glitches so far can be fixed by rebooting. It will occasionally tell you that an app is not installed when I know it is. IT will also not want to turn off some of the time. I have found that if you let it reboot, the app is again showing up as installed. As for the staying on, If it does that, I just let the battery die once, and then it will turn off like it is supposed to and when you recharge it it will work perfectly again. Nothing that makes me not like it or want to send it back. Very pleased.
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on January 12, 2013
First of all thanks very much to all of you, esp Cyberjay, Techtac and others too numerous to mention, who have left such wonderful reviews. You've been a tremendous help.

I've been enjoying and loving this tablet since I got it, except for the two times it got stuck in error 923 orr 927 mode (I can't remember which, although maybe it's been both, alternating). It seems to happen when there are a lot of updates trying to download and I, being the impatient sort, try to push it to do something else. Then it keeps looping in a reboot. It reboots automatically but then it doesn't seem to be able to complete a task before it crashes and reboots again. Both times I thought I was doomed, and I almost did a factory reset. Apparently I'm a slow learner. I've successfully gotten it through this twice (or maybe it's just coincidence and it fixed itself), after way too much tinkering, by giving it a full charge, turning it on, and just letting it sit on the locked screen. Maybe everyone else knows this... probably everyone else knows this. But I didn't, and being the impatient sort, it wasn't intuitive for me. Nice tablet, lots of fun. 4 stars only because of Users Manual which is so laughable that I almost gave the fifth star for the chuckles but it is supposed to be helpful!

BTW, I also have a Kindle Fire, 1st generation. I love them both, for different reasons. The AGPtek has the micro slot to expand storage, keyboard capability, access to Google Play, and a few other nice features that the KF lacks. My KF has a better screen, Amazon documentation, awesome reliability, much longer battery life, and a few other nice features that the AGPtek lacks. Like I said, love them both, and while one is charging, I have the other, and there are some key apps that I can sync so that I have portable, accessible (non-cloud, non-wifi-dependent) backups to my data. (I don't have a smart phone.)

UPDATE: In May, after two resets/rebuilds followed by periods during which the tablet worked perfectly, I was sad to see that one morning, with a full charge, it would turn on/turn off but would not boot up. It just stayed on the melting ICS. However, I contacted BrainyDeal (1 year warranty) and they came through with a totally new one. They sent a number and asked that I use it on the package and they asked me to describe the problems. Very polite, although a bit of a language barrier. Still, I'm very happy with the service. I'm only out the additional postage to return the nonfunctioning tablet.
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on November 6, 2012
Only had for a day but had to write a review. This is a great tablet. That being said, there is a 1 GB Ram (Faster, can run more) version for only $5 more right now, so you'd probably be better off with that one. This tablet so far runs flawlessly minus a couple short freezes.

It looks great and even has background movies that run without slowing it down in the least bit. Within minutes I was able to remote control my desktop PC using the team viewer app available for free on google play store. This comes with the 4.0 Droid Ice Cream Sandwhich software which looks great and runs very quickly. Google play appears to have more than enough apps, I am used to the apple app store (for my Iphone 4s), so far I like this better. It also even had a remote control program for mTorrent, which if you are into is very useful. That being said, you cannot utilize that app while you have a peer blocker on.

Either way... I also bought a 32 gb mico sd card which interfaced without an issue (you probably shouldnt go higher than 32gb, ive heard it will not work due to 64 gb ones needing more advanced hardware).

There is an even cheaper tablet available on amazon (For like $65) but after reading reviews it seemed glitchy and appeared to even have some pretty bad G-Sensor issues (Makes the tablet turn from landscape to portrait mode). This tablet changes between the two flawlessly.

Have already played a few games and movies, all of which ran great. I highly recommend this tablet but once again, if you want a 7" tablet, go with the 1 GB RAM, 8 GB STORAGE VERSION FOR ONLY $5 MORE!

Some things to consider when buying a 7" tablet... a keyboard will probably be necessary, the built in touch screen keyboard is pretty small... definitely too small to type on with two hands and all 10 fingers. This is the kind of thing you use your thumbs to type with. Maybe with the keyboard it would work better, but AGPTek also makes a 10" tablet (1GB Ram, HD Screen) for $133 available on amazon as well. I may attempt to return mine and go with this for the extra $50, if it is anywhere near the quality of this one, I know I will not be disappointed.

Makes me think the people that buy IPads for $400-$600 are absolutely crazy. This appears to do everything an ipad can do plus possibly even more (the android widgets are pretty awesome).

I will try to update my review if I end up keeping so you guys can know whether or not this thing was built to last.
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