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on November 17, 2012
I first bought another version of this tablet. I really liked it, but had to return it because it had some problems with the screen flashing in a weird way/freezing (a couple times only), but more importantly the HDMI feature that was one of my requirements did not work. (see my detailed review at that page). I believe the HDMI port was defective which is why the HDMI option didn't even show up in the Settings menu. On getting a replacement, I decided to buy this unit instead because for a few dollars LESS it has 8gb internal space (instead of 4gb) and this processor is faster (the A10 instead of A9).

Unfortunately, this tablet has the same problem with the HDMI port not working. So, I will return this one & try for the same unit again. Although I don't like the hassle, I understand that computer-type gadgets always have some defective units (have a look at the dozens of 1 & 2 star reviews of the Samsung Galaxy & other more costly tablets from customers unhappy with their defective units).

I still love this tablet! And once I can get one with no problems ie the HDMI port working, I will be very pleased. In the meantime, my mom is getting one & I will also buy one for my youngest child. Two of my friends want to order this tablet, as well, after seeing mine.

This tablet picked up my wi-fi quickly & easily. It did lose the connection once & couldn't pick up any wireless signals for a few minutes; I just turned the wi-fi off & on again and it picked it up the signal again just fine.

What has worked on this tablet:
* Netflix audio & video is great, though the Netflix app has some problems (I believe the problems are unrelated to the tablet); ** EDIT: Per advice of another reviewer, works best if you clear the data (under manage apps) each time.
* Skype video chat;
* jewel type games;
* Kindle ebook reader & Overdrive media;
* Chrome browser & Opera mini browser;
* MP4 & Quicktime videos - homemade videos transferred from my computer played without probs & looked sharp;
* JPG pics transferred over also looked very nice on the tablet screen;

This tablet is so responsive & the screen looks sharp & beautiful. Audio is very good, better than some of the HP laptops I've had in the past.

Even though I have to return it again to try to get one with an HDMI port that works, it is still absolutely worth every penny (especially at this reasonable price!).

Tip: Sometimes the price decrease on this listing & you pay for shipping , but total price is the same (sometimes changes throughout same day). Try to buy it with the free prime / super saver shipping so you get full refund if need to return it (not sure if they refund shipping cost?)
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on December 9, 2012
Beautiful clear screen, excellent touch response, fast data streaming. Impressive for the price. Connected it to my 46" flat screen. Streams Netflix better then my Asus Transformer (which cost me 4 times the price of this one.) The HDMI port wasn't responding at first but after unplugging the mini HDMI cable and plugging it back in it started working (there is no in-system option for an HDMI output; just connect it to your TV and it mirrors the tablet's screen.)

Have downloaded many games through the Google Play Store; Blood and Glory: Legend, Sector Strike, Temple Run, Angry Birds, etc. No slow down with any of the games. It works great for web surfing. Flash player is good on this one (compared with a different model I bought earlier this year, on which Netflix and other video wouldn't play.) I'm gonna buy more of these for friends and family. The only minus with AGPTek is the battery life. Might need to charge it more often then the expensive brands but overall this thing is worth more then what it is being sold for. Don't waste your money on a more expensive item, this tablet has it all and more and you will be impressed.

Update 10/23/13: OK, so reading my previous review (in which I gave 5 stars)I can see now that AGPtek is not such a great brand. I purchased several of these tabs and gave em to my friends. Not all of the tablets were the same model, but all were the same brand. AGPtek has a serious flaw with their chargers/ tablet charger ports. Two of my friends and I now have issues with charging our tablet. Theirs sometimes charge and sometimes don't. Mine, I've noticed, has the red charging light blinking on and off intermittently when the tablet is plugged into the wall. I don't know if this is a design flaw or an intentional make into the tablet so that users will try to buy new ones once theirs won't charge. The flaw was nonexistent when the tablet was new but now that a few months have passed it is clear that all of AGPTEK tablets are meant to fail in the long run.
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on December 24, 2012
UPDATE 1/21/2013

Initially, I was happy with this product, but I'm growing tired of the problems I am having with the charger. The first charger broke after two days due to a bad crimp in the connector. I informed the seller and they sent a new charger, which I appreciated, however after a week or so, the second charger no longer works. The unit is supposed to charge through the USB port, but that has never worked, so now I have a tablet with a dead battery and no way to charge it.

I must say that I read several reviews, some good and some bad, before I purchased this unit and in reality, took a chance on it. I've handled the ipad, ipad mini, and Samsung Galaxy, and I was impressed with this unit. When you think of the price, you're not sure what you're getting, but I can tell you that it has the feel of the more expensive tablets.

The Good : Light weight, but yet sturdy. Decent boot up speed. Browsing is fast and my biggest concern was put to rest (Netflix). I don't even have the fastest internet speeds, but this tablet plays Netflix movies without a glitch. Fast downloads, no hesitations, and overall nice image quality. If you like games, the APP store can help you meet your needs.

The Not so Good : The battery life is not quite what they say it is. I initially charged it like they ask (6-hours), but when you start watching videos/movies, the battery levels drops pretty fast. The seller says 4-6 hours battery life, but I was struggling to get a full movie in without a charge. The volume is OK, I guess, but this is where the lower price comes in. The ipad and Galaxy without headphones have a pretty substantial sound, where you don't have to be in front of the tablet to hear the volume clearly. This is not the case with this unit. You'll want to use headphones for the most part.

Conclusion : I think for the most part, you get your monies worth. While it's not the Samsung Galaxy, it does do very well for what it's supposed to do and if your main emphasis for getting a tablet is for movies alone, there is hardly a difference, if any, that you'll notice when you're watching. I think the processor speed and memory are adequate enough for an entry level tablet. And I say entry level because that's what it is and the price fits accordingly. So, if this is the first time using a tablet, it works well.
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on February 11, 2013
Initially I really didn't want a tablet. It just seemed useless and annoying. I started to admire the idea of carrying around my laptop all the time and decided that I wanted something cheap that I could play with or take notes on. I bought this tablet not sure what to expect and I was both ecstatic and disappointed at the same time.

Not black. Tablet is the tablet shown in picture (even thought "black" is in the title).
Graphics / Display aren't fantastic. Overall it is very nice, but kind of VGA quality.
Slowish startup, download speed, and internet speeds.
Not compatible with Mac.
- I wasn't able to load any of my pictures, music, etc. onto the tablet or the SD card.
Kind of cheap feeling initially, but it grows on you.

Millions of apps via-GooglePlay
- I was able to download Kindle Books, Instagram, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Temple Run, and so much more. I basically have all the apps on my iPhone on this tablet (and more).
Very fast for price and very nice overall.
Extremely lightweight and it seems to be overall durable.
Long battery life
- My mom has the Kindle Fire, and her biggest complaint was that she couldn't set custom wallpapers, and with this you can. The resolution isn't HD, and you can't chose how the wallpaper looks, but if you find something simple (i.e. clouds, stars, etc.) you'll find it very appealing.
Touch sensitive
Tons of memory (4GB flash, and I got 32 GB microSD)

Overall, I am satisfied with this tablet. My biggest disappointment was in the color, because the title does (or did) say BLACK and this one is white. The white definitely adds to the cheap feeling of the tablet initially, but overall, I love this. Fantastic tablet for someone who doesn't expect too much. I was and still am extremely thrilled about the entire thing. :)

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I bought this tablet in February. It is April 6th and the tablet has stopped working completely. It literally will not turn on or it get stuck on the turn on screen. I barely used this tablet and went to go turn it on and it won't even do that. Waste of money for only lasting 2 months. Buy something more reliable. This was a complete waste.
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on December 26, 2012
I bought this tablet for my parents for Christmas, and I have to say, I don't think I could have done any better. The small display is bright and easy to read from. I am a little O.C.D. about screen defects, and it pleased me greatly to see that this tablet did not have a single dead or stuck pixel. There was one con that I discovered, however. The auto-rotate screen feature does not work. I've gone into the settings many times, and switched the auto-rotate function on and off, I tried resetting it, restoring it to factory settings, but still, no matter which way I turned the thing, it would not auto-rotate. Luckily there is a button that appears in the bottom action bar that allows you to manually rotate the screen, so not all is lost there. This little tablet plays most games as well as my ASUS Transformer does. It hooked up to our internet connection and surfs the web flawlessly. The facebook app works well, and the accelerometer is spot on, for those games that require physical turning of the tablet to move the character. No app has crashed as of yet, and besides the auto-rotate, I could honestly find no other fault with it. All-in-all, I believe that this is the perfect starter tablet. I think my parents are very pleased, and so am I!
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on December 20, 2012
I have had this tablet for 4 days and it has worked better than my previous tablet that cost more. You can actually save and run programs from the expanded SD card, something you could not do on my other tablet which used the SD card to store pictures/video or other large files. I have a 32 Gig SD card I had purchased for my previous tablet which I installed and all my apps can be transfered to it easily!

The speed of this tablet is amazing. I have yet to "bog it down" by running to many apps at one time. It comes installed with Google Play store and you can easily add the Amazon store if you wish. It does come preloaded with a ebook reader that I was able to uninstall replacing it with both the Kindle App and the Nook app, both of which I have hundreds of books for already. There are some other minor adjustments you will need to make when you start to set up and personalize this tablet. The homescreen has a weather app active, but it reports weather from China, click it and you can set it for your own location. Also not all the preloaded Google apps show in the "App" page so you cannot make shortcuts to them on your homescreens but that is also easily remedied. There is also a support forum for this tablet if you go to the makers website there is a link to the forums.... they are invaluable!

As my experience has been so far I feel like I have a $1,000 tablet for which I paid much to little money for.... almost like I stole it! I could not have been more impressed with this tablet! I have no issues with the Wifi connection or any App that I have downloaded so far (about 50). YouTube plays wonderfully.... nice crisp picture and absolutely no lag.... I wish my laptop loaded and played as well.

If I had to buy another tablet, I would definitely purchase another AGPtek tablet with full confidence that it will exceed my expectations! Great product with NO problems!
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on January 13, 2013
Well we bought this tablet for a replacement movie player and game device for my 3 year old. It seemed the best trade-off between customer reviews and price, vs a few competitors. It does well for playing DVD-quality movies from the Micro-SD card I put in, and its fine for a kid that wont care about the little things, but for me I would buy a Nexus 7. Some points:

- Overall device is cheaply made, has inconveniently placed hardware buttons, and is inconsistent in its applications and buttons on the keyboard for browser.

- Dropping the tablet caused the case to deform and make the volume buttons trapped under the exterior panel until I pried them back out (phew). Get a protective case.

- I find the touchscreen to be better than resistive but not as responsive as a better quality (and more expensive) product like my Droid Razr. The screen sometimes has problems picking my daughter's small fingers, and also for some reason went totally unresponsive for a day necessitating a total wipe barely a week after getting it. I'll be surprised if it lasts a year honestly.

- Ours did come from with Google Play Market on it which was a nice surprise, but I bet it isn't "legitimate" shall we say since I hear tablets in this price point cut costs by not paying royalties to Google for the privilege. The Android version appears to be a modified version from a phone maybe? Weird...

- The touchscreen is scratch-prone (obviously not gorilla glass, maybe not glass at all?), get a screen protector (and maybe even a case).

- The processor actually seems well powered and runs videos and games well. Score.

Its a cheap tablet that I'm hoping lasts a year for my daughter. I give it 3 stars, but just barely.
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on December 26, 2012
I ordered 2 of these tablets on Friday, Dec. 21st. They were supposed to arrive on the 24th (even w/ Prime shipping) but they DID arrive on the 23rd which I was very happy about, as I bought them for my 10 and 14 yr. olds for Christmas, and this gave me plenty of time to charge them and check them out before gifting.

So far I am 100% pleased with these tablets! I plugged them in and charged them... the battery was supposed to stop 'scrolling' when it was charged; when I got home from work about 12 hrs. later they were still scrolling, but seemed to be fully charged (I didn't know how to check the battery lvl that first time so not sure if it was 100% charged or just close to that). It has Google Play already installed, along with Angry birds, facebook, skype, Fruit Ninja, and a variety of other apps. I set them each up with their own google acct. (did NOT have to add a cc) I d/led Angry birds space, pandora, and kindle on both of the tablets with no problems, and also changed the wallpapers so I'd remember which was which. ;)

My kids have not stopped playing with them since! They have d/led many more apps and all the games work great. The battery life does seem to be extending with every discharge/charge, and scrolling, playing, surfing, downloading is all going smoothly. For under $90 each, I highly recommend buying these if they get them back in stock.

It has only been one day that they've had them, but if I notice anything worth mentioning either good or bad, I will add a comment. A great little product and I have extremely happy children! :)
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on February 15, 2013
1 of the 2 tablets had a defective digitizer. I had to get amazon involved to get a return shipping label from the company as they expected me to cover return postage for the defective unit! Tablet IS NOT what was described on the site. It's NOT a multi core CPU as advertised, and is not even an A10 CPU (which by the way is manufactured by Allwinner technology) but rather a WonderMedia WM8850 which is a single core cortex A9 @ 1.2ghz (manufactured by a subsidiary of VIA Tech). This tablet Does NOT have a 6-8h battery life (More like 2 hours max when using it for typical stuff ie: simple gaming, videos, email, word processing, internet browsing. This tablet also DOES NOT charge via USB. after 3 different inquiries regarding the false advertisement of the technical specs for this model through direct email with the vendor, through the amazon seller contact system, and in the AGPtek forums, I have waited over a week for a response from ANYONE regarding this and to date not Brainydeal (also operating under the name of, or anyone from the AGPTek forums will respond to my questions about the specs of this tablet. Be Wary when purchasing any AGPTek tablet from brainydeal or Imagestore.US. you most likely not get what they are advertising! Also Please Be advised that this vendor is operating both storefronts on,, and (Formerly
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on January 16, 2013
Very nice tablet for price.
+ Has necessary sensors required for "tilt" type games.
+ Successfully installed and ran Temple Run, Shadow Gun, Air Attack HD, etc. All play beautifully on this tablet. Good 3D hardware and good sound.
+ YouTube works great.
+ AVI and MP4 movie playback works great.
+ Good web browsing/rendering.
+ Machine shipped with 'root' (power user feature). Installed sshd fine, and logged in successfully with wifi. Terms work great also, with big screen and virtual keyboard.
+ Have used it daily for a solid week doing all of the above.
+ Although device is largely made of plastic, it looks sharp and feels solid in the hand.
* (have not yet tried HDMI output; headphones work nicely).

- Battery life: on the order of three hours with heavy 3D gaming or video playback;
more with casual browsing or other less demanding activity.
- Only one camera (front facing) with fairly low resolution. Probably mainly
useful for video chats (Skype, etc). I personally don't use cameras much, but
others may care.

At approximately $80, this device has a great price-performance ratio.
After using it for a week, I've already ordered a second one for a family
member. We originally thought about the Nexus 7 ($249)-- but with a device
this reasonable, there is no need to spend that kind of money.
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