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on June 27, 2014
Crankshaft bolt on my 1997 Toyota is nasty to remove. It is tightened to 283 ft/lbs of torque. My Craftsman 1/2" impact gun only creates 580 ft/lbs of losening torque and was not doing the job. Couldn't use a 3/4 driver because there's not enough space. Therefore, only a 1/2 driver will fit that space. I didn't want to use a 6' cheater pipe because when the friction is released, I run the risk of denting my fender no matter how well I pad the bar with foam and blankets around the fender. I decided to get this gun due to the 1295 ft/lbs of loosening torque.

First, I hooked the aircat up to my regular 50 foot air hose. Wasn't sure how much pressure loss but thought I'd give it try. I kept the gun on it for a while and no movement.
Sprayed some Maltby penetrant to help lubricate and remove rust off the threads. Came back 3 days later and still nothing :(

Called their support and they recommended that I crank up my regulator to 150 PSI to compensate for the long hose since the rating for this gun is 120 PSI for 1295 ft/lbs torque at the gun, rather than at the regulator. No luck.

If you read the instructions, they mention the following key instructions.
1. Don't use a hose longer than 25'
2. Don't use a quick connect at the gun.

Both of these things restrict air flow to the gun causing the gun to not perform at optimal range.

So to be safe, I bought a short 6' hose with 1/2" diameter, put on the adapters so that it's 1/4" npt straight to the gun and the other end 1/4" npt quick connect to the compressor. Set the regulator at 150 PSI

This is one insane bolt to remove because message boards were saying that you need about 1000 ft/lbs of torque to get this bolt off.

With the new setup, I can definitely hear and feel the amount of extra power.

At first, the bolt still didn't budge. It took me about 4 tries within the first minute and the bolt came off finally!

So my advise to you is to make sure that your setup is on a very short hose and you'll love this gun.
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on July 2, 2014
First off, as far as raw torque goes I have no complaints. Especially for the price. Been using it for about 8 months now full time in a shop. It keeps up with the co workers snappy and IR guns no sweat.

However I have 2 major complains with this tool. Ones that if not for the price point, would result in a negative review

1. This is the one that gets on my nerves. A lot. However they cut the output shaft results in a lot of socket wobble when the gun comes up to speed. Doing things like removing lug nuts will violently vibrate the gun to the point of it will stall out when I let off the trigger. That same vibration can cause the socket to slip off the stud and mar up customer's wheels if you aren't careful. I can't just pop the trigger and let the lug "freewheel" itself off. I need to stay with it for that reason. My co workers IR gun doesn't have this issue, even with the same socket. My 3/8 aircat does the same thing, I think it must be in their tooling.

2. Running on typical shop air pressure, 140-175psi static pressure, the trigger gets very touchy. Almost like an on/off switch. There is very little modulation in the beginning stages of the trigger. Add to that that it feels like the gun stalls out unless I give the trigger a firm pulse - like the air veins aren't catching. But then it spins up the gun and makes it difficult to "finesse" things

As I said, torque wise and speed wise it's pretty good. But there are some hiccups with use that are a real turn off. Especially the vibration part - that will wear out the sockets and the gun faster than anything
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on May 18, 2017
Just like it says, "killer torque". My 15 year old Iron Force Wal-Mart special (Ingresol Rand cheapie brand?) is completely outclassed by this beast. This is 20% smaller, 30% lighter, 40% quieter, and IMNSHO 500% more powerful. Took off rusted factory-tightened sway bar nuts on a 12 year old Jeep like they were previously greased and sitting loose. Grade 8 15mm bolts with factory applied "gummy" red thread locker installed 3 months before (skid plate) came out with not a single pause, a whole 2 inches long in only half a second! I started taking one bolt out with a 1/2 breaker bar, and after a minute of getting one full turn out of it I decided to put this to the test. All 4 bolts were out in less time than it took to put the extension and socket on the tool. Wear your eye protection, it will throw the hardware around if you don't manage to catch it first.

Where was this thing when I was a younger man? Oh the bolts I have pored sweat over, hung wrenches, cheater bars, and me off of, sprayed countless gallons of PB Blaster on, this thing could have eaten them for lunch and asked for more.
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on January 13, 2016
I'm a very "experienced" shade tree mechanic (over 55 years . . . ) and have spent countless hours working on tired and old cars. The most recent of which is an '87 Nissan Pulsar which until a couple of weeks ago was my daily driver. The crankshaft pulley bolt decided to loosen causing the pulley to slip a bit and wobble. Easy fix. I thought. Turns out the threads at the end of the bolt had begun to strip. I tried several impact wrenches all of which would loosen the bolt about 1/2 turn but no further. Decided I needed something better and sprang for the Aircat 1150 after reading a lot of reviews. I was NOT disappointed! Getting the bolt out actually took about 20 minutes of work - part of it waiting for my old Craftsman compressor to catch back up, but working at around 110 lbs. the Aircat did the trick where nothing else came even close!! Made in USA in Florida too by a company with wonderful and responsive customer service. Superb tool. Great pricing. Relatively light. Nearly whisper quiet. Trigger response similar to that of a variable speed drill. Need I say more . . . ???
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on July 3, 2013
Not a hands on review!

Had a hard time deciding between the 1200-K and 1150 Aircat Impacts. Both are excellent guns that equal with other top guns on the market based on user reviews. Both are rebuild-able by user, have very similar torque figures (Max. Torque 1,295 ft-lbs), are relatively quiet 86db compared to other top guns on market, have 2 yr warranties, weight about 4.5 lbs, and are about half the cost of other top guns on the market. At the time I wrote this the 1150 was about $14 more (not much difference).

So I did some research and called the company and came up with the following.

1200-K NitroCat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Clutch Mechanism
-slower hits per minute 950.
-better gun for loosening stuck bolts. (per phone call with company)
-slightly lower reliability (per phone call with company)
-Working Torque: 200-900 (ft-lbs)
-uses 5w-30 motor oil for lubrication
-gray main body
-4.0 CFM at 90-120 PSI

1150 AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench, Black
-more hits per minute 1400 (faster)
-more for general use (per phone call with company)
-higher reliability (per phone call with company)
-Working Torque: 200-950 (ft-lb)
-uses Lithium or bearing grease for lubrication
-black main body
-4.3 CFM at 90-120 PSI

Hope this helps with anyone trying to decide.
I need to get some stuck bolts out and am going with the 1200k. Hope it works.
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on February 17, 2017
This is an awesome impact wrench!! I have owned several pneumatic wrenches over the years, from a Snap-On MG725, to an Ingersoll 2135TiMAX. I have also used a MATCO MT2769. This Aircat 1150 stands tall right next to all of these impacts! On paper it is more powerful than all of these, and I believe it now that I have used it. The best part is, its a fraction of the cost of these $400 + impact wrenches off the tool truck!! Only time will tell how it holds up, but so far so good. Its running at 150 psi shop air, and to those people who say anything over 90PSI will damage an impact because that's what its rated at is wrong!! You won't find ANY repair shop running at 90 psi. All of them run at 150-175 psi. Too much air doesn't ruin impact wrenches (been running 150psi on impacts for over 9 years, no issues). The real killer is a lack of lubrication. I put a few drops of air tool oil in my wrenches about every hour of usage. You can never over oil a pneumatic tool, it comes out the exhaust anyways. Not sure why some reviewers say the trigger is "all on" or "all off", it's a variable speed trigger and works very well. Maybe you should get you fingers checked for carpal tunnel or arthritis.

And yes, it is made in Taiwan, and honestly I could care less. It's a great piece of machinery. When it comes to tools, Taiwanese made tools are light years ahead of Chinese made tools. To the reviewers who said the box lists 900 ft/lbs on the box, that is correct. 900 ft/lbs at 90 psi. It'll do a lot more at 120-150 psi.

The Aircat 1150 also feels very well balanced in my hands compared to other impact wrenches. This is now the second Aircat that I own. I have a mini 1/2" drive Aircat Nitrocat 1375XL which is also a superb impact. The only thing which will take some time for me to get used to are the controls, very different from other impacts. Not a bad thing, just different.....Overall I'm very pleased with the Aircat 1150, and the price is very affordable. Awesome impact wrench
review image
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on January 13, 2017
I had a staked gm pinion nut that my other impact could not budge during my last attempt last year.
My other impact would not budge the thing, breaker bar was also of no help.

So i gave up on trying to change that pinion seal.
Now i have the car apart again for some more upgrades, the leak is getting worse, so it's on my mind again.
My other impact can do 350lbs, so i decide to try this impact before i break down and pull the rearend and pay someone to remove the nut.

It took me about 10min to get the impact setup, my old air compressor died recently, so i have a little harbor freight cheap 8 gallon compressor borrowed.

This impact zipped that stubborn pinion nut off like it was nothing!

This is now my favorite tool!
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on February 15, 2018
I'm a professional mechanic and let me tell you this thing is no joke, it packs a massive punch. This thing out performs my coworkers $600 snap on gun. I've removed very large stubborn fasteners with zero effort and a mind blowing rate. This thing is absolutely awesome! Better bring your air compressor A-game because this beast will need ALL THE AIR!
Love it!!
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on May 17, 2017
My son told me that I now look for things to use my two AirCat impact wrenches on. He might have a point because it makes difficult jobs using had tools super easy and fast. My wife just laughs and lets me have fun in the garage.

I also have the 1055-TH, which is an awesome tool. I needed this 1150 for times when serious "oomph" is needed, and this never lets me down. It's so strong that I have to be careful not to over-torque lug nuts or snap off lugs. Yes, it is that strong. It has a sweet sound to it as well, which is not loud at all for an impact wrench.

Awesome impact wrench and doesn't cost you an arm and leg. Very highly recommended!
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on May 24, 2017
I am a guy that does a lot of auto repair out of the house (a whole lot). I do it to supplement income as hey we all. Need multiple streams of income these days right! My guys in the shop spend $400 plus on the Mac and Snap on tools I would tell you this keeps up with them just fine. I decided to go with Aircat again as my older Aircat gun was a little weaker than what I wanted (5 years old and still works great). So I would be very happy to tell you in my eyes the company has a proven track record of quality as far as I'm concerned. You want a great gun at a fantastic price yes pull the trigger on this one and I am 100% sure that you will be happy with this purchase.
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