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AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line
Color: Lime|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$68.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon May 25, 2011
This headset has become the answer to my long quest for a high quality sound in a small, on ear headset. Based upon the acoustic accuracy as perceived with my ears which have many years of listening experience with a focus on blues, jazz, vocals, opera, classical, rock n' roll, folk, acoustic, ballads, C&W, Cajun, Tejano and more, I rate these headphones as a 5 star audio product. I compared them to Sennheiser 280 Pro, various Bose headsets, Bowers and Wilkins, Dr. Dre, Bang and Olufsen Form and others. I was amazed at how much musical clarity, range, brilliance, bass and presence the AKG Q460 provides compared to the other headsets I compared. It is important when testing these using an iPod Classic 160 GB - my music source in this case - to select the EQ, or equalizer, setting that is most pleasing to your own ears. The form factor of the Q460 makes them easy to carry, comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors (except for wind noise). I found they exclude enough external sound so that I can enjoy my music while someone is listening to a nearby television set. When I first tried this headset, I was blown away by the range of sound that came through clear and crisp. For example, bell tones, fingers on guitar strings, background talk between musicians, and I also experience the full side to side breadth of the sound spectrum across the recording studio or live stage. Very enjoyable and not expected in this price range. The cord is a super design and it can be disconnected from the headset and is strain relieved and well made. The ear pieces feel comfortable and are much preferred for bus and plane travel compared to ear buds. Quincy Jones must have approved this headset personally and he is a stickler for the quality of his arrangements and of his recordings - which span some sixty plus years and 27 Grammy awards. I have enjoyed his 4 CD Musical Biography on the Q460s. So, all in all, a great headset, but why did I have to take away one star from my 5 star rating?

The biggest reason is that the in line control on the long cord corrupted some of my music. This - I expect occurred when I was fast forwarding to the next song. Perhaps I accidently clicked the control an extra time, but whatever I did, there is no excuse for a product to corrupt the data in the iPod. The buttons on the control are tiny and my fingers are big so I may have hit two buttons at once. See photos. But, the end result was that a number of songs would play for a few seconds and then skip to the next song all by themselves. I had to delete and reload some 40 pieces of music to my iTunes library and to my iPod. Fortunately, I caught this early. If anyone can explain this, I will be glad to modify this review. I do not know the exact cause but it seems to be related to the long cord's integral control. The male plug also is different than that on the normal ipod headset as it has one extra insulated section. I cleaned up my corrupted iTunes files, stopped using the in line control, place the iPod on "lock" when inserting and removing the male plug and the problem seems to have gone away. Be very cautious before you invest in one of these headsets for use with an iPod Classic as AKG does not list them for iPod Classic use. In fairness, many iPod Classic users have complained on line about a similar song skipping problem, but have not blamed it on their headset.

The second reason for the loss of a star is that the warranty that I received is not good in the USA or Canada. Amazon or the seller should so state in its advertisement that this is a "gray market" product if that is in fact the case.

Some people have noted that the ear piece can come loose when adjusted. I found it is necessary to grip the headset by the slider and the steel backed band and not by the ear piece in order not to stress the swivel joint which can break if you put too much force on it.

I did not run any tests with an iPhone or other phone. The headset comes with a six inch phone adaptor cable. It also comes with a short cable which I found less useful and a long cable which is excellent except for the switch (which you do not have to use at all), but be careful if you loan out your iPod Classic and headset. If someone plays around with the switch, your music collection will suffer.

PRICE ALERT! Since the product is made in China - a low cost manufacturing country - I would have expected a lower price even though it is designed in Austria. I was right! To my chagrin, I purchased my AKG Q460 Headset from Amazon direct on April 2, 2011 for $151.47. Now, lucky buyers may pay $119 or less direct from AKG via Harman Kardon with free shipping too.
How low will it go? All in all a great small profile headset well worth your time to consider.
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on August 17, 2011
These look good. They feel good. The detachable cables rock. The fold up nicely.

They sound, as others have described elsewhere, like speakers with blankets piled up on the tweeters. The higher frequency response of these headphones is really poor, and this has been visually demonstrated on a popular technical headphone review site. Basically the output falls significantly above 5k, muting and muddying all the highs.

It's a huge shame. I'm returning these and keeping the Grado SR80i headphones I just bought. These and the Grados are complete opposites. These AKGs have everything going for them but sound, and the Grados look and feel junky but sound incredible.
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on January 12, 2017
Comfortable, good looking and sound great. If you got a big melon they may not fit.get an upgraded cord stock one seems delicate we will see.
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on January 14, 2013
I was wondering why there were so many 2 star and 3 star reviews on this model. Where I live (Germany), there are places where you could test-listen 30~40 headphones at once. I tested 30 headphones for 2 hours, and this one was hands-down winner for portable source devices. Everything was perfekt: sound stage, comfort, clarity, highs, mid-range, lows, you name it. I tested against products many times more expensive than this one (Sennheiser, Dr. Dre, Denon, B&W, B&O, etc.). It's easy on any device with 125 db sensitivity. Without a headphone amp, it sounds great with I-Pod, Lumia and Galaxy S3, and heavenly with the venerable Astell & Kern AK100. See my review for this one here: Astell&Kern AK100 Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) Portable System The best thing about this headset is comfort -- easily the most comfortable set on the head, with no listening fatigue.

So I ordered one from eBay. I was surprised when it arrived -- the sound was totally different! Packaging was identical. Appearance was identical. But the sound was different. Highs were absent. It was all bass. So I looked closer. The cable was not as easy to put in -- the turning mechanism was not as smooth, and turned only about 70 degrees instead of full 90. Head size adjustment part has overall rough feel, as if cheaply made. There was a warranty card, but the paper used was not top quality and fine prints were very difficult to read, as if printed with a cheap inkjet printer.

After further research on the Internet, I discovered there were incredible number of fake Q460 and even more K450 around. See, for instance, the picture explanations and reviews by HHAH here. AKG K450 Premium Foldable Headphone

I could not return the unit since I bought from overseas. So I ended up buying a "real" one from a department store nearby. My advice: do not buy this excellent headset from eBay. Buy it only from authorized dealers, department stores, or Amazon Inc. Otherwise, you will end up giving it a two star!
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on July 3, 2012
If you are someone that doesn't sweat the small stuff then you will love this headphone. The overall look and quality of the materials seem very good. They come with a nice case and choice of cabling as well as a few adapters for phones and larger amplifiers. The sound is very "consumer" and bass friendly... but i will talk about that in a bit.

My biggest problem OUT OF THE BOX is that one of the circular Q symbols is misaligned, off-center, and peeling off!!! As i said, the rest of the build is great but this one piece really annoys, concerns, and angers me. So much so that I will be retuning this set :( I really don't want to though. Another small gripe is that the cable is stiff to pull out but locks fairly well... I don't have to discuss how awesome the lime green cable looks and feels so that is all good. Strain reliefs are well made but the hole to insert the cable is a bit too small or oddly shaped. The cable issue i can look past though.

Finally on to the consumer sound... I have owned many a pair of headphones in the past and currently own the (excellent) AKG k240 and Shure se215. Both are great sounding products. I have also tried many sennhieser and akg products, as well as the Vmoda M80 and phiaton ms400. Overall, i would say the sound is very similar to the Phiatons and Sennheiser HD 239. It has a heavy emphasis on bass to the point that it mess up the vocals considerably. However it performs great with hip hop, some dubstep, and house music, It fails considerably with any rock or alternative (a large part of my library). Granted, much of "todays" music will play fine on this set but expect no sparkle in the highs at all. I can, however, live with the sound signature as I tend to opt for rap or electronic music while on the go. Not very recommended for home use at all. Furthermore, the headphones play LOUD and distort with an amp so it is better straight out of an iPod or laptop rather than my FiiO E7.

This may all sound negative but there are many positives to this set of headphones. The bass heavy sound appeals to many people (me included) and makes music a bit more engaging. Soundstage is less than average for this type of headphone but i will let that slide as they do not leak terribly. They are very portable and the case included is simply amazing. The look and overall portability may convince me to keep this set but i cannot look past the broken panel OUT OF THE BOX! Another great last benefit is that they clamp the perfect amount. Great for staying on the head while walking or working out. The pads are comfortable and fit decently well for the size of the headphone itself. They are a headphone I'd be proud to own... that little defect makes me very mad though. I would like to note that the broken panel does not in any way affect the sound of the cans.

All things considered, I would recommend this headphone for any type of portable application. if you are going for neutral or Hi-Fi, steer clear, but if you want a fun sounding and cool headphone, you got your match here.
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on November 16, 2015
It did not work at all. The line is blue,blue, so I am blue. I would like to have a black line and the most important is that it should work first
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on November 29, 2011
Best audio quality of any over-head headphones I've ever owned by far... and I've owned alot of headphones. The only problem is, both cords have shorts and I have no idea how to get a replacement. Man, I wish I could use these headphones right now. The audio is amazing, but I don't think anyone should buy these headphones offline. Only by them if there's a store nearby that sells them so you can always get replacement cords.
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on March 9, 2016
Good for the price. But the list price is misleading. I'm pretty sure they are not worth the $200+ list price mentioned on the page.
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on October 7, 2012
The only reason I bought these headphones without ever trying them out first was because Quincy Jones put his name on them. The reviews I read were so positive I knew I would not be let down. These headphones lived up to the reviews given. During the olympics you could see athletes sporting headphones, many wore the Beats by Dr Dre. I bought these as a birthday gift for my teen daughter who wanted headphones for her ipod when she went to her games. I was very picky when it came to matching price and quality. I came across these on Amazon and got lucky big time. Yes, in my opinion, the Q460 headphones blow the Beats by Dr Dre away, not only in quality but also in price. Money can be tight and I saved some cash without sacrificing quality. My daughter loves these headphones so much she is like a walking/talking billboard. I have been searching for well over a year for some high quality headphones worth buying and the Q460 headphones have now become a family brand we use.
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on November 29, 2011
Q460's are great for portable devices. They are not too bass heavy like Dr. Dre Solos are. I listen to R&B,Jazz & a lil' Rap. 460's have a well balanced sound and,the lay-flat cups feel better around your neck. I also believe the Q's will be more durable. The plastic headband on the Solo's breaks WAY TO EASY! Stay away from the hype and get this better product. My only complaint is the length of the cords. The mic'd one is just over 3' and the other is useless unless you have something in your shirt pocket. AKG makes the best mic's so why not the best headphones?
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