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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2011
This headset has become the answer to my long quest for a high quality sound in a small, on ear headset. Based upon the acoustic accuracy as perceived with my ears which have many years of listening experience with a focus on blues, jazz, vocals, opera, classical, rock n' roll, folk, acoustic, ballads, C&W, Cajun, Tejano and more, I rate these headphones as a 5 star audio product. I compared them to Sennheiser 280 Pro, various Bose headsets, Bowers and Wilkins, Dr. Dre, Bang and Olufsen Form and others. I was amazed at how much musical clarity, range, brilliance, bass and presence the AKG Q460 provides compared to the other headsets I compared. It is important when testing these using an iPod Classic 160 GB - my music source in this case - to select the EQ, or equalizer, setting that is most pleasing to your own ears. The form factor of the Q460 makes them easy to carry, comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors (except for wind noise). I found they exclude enough external sound so that I can enjoy my music while someone is listening to a nearby television set. When I first tried this headset, I was blown away by the range of sound that came through clear and crisp. For example, bell tones, fingers on guitar strings, background talk between musicians, and I also experience the full side to side breadth of the sound spectrum across the recording studio or live stage. Very enjoyable and not expected in this price range. The cord is a super design and it can be disconnected from the headset and is strain relieved and well made. The ear pieces feel comfortable and are much preferred for bus and plane travel compared to ear buds. Quincy Jones must have approved this headset personally and he is a stickler for the quality of his arrangements and of his recordings - which span some sixty plus years and 27 Grammy awards. I have enjoyed his 4 CD Musical Biography on the Q460s. So, all in all, a great headset, but why did I have to take away one star from my 5 star rating?

The biggest reason is that the in line control on the long cord corrupted some of my music. This - I expect occurred when I was fast forwarding to the next song. Perhaps I accidently clicked the control an extra time, but whatever I did, there is no excuse for a product to corrupt the data in the iPod. The buttons on the control are tiny and my fingers are big so I may have hit two buttons at once. See photos. But, the end result was that a number of songs would play for a few seconds and then skip to the next song all by themselves. I had to delete and reload some 40 pieces of music to my iTunes library and to my iPod. Fortunately, I caught this early. If anyone can explain this, I will be glad to modify this review. I do not know the exact cause but it seems to be related to the long cord's integral control. The male plug also is different than that on the normal ipod headset as it has one extra insulated section. I cleaned up my corrupted iTunes files, stopped using the in line control, place the iPod on "lock" when inserting and removing the male plug and the problem seems to have gone away. Be very cautious before you invest in one of these headsets for use with an iPod Classic as AKG does not list them for iPod Classic use. In fairness, many iPod Classic users have complained on line about a similar song skipping problem, but have not blamed it on their headset.

The second reason for the loss of a star is that the warranty that I received is not good in the USA or Canada. Amazon or the seller should so state in its advertisement that this is a "gray market" product if that is in fact the case.

Some people have noted that the ear piece can come loose when adjusted. I found it is necessary to grip the headset by the slider and the steel backed band and not by the ear piece in order not to stress the swivel joint which can break if you put too much force on it.

I did not run any tests with an iPhone or other phone. The headset comes with a six inch phone adaptor cable. It also comes with a short cable which I found less useful and a long cable which is excellent except for the switch (which you do not have to use at all), but be careful if you loan out your iPod Classic and headset. If someone plays around with the switch, your music collection will suffer.

PRICE ALERT! Since the product is made in China - a low cost manufacturing country - I would have expected a lower price even though it is designed in Austria. I was right! To my chagrin, I purchased my AKG Q460 Headset from Amazon direct on April 2, 2011 for $151.47. Now, lucky buyers may pay $119 or less direct from AKG via Harman Kardon with free shipping too.
How low will it go? All in all a great small profile headset well worth your time to consider.
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on December 3, 2013
I can definitely attest to the other reviews that these headphones sound amazing. True and clear sound reproduction in all ranges with a healthy amount of bass response (though in the reference-style of accurate bass, not the oversaturated bass you can get from some other gear - if that's your thing I'd search elsewhere). Highly recommended for the audio enthusiast.

For me, though, these got boxed back up for a return in <10 minutes because I, being a gentleman of larger stature (and a big noggin), am evidently not within the design parameters for the physical "reach" of these headphones. Unfortunately if I have the headband positioned properly (so the phones don't fall off my head) the ear cups are about 1/2" too high on each side with the bands fully extended. Bummer.

Note: the 2 cables that come with the headphones are best described as "moderately short" and "very short". Probably okay if you've got your phone in your pocket, but if you're sitting at a desk at work you're going to want an extension cable.

Another note: I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the headphones to seat comfortably in the carrying case. There are molded areas where everything should fit, but it just seemed like the case was a bit narrower than the headphones. With the extra cables and adapters tucked away in the opposite side of the case from the headphones the cover didn't seem to close properly (I'd be concerned with things breaking due to crush pressure in the long run).
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on June 8, 2016
I needed a great deal on headphones. I love music, and I have been spoiled by Sennheiser HD280s, but I needed something portable for travel. I ran across these AKG Q460s. They were originally $229 when they first came out. Later, the price was cut to $149, and now, because they have been around for awhile, can be had for approximately $50. I compared them to my wife's Beats By Dre Solo2 (wired). Those had an original MSRP of $200, so I felt they should be comparable. The AKG Q460s are far superior in sound quality. They brought new life and energy into my music collection. I found myself picking random tracks to hear them over again on the AKGs. Very good sound, and for $50, I don't know how you can beat this pair without dropping $300. I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on January 14, 2014
My wife had wanted a good pair of headphones for a while. She's not an audiophile by any stretch (nor am I), and really just wanted the ability to listen to her phone at work and not have her ears ache at the end of the day. In doing research on a ton of different options it seemed like these consistently had comments about the comfort being good. I saw these during the black Friday sale on Amazon and jumped at it.

Since I am not an audiophile I don't feel particularly qualified to comment on the sound quality (which I feel is good) so I'll focus more on other areas.


They are excellent for travel. My wife throws them in her purse every day and brings them home (which is awesome for me to play the PS VIta). The case is maybe a bit bulky, but considering these aren't earbud's that isn't really a knock against them.

They are very comfortable for her*. They aren't your typical large over the ear headphones--they are actually surprisingly smallish. But they fit her well and she says they don't bother her by the end of the day.

Sound is good. Again, not an audiophile but had to throw in that I felt that the sound for these is very good. I use these to play my PS Vita at home and they are great. My wife also says they sound great.


*Comfort for me. I won't say I have a big head (insert joke here), but it's probably not small either? I do get a little bit of soreness around my ears after a couple hours. I likely just need to adjust them more--which I haven't done much.

In all I think these are very good headphones and would buy a pair for myself.
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on December 3, 2011
Original purchase in October 23, 2011; but alas, after five years I finally got tired of asking my wife if I could use them. So, naturally I broke down and bought myself a pair for myself (November, 2016). I also own a Bose Bluetooth headphones as well as the Beats Studio, which I seldom use if ever, I still like the AKG Q460 the beast. I have profound hearing loss and must wear hearing aides, and since the AKG sits ON THE EAR I'm not forced to take them out -- the two hearing devices function without interfering with the other. Another thing that makes these SOOO NICE is their size. They collapse and pack, carry comfortably around the neck, ready to answer a call on the cell, or listen in private my favorite podcast or audiobook. Life is good, and so are my AKG.


So what else could I do, I bought yet another, my THIRD, only deference being I selected the 'BLACK' Quincy Jones. They sound the same but at last now I can keep it straight which one is mine.

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on March 31, 2013
As a very satisfied owner of AKG Q701 headphones for home listening, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to select these Q460 portables for traveling, trips to the fitness center, and public situations (airport waiting areas) where sealed enclosures were necessary for a variety of reasons. I still shopped around a bit both by listening and reading reviews. Excess bass is a problem for me, since I truly appreciate musical accuracy and the incredible balance of soundstage, depth and range the Q701s deliver. The Q460s provide an exceptional representation of balance in a portable format while still delivering ample bass response to most music. But then, I don't listen to bass-heavy musical styles, so that's a consideration.

The positives of the Q460s make this an exceptional value: portability and a convenient carrying case that I always use because it's so well designed; and, they're well constructed and easy to adjust with a detachable cord in two lengths for different use environments. Significantly, these are comfortable headphones that fit neatly over ears with well-designed size (not too large) and cushions that resist moisture (sweat) while providing comfort for longer listening sessions. I never use the iPhone adaptor, so can't address that.

I've used the Q460s for 90 straight days now and have dropped them a couple of times (workout situations) and they've held up nicely. I recommend them highly for durablity and comfort alone, but I bought them primarily for their sound, which -- if you're familiar with AKG's history and reputation -- you can read about in more detail in several other exellent reviews herein.

But don't take my word for it. There are currently several airport vendors featuring the Q460s where you can do a side-by-side listening comparison. Your decision won't be difficult after that.

For outstanding detail through the full range of musical representation, depth and soundstage, the AKG Q460s are a quality choice that represent solid value. Highly recommended.
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on July 27, 2016
This is all based on my 11 yr old. He took them for his own as soon as I got my first pair about 3 yrs ago. Wonder why I needed a 2nd pair? Easy answer. My son lost them.

In between, my son used sms street by 50 cent. Also a good set of headphones with one big difference. The streets have bigger cans making them much bigger overall. That means they're harder to travel with.

My son loved these akg's. They're very compact for on ear headphones. Good sound quality. I won't talk about hearing this or that frequency. I don't know since I've used them for 5 mins. But my son absolutely loves em for music and movies.

Both these and the streets have good sound quality but what puts these over the top are how compact it folds to. Even though they're small they insulate from background sounds very well.

I bought this 2nd set because of the size compared to the streets. I really hope these last. They're a great set of headphones for travel or otherwise.
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on June 20, 2014
I bought these back in late 2011 when I was looking for a good set of on-the-ear headphones for daily use commuting and around town. I was starting to see the Beats by Dre headphones everywhere and was disappointed to read reviews of how bad the sound was in addition to how fragile they were. I checked them out in an airport kiosk and EEK they were horrible. I'm not an audiophile but I do care about sound, and most importantly I wanted a pair of headphones that would put up with daily wear on my bike and riding the subway. These headphones have proven to be exactly what I wanted and a great buy at this price.

After 2-1/2 years of daily wear the cable finally wore out last week and the buttons stopped working to play/pause, etc. I was able to find replacement cables on ebay - either stock or aftermarket for around $13 each including shipping. I went with the aftermarket (heavier and black) and like it even better than the factory. I hope to get another 2-1/2 years out of the headphones but honestly I've gotten my money's worth already at this point and will buy another pair the minute these finally crap out.

I use these phones every single day: my iPhone sits in my pocket and I control the sound with the buttons on the cable. They don't look massive on your head (I own a Sennheiser pair which sound awesome but make me look like Spaceman Spiff) when you wear them around town. I listen to music, podcasts, and have made hundreds of phone calls with these headphones. You can put them on and off with just one hand (one of the reasons I like wearing on-the-ear headphones more than earbuds) easily when you want to talk to people. They fold up nicely and I've just tossed them in my bag over the years without worrying about them. Most importantly they put up with years of real-world use. Even better: the main item likely to wear out is user-replacable in seconds for less than the price of a cocktail downtown.
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on August 14, 2014
These were the best travel headphones I could find. They sound good: small headphones tend to be more treble-y than you'd like, and this is true on these too, but less than others I tried. They block out ambient sound really well given their small size. As a result, the volume level doesn't need to be as high as for earbud headphones, and for me they're worth buying for this reason alone. They fold easily and are reasonably sturdy. I liked how they come with a replacement cord in case the first one wears out. The controls on the cord worked fine with an iPhone, better than Apple's headphones whose buttons can stop working when the weather is freezing.

Downsides: The case was nice but really big and took a while to put the headphones in so I doubt it'd get used on a commute. The headphones look OK - they'd look better without the big Q logo on the side and the bright green cord.
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on February 6, 2014
The headphones are great: sound is excellent (within its class), they are light and sit well on the ears, they are collapsible and have a nice sturdy transport case. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is that within half a year the internal cable within the headband leading the signal to the right earpiece got interrupted, so I ended up with no sound in the right ear. Quite disappointing for good headphones from a good brand (though they are made in China). I have been using them daily at home and at work, collapsing them into their case for transport in between. Amazon replaced them for me and now I try to keep the headphones extended, without collapsing them. In this way the connection in the headband won't get strained as much and I hope they'll last longer. Of course they do lose their advantage of portability in this way.
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