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on July 31, 2013
This processor is literally the exact same as the amd fx 8350 except it comes pre overclocked to 5ghz which is obtainable by the 8350 quite easily. The only difference besides that is the price tag, which is $912 at the time of this review, whereas the 8350 is 199, seems like amd is just targeting people who have no idea what to look for in a processor, or people who think OMG THIS THING HAS 8 CORES AND 5 GHZ INTEL ONLY HAS 4 CORES 3.5GHZ LOL AMD CLEAR WINNER IN EVERYTHING.

bottom line - this thing is total garbage for the premium price amd put on it. the 4770k is faster, the 3930k is faster, and the 3960k demolishes it.
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on September 29, 2013

Fast processor.

Comes with a liquid cooling solution made by Asetek (is the same as the Antec H2O 920 with an AMD label on it). Chill control V is an awesome app to control your cooling system or create custom profiles for overclocking.

Scored a Passmark rating of 10,849 which is about 1500 marks higher than what my FX-8350 did. Keep in mind these are auto-clock settings using my Fatal1ty. To give you an idea, I gained about 2000 more marks when I upgraded to the FX-8350 from the FX-8150 so you can see there are gains to be made by using this processor.

Was able to overclock to 5.4ghz at 1.59v and still get to a desktop. Very light web browsing was possible but that's about it or the system would lock up. Temps never went above 38 °C so I know heat wasn't the issue.


Not much room for overclocking from it's default clock when compared to the FX-8350. This is only a con because the processor is marketed as an unlocked chip making you think there is a lot of room to go over, there is not. 5.1ghz was as high as I could get a stable Passmark run at 1.4625v. Any voltage higher or lower would lock up the system but I managed several runs while scoring 11,700. Unfortunately, 3Dmark would crash about half way through at this setting but I found 5.0ghz at 1.45v to be the sweet spot. In comparison, 3Dmark would crash with the 8350 at 5ghz so there are some obvious optimizations done with this processor. My highest PassMark bench with the FX-8350 was 11,500 while my highest run with the FX-9590 was 11,700. As an overclocker, what you can get away with and what is actually useable are two different things. Games that could not run with the FX-8350 at 5ghz have no problem running at 5ghz with the FX-9590. That alone should tell you what is actually useable.


AMD has made some improvements. While this may not be the overclocker of the year, it's noticeably faster than the 8350 in it's default state. It doesn't run any hotter than my 8350 did which for me with a closed loop is quite cool. My twin GTX-680's create way more heat than this does and they feel much more alive in SLI when compared to the 8350. I doubt there's anything that could slow this thing down.

The 220w TDP may seem high but in reality this processor is a great performer when you have your power saving features enabled. To score almost 11,000 Pass Marks is quite impressive in this state. It doesn't pull any more than my FX-8350 unless I'm running Prime to stress it out. I thought this processor was going to be power hungry 24/7 but it really isn't. I have yet to do anything that has made the cooling fans run faster than the default values of the Chill Control V software so it's clear that this processor is the best of the best in this series.

To be honest I was about to switch to Intel when the initial cost for this processor was over $800. I thought AMD lost their mind and was very disappointed. I waited patiently until the price was dropped to $380 which now includes the liquid cooler. I was able to sell my FX-8350 with the AMD cooler and gain back over $200 making my upgrade just $189. This is likely the last AM3+ processor so may as well have the latest flagship to get me by for another year or so. This processor has no problems pushing my twin GTX 680's in SLI in fact the processor doesn't even break a sweat.
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on September 26, 2013
Very good cpu. This is an upgrade from FX8350 which is great also and I overclocked FX8350 to 4.4GHZ (same clock speed as new FX9370) on air (A30), all stable. This FX9590 is factory overclocked by AMD to 4.7GHz and stable (turbo oc to 5GHz). CPU chucks out 220W only when oc'd to 5GHz or more. Intel sycophants criticised this a lot because of the 220W heat output, even though i7-4960X @ 4.6ghz sucks c.350W under load. They alleged FX9590 would require a custom water cooling kit or at the very least a top of the range AIO liquid cooler (eg - Corsair H100i). Total rubbish. The FX9590 does not overheat at all. Even with my Arctic Freezer A30 air cooler (£30!), the FX9590 idles at 36c and load at 59c. My main air cooler is Alpenfohn K2 mount doom. After 1 hour use, idle is 33c. Last night after 1 hour ME3, cpu was 49c. After 30 mins Crysis3, cpu was 56c. Yesterday during daytime (nice, hot weather) cpu was 39c idle. I am using a cooler master storm trooper chassis with 8 high performance (and silent) Akasa Viper fans.

In Bios, following settings were automatically applied: CPU level up = cancel, CPU ratio = auto, AMD turbo core = auto, CPU/NB frequency = auto, EPU setting = auto, Xtreme tweaking = enabled, Cool n quiet = enabled, C1E = enabled, core C6 state = enabled, HPC mode = enabled, APM = auto. I have not changed any settings other than the RAM frequency from default 1333MHz to the full 2400 MHz (I have 2x4GB Kingston Hyper Predator X RAM at 2400MHz).

Performance Passmark for my FX9590 rig is 10845. It beats i7-3770K (£275) by 8%. The Haswell i7-4770K (£280) is only 3% better performance than i7-3770K. According to independent online bench reviews, the FX9590 beats the i7-4770K (and it is also £40 cheaper). The FX9590 also beats the FX8150 by 31%. I noticed faster FPS in ME3 (24%) & Crysis3 (18.7%). In BIOS cpu voltage 1.452V, CPU/NB 1.4V, 8GB Kingston predator RAM 2400MHz @ 1.659v, SB 1.113v. All set to auto adjustment and all stable. In stark contrast is the i7-4770K which can just about achieve 4.1 GHZ, yet heats up to an eye watering 81c (even with liquid cooling). This commonly results in a BSOD.

Online discussion forums have revealed that intel sycophants are obsessed about IPC while intel processors are transpiring to be quite impotent. For example, Apple A7 cyclone Arm cortex cpu has equivalent performance to sandybridge. However, SB is clocked 30% higher. Also, initial specifications for Sparc T6 and Power8 reveals they will both have far higher IPC than Haswell while having higher clock rate than Xeons and 8-threads per core. Despite Power and Sparc being far better than Arm cortex, they sadly do not have significant investment (although IBM has started to license Power).

My mobo is Asus Crosshair V Formula Z. Recommended mobo's for this cpu are Asus 990FX Crosshair V Formula Z, Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 Rev3 and Asrock 990FX Extreme 9. Make sure you have a beefy psu (at least 800W gold edition). Mine is Coolermaster 1200W Pro Power Gold. For £240 (from Novatech) this cpu is a reasonable price (I would have preferred c.£200). I sold my FX8350 and regained 65% of outlay for my FX9590 (so overall, for the price of an FX8320 I managed to get the FX9590). I really wanted this cpu but I was not going to pay £650 for it when first released!. AMD needs to keep in the market by continuing to make good cpu's at a competitive price. The i7-3770K is £275 and the i7-4770K is £280, yet this FX9590 beats i7-3770K and i7-4770K hands down. AMD needs to improve TDP and make high end FX cpu's more power efficient. The FX9590 is a good exercise in overclocking, but this is not the be all and end all for improved cpu performance. AMD needs to focus on improved, streamlined, efficient architecture. With Jim Keller on board (hot shot cpu designer), I think the Steamroller will be something special. I'm interested to see if it will beat the FX9590!.

As of May 2013, AMD has established R&D labs in 'tech city' Bangalore and Hyderabad. AMD is now receiving substantial financial and scientific investment from major Indian tech companies. This can only be a good thing for AMD, since India is an upcoming and affluent player in the biomedical and technology industry. Also, if we refer to previous experiences, one only has to look at the famous British car company Jaguar, which was on the brink of bankruptcy but when the Indian truck company TATA bought Jaguar, it has turned this British company around. Jaguar has been saved from bankruptcy and with substantial Indian investment, it now produces the most amazingly good looking, luxury performance cars (and has also saved many British jobs). In the same way, AMD will start to produce better cpu's and gpu's with financial backing from major Indian tech companies. In the way that intel is now an israeli majority company, I suspect that within five years, AMD/ATI will be an Indian owned company. Indeed, this once american company will be saved from bankruptcy by Indian investment and eventual Indian ownership (which can only be a good thing. With AMD around, intel will not be able to hold the world to ransom).

Overall, I am very happy with this cpu. The only complaint I have with the FX9590 is the packaging. It was presented in a flimsy cardboard box. I am disappointed as AMD should have presented their flagship CPU in the stylish and robust metal tin (as FX8350 and even APU's).

UPDATE 30/09/13 - I decided to overclock my FX9590 on Alpenfohn K2 (BIOS fan speed controller set to user defined manual parameters). In BIOS I turned off all power saving and economy settings (in order to allow turbo-overclock). The cpu went to 5GHz, all stable. CPU temperature using speed fan 4.49 stated idle temperature of 44c and under load of 62c. All stable. I have now reset back to stock clock of 4.7GHz.

UPDATE 23/02/14 - Over the last 5 months, I have been receiving racist comments from individuals (captain archer, koolkat et al), who are extremely intolerant of certain races and cultures (and have expressed their bigotry clearly). My tongue in cheek response to them was to add sarcasm to my reviews/comments. To all of you folks out there who are not racist, feel free to take my comments with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, my rig =

Alpenfohn K2 mount doom cpu cooler
Asus Crossshair V Formula Z
16GB Team Extreme RAM @ 2400MHz
2xZotac 770GTX (SLI)
Creative ZXR sound blaster
Coolermaster pro power 80+, silent gold psu @ 1200 watts
Samsung EVO 1TB ssd (boot drive)
Crucial 960GB ssd (my games)
WD 2TB caviar black HDD (storage drive)
WD eco-green 4TB HDD (storage drive)
Phanteks enthoo primo case
W7-64 bit
Logitech X540
Gamdias herpes gaming mech keyboard
Gamdias Zeus esport gaming mouse
2xBenq XL2411T (144Hz monitor)
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on April 18, 2014
Wow this processor simply rocks my socks and because it has 8 cores it can still rock 7 other people's socks at the same time. When it is not busy rocking socks, it is busy chewing through frame rates per seconds on games like a fat kid eating cake (and there is no offense meant here, I was fat once and I could tear me up some cake ... BTW CAKE >>>>> PIE).

It drops punches harder than Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee combined. When it was being delivered to me, it came shipped through Texas just because it wanted to stop and see Chuck Norris himself and get his blessing to carry on the legacy of kicking the crap out of bad guys. Not only did Chuck Norris give his blessing but he also shed a slight tear on the processor which only supercharged it even further.

If you want an ass kicking, supercharged monster from Monster Island who makes Godzilla curl up into a fetal position and cry little lightning tears, BUY THIS PROCESSOR!
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on June 24, 2016
I spent two months trying hard to get this FX-9590 to perform without causing my Windows 10 to freeze at different intervals for no reason. I believe anything that causes this much trouble, is very well known to the manufacturer. I went back to my FX-8350 and, what do you know, headache gone just like that!!!! I've researched up and down the internet only to find lots of negative opinions about the FX 9590. I didn't want to go back but now I'm sorry I ever tried to upgrade in the first place. If something works well, don't look for trouble."If it aint broken, don't fix it"!!!!

I gave it two stars as a generous gesture because, at times, I was able to work as much as an hour before freezing began. This processor does not compute!!! It does not process as you would expect from an upgrade. To me, this is a downgrade and you should proceed with caution!!! With the 8350, I'm back to peace and happiness! One last note, if the 9590 were still inside my computer, it most likely would have froze Windows 10 several times by now, causing me to just give up on writing my review!!
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on August 8, 2013
After finding about this item, of course as a Tech Reviewer I wanted to get hands on with it to experience this new AMD Product. After getting it shipped, I decided to run it in my PC to see how it looked, ran, and how cool it could keep. This card NEEDS liquid cooling, liquid cooling keeps your CPU very nice and cold, but at the same time you have a lot of things to worry about. Water leakage, accidental pouring, etc. This card has 80c on it for 900 Bucks, which is a rip-off of money considering that's 20c under for water's Boiling Point. This card also runs at 5 GHz which is VERY nice considering it's the first card to do that, but at the same time, my over-clocked 8350 does that amount of fire-power, keeps cooler, and is 800 dollars less.

Pro(s): Better GHz, current, would last you a great while w/ Liquid Cooling.

Con(s): REQUIRES Liquid Cooling, does the fire-power of an over-clocked 8350 and has the potential of over-heating.

Last Review Notes: If you want it and have the money whilst not worrying about Liquid Cooling, go for it. But w/ 6 Fans in my NZXT 820 Case, 140mm's (2) pulling hot air out whilst four 200mm's push cold air in, it still didn't do that great. It's basically defective for air cooling and air cooling is cheaper AND better in my opinion, so in total, this product deserves it's 2 Stars.
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on August 14, 2013
The performance of this CPU is almost the same as my old 8350. A 200 dollar CPU so why in god's name should I spend an extra 700 dollars for an extra 2-4FPS on games and around 4-8 seconds less on 3D rendering? Also for anyone who buys this product you better have a decent power delivery system on your motherboard or else it will burn-out the CPU and the motherboard. Also why am i getting 52C on idle using a Corsair H100i? It runs so hot is not worth it. AMD really shot their own foot with this CPU.

PS. I am not a native English speaker so I am sorry...
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on January 20, 2016
This is an upgrade from an older i5 760, and boy what an upgrade it is! There are few programs that manage to even multithread to the point where all 8 cores are being used, but when it happens, this processor handles it like a champ! From compiling maps and code to encoding video and intense-action games that rely on the CPU are hardly challenges for this processor, and the only real limit is the program having trouble handling multicore systems without having updates done on their end to better support larger core count processors. Of course, this is a program issue, and not an issue with the processor. It does like to cook when it's under load, so keep in mind a good cooler is a necessity. I got a closed watercooler and it has been keeping it quite cool, and I've had no heating-related issues with the processor. It might be okay on an air cooler if you have really good ventilation and a cool ambient temperature, but I'd personally avoid air cooling just to play it safe.

When I first started to overclock, I locked up my computer quite a bit trying to figure out how to keep the darn thing stable. Maybe I just suck at it, but any overclock at all causes lockup on my computer and I am a bit burned out with changing settings in BIOS. As long as my clocks are set to stock 4.7 GHz, it works absolutely flawlessly.

Edit: When I first got this processor, I was biased towards the price I spent on all the parts for a new build, and while my original post stands for video encoding and map compiling, I've recently started going into much more rigorous comparison tests between my (replaced) Intel i5-760 and the AMD FX-9590. It bothers me that the performance of this processor has either greatly declined since my initial reaction, or I was blind in game performances because of the excitement of a new build. Looking at the processor in a much more objective view gives me a much different view of its overall quality. Compared to the Intel Intel i5-760, this processor has an average 5% to 10% lower overall performance drop, which is noticeable in some circumstances. It also appears to suffer some compatibility related issues as well. Installing the same Windows 7 distro on both the AMD and the Intel computer, DOOMs Vulkan mode does not work on AMD, and I've tried a number of work-arounds. Do bear in mind, I am using the same exact RAM sticks, the same hard drives, and the same video card between the two builds, so either Vulkan doesn't like the motherboard, or the processor isn't doing something correctly. If this wasn't bad enough, overclocking the processor is still a nightmare. I'm not sure if I should blame the processor or my motherboard, but I still cannot overclock this thing. It doesn't appear to be "defective" in a general sense. I can Prime95 this thing for a week straight with no issues as far as stability, so I am at a loss. I am even more disturbed by the "benchmark" results from sites like CPU Boss, which seem to imply this processor should "overall" be about double the power of my i5-760, which if this IS the case, isn't showing in any real world, practical sense. Physics simulations is better, sure, as well as AES encryption due to hardware-accellerated AES support, but as for raw gaming, it falls short by quite the margin. Do not get this for gaming. I plan to do some more work on finding a solution and will update accordingly.
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on July 25, 2013
The Piledriver FX chips are very fine products indeed, but this is just too expensive.

Traditionally, AMD has been able to create chips pretty much identical to Intel chips, but for almost half the price.

Ths processor only just matches the 3960X ($1000) and yet it has nearly the same price. If this was priced at $750-$800, AMD would really have a gem on their hands, but matching a product and only offering a few advantages over it really doesn't do much. I got a chance to use on of these for a couple days and was very impressed until I learned it was $970.

This is not worth the money, and neither is an i7-3960x (or almost any i7 for that matter).

The FX-8320 / 8350 remains the best chip for the money, since it can come pretty close to this with an OC and a $190 price tag.

EDIT: The price dropped from $970. It's a good deal more competitive now.
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on July 24, 2015
Where do I begin.... First off Its a mini nuclear reactor. You will need watercooling and even then you have to not go cheap on the water cooling.
Because this processor is so new there is literally like 4 motherboards that can support this and even then, you will come to find out that only the never versions of the calmed compatible boards actually can work with this processor. And then even then because of the architecture of this processor none of the new motherboards that can support this chip only work with 16x pci express 2.0 ONLY!

A lot of people don't understand is that AMD and Intel board even from the same manufacturer and same boards actually function completely differently to the point that AMD boards seem to have more issues then the same board intel versions. With that being said I had to replace 3 AMD motherboard because of DOA, malfunctioning sound chipsets, a numerous other issues just on hardware alone.

Even after I finally got everything installed, I find my windows 7 with sluggish, laggy, slow, and a lot of desktop ghosting was happening, this is while the processor was watercooled at a stable 43-55 c. idle and full load. So after 2 weeks of trying to get my custom build fully functional with this processor I completely gave up and returned it. Keep in mind my builds if clean will only take one day.

I went ahead and purchased a Intel i7 devils canyon 4.0 processor installed it into my new board and it posted right away and it only took me one day to get everything up and running. Running smoother then a babies butt. In the end I am sorry AMD fan boys, AMD has fallen short in the past 10 years and Intel is winning. I should have stuck with the intel my last build was still amazing before this one and it was a intel chipset. I will never go back to AMD. Trust me you pay more for Intel processors but in the end less headache and time lost and wasted which will make up for the difference in the long run.
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