Customer Reviews: AOC E2251FWU 22 - Inch Widescreen USB LED Monitor - Black
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on May 17, 2012
Earlier this year, I came across the 16 inch version of AOC USB powered LCD monitor and purchased it. I was a little skeptical about whether it will deliver its promise, but was pleasantly surprised by its performance and ease of use. Then I learned about the 22" version being scheduled to be released in Feb 2012, and decided to return the 16" one and wait for the 22". The release was delayed for 3 months and finally it came to Amazon in May and I purchased it right away. To sum up, I'm glad I waited. The extra 6" makes a whole lot of difference and I just love the large screen. Here is my summary of pros and cons.

1. No power adapter or video cable necessary (which is a HUGE PLUS)
2. Very light weight (light enough to carry it with one hand)

Cons (I list 3 cons, but really only care about the 1st one)
1. Takes up 2 USB ports (on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop)for sufficient power supply ... Because my laptop only has 3 built-in USB ports, I had to buy a USB hub to share the 3rd USB port for my keyboard and mouse.
2. Installation took trial and error on some machines due to Display Link driver issues. (Had better results on Windows XP machines than Windows 7 machines, thought eventually I was able to get it to work on both.)
3. No (easy) way of rotating the monitor to switch between landscape and portrait ..... This is possible with the 16 inch version. I guess it can't be implemented easily on the 22" monitor, because of the bigger screen size.

I hope some of you find this review helpful. Thanks for reading.
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on July 2, 2012
I just received my AOC 22" monitor. The product works as advertised entirely off the USB, no power cable required. The box doesn't even include a power adapter. The monitor appears to use around 10 watts, but it seems to vary depending on how much rendering is being performed upto as high as 20 watts. The supplied USB daisy-chain cable takes up 2 USB ports on your computer, which is required to supply that much power. The product mentions its possible to run with only a single USB connector, but I doubt thats possible since USB2 provides a maximum of 9 watts, significantly below the 20 watts I've measured.

My video driver doesn't even detect the monitor, so I assume all video rendering is being performed by the CPU rather than the video hardware. My CPU is often spiked to near 100% while using the monitor. Since the monitor is being rendered without your video hardware, low end or older computers may experience choppy video.

Perhaps my biggest complaint is that the monitor provides no mounting holes whatsoever. So if you have mounting hardware, you are out of luck. I'm planning to improvise with either 2-sided tape or lots of velcro.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the quality although its not quite as amazing as I was hoping it would be due to the lack of hardware optimized video and mounting points.
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on May 16, 2012
Being newly released I took the plunge and bought this without much information about it. I've had it for about 24 hours now and am happy with the purchase. I'm using this monitor with a current gen MacBook Air. I've found the following:

- Color is a bit muted, comes around a bit after the monitor has been on for an hour or so
- A breeze to configure on OS X Lion
- Sometimes the Display Link connection gets a bit "busy" and movies displayed on screen will get a little bit choppy. This seems to occur when I have a bunch of windows open at the same time, and does not appear to be affected by system load. [I'm just using the default DisplayLink driver on the AOC disk and haven't experimented with anything else yet.]
- Very nice to be able to just plug into a USB and have a 2nd screen on my MacBook
- Very light and "portable." I'll be able to take to longer-term jobs and use as a 2nd monitor without having to lug something large and heavy along. 22" is not exactly portable in the true sense of the word though, the thing is very thin and light, but it's still 22" across.

To summarize: A great product if you're in the market for something like this. If you're just in the market for a monitor, there's a number of better options out there, as this is truly a niche product in my opinion.
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on November 30, 2012
I purchased this item about a month ago for its portability, flexibility, low power consumption, novelty of reducing cable clutter, and the desire for more and more desktop landscape. Below is my experience thus far, I'll start with the good...

-Worked out of the box as expected.
-Easy to assemble
-Very light weight and thin.
-Portable enough to easily move around your house, although not to carry with you as a mobile monitor. (Go for the smaller version if you are looking for that.)
-Low enough power consumption. (Running off my laptop's battery and powering the monitor took an expected hit, but it was well within reason ~20%). I use a Dell and an Acer laptop running Windows 7 and both were fine. The device comes with an option to draw power off of two USB ports. However, in both cases, I needed only one.
-Its awesome having three monitors hanging off my laptop. Unless you have multiple video cards, most computers today will natively support only two monitors. The ability to layer on additional monitors can be done by purchasing USB adapters, but this monitor allows you to avoid all that.

-Picture quality is fine for typical office work. Spread sheets, presentations, etc. However, if you are intending to use this monitor for gaming, video or photo editing where color quality is an issue, I would look somewhere else, or use this as a secondary monitor, and use a monitor driven from your video card as a primary.

-The base is not adjustable, so you cannot adjust the height, or tilt the monitor
-You need to install a driver for it. Windows does not natively recognize the monitor, so you must install a driver from CD (or download from the site - recommended so you have the latest greatest). This is troubling to me. I have purchased products in the past that work just fine in this manner on today's operating systems, but then along comes a new OS, and poof, just because of that you can no longer use a piece of hardware. This alone should make you stop and think.
-You cannot adjust the color or view. There are no image control settings that I have been able to find that allow you to adjust things such as hue, saturation, horizontal or vertical, etc.

-I would buy this again! In fact I am thinking of doubling down. Ultimately, I think I am looking for my work environment to double as a tanning salon. OK maybe not, but I think that despite the drawbacks, it is still a great value. I am hoping that by the time I need to upgrade OS, the monitor's drivers will be supported natively within modern OS.
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on June 23, 2012
It is thin and looks crisp and bright. It is 1080 and it has no lag on like previous USB video solutions that I have tried in the past. If you need an additional LCD that is portable then this is for you. I love it!
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on November 24, 2013
I have one of these for my Macbook air. I like it so much I bought one for my daughter. Video aficionados don't like the "low refresh rate" and the occasional artifacts, but I'm mainly doing spreadsheets and ordering on Amazon, and for those things it's perfect. I seem to recall I had to download drivers before it worked, but it wasn't a hassle to do so. It's possible that the fan runs more often than it did - the monitor power is coming from the laptop after all, but the Air has not complained thus far.
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on September 25, 2012
I got one of these in an attempt to get more display real estate without getting a higher-end video card. I connected it, it installed the drivers (6.3.4) and then commenced to blinking all the monitors on and off as it was connected and disconnected from USB every few seconds.

I even got the most recent version of the displaylink software/drivers : 7.0, and that made no difference.

My main computer is Win 7 64-bit with two monitors connected to a GTX-275 at 1600x1200 resolution each.
My laptop is Win 7 64-bit also running 1600x1200, and my netbook is Windows Starter Edition - 32 bit.

On the main and laptop I got the same problem, all monitors flashing on and off and the usb connect/disconnect sound going off every few seconds.

On the netbook it connected and worked, but only as a mirror, not an extended desktop, and only at the same resolution as my netbook, 1024x600, not exactly what I bought a 1920x1024 monitor for. Turns out this display cannot make your netbook support a higher resolution. I should have taken that into consideration.

Here is how I got it working on my main system:

I had assumed that the screen would detect the correct resolution, but apparently it does not. I changed both of my existing monitors to 1600x1024 (from 1600x1200) and THEN connected the new monitor, and it worked fine! It even reset my main two monitors to 1600x1200 and configured itself as 1920x1080. I now have all three screens working, with a smooth transfer from the new AOC on the left to my main screen in the center and my extended monitor on the right.
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on July 9, 2013
Have used it only for the 2nd day, but think I can share my experience.
I use it with a Lenovo X220T if that matters.

When the monitor first gets detected by the computer (or after reboot, wake up after the screen has been shut off or any time the monitor is switching from off to on), it needs 2 USB ports. If only uses 1 USB, the monitor will go on and off.

After it has started showing the screen, I can unplug the USB cable that supplies additional power, i.e. the USB connector with only 1 cable. I don't need to use another USB port for power until the laptop goes sleep and wakes up again.

In case you find it still take 2 USB port to keep the display, and for laptop that has limited USB ports, you can connect the USB cable to a smartphone USB/AC charger. They usually supply 1000mA which is more than a regular 500mA USB port from a computer. My aftermarket laptop charger has a USB port supplying 1000mA which can also be used to power the monitor if needed. Or if you don't have an power outlet available, you can also try those portable backup battery with USB port for smartphone or tablet.

I've read some negative reviews about the display quality.
This is a portable monitor, not a regular desktop monitor. I don't expect great color from it (I have an IPS panel monitor at home that can produce more than 100% RGB for photo editing, that is a few hundreds more expensive that this)
I'm going to use this portable monitor for trip, good to have an additional monitor when I work remotely in hotel or even when there is no power outlet at all for presentation. I believe it will server that purpose well.

What I think that can make it better:
a carrying case or sleeve
the stand at the back should be foldable flat for easier packing
the tube on detachable base can also be made foldable (though you can unscrew it now)
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on August 9, 2013
This monitor is very light and the only issue carrying it is finding a suitable travel case. I'm keeping the box for now but looking for something just the right size. Note that it does not need external power to work but uses your computer's power source. There is a connection on the back of the monitor for a DC-5V power cord to plug in, but none is provided.

I was afraid it would be difficult to connect to my MacBook Air using AirServer and it was a bit complicated - it took me about an hour to get everything working. The CD that comes with the monitor is useless, except it is the only place where you can find the link to connect to the website, where you need to download the latest version of the software for your Mac or PC. I'll save you the trouble: [...]

This means you don't actually need a CD-ROM drive to use this monitor. Thankfully my 2013 MacBook Air was also powerful enough with just one of the two USB connectors provided. The USB connector cord provided is too short to reach the second USB on the opposite side of my small computer since they aren't side by side on the MacBook Air like other computers.

I was able to mirror my iPad 2/3 & Mini without too much trouble using this monitor, although it did require adjusting the system preferences for 'arrangement' of the display and adjusting screen resolution also helped to get the image to use the full screen. I could easily move the windows over to the monitor to use it as addition workspace.
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on November 28, 2013
This monitor is an awesome monitor for presentations, small meetings, unexpected group skype calls in outlet-free workspaces, etc. It serves as a good portable second monitor to work. I take it with me to most conferences.

My laptop (Lenovo X230) can power it from one USB 3.0 port (this monitor is USB 2.0, but USB 3.0 ports can provide almost twice the current). The battery life of the laptop with the monitor drops to 2 hours from 5 hours - this beast consumes about 10 watt.

Removed one star because I couldn't figure out the way to adjust brightness.

Lag is sometimes noticeable, but is acceptable for most application (like, showing presentations fullscreen with fullscreen videos goes smoothly, but watching HD movies may have a bit of a lag.
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