Customer Reviews: AOC e1659Fwu 16-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED Monitor w/ Case
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on August 9, 2013
I've been keeping my eye on USB displays for a while now, and when I saw this one was going to be released soon I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I work the majority of my day staring at four displays split between two systems, a Win-based one for work, and a Mac based one for photography/research/etc. Occasionally I have to be mobile, and once you're used to being able to organize your open windows on multiple displays, working in one display can be a bit constraining.

This display works great for both systems (Mac drivers not included, but available from DisplayLink site). On a Windows system it automatically detects rotation, on the Mac, it had to be set manually, but for me this is a non issue as I don't rotate my display often. The glossy display is a minor drawback, you might need to adjust the angle until you get rid of unseemly reflections, but the viewing angle is fairly forgiving.

Reviews on the former device noted lack of a protective sleeve for transport and storage. This version came with a fabric/neoprene sleeve that fits perfectly, even with the cable tucked into the arm-stand cavity. Which bring up another complaint about the former model, the arm-stand is no longer a solid wedge, it is now a loop which does not interfere with the cable or block the USB3.0 port when closed. The resolution hasn't changed from the former release, but even with the awkward ratio, I find it more than sufficient for a web browser, text editor, or an array of IM windows. and with Auto rotation on Windows, it will probably serve fine for PDF/Doc viewing as well.

The device comes with a USB cable that has a power pigtail on it, however, I did not need the pigtail for either my USB hub (which is powered by my Mac Book Pro) or plugging directly into my Win laptop. While my USB Hub is USB3.0 capable, neither the Windows nor the Mac Book are USB3.0 devices, so for those wondering if it was a showstopper, fear not, USB2.0 is sufficient to run this display.

I'm incredibly happy with this and am relieved to know that on those occasions where I have to work from a hotel room, or other office environment I won't have to go scrounging around for a second display or cramming all my windows into one display.

This product would have gotten 5 stars if it had better out-of-the-box support for Mac users. Finding drivers was not intuitive, I went to AOC's site and noted the e1659Fwu did not have Mac drivers listed. I decided to try the e1649Fwu drivers only to realize their Mac Drivers were hosted directly by DisplayLink, which means the drivers are not specific to device itself, which is good news for Mac users. I also would have liked it if auto-rotate were supported in the Mac, but that's something I can ask DisplayLink about.
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on June 13, 2014
I bought two of this for using as 2nd and 3rd additional monitors for my pc. Easy to configure through my USB 3.0 ports. Had to buy two USB extension cords (3 feet) because of the distance to my PC. See my configuration on Pictures by Users.
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on August 22, 2013
There are some more in depth reviews already, so I will keep this short and sweet.

I purchased the previous version of AOC's usb monitor, and I was a bit disappointed with the lack of a few features. Well this version surpassed my expectations.

Why this monitor rocks:

1. USB 3.0 / Nice crisp image, pretty darn good quality for a monitor powered off of ONE usb port. (I don't know what people saying the quality is bad were expecting out of a monitor powered off of a single USB port)

2. Auto rotate / Monitor software - Auto rotate to portrait to landscape and vise a cool feature. You can do a lot from the monitor's system tray icon - update to the latest monitor driver, change brightness (YES), and a few other tweaks.

3. Slimmer, comes with nice carrying sleeve

4. Port In more convenient spot

I recommend this item for anyone needing a second monitor that is portable and still maintains high quality image and build.
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on December 26, 2013
Original review:

I bought this for my wife to use with her Microsoft Surface Pro, while sitting at the kitchen table or at cafes.

Then I bought another for myself so I could write code at cafes.

Having dual monitors on a portable device freaking rocks. I'm the kind of person who appreciates machines like the gScreen SpaceBook. Many people would want more screen real estate for their portables.

I suspect the main reason this item is not more popular is that people don't know about it yet. Maybe AOC should make their logo more prominent, on the back of the monitor, so the other persons at cafes would get a clue about how to get this awesomeness for themselves.

If AOC came out with another such monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, I would purchase it immediately, even at twice the price, possibly more. (For comparison, the *keyboard* for my Surface costs as much as this monitor.)

[I tried AOC's E2251FWU, a 22" portable USB-powered monitor (B0073BOCNU It has the resolution I want (1920x1080) but it's just too big to be portable, and it has other issues, e.g. it needs 2 USB ports for power and the Surface has only 1.]

* USB-powered and data -- only needs a single cable.
* Sleek kickstand that supports landscape and portrait orientations.
* Needs only a single USB 3.0 port. (AOC's 22" monitor requires additional current, so needs to use 2 ports).
* USB 3.0 port is in a good location to keep the cable from getting knocked out. (This contrasts with the ASUS MB 168B+, which has a terrible port location that causes it to get knocked loose very easily.)
* Comes with a Y-adapter on the USB 3.0 cable so you can add additional power from another source, e.g. a battery or another USB port. (ASUS MB168B+ cable has no Y and power is a critical issue for that thing.)
* Cable has sufficient length and flexibility (in contrast to the ASUS MB168B+ whose cable is too short).
* Comes with a *flexible* neoprene carrying sleeve. Bonus (for me): It's "side-loading" -- a better orientation for me, since I can leave the sleeve in my backpack, and still take out and put in the monitor.
* Thin and compact: Easily fits into my tiny backpack, along with all my other gear (Surface Pro 2 + type cover, power supply, mouse, etc).
* Auto-pivot. Need to install special driver (which AOC provides) to get Windows to change display properties.
* Uses DisplayLink, a de-facto industry standard; works using stock Windows drivers.
* Brightness and contrast controls.
* Very low price. I'd easily pay more for this monitor, even as-is, even with all the cons I list below.

Critical Cons: (Fixing these would bring it to 5 stars.)
* Resolution is too low. 1366 x 768 does not suffice for me. 1920x1080 would rock. I'd pay extra for this. ASUS MB128B+ has higher res but is worse in every other way.
* No USB pass-through. Surface has only 1 USB port and this monitor consumes it.

Other cons:
* High latency. Makes mouse navigation harder. (This is possibly endemic to DisplayLink; I'm not sure AOC is entirely to blame for this. The ASUS MB168B+ has the same problem.)
* Contrast is relatively poor compared to high-quality displays like what comes with the Surface, and worse than the ASUS MB168B+.
* No brightness/contrast control buttons on the device itself -- must be controlled via software. (ASUS MB168B+ has brightness buttons, but no contrast buttons.)

* No touch-screen capability. Most modern laptops and tablets have touch-screens. I'd pay extra for this.

Again, if AOC made another version with the same form factor, but higher resolution, I'd order it at twice the price. If they added a USB pass-through and touch ability, I'd pay even more, and I'd consider it a 5-star item. This is a relatively untapped market for café-dwellers and mobile coders.

Edit, 2014 Jan 19:

We've had this AOC 15" monitor for about a month and I've compared it with both the AOC 22" and the ASUS MB168B+, a 15" monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.

This AOC is superior in every way to the ASUS MB168B+, except resolution and display quality.

My wife kept this AOC and I kept the ASUS -- a reflection of our priorities. But I wish AOC would upgrade the resolution of this model because it's the only aspect that is inferior to the ASUS.

I updated the "pros" above to reflect my new-found awareness of certain design features that I didn't appreciate as fully until I used the ASUS.
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on August 7, 2013
I have been in the market for portable monitors for use at work and on the go for quite a while now. I was considering buying the first-generation AOC 16" USB monitor, but definitely glad I waited for the e1659Fwu. I picked up two of these to use with my Samsung RC512 laptop (2.0 Ghz Core i7 w/ 6GB of ram.)

The brightness and contrast of these displays are comparable to that of my laptop, and are fully adjustable, and on Windows 8, I just had to plug them in, and DisplayLink installed automatically (so I'm running these without using AOC's driver disc.)

The foam-padded cases are a nice touch, and address one of the concerns many had with the previous generation's model.

The only reasons why this isn't receiving 5 stars, is the noticeable 5-10 ms lag between moving the mouse across the display, and when the mouse actually moves. Both monitors are directly plugged into USB 3 ports (not via a hub.) I did try disconnecting one of the displays, but the lag remained in the other display. Hopefully, AOC can fix this via a firmware update. But, even with the lag, it wasn't too noticeable when playing full-screen video on Netflix.

Otherwise, based on my first hour of use, these are absolutely fantastic displays, and I look forward to putting them through their paces. My next test will be with the AOC drivers (to see if they improve performance.) I'll try to keep this review up-to-date as I continue testing.
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on September 19, 2013
Preliminarily- I do hope I don't have the same problems contacting support if I ever need it (ears on AOC?).

I have a modern version Toshiba laptop with 2 USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 for a mouse or something. The monitor works without using the extra power cable. With that said, I have two of the Zagg brand high energy batteries that charge cell phones by means of a 5 volt USB port that I plan on using most of the time, because I don't want this to drain my laptop.

The monitor itself has striking clarity and I had to turn the brightness down (with the built in software adjustment)- definitely every bit of 200 nit capability, and the 8ms response time is for real (with USB 3.0); the monitor display is better than the LED built into the laptop (I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that).

Initial installation- plugging it into the USB for the first time detected drivers right from the internet (I never needed to take the CD out of the package), but Windows 7 64 bit never prompted me to reboot (you know how sometimes, you don't know if the computer is still doing some process in the background or not...and you wait, and wait), which I had to do before I got a picture. ---With auxiliary power plugged into the secondary cable and computer off, there's a constant prompting from the monitor to supply a signal.

I'm taking a lot of computer courses in college right now, and several require the use of VMware's (free) VM player which let's you run (in my case) Linux (and most other operating systems) inside of Windows. The advantage here is I have Linux opened full screen on my primary laptop monitor and the electronic textbook opened on the AOC. Even when the VM is in Unity mode, the mouse moves freely between the two environments- exactly what I bought this for......I'd give it 10 stars if it was a 10 star rating system.

BTW: it does not auto-rotate. As I own this for a little longer, I'm going to do a video review. There are no videos or stills showing the connector plugged in; but it plugs in to the receded area where the bracket hinge is- standard USB 3.0 style connector that comes with HDDs.
I don't recommend transporting this with the connector installed, is seems a little flimsy (gotta draw the cost-line somewhere I guess). I would gladly pay $20.00 more for an excellent quality data connector. I transport my laptop, power supply, and this display (in the lid compartment) in the Pelican brand 1495 17" laptop case in the top section (see my other reviews), and it fits perfectly! I'll be sure to include that in the video review.
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on August 12, 2013
I just got my monitor today, I was able to plug it in, straight out of the box without issue. As soon as I plugged it in, windows was able to detect the DisplayLink driver to download and install. CD Media is also included with the monitor's manual and DisplayLink driver if you happen to not have access to the internet at the moment.

16" display looks just like my laptop monitor. It is 1366 x 768 as advertised. You can only choose 1024x768 and 800x600 as other options through the Screen Resolution dialog in Windows 7. Does everything a normal monitor can (Extend, Mirror, Main Monitor, Only Monitor).
DisplayLink adds an icon to the system tray. This can give you quick access to change orientation manually and resolution. DisplayLink context also offers 640 x 480. There is also "Settings" you can access from the system tray which will allow you to adjust brightness and contrast on the monitor.

Comes with a Y-USB cable with a 3.0 connector as the main connector and a 2.0 just for power if needed. If your USB port cannot supply enough power, the second USB is for that. My laptop only needs to use one USB port to work. Adding the second one does not seem to affect the display in any way.

As advertised, rotating the display automatically adjusts the orientation of the screen.

I only notice increased CPU usage when the screen has to update, if I am working on my laptop screen while the AOC monitor only shows me static data, I notice no CPU usage at all from the DisplayLink driver. My mouse moves as expected when on the AOC monitor. It starts to jump around and lag behind with sporadic movement, but normal movement looks like a normal monitor.

I was able to load a youtube video and full screen it on the AOC monitor without issue. I was able to watch the video with no tearing or stuttering (albeit, it wasn't a fast paced video or action scene of any kind. Just watched a Jackie Chan fight scene video, it seemed to be just as responsive as my laptop monitor).

I hope to see this become a great asset when traveling to customer sites. I know of countless times a second monitor would have made me more efficient.
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on January 14, 2015
For the price and what it is I give it 5 stars.

I read the reviews first and figured out that their was an issue with some computers getting this to work. S, first thing I did was go to the website and download the most recent drivers - then I plugged it in. No problems at all. Right clicked the desktop and did screen resolution settings to position the screen on the preferred side and that was it. I have it plugged into a USB 3.0 port, but I have also been able to get it working just fine on USB 2.0 on my laptop. The screen resolution and brightness is not the greatest, but it is a very portable solution for the on the go individual who needs extra screen space in the hotel. I have had no issue working with a little lower resolution and a little less brightness. It's an acceptable tradeoff to me. One of my favorite features is the ability in your computers screen settings to make this monitor portrait to view whole pages. The built in stand is made for this option and is wonderful when I am reviewing lots of legal docs and entering data in a spreadsheet on my main laptop. If this is for your home then don't even think about it - get a nice HP or Dell monitor, which are made for what you are doing. This is made for portability and does it very well.
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on July 17, 2015
I just had the most frustrating time getting this to work. It kept connecting and disconnecting every second or two. I thought at first that it was a compatibility problem (I built my own PC). After messing with the display settings for a while, nothing was working. Then I changed out their USB cable for my own since I had a few laying around that I had purchased from Cable Matters on Amazon, and it works perfectly now! They just had a lame USB cable. If you have issues, consider just getting your own cable, even though AOC says to only use theirs (well it's crap, so no!).
Make sure it's a micro-B connector -- this is what I got that works:

The display is great, though the viewing angle is not. It seems decent when in its default landscape setting, but I have it on its side for a verticle 2nd display and the image looks funky if I move my head to the side too much. I didn't get this for looks though -- I'm a video editor and I just wanted a second display to put my Premiere timeline on so I can use my nice dell ultrasharp main display for the good stuff.

It really helps with screen real-estate, just don't expect it to replace a real 2nd monitor. I would imagine it's great for a portable 2nd display, though I'm not using it for its portability.
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on October 9, 2014
This product wasted a lot of my time and created havoc with my PC. At first glance this product looked well built but was considerably heavier and thicker than what I had imagined from the ads. It is really a tough call to say if I would want to travel with it. The set-up instructions on both a printed piece of paper and on a disc are a joke with virtually no helpful information. I had enough sense run the program that installed a PC driver but it took a long time to finish. I was planning to use this as a 3rd monitor....but to my surprise it killed my second monitor connection totally. It just became a black screen. A visit to my control panel was unable to restore it. The image quality on the USB monitor is as others have remarked....poor for anything but documents and printed matter. You can only view the monitor if viewed directly in front of it...any deviation and it disappears or distorts. To restore my PC I had to use the device manager to delete two display drivers installed from the disc. On top of all this, I found that no drivers are available at all for older Mac and PC operating systems. Check before you buy. Sending this product back.
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