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on August 9, 2013
I've been keeping my eye on USB displays for a while now, and when I saw this one was going to be released soon I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I work the majority of my day staring at four displays split between two systems, a Win-based one for work, and a Mac based one for photography/research/etc. Occasionally I have to be mobile, and once you're used to being able to organize your open windows on multiple displays, working in one display can be a bit constraining.

This display works great for both systems (Mac drivers not included, but available from DisplayLink site). On a Windows system it automatically detects rotation, on the Mac, it had to be set manually, but for me this is a non issue as I don't rotate my display often. The glossy display is a minor drawback, you might need to adjust the angle until you get rid of unseemly reflections, but the viewing angle is fairly forgiving.

Reviews on the former device noted lack of a protective sleeve for transport and storage. This version came with a fabric/neoprene sleeve that fits perfectly, even with the cable tucked into the arm-stand cavity. Which bring up another complaint about the former model, the arm-stand is no longer a solid wedge, it is now a loop which does not interfere with the cable or block the USB3.0 port when closed. The resolution hasn't changed from the former release, but even with the awkward ratio, I find it more than sufficient for a web browser, text editor, or an array of IM windows. and with Auto rotation on Windows, it will probably serve fine for PDF/Doc viewing as well.

The device comes with a USB cable that has a power pigtail on it, however, I did not need the pigtail for either my USB hub (which is powered by my Mac Book Pro) or plugging directly into my Win laptop. While my USB Hub is USB3.0 capable, neither the Windows nor the Mac Book are USB3.0 devices, so for those wondering if it was a showstopper, fear not, USB2.0 is sufficient to run this display.

I'm incredibly happy with this and am relieved to know that on those occasions where I have to work from a hotel room, or other office environment I won't have to go scrounging around for a second display or cramming all my windows into one display.

This product would have gotten 5 stars if it had better out-of-the-box support for Mac users. Finding drivers was not intuitive, I went to AOC's site and noted the e1659Fwu did not have Mac drivers listed. I decided to try the e1649Fwu drivers only to realize their Mac Drivers were hosted directly by DisplayLink, which means the drivers are not specific to device itself, which is good news for Mac users. I also would have liked it if auto-rotate were supported in the Mac, but that's something I can ask DisplayLink about.
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on March 14, 2016
It's been an adventure trying to find a monitor to work with my Surface Pro 3. I've tried several: GeChic 2501H, Asus Mb169B+, ASUS MB169C+, and this AOC e1659Fwux-Pro.

The AOC was the first one I got to work right out of the box. I literally just took it out of the box, connected it up, downloaded the driver from the website and ... voila!!! worked! However, of the 4, it's my least favorite.

--This has by far the best and most handy stand. It's built right in and works great. Very stable and provides support for whatever angle I want to place the display at.
--Comes with a neoprene soft case. Not the most protective, but better than nothing (which is what the GeChic came with (nothing!)).
--Ease of use. Soooo easy to get connected and worked right away without any tweaking, grumbling, hours of searching forums for answers, or anything else. It just plain worked.
--Comes with a Y cable that has 2 USB ends... 1 to connect to the device, and 1 for added power. Excellent! (The Asus MB169B+/C+ should come with this as well, but don't and I had to buy one, just to even attempt using them due to the low power output from the SP3 USB port.)

--It's super heavy compared to both the Asus MB169B+ and the GeChic 2501H.
--The display quality is by far the worst of the GeChic 2501H or the Asus MB169B+. Colors are washed out, it's not very sharp, the screen has a lot of glare to it, and it's just plain terrible to look at, especially next to the awesome screen of the Surface Pro 3. (The displays of the GeChic and the Asus are far superior and barely noticeable in difference when side-by-side. I've added photos to show the AOC next to the Surface Pro 3, so you can judge for yourself (notice the difference in the color of the green border on the Excel spreadsheet and the washed out colors of the desktop background...the SP3 s on the left, the AOC e1659Fwux-Pro is on the right. also added one for the ASUS MB169B+. The lighting isn't quite as good in this one, but that's my fault, not the monitor's...look at how close the green colors are for the Excel windows and how close the background blue colors are on the desktop photo. And the clarity.. trust me, the ASUS wins this hands down compared to the AOC. )

There are some really good features about this monitor, it's just too bad the most important part.. the display so awful. It's going back and I'm keeping the ASUS MB169B+, which has a GREAT screen, much better color and clarity, and super light weight.
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on March 19, 2015
I have only had this monitor a short time as I write this. I can give a good review on use and set up nonetheless. I have read about some of the issues people have seen and I cannot find that any of these are true at all. I am a geek too. I have been in IT for 30 years from Administrator to Architect. I demand the best out of everything I use when it comes to technology. The monitor sets up VERY easy. It has a CD that has the drivers on it and a setup program. The program is run from the CD and the software setup is the usual installation type info boxes seen in most software installations. The OS required me to reboot two times to sync the monitor and load the driver correctly. After that the monitor came up in the exact 1 2 configuration I wanted. If I wanted to move the monitor to the left side I could have changed the 1 2 display to reverse too. It is at 1600x900 resolution with vivid colors (250,000+ colors at 18-bit). No wash out, no distortion, and no fuzziness. What happens with the color differences is that many people run the 1st monitor at 1920x1080 (or higher with a higher color bit rate) while running the AOC at the lower 1600x900 (with a lower color bit rate). The colors will look a little different then. I now run both screens at 1600x900 for a nice match up. 1600x900 is pretty decent and I am very happy with that resolution. After all this is a notebook and I am not going for high resolution.

It compares to my HP Envy built in monitor....almost. In fact they look practical identical. No two monitors will ever match perfect but this is VERY close. One thing I did have to deal with was that it sits a little lower on the table than my HP ENVY notebook monitor. I use a rubber hand rest to prop it up and it looks and works great that way. My ENVY has a 17 inch screen so the match up is perfect. Another cool thing is they do include the cable and a carry case for the monitor. The cable I expected but the carry case is a nice bonus. I know nothing about the durability yet, but I will post something a year or so from now and let you all know. I expect it to handle normal carry case situations and small bumps and jolts without issue. If not, well that would be an issue.

I also need to talk about the arm on the back that props up the monitor. It is very stiff and so no matter where you move it holds the monitor in place. (That is good!) It does seem a little wobbly at near vertical (That is Bad!). If the arm is pulled out at least half way it is pretty solid then. This is the one feature that could have been done differently. I would have preferred an arm in the middle that pulled out and had better angles. Something more like Microsoft's Surface but adjustable. Still, it stands up just fine. Don't let this arm be the reason you don't buy it or use it. It works great.

I strongly recommend this monitor for the reasons I listed above. It really does work off just a single USB unless you have an older USB. Mine is 3.0 and it works great. I also use Windows 8.1 64-bit. My video card is a Nvidia GEforce 840M video card.

Now a year or so later and I have more comments on this monitor. It is very durable and has been hauled all over the place and bounced on the ground in a wheeled carry case. No problem there. Here is a major issue. There is no way to get this to work on a new Windows 10 server. None. I have it working on this one, but the driver was installed on Windows 8.1 and then the system upgraded. I tried to install with the latest drivers from AOC and using the Disk that came with the monitor. It will not install and causes major video issues that are a pain to fix. I fixed them, and hooked it back up to this older laptop (About 18 months old). The new Spectre is just not able to work. The instructions (AOC) admit they do not support Windows 10. Wow. There are still no drivers available from AOC and no support. I wrote them, and they do not support it is what they sent back. WOW!!!! Don't buy this unit!!! I am not dropping my 5 star rating to 3 stars.
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on February 20, 2016
Well i have now had this monitor for about a month. I gotta say that it is a real nice one. I decided to go with the upgraded model since my laptop has the resolution. The monitor works just as advertised...almost. But i'll get into that in a bit.

The fit and finish is very nice. It does not feel like it will break with the littlest jostling. The kick stand is nicely done and I don't worry about it moving on me because of the weight of the monitor. Speaking of weight the monitor is light. I haven't been transporting it around simply because I don't have a need to at the moment. The monitor also has little rubber feet on both axis that you would use it for (landscape and portrait).

The flip function works very well. I have used it a couple of times when I have a document up for reading. The screen is bright and I haven't had a problem with it.

About the only reason that i gave it 4 stars was because of the software. The screen comes with a disk that you use to install the drivers which in turn also allows for the screen to rotate. The downside is that I use Windows 10. The software that comes with the screen does NOT support windows 10. So upon installing the the software and following the instructions for first time setup I was rewarded with a non working monitor. But there IS driver support for the screen and windows ten that gives you full functionality of the screen. The drivers are made by AOC. The downside is that NO WHERE in the instructions does it talk about this. After doing a couple of searches for driver support I was able to find the correct drivers and install them.

Thats really about the only complaint that I have with it. I think that they could do a slightly better job at at least listing where additional drivers could be found. I understand that the CD that was published was before WIN 10 and that the added cost of making a new one already would just end up passing a higher cost to the consumer. But for a fraction of the cost a simple pamphlet could have been included to at least talk about the WIN 10 drivers.

All in all with that one little detour that I had to make I would recommend this monitor. It works good, it's lite, and it seems to be made of good construction. Don't let the drivers turn you away from this monitor. Just google AOC e1659Fwux windows 10 drivers and you'll find what you need. It adds maybe and additional 5-10 min of time to setup. But the cost and value of the monitor I think still makes up for that.
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on February 1, 2016
I've been using my screens for six months now. As as CPA, I love to travel months at a time and this tool allows me to bring my office with me. The 3 screen setup (2 AOC monitors + laptop) allows me to work more efficiently. The screen are extremely light weight and I love that they're powered by the laptop so I don't have to carry extra cords.

The only con is it the USB cable into the monitor can be a little finicky due to the USB cord being a little loose where it connect with the monitor. Sometimes if I accidently move the cord or shift position of the monitor the monitor will loose power until I can readjust the USB cord.

If they made larger sizes than 17 inch, I would buy them.
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on September 5, 2016
I am a Mac Book Air user (OSX 10.11.6). I was a little worried in reading some of the reviews regarding Macs (USB port issues etc). Well I am here to say this thing is fantastic for a Mac in travel situations! One thing that may be why my review is better than others is because DisplayLink just updated their OSX driver (8/22/2016) and I am benefiting from that update.


So the Mac Book Air is fantastic in an airport and on the plane and in a meeting. Long battery life, light, fast start etc. However, I have found when I get back to the hotel or office and need to do "real" work, the one screen is just not enough. I have many open windows etc. Long story short the AOC Display solves that issue beautifully. Throw the display in your roller bag and you are good to go.

I actually take it to the coffee shop and work hours on end with the two displays working almost perfectly.

I do NOT use this for playing games or whatever. Usually Microsoft office kind of stuff, spreadsheets, word, PowerPoint etc.
Web applications work great (i.e. Firefox).
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on January 24, 2017
This was a fantastic monitor while it worked! Unfortunately, after less than 3 months of owning it the screen began to have significant display issues. Despite the issues I had with the product, I've included some good and bad points of this product.

The Good:

- The Monitor is pretty crisp for the price range. If you're looking for something to watch videos on or utilize as a mobile gaming monitor, I would suggest spending a bit more to get something designed for videos or gaming. This monitor is great for working on Excel or Word documents for work.
- The case seems very nice. I only used it once to transport the monitor from home to work, but have left it at work as an extra monitor.
- The fact that it does not require a power source other than a desktop computer or laptop USB or SS port is fantastic. You only have one cord to deal with and it's extremely easy to disconnect your laptop and move to meetings and reconnect when you get back to your desk.

The Bad:

- After 3 months the screen started to have random color glitches. Fairly soon afterwards, half of the screen had significant color issues. Now I am missing half my screen, which makes the monitor completely unusable.
- Other reviewers have mentioned the cord connection having issues. I had similar problems with the cord. It connects and disconnects randomly and had become even more frequent. Before the screen became unusable, I would have to disconnect the monitor and reconnect it, otherwise it would blink on and off (with the disconnect and reconnect sound that Windows makes) about every 3 seconds. I have plugged other USB items into that same port and have not had that issue with anything else. Even when utilizing the SS port, it has the same problems.
- Customer service is so-so. To their credit, their response time is very quick. However, don't be surprised if you receive, "This is not a product defect and is thus not returnable or covered under warranty." Despite sending half a dozen other reviews citing the same issues, I was still told it was a "user issue". I'm not an engineer by any stretch, so I took the monitor to the technology support at my company. Within 30 seconds of looking at the screen the support team was able to tell me it was a product defect. Sadly, when I handed over the monitor the first technician started laughing immediately and said, "You bought an AOC product?" Long story short (somewhat), apparently my company used to furnish some company desks with AOC monitors, but after numerous issues they have moved to utilizing Asus monitors. I asked nicely (begged) and was given an Asus monitor to use at my desk. I've enjoyed the Asus monitor so far, but will need to wait out some time to see if it has a similar issue. Perhaps it's just a mobile monitor issue.

Overall, not a horrible product (for the 3 months that I was able to use it). But if you're looking for a monitor to use long term, I would not recommend this one. Either spend a little bit more for a sturdier monitor or spend a bit less and get a little less image quality. If you're using it mostly for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. then a lower image quality should not be of significant concern. You may be able to roll the dice and get a monitor that works, but it seems that AOC has quality control issues. At $100+ that isn't a risk I am willing to take again. Check out an Asus product or other quality brand that doesn't have the high brand visibility and associated costs that a Samsung or an LG would have (Side Note - with that being said - Samsung customer service was some of the best I have ever worked with. Less than 2 days to get a replacement for a TV that my girlfriend purchased and was broken upon arrival.)
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on April 21, 2017
I purchased this monitor on December 10, 2016 and it worked great for a few months. But on April 10, 2017 it stopped working. When I plug it in the logo appears and then the screen goes blank. It will not do anything. I tried removing the driver and reinstalling it, but that didn't help. When I went to my order on Amazon to return it or get support, I got a message that said the return window closed on January 30, 2017 and support window closed on February 10, 2017. I guess you get what you pay for. I am not stopping here, I am going to Amazon to see what they can do to help me get my money back.
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on August 12, 2014
I've purchased about eight of these monitors so far to replace an earlier model for users who frequently travel to customer sites and need a second monitor. So far everyone has been very happy with the performance and image quality. It's very light weight, has a solid metal stand and is thin so portability isn't a problem.

Three things to note:

1. The neoprene sleeve that is included in the box is pretty thin so while it keeps the monitor frame from minor scratches and bumps it does nothing to protect the actual LCD. It would've been nice if the sleeve was firm on one side to shield objects from applying pressure directly to the LCD panel. Best to add a rigid card or other cover to protect the panel while in the sleeve or buy a laptop bag to give it a little more protection.

2. The USB jack is in a better location than the previous version but is still extremely prone to damage. In fact, I just bought one last week where a user accidentally pulled the USB cord out (possibly dropped it while it was connected) and it has damaged the micro USB 3.0 port on the back of the display causing the display to flicker on and off; essentially e-waste. I might try to solder on a new jack if I can find the right part. The jack itself seems shallow so any micro USB 3.0 cable you plug into it doesn't seem to go all the way in and as a result makes for a loose connection to begin with.

To improve the longevity and durability of these monitors, I take a few extra steps to adhere the usb cable with zip ties and tie mounts (need to notch out the tie mounts so the cable sits flush) to the back of the display to minimize the change of the USB port snapping off. Tie mount part number is Startech HC102, under $6 for 100

3. It's better to get the original USB display driver direct from DisplayLink

I just bought some 6 inch micro USB cables to permanently affix it to the back of the panel so that users won't need to plug and unplug cables directly into the jack itself. Hopefully, this will keep the LCDs working longer.
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on March 2, 2017
Have owned two AOC monitors. This monitor and the previous model. Very much "babied" both monitors. Both broke within 8 months. Both monitors broke where the wire connects to the monitor. If you buy one of these monitors and do not travel with it then it is a nice monitor. One feature that it does have is that when you move it from the landscape to the portrait position the content also assumes that configuration. This a nice feature when you are working on something like an XL spreadsheet. If you want a monitor to use for travel or if you are going to plug unplug this monitor on a frequent basis then my guess your monitor will break in 8 months.
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