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on January 5, 2016
Awesome monitors! I purchased 3 of these with some vesa adapter brackets (They are not really vesa mountable without them) and they work great! The thin bezel really helps.
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on March 14, 2016
I have made an unboxing video if you wish to watch it:
So far I've bought three of these things and they look and work great. The monitor itself is 22", but not that the screen is actually only 21.5". Assembly is simple, take out the base, screw the stand into the back with the thumb screw, and then slide the monitor into the base. The monitor has VGA and DVI as input choices, though I wish to see HDMI or Displayport, it's not enough for me to knock off a star. Also no there is no vesa mounting option built into the monitor. There are adapters you can buy that will slide onto the screen and enable it to be mounted, but it still should be noted.

Edit: I recently bought a triple monitor stand and have mounted these monitors to the stand. While VESA adapters do exist, they are expensive, so I went with the DIY approach. Total cost was less than $10 total. I got a 10 foot roll of Galvanized Strapping (used to hang pipes from the ceiling), washers, nuts that would fit onto the included vesa screws, and some heavy duty duck tape. Cut pieces of the stripping to match the holes in the vesa mount (I used the smaller 75mm holes). Wrap them in duct tape to prevent scratching the monitor. Put the screw through the holes in the vesa mount and place 2 strips of the strapping on each mount, one across the top pair of holes and one across the bottom. Put a washer over the screw and loosely put a nut on each screw. You should be able to slide the monitor stand into the brackets you just made. Use a pair of pliers and screwdriver to tighten the screws in place. Repeat for each monitor, and make sure that they are tight. I was able to align these vertically and horizontally without them sliding around.
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on December 10, 2017
Terrible. Do not buy. After a little over a month and a half, the monitor just randomly died on me. It was in the middle of doing work (nothing graphics intensive). There was no warning. The power just suddenly cut off. I unplugged and replugged everything and got nothing (LED indicator wouldn't even turn on). The worst part is that it that was only used maybe 5-10 times as I did most of my work at the office and used this only when I was working from home as part of a 3 screen setup. They were mounted to a heavy wooden desk and plugged into two separate surge protectors. The other monitor that was plugged into the same surge protector was fine when it died and so it should not be due to the surge protector failing or an external electrical issue.

If your monitor does work and makes it past a few month, here are some of the Pros:
The monitor itself looks really beautiful and has VESA compatibility, but you have to remove the stand first (remove back cover and then screws). The bezel-less sides are perfect for multiple monitor setups and it was priced really well when I bought it, maybe a little too good to be true. It had a DisplayPort which I thought was really nice. Unfortunately, none of this stuff matters because it died.

I think the worst part of the situation is that Amazon service was terrible in helping me resolve my problem.

The below is more on Amazon's assistance for my issue, which some of you may end up having to do if you purchase this monitor:
I used the tech repair/replace that Amazon now offers. The guy took 5-10 minutes to research that I needed unplug and replug the monitor. I almost fell out of my chair for such an insult, seeing as I told him twice that unplugged and replugged the monitor. Once in the intro, when they say describe your problem and once right after he said "Hello", as I knew he would go there. And yet, it took Amazon 5-10 minutes to "unplug and replug". He then took a subsequent 5 minutes to ask me if the LED indicator was on. This was right after I had told him that the "light indicator" wouldn't turn on. I was shocked that he couldn't connect the fact that "light indicator" refers to the LED indicator. After that, he told me that there was nothing he could do for me and that I would have to contact the manufacturer ( as it was a little over a month since the purchase and thus making me ineligible for a replacement/refund).
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on April 17, 2017
Solid image quality, on par with my lenovo z70-80 laptops screen. Deep blacks and bright whites. Build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Entire monitor is plastic. Buttons on back feel cheap. LCD panel is not secured on the sides and can be partly lifted out. But the panel itself is great, and for the price the flaws can be overlooked. Only real complaint i have that i can't overlook is a lack of a display port. Video cards today have several of these, so all monitors should have one

But, if you don't need display port and are okay​ with mostly minor build quality issues, it is a solid monitor and worth the money.
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on May 1, 2017
I literally shopped for about 6 months for a monitor before buying this and I couldn't be happier. While not a Samsung, Asus or HP which we've all heard of, this thing beat them all and for about half the cost. My requirements were a 27" monitor with virtually no bezel and it had to be visually appealing as I wanted to hang it in our family room for a CCTV system and $200 was all I was looking to pay. This was it. Its thin, has VESA mounts, super thin bezel, very crisp, clear picture and best of all its the price of most 23 inch screens.
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on April 19, 2017
AOC has stepped up its game in recent years, and its monitors are now as good as better-known brands costing more. The picture clarity is good on this, and you can get software that will directly interface with most of the manual controls, saving you the trouble of fumbling around with the buttons on the device.

The two caveats I have are that this software was NOT included in the packaging, and phoning tech support got me a lesser version of the software. You'll want to go find the correct software online.
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on October 12, 2016
One of the cheapest IPS 1080p monitors you can buy. Image quality out of the box is good, unless there's a lot of dark in the picture, in which case, often looks washed out. However, I got the picture to look a lot better by using a combination of picture settings with the monitor and from my graphics control panel. Ghosting is also an issue with this monitor, and can be very noticeable with certain games, and sometimes 60fps video, even if you aren't specifically looking for ghosting artifacts. If you're willing to experiment with all sorts of picture settings to get the picture to display dark scenes correctly, and can put up with the sometimes noticeable ghosting, this isn't a bad monitor if your budget is very limited and can't afford the $150-200 for a 22-24 inch IPS display from brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Update (10/22/16):
I found out that the washed out image was due to the Nvidia Control Panel defaulting to a dynamic range of 16-235 instead of the full dynamic range. So, with that fixed, nothing looks washed out anymore. My original comments about ghosting still stand. All in all, this isn't a bad monitor for the price, but watch out for the ghosting.

Update (6/21/17)
Only change from my last update to now is that the monitor now keeps defaulting to the "Warm" color preset. I keep having to change it back to the "User" preset. Other than that, the monitor is working flawlessly, even when used on older computers.
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on February 25, 2017
This is a review for the 27" model of the monitor. I bought 2 of these to replace my existing monitor setup and I do not regret this purchase in the least! I mounted these to a dual monitor stand without any extra hardware or brackets. I read a lot of reviews and some were good, some were bad. I have not had any issues with these compared to the reviews, and the monitors match picture tone perfectly. I have always went with LG in the past, and I am glad I gave this brand a try.

I do a lot of gaming and needed something that would not bleed or ghost. Playing Titanfall 2 on these monitors is a blast and a real game changer from my existing monitors. The menus are not terribly hard to navigate and the fact that these came with display ports is an even bigger plus. I do see a lot of people complain about the image quality, which from what I can tell so far, is great! Now compare these to say my 65" 4k HD Smart TV, of course there will be a difference, these are not 4k and do not advertise to be.

One thing I will say, out of the box, these only come with VGA cables, nothing else! So if you are like me and checked out some unboxing videos, do not be fooled, buy some display cables, or HDMI cables if you do not want a washed out image quality from using the VGA cables provided. I do have these hooked up through the display ports on my GTX 1060 just to be clear.
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on July 13, 2016
As I'm no connoisseur in the monitor field, I'll be giving my general assessment of the i2777fq Monitor. My very first 27 inch Monitor.

After originally looking at Monitors, this one sprang up out of nowhere and caught my eye on day as I was immensely attracted by the thin bezels. As very few monitors at the time of purchasing were what I was looking for in the looks department. But onto the main portion of the review!

Shipping/Opening: While it was used for Prime, unfortunately I had a problem with shipping and caused it to get lost for a bit. Probably just a problem on Amazon's end and not the product, but just mentioning. ~
Well. It came in a box. As expected. But what was not expected was in the included Display Port cable, which was very helpful as I did not have one. Also included was the Monitor, Power Cable/Adapter and what not, instructions, and a VGA Cable.

In use: The monitor on its own is very beautiful with actual buttons to press for the Menu and all of that jazz. Out of the box there was a bit too much blue for my taste, but was easy enough to change and should be fine for the general user without changing it.
There was a small amount of backlight bleed in the top right corner of my screen, but I do mean very little and in practice it does not ruin any experience while gaming or viewing movies/videos.
Regarding the 1080p and the 27 inch being a bit big despite the lower resolution for things like text and the like, this wasn't really a concern for me. Keep in my this is my first ever 1080p/27 Inch monitor in general, and I upgraded from a 18.5 Inch 1336x768 resolution. So either way, I was in awe by the colors and upgrade in game texture and better quality... everything.
However if you're really wanting some sort of higher quality picture/image such as 1440p then you can try to use DSR within the NVIDIA Control panel, or AMD variant or a custom resolution.
The monitor was easily overclockable to 75hz as well within the NVIDIA CP, but not any higher for myself.
I can't exactly touch on the Speak/MHL use as I dont really have a use for it, but other reviews have touched on them within Amazon reviews.

I've had zero issues with said monitor regarding performance, pixel issues, backlight bleed, or anything else that would ruin the experience. While again I'm no pro in monitors, it is a very beautiful display overall.
If you're interested in an attractive monitor but still wanting a 1080p display, this should be right up your alley with those attractive bezels.

Also as a side note, this occasionally hits a sale from $250 to $200. Which I bought right before the sale. :c Sad day. But I still enjoy this monitor at full price.
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on July 31, 2017
First one came damaged in shipping (a hole punched right through the box!) so a little wait for the 2nd one was a bit inconvenient. But so far so good! Easy setup, up and working in minutes.

Some observations so far:
- Very bright screen, much brighter than the monitor it replaced. I had to set the "Brightness" to 30/100
- some options not well explained ("overdrive"?)
- the monitor "leans" a little to the left... not sure why. I put a couple of business cards under the stand to fix this.

But good solid monitor and recommended!
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