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on September 4, 2015
Okay, APC has come through with a much better product in this low end category. This unit does provide backup power compatible with most small computers. It's output is a modified square wave. (Some salesman decided to use "Simulated Sine Wave" so we would buy it.) First thing I noticed is that it is considerably lighter than it's processor BE350G. The "On Battery" run charts are really long, like close to 77% efficiency for 30W loads. The beep is OPTIONAL! (The gentle green power light flashes instead.) The case is a good compromise between a tower with the plugs on the back and it's predecessor that's obnoxiously wide. I'm going to tear into this thing and I'll post anything I find, but for now you won't find anything else with this kind of efficiency on battery. (I've been looking for months.) There are a couple reviews of overloading issues with a medium load, I've run both units with 240W resistive load for more than 30 minutes on battery without issue. I'll go back and put a poor power factor power supply on it and post any failures.
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on August 29, 2016
I'll add a couple of stars since I should have caught the problem in my research.

I sleep with a CPAP machine. Having the power go out is a yucky way to get woken up. I bought this with the intention of providing backup while I sleep.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the alarm can only be silenced on the higher power units. Now instead of being woken up by my CPAP cutting off, I'm woken by the beeps.

Thankfully, I'm handy with a soldering iron. I was able to pop the case and remove the beeper. It's nice & silent now, but goodbye warranty.

If you're thinking about installing one of these at home, be sure to check the APC website for which ones can be silenced.
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on December 18, 2015
This device is worthless. I was concerned about purchasing this unit because of the reviewers who said it fried their equipment and one reviewer who said they would not honor the warranty. There were a lot of good reviews too and the price was right so I bought it.

I work at home on the computer and needed some type of battery backup to keep from losing my work. I have been planning to buy a UPS for quite sometime and finally did. I only had this unit for less than two weeks when it failed.

While I was working, and feeling confidant that my work was protected from a power loss, all of the equipment that was connected to this unit just went off. There was no storm outside or power surge and nothing else in the house went off or lost power. Not even a flicker of the lights to indicate a power problem. Everything that was plugged into this thing just went off at the same time. The unit still had a green light glowing on it and there was no sound emitted or any other indication of any kind that there was a problem with the unit or that the power was out to the connected devices. It all just went off.

I usually save my work quite often while working in case the computer freezes or the power goes out. Since installing this unit I have been less concerned about losing my work and have become somewhat lax in saving my work every few minutes as I usually do. I believed I was protected by my new, trusty UPS backup.

Be aware if you try to return this unit - you will not be able to. Here is what you will see if you go to return this item:

"This item isn't eligible for return. This item can’t be returned since it requires special transportation and handling which we can’t provide."

Thankfully Amazon was really great about handling this and they say they will credit my account in full for the item, and that I should keep it or donate it. Although I don't know what I will do with this brick since it is now useless to me.

I hope this review helps and prevents someone else from having the same issues I had.
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on February 9, 2016
I put together a small business server system in my home office. It's a nice little Dell PowerEdge T20 box, which is surprisingly capable given its low price, and draws little power.

I set the thing up with reliability in mind, using a RAID 5 array of SSDs, internal and external HDDs for backup, and a good austere software configuration doing regular snapshots and system image backups. Powering the system is this APC BE350G UPS that will keep it running for quite a while even in the absence of mains power.

You'd think it would be a good and solid setup, and indeed it did run for weeks without trouble.

I thought I had thought of and planned for everything. Then it unexpectedly went offline.

Turns out this UPS has a power button on top near the corner that's slightly recessed but not too hard to depress.

The family cat had found the spot under the desk where there was a warm surface to sit on, and managed to depress the power button. No harm done, I had no corruption due to the unexpected power-down, and the UPS power button now has a nice new ad hoc cover taped over the top. It's run flawlessly ever since across several power failures. I'd buy this UPS again.

No cat was harmed in the making of this review.
review imagereview image
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I live in a part of Miami that looses power every time there is a thunderstorm. Power flickers for 1-2 seconds at most before returning. I purchased this APC to protect my Comcast DVR and modem, that's it. For some reason, the unit isn't preventing the DVR from power cycling and rebooting from loss of power. The APC is either not providing power instantly or not enough. I have the bigger brother UPS (NOT from APC but from Cyberpower - way better quality) hooked up into just for my computer and that one works flawlessly. My advice folks, don't cheap out and waste your money on this under powered unit. Get this one instead: I only replaced the batteries on this once in 5 years. Yes I know its expensive but in the world of battery backup, you WILL get what you pay for unless its this sucky APC model and then its only decent for low power items that last a half second without power like a fan or reading lamp: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD Series UPS 1500VA 900W AVR Mini-Tower.
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on March 14, 2017
This is rubbish. Purchased this few months back and often wondered WHY my NAS was non-functional a few times when I returned home. At first I would have to reset the NAS but then today the piece of crap battery backup actually turned my NAS on/off THREE TIMES!! Guess WHAT THE F HAPPENED?

If you guessed killed my NAS and now I just lost 15TB of data then your answer would be correct.
This NAS is trash, its rubbish, its refuse, its garbage. DO NOT PURCHASE IT!

I now have to attempt to rebuild the damned thing. Absolute rubbish.
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on August 13, 2016
(this review has been edited after APC highlighted that there are customer scenarios for which this unit is appropriate)

This is a review for APC BE350G. This is my fifth APC unit, but the first that is really small.

I just received my unit, expecting it to provide short lived but reliable power and allowing my CCTV computer to power down gracefully for extended outages. However this time I got disappointed with APC - this unit does not connect to the host computer, i.e. it has no way of telling your computer that there is a power outage and to let the computer shut down gracefully, which in my opinion makes it into a very advanced surge protector but not useful for blackouts that lasts more than 10 minutes.

When I go back to read the product description here on Amazon I am sad to confirm that the product does not claim to have this feature, but neither does it state that it doesn't. My bad for assuming APC would live up to the high standards I have come to expect.

- APC provides high quality, sturdy and reliable equipment
- Suitable for smaller electronic equipment not requiring automated shut down to protect sensitive electronics, hard drives etc.

- Not suitable for PC or server that requires unmonitored and automated shutdown during blackouts. The unit does not communicate with the computer to indicate power outage. When the battery runs out on the APC unit your computer will lose power and crash just as if the grid power was lost with all the associated problems, including corrupt hard drives etc. This is not the unit to buy to protect a PC.
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on March 8, 2017
I ordered one of these. After charging for 24 hours I attempted to use this item. It did not work. It alarmed and then turned off. I looked up on the trouble sheet. It stated that the battery had to be replaced. I called Amazon and relayed this information to them. They promptly sent me another APC BE 350G. I plugged that one in for 24 hours. when PC, monitor and Printer were plugged into the new UPC, again there was an alarm and then shut off. Batteries were plugged in as instructed. The batteries shipped with these items were simply completely discharged and no longer functioning. It is important to note that this specific unit is mo longer being sold by the manufacturer (Schneider Electric) and has been replaced by the BE425M. do not purchase this specific unit.
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on July 20, 2016
If you have a computer or similarly sensitive equipment, then you are doing yourself no favors if you are running off a regular old power strip or surge protector. Although a regular surge protector might protect from power surges, your equipment will still shut down instantaneously without ceremony. This backup will allow the computer to keep running through short power blinks or very short outages or, if you're at the computer working, it will give you enough time to save your work and shut down. I usually run the computer, external hard drive and a monitor on the backup side and everything else on the surge protection only side. That way I can shut down if the power goes out. I trust the APC brand and really haven't tried many others. I'm sure others are similar, but sometimes it's good to just stick with one brand you trust.
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on July 14, 2014
I've been using APC for over 10 years now and the battery backups that they make are really reliable. Just recently, my APC Back-UPS XS 1000 finally failed after ten years of usage. So, after doing a bit of research, I stumbled upon the BE350G and, so far, it has been absolutely fantastic! It's cheap, inexpensive, and most of all, affordable. It has enough outlets (six, with three being a combination of battery and surge, while the other three are just surge protection) since all I use the battery and surge for are the PC and monitor, and it also contains an Ethernet input/output to protect your modem (which I don't use since I have WiFi).

The only real downside is that, unlike my XS 1000, the BE350G does not have the feature to shut your computer down during an outage. There's no management software to run tests or control the voltage as well. If you absolutely must have this, then you will need to upgrade to the BE550G. I contacted APC about this and they explained to me that this model does not support anything I have mentioned above. So, if you're like me and only use the computer while at home, then the BE350G is perfect.

Overall, APC is the only company that I trust to backup any and all electrical devices. Since I live in the southern part of Florida, we tend to have a lot of outages due to the amount of storms that we have here. I hope I get another 10 more years out of this system.
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