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ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart
Size: 50 Quart|Change
Price:$877.80+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on November 15, 2015
I was off on a 3,000 road trip to mining territory and visit family in Sierras, Nevada, Idaho, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, back down the middle of no-where Nevada, June Lake CA, then home. I wanted a fridge for backup food and water. After some in depth research, I chose ARB. A perfect choice. I have a truck with a tonneau cover. This was just under the cover, so nice fit. I plugged into the 120V outlet in the bed of the truck. Yes, if you have a 120 V utility outlet, it will work fine. I bought the fridge cover as added insulating and padding. I did not bolt it onto the pullout tray. If you put this on a rubber mat, it will not slide around. If you have a tonneau, it can't even fall over in a hard turn as the cover prevents the fridge from tilting. I went 4-wheelin and the fridge survived without issue. It cools down fast, but, you get better results if you don't put warm items in it at first. If planning your trip chill your water and food overnight in your regular fridge first, Then load up when ready to go. This way, goods are already cold and fridge stays cold immediately. Then as you drink and eat, replace supply. I included pic of my truck and you can see the fridge in the bed, but for these size trucks I would stay with this size fridge or smaller. I highly recommend the ARB fridge.
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on November 30, 2017
I have had one of this for six years now. I am a truck driver and this units are the best out there. The unit draw very little electricity; you can stop the truck and leave it on for days and it will not discharge your batteries. I know it sounds incredible because most refrigerators will discharge the truck batteries over night. For some reason the unit is almost always stop and when it start running it only uses a few watts. Mine has at least 750 000 miles and you could guess how much shaking stop and go and vibration that is traveling around the US and it is still going strong. I know it is pricy but considering that it saves me at least 150 dollars every week (45 000+ already) by carrying my own food compared to truck stop prices it has saved me thousands over the years plus the peace of mine that my truck will start in the morning is priceless. If you can afford it buy it. Top quality units.
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on February 21, 2014
Camped in Death Valley for 4 days and everything stayed cold. The fridge draws low amps and keeps items cold even in the off position. Very durable.

Update 7/23/15. After 18 months the fridge stopped working. Although ARB instructs warranty work to be handled by the seller, Amazon is pointing me back to ARB. Hopefully ARB will be able to repair. The fridge is great and it didn't give any signs of problem, all displays went dark, motor doesn't come on, while the interior light works. Will advise on ARB customer service. Not too impressed with Amazon custom service.
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on January 4, 2016
A wonderful addition to our hunting/fishing/camping gear. We used it almost weekly during last year's hunting and fishing seasons. It is great to be able to keep meat very cold or frozen. It is also handy for long road trips to keep food cold, and as a short term extra "fridge" in the garage. On one deer hunting trip in warmer than normal conditions, we filled the pre-cooled ARB with frozen 1/2 gallon jugs of water, and kept them frozen for a few days. When we filled another cooler with boned out venison, we put the frozen jugs in that ice chest to keep the meat cold for the long drive home.

I debated between the 50 qt and 63 qt model. So far I have been happy with the 50 qt. It takes up about half the back seat of a crew cab truck, and is light enough (empty) that I can put it in by myself. I bought an extra cord and wired on an SAE connector that I plug directly into our camper, which has two batteries and solar, when we are camping. When on the road, I either run if off the vehicle's cigarette lighter, or (in our Chevy 2500), the factory 120V AC inverter.

I find that with a single group 34 Optima battery, it will keep items cool overnight (around 37*), without drawing the battery below 50%. To keep items at or below 20* overnight, it is best to have (at least) two group 24 batteries wired in parallel.
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on January 15, 2018
Believe the hype, this thing is bomber. I lived in my truck for 1.5 years. This thing was such a lifesaver in the deserts of Arizona and NM. It ran 24/7 for almost 2 years and isn't running now only because I'm storing it in my garage. It will probably become a garage fridge until I head back to truck life. Also very convenient to have in everyday life. I could go to the grocery store in the morning when it wasn't crowded and still go do other things during the day without having to come home to put groceries in the fridge.
It's one of the most efficient vehicle fridges on the market and it can take a beating!
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on June 23, 2016
We run this for weeks at a time, it never brings down the battery, makes ice, keeps frozen foods and ice frozen solid.just start you car every day, or throw a solar panel on the roof, of the trailer. its rugged, and well made. in the fridge mode, set the temp a little lower to get the right temp, in the freezer mode, set it to zero, and forget it.
This is an incredible cooler. actually, it's not a cooler it's a real electric fridge, and freezer.
This changes everything about camping. you can go out for months, and still have cold food, and if you set it to freezer temps, keeps meat and vegetables and ice cream frozen solid.
it barely sips power. we take this out in the desert, in 100+ degree temps, no problem, it works no matter what. There is nothing like having frozen margaritas, or ice cream for the kids, on the 3rd week out camping. you will never buy ice again.
I have never seen this in a cooler format before.
It's expensive, but once you buy this, you will toss out your other coolers.I'm going to buy another one, so i can have a full fridge, and a separate freezer. we also use this when we visit gourmet stores, or farmers markets, and it allows you to shop for cold or frozen food, and still go out for dinner, or see a movie, without having to drive home right away to put the frozen food in the fridge. my friend saw this and pulled out the fridge he put in his tiny house project, and replaced it with a pair of these.
experiment with where in the cooler you can keep certain items, and how low you can set it to prevent freezing. after a few tries, you will find the sweet spot. it has a built in battery monitor, to prevent running your battery so low, you can't start your car.
I bought a couple of fridge thermometers, and put one on the bottom, one in the back, and one on the shelf, to help me choose the proper setting.
ARB makes a wireless remote display, so you can monitor the temps from your dashboard.
also, buy the quilted cover, it helps save power, by keeping the cooler better insulated. when in freezer mode, you can feel the cold on the outside, if you don't have a cover.
these are not light, be sure to buy the sliders, or get help moving when full. buy the handle hold down straps, if you are off roading.update

I've had my second one of these for over a two
Months. I use the second as a freezer, works just like you're home freezer, except you can have ice cream in the Mojave desert or badges ice for margaritas after 10 days.
No problems, definitely but the protective thermal cover, it helps. But everything still running fine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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on October 29, 2017
Wow. It took me a while to step up and pay the price for this freezer but I’m so glad I did! I live miles away from the nearest grocery and having this in the back of my SUV allows me to buy frozen goods and keep them nice and cold while stopping at other stores and during the long drive home. I did have to install an extra outlet that stays hot when I turn the engine off. I worried it might run my battery down but ARB is designed to minimize power pull and even after 24 hours of use while my SUV was off, my truck battery still started my SUV without hesitation.
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on April 27, 2017
My wet soggy car camping food days are over. I love the precision of the controls. Pro tip: if you're switching between a separate battery (which you can run down), and the car battery, be sure to reset the power usage to be conservative when using the car battery. It is already like that by default, but I made the mistake of changing it camping, and when I put the cooler back in my truck, I forgot to reset to conservative battery use, and I drained my truck battery while I went for one last hike. Other than that, it's brilliant. It takes some experimenting to nail the temperature, around 30 degrees worked well for me with beers, wine, and various food items.
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on May 3, 2016
You get what you pay for that says it all!! Good product well built solid cools good plea ty of room I like the light in the fridge, the basket it comes with great product. I got this for my 2010 peterbilt 387 no problems or complaints.

"Update" I've had this now for a few months, and I'm still super happy with this fridge. It keeps a good temp and I'm able to fit alot in it. It doesn't drain my batteries like the last the one I had. It's a rather large price tag and I didn't purchase this right away because of that price tag. I feel this thing will definitely outlive way beyond past paying for itself. I am in no way affiliated or being compensated for my review. I recommend this product to anyone I can out here on the road.
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on December 19, 2014
I bought this to replace a broken gas evaporator fridge in my RV home. As such, it is being used full-time. I needed something that was reliable, compact, able to work in varying climates, 12v/120v, and this certainly meets my needs. I am extremely happy with my purchase. So far it has been solid and dependable, and is a joy to use. As a bonus, it is so much fun to tell friends how much money you spent on a cooler :)

Q: Where can I get a good overview of this fridge?
A: Look at the official 4 minute video from ARB. The guy is a born salesman and is really good at highlighting all the special features of the ARB. You can find it on the official ARB website and also on Youtube. Enter "pvt6XsZiad0" in the Youtube search window.

Q: How does the ARB fridge compare to other products from the likes of Dometic, Waeco, Engel, Whynter, Edgestar, etc.
A: This is my first purchase of a fridge of this type, so I can't comment directly. However, I did do a bunch of research before I purchased. ARB has a reputation for unique features, high quality, durability and reliability. Most owners seem very satisfied. I'm sure the competing models are also good, but ARB was my choice and I stand by it.

Q: Are the special features truly special?
A: Things that you won't likely find on other fridges are the easily removable yet very secure lid and the drain-plug for easy cleaning.

Q: Do I have to level the fridge like a gas evaporator RV fridge?
A: Absolutely not and this is a wonderful advantage. In fact, on the ARB site they say you can use it up to 30 degrees from horizontal with no loss of efficiency or reliability.

Q: How sturdy is it?
A: It is very solid and constructed to take some abuse (though I treat mine kindly). The plastic portions are tough and thick and blemish free. The shell is constructed of sturdy powder-coated steel and is comfortable to the touch. I use my fridge as an extra seat and the lid doesn't budge a millimeter when putting my full weight on it. The whole unit is well made of quality materials.

Q: What is the proper temperature setting?
A: This was confusing to say the least. The built-in thermometer is inside of the bottom of the fridge. As such, it will always read much lower than the actual temperature in the fridge compartment. From my research, here are some hints and comments regarding temp:

- Preface: What follows is a bit over-detailed, but since I am using this as my primary everyday fridge, I figured it was worth the up-front effort to get it properly set.

- You can adjust the reading of the built-in thermometer to somewhat better reflect the actual temperature. This is not documented in the manual. What you need to do is press hold the + and - keys for about 5 seconds. You can then adjust the temperature up or down. I added 8 degrees to mine (the maximum).

- Keep in mind that a deep, top-opening fridge will always be coldest on the bottom and warmer up top. In particular, the smaller compartment above the compressors will be the warmest. Learning how to pack items to take best advantage of temperature zones is worth the effort. Also, a reasonably full fridge with already cold items will experience less fluctuation in temperature.

- I have a remote-reading thermometer that I put in the fridge to get a better idea of how it reacts over time and to choose the best temperature setting.

- I purchased a Valterra FridgeCool fan. It definitely helps to maintain a more even temperature throughout the fridge and is recommended. The only caveat is that the battery powered fridge fans I looked at are very cheaply made. The Valterra has some issues with the battery compartment being a smidgen too small, but overall I'm happy with it.

- The fridge will not cycle on until it is a couple of degrees above your target temperature and will not shut off until it is a couple of degrees below it. This is based on the reading of the internal thermometer, so doesn't really reflect the actual temp inside the unit. At first I didn't like this wide swing in temperature, but realized that a big benefit is less cycling of the compressor, which most likely increases its lifespan.

- It will cool down surprisingly quickly when the compressor is on.

- FYI, according to the USDA, a refrigerator should be at 40 °F or below and a freezer at 0 °F or below. I try to keep the lower half of the main compartment at about 35-37 degrees.

Q: Can you use this as a fridge/freezer?
A: My personal use for this is as a full-time fridge and I don't plan to use it as a freezer. Based on how the unit is designed, I can offer a couple thoughts:

- The inside of the unit is cooled as a single open area and thus the ARB is intended to be used as a fridge or a freezer, not both at once.

- I think you can perhaps use it as a fridge / freezer with a bit of care. If you keep the main compartment at freezer temps, the upper compartment (over the compressor) would probably be perfect for keeping things cold but not frozen. Or you could put already frozen food on the bottom of the main compartment, set the unit to just at the freezing mark and then layer unfrozen food on top of that.

Q: What is CH1, CH2, etc. in the menu for?
A: This is a new feature for a remote temperature display. This display is not currently available in the US (as far as I know) and this menu option is not documented in the manual.

Q: Where is the Merit / Hella 12V socket that is described in the user manual? The 12V cord has been replaced with a newer model and now has, in addition to the standard 12V adapter, two flat prongs that fit into a special adapter sold by ARB (for a strong, secure connection).

Q: Is it quiet?
A: Generally, yes. Not as quiet as my old gas evaporator fridge (which was completely silent). The ARB can be heard when it is on, but it is a gentle fan noise and there is no rattling compressor sounds like I've heard on many other fridges.

Q: How well does the internal light work?
A: This was a pleasant surprise. I expected a weak light, but it is bright and helpful. It is an LED bulb, so should last years and it automatically switches off when you close the lid via a magnetic sensor.

Q: The 3 year warranty is great, right?
A: In principal, yes, a 3 year warranty is superb. In Australia (where ARB is located), there are local service centers you can go to. However, in the US you need to ship your fridge to ARB in Washington state to get it serviced. Shipping a large 50 pound item is not cheap, plus the turnaround time might not be fast depending on shipping speed. In my case, it is worse because I rely on my fridge for everyday use, plus I am not able to keep the original box due to lack of storage space, so shipping it would be a big hassle. All that said, I decided on the ARB fridge because it has proven to be reliable and few owners have serious troubles with them.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: It is very expensive, but the quality and utility I get from it are well worth the cost. This is the sort of purchase that will make you smile each time you use it.
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