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ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart
Size: 50 Quart|Change
Price:$877.80+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on November 15, 2015
I was off on a 3,000 road trip to mining territory and visit family in Sierras, Nevada, Idaho, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, back down the middle of no-where Nevada, June Lake CA, then home. I wanted a fridge for backup food and water. After some in depth research, I chose ARB. A perfect choice. I have a truck with a tonneau cover. This was just under the cover, so nice fit. I plugged into the 120V outlet in the bed of the truck. Yes, if you have a 120 V utility outlet, it will work fine. I bought the fridge cover as added insulating and padding. I did not bolt it onto the pullout tray. If you put this on a rubber mat, it will not slide around. If you have a tonneau, it can't even fall over in a hard turn as the cover prevents the fridge from tilting. I went 4-wheelin and the fridge survived without issue. It cools down fast, but, you get better results if you don't put warm items in it at first. If planning your trip chill your water and food overnight in your regular fridge first, Then load up when ready to go. This way, goods are already cold and fridge stays cold immediately. Then as you drink and eat, replace supply. I included pic of my truck and you can see the fridge in the bed, but for these size trucks I would stay with this size fridge or smaller. I highly recommend the ARB fridge.
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on January 4, 2016
A wonderful addition to our hunting/fishing/camping gear. We used it almost weekly during last year's hunting and fishing seasons. It is great to be able to keep meat very cold or frozen. It is also handy for long road trips to keep food cold, and as a short term extra "fridge" in the garage. On one deer hunting trip in warmer than normal conditions, we filled the pre-cooled ARB with frozen 1/2 gallon jugs of water, and kept them frozen for a few days. When we filled another cooler with boned out venison, we put the frozen jugs in that ice chest to keep the meat cold for the long drive home.

I debated between the 50 qt and 63 qt model. So far I have been happy with the 50 qt. It takes up about half the back seat of a crew cab truck, and is light enough (empty) that I can put it in by myself. I bought an extra cord and wired on an SAE connector that I plug directly into our camper, which has two batteries and solar, when we are camping. When on the road, I either run if off the vehicle's cigarette lighter, or (in our Chevy 2500), the factory 120V AC inverter.

I find that with a single group 34 Optima battery, it will keep items cool overnight (around 37*), without drawing the battery below 50%. To keep items at or below 20* overnight, it is best to have (at least) two group 24 batteries wired in parallel.
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on May 3, 2016
You get what you pay for that says it all!! Good product well built solid cools good plea ty of room I like the light in the fridge, the basket it comes with great product. I got this for my 2010 peterbilt 387 no problems or complaints.

"Update" I've had this now for a few months, and I'm still super happy with this fridge. It keeps a good temp and I'm able to fit alot in it. It doesn't drain my batteries like the last the one I had. It's a rather large price tag and I didn't purchase this right away because of that price tag. I feel this thing will definitely outlive way beyond past paying for itself. I am in no way affiliated or being compensated for my review. I recommend this product to anyone I can out here on the road.
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on April 24, 2015
This was shipped and I had it in 2 days with "Prime". I am loving this unit and am updating a blog review as I use it more. Sorry Amazon will not post the Link.

ARB blows away all those units with specs indicating they cool to some limited capacity, such as 30-40°F below "ambient temperature" The ARB has a digital control that you can set and it maintains that. It has no problem freezing if you want that. I ran this for weeks during a trial test. Temps in my closed up trailer were over 100°F. The ARB maintained 0°F even in the extreme heat. Plus I was running this off solar and batteries. When running in my case it drew 1.1 amps....and it doesn't run all the time. So even conservatively I figure at most it uses less than 1 amp/hour worth of power.

I am also happy I went with the 82 quart rather than the next size down. I only wish I could post my blog link to pass on more tips on accessories such as the 12V two prong plug. Convert to that plug rather than depending on the standard cigarette lighter type socket. I didn't find out some of this info until after I wasted money putting in the inferior cigarette lighter type sockets. Also wire the 12V with #8 wire.
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on October 29, 2017
Wow. It took me a while to step up and pay the price for this freezer but I’m so glad I did! I live miles away from the nearest grocery and having this in the back of my SUV allows me to buy frozen goods and keep them nice and cold while stopping at other stores and during the long drive home. I did have to install an extra outlet that stays hot when I turn the engine off. I worried it might run my battery down but ARB is designed to minimize power pull and even after 24 hours of use while my SUV was off, my truck battery still started my SUV without hesitation.
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on July 17, 2017
This is a great frigde/freezer. Mine is on majority of the time, but at night I'll turn it off for a few hours; and it's still cold inside. I turn it off to reserve my battery because after 6hrs or more my truck will need a jump. I use it in my semi-truck. I wish they could figure out a way to control the condensation that would be good.
I find it hard using both fridge and freezer at the same time because it will freeze my food that I don't want frozen.
I have read other reviews that says to keep frozen food on the bottom and not frozen on the top. But food I don't want frozen will freeze a little still. And that's my only objection with it.
I do give it a thumbs up!
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on July 21, 2012
Having traveled for years in construction and relying on $100 dollar Igloo thermoelectric coolers for the better portion of the past twenty years, I was reluctant to plunk down roughly eight times the cost of those 40qt coolers for a replacement unit. And truth be told; if parts were still readily available for the Igloos I seriously doubt I would be writing this now. However, for whatever reason, Igloo chose not to continue to support replacement parts and that motivated me to seek alternatives. And yes, those thermoelectric coolers definately consume alot of battery load. I learned early not to leave them plugged into the 12V source without a current limiter (and jumper cables).

We've had the ARB for just a couple of weeks. Amazon expedited delivery as promised and we loaded up the little refrigerator, leaving it on 115V power overnight. The next day, into the back seat of the pickup it went and onto 12V power. The performance of the cooler on either power source is seamless. It's much quieter than the thermoelectrics and much roomier. I read all of the reviews prior to purchasing and I have to say the thing has lived up to the highest expectations. The road trip was 2200 miles and the cooler was on 12V power four of the 14 days, with no change in cooling capacity. Unplugged overnight (approx 12 hrs), left in the vehicle, the temperature gain was roughly 6 to 8 degrees. It has been plugged into house power at all other times and continues to serve as a backup fridge, even now. We placed a thermometer in the bottom of the large wells to check interior temp against the cooler's led read out. The led is accurate for this interior space. When the thermometer is elevated within that same space (about 8"-10" above the floor of the cooler) the interior temp rises by about 4 degrees higher than the led readout. The thermometer read out on the area of the interior shelf is about 8 to 10 degrees higher than the 'floor' space of the cooler. It's spendy but it's a solid performer. The interior led light is a thoughful and useful addition as well.
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on April 20, 2016
Gone through a couple of seasons and still working well. Needed to calibrate it by about 3 degrees C to get it to best accuracy for my situation. Use it as a backup fridge at home in the winter when we need more fridge space after a major shopping trip to the city, and run it from solar in the van in summer. It is very easy on the battery bank. The biggest downside is if you have to leave it visible at the trailhead while in your vehicle while you are gone for the day, it's probably enticing for thieves. So try to mount it out of sight. Might almost justify having an option for requiring a password when the power is turned on, or, for hot dry days in the middle of nowhere: at least a big decal on the lid that states, "This fridge does not contain any Cold Beer!". I'm still happy with the decision to purchase this as I go into my second year with it.
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on November 30, 2017
I have had one of this for six years now. I am a truck driver and this units are the best out there. The unit draw very little electricity; you can stop the truck and leave it on for days and it will not discharge your batteries. I know it sounds incredible because most refrigerators will discharge the truck batteries over night. For some reason the unit is almost always stop and when it start running it only uses a few watts. Mine has at least 750 000 miles and you could guess how much shaking stop and go and vibration that is traveling around the US and it is still going strong. I know it is pricy but considering that it saves me at least 150 dollars every week (45 000+ already) by carrying my own food compared to truck stop prices it has saved me thousands over the years plus the peace of mine that my truck will start in the morning is priceless. If you can afford it buy it. Top quality units.
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on April 8, 2016
i use this as a beer cooler ..we camp off grid in mountains of NH ..we have 630 watts of solar panels 24 volt system this thing sips power beer is ice cold and the food doesn't get soggy anymore everything stays fresh ...cant say enough about it ..if your on the fence just DO IT you will thank me later sys is a 430ahr 24 volt batt with 2000 watt pure sine inverter..2 , 315 watt panels fridge connects direct to batt bank very efficient ..
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