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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 13, 2014
As a mount it seems OK but some significant issues so far.
Bought this along with my first ever GoPro, and I bought a GoPro brand tripod adapter all in the same order. Here are the 2 things that cause the 2 star rating.
1. Huge difference between the way the camera mounts in this vs the OEM product. In the GoPro tripod mount (and mounts that come with the GoPro) the screw slips right in up to the nut, then you tighten. On this Akron mount, because of alignment issues, you have to basically screw it all the way in. A lot more work and not a good feel.
2. The nut and screw stripped their threads in the first use. I am guessing super cheap metal. I had to replace the screw and nut from one of the OEM mounts in the kit to make it work. That did not solve problem #1.

Will try some real use this weekend and try to update with performance once the camera is mounted

Went to Sea World last weekend and used this for exactly what I bought it for. My daughter and I went on Journey to Atlantis and used this to quickly strap the gopro to the rail in front of us to film her reactions. Worked perfectly for that. It's a little stiff, and a little hard to take off, but worked like a charm over a big grab rail on the front of the ride. Did not move at all so the video came out great. If they could fix the problems above, this would be 5 stars.

Would recommend.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 2, 2013
This is the best device for securing a gopro to pretty much anything. Sticks, handlebars, railings, whatever. Unfortunately, it's unusable. I bought two. After the first one broke in the course of normal use, I figured I'd buy a second one and hope that extreme care and gentle handling would allow me to use this thing since it is, as I mentioned, the best.
Nope. #2 broke in the exact same way.
The problem is that this is a zip-tie configuration. This makes it hold very securely, but in order to detatch it you have to lift up on the tab so that it disengages the ridges on the strap.
Apparently, when considering whether this pivotal piece of the product should be in any way reinforced, the company decided "Nah." If you pull up on the tab hard enough to disengage the strap, it just breaks. Maybe not the first time, but it doesn't take too long.
Really disappointing.
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on October 30, 2016
I've noticed over the years I only seem to shoot GoPro video of the front of my bike and other people. This changed everything since I don't have to apply sticky mount to someone else's bike. I was able to secure this to someone else's blinker stock, frame, fork and handlebars all shooting great video controlling the camera with the Gopro remote from my bike. This thing cinches down extremely tight and you can pull it all the way out to wrap it around something (forks). Will be buying more.
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on April 8, 2015
I used this mount about 4-5 times over the past year and it broke on the last pot hole, sending my GoPro tumbling down the road. Time for the latest Hero upgrade I guess. Maybe Arkon will see fit to replace this with their upgraded version?!?!
Otherwise the strap was secure and a few seconds to mount. A little more effort to remove the strap but one does not want that coming loose while filming.
review image
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on February 27, 2014
I bought this to start getting familiar with my GoPro (still am). Didn't want to spend $$$ on a whole bunch of premium mounts - this was a cheap, quick, and easy way to start using the GoPro. I'd imagine it would hold up well, I still treat my GoPro with kid gloves as I do any electronic device, even though it's designed to take a beating. I used this particularly around my 1" rifle scope tube while hunting to get a few POV clips of some hunting areas. It tightens down good enough for me, I didn't really knock it around but when you tighten this down enough,and tighten down the screws enough, the camera holds good position.
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on April 2, 2018
Well made and holds well......maybe too well. The release is very very hard to work. Once you have it in place and tight the thumb release is next to impossible to press. It did hold tight on a 4 hour ATV trip to the desert.
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on April 14, 2014
The packaging says that it fits bicycle and motorcycle handlebars, and roll bars. I can see that it would surely do well on bicycles and motorcycle, but the radius of the base wouldn't properly match something the size of a roll bar. I suppose if the roll bar were smaller, then it would fit, but I doubt that this strap would hold securely on a 2" roll bar. I do like the strap end, as it is made with a good sized grip hole so that you can tighten the strap snugly when you cinch it to whatever it is your fastening it to. Nice design, well finished and manufactured.
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on April 20, 2014
Hit or miss product. Could be great for some applications, definitely not cold weather friendly though. It takes done work to get this mount properly snug enough to keep from moving, but once you find that sweet spot, it won't budge. The first cold weather use & the tooth for the tensioner bend snapped right off when trying to putit on my snowmachine. The plastic used is just too brittle one the temps drop into the mid double digits.
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on September 8, 2014
This item has proven to be perfect for my application, mounting a GoPro to the 2" diameter aluminum-tube keel of a hang glider. The material of construction provides adequate gription, keeping the camera securely positioned. This is not an application subject to severe vibration and/or shocks, however, and keep in mind that the ability to resist rotation is going to depend on how tight you are able to secure the strap AND the circumference of the object around which it is wrapped, all things being equal. The teeth or ridges that ratchet past the thumb release, allowing for adjustment, are of the same material, which is not a hard plastic. As soon as one or two have rounded off, which is bound to happen, the mount will no longer stay put. How long that will take, who can say? When it does, the mount is inexpensive enough that I will simply buy another. Overall, I'm very happy with this product.
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on June 3, 2014
you can't rotate the camera while attached to the zip tie mount. for instance, i can put it on my steering wheel just fine, but when i go paintballing, i cant attach it to the barrel of the gun so it sees what i see. the grip is perfect. when i row with it, i don't need to look at to make sure its still there.
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