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on November 16, 2012
I had no intention of ever buying my own modem, I knew enough about modems to fill a post it note.

Then... Time Warner Cable sent me a post card informing me I'd be getting stuck with $4 a month for "leasing" the modem I've had for over 4 years.

No thanks, I bought this modem for what it would cost to "lease" theirs for less than a year, and it's so much faster than the modem I had. All you have to do is call them up and ask them to register it for you and you're all set to go. Return the RCA (or whatever crappy modem they gave you and you're set.

I had no idea my internet could be this fast, apparently I was running on some sort of 1.0 network, this modem is capable of 2.0 and 3.0 (clearly I'm no modem expert) and whatever that means, in layman's terms: It's a lot faster than the old TWC modem.
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Buying this cable modem was a no-brainer. TimeWarner recently (November 2012) started charging for the lease of their cable modem to the tune of $3.95/month. It doesn't take much thought to figure out that over the course of 4 months the cable modem will be paid for by the savings and then I'll be saving $3.95 each month.

Setup was simple, just hook up the AC adapter, plug the ethernet cable from the cable modem to your computer or router, connect a coax cable from the cable modem to the cable outlet on your wall and you're good to go. The only other thing you will have to do is call Time Warner Cable and give them the MAC ID address of the cable modem so they can make it recognizable to their system. Then just sit back, surf the net and save money.

One important thing to remember is to install your new cable modem BEFORE you return your old one to TimeWarner. Otherwise your TimeWarner email account will be deactivated. During the time that your old modem has been disconnected and returned to TimeWarner until you are able to call Time Warner with the Mac Address of your new cable modem, you'll have no internet access. But you can't activate the new modem until the old one has been returned.

I purchased a used cable modem and the seller was "CQDeals - Aiga Group Inc. " Included was an AC Adapter and Ethernet Cable. The condition was accurately described as "Used-Very Good."

HIghly recommended.
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on April 28, 2011
Like many others, I was in the market for a cable modem, since Comcast recently raised their rental fee. So it was either this SB5101U or the SB5101. I believe the only difference in the 2 models is that the SB5101U does not have a standby button, which lets you turn off internet access. I'm not sure what the point of the standby button is. Seems like if you press it accidentally, your internet will go down and you may spend 30 minutes on hold with Comcast before finally realizing it! Plus, if I want to disable the internet access, I can just UNPLUG the cable modem! No need for a standby button. So I got the SB5101U instead of the SB5101.

I saw a few people who said they replaced their SB5120 modem (which is the same modem I was renting) with the SB5101(U) and noticed a significant speed improvement. Not so for me - all my speed tests are yielding approximately the same speeds as with the old modem.

I am disappointed with the lights on this new SB5101U modem. First of all the PC/ACTIVITY light is constantly blinking even with no internet activity. The old modem did not do that. Also, with the old modem, it had lights that blinked whenever there was download/upload activity over the internet. I liked to look at the modem to make sure the web browser was getting stuff off the internet instead of from its cache. I also liked to know when others in the house were using the internet ;). But with the new SB5101U, all of the lights (except the PC/ACTIVITY light I mentioned earlier) are always solid green, and never blink. So I can't tell when there's upload/download activity over the internet with this modem.
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on July 28, 2013
I ordered this for my parents so they wouldn't need to keep paying Time Warner's $4 a month modem rental fee. When I got the package and opened it up, I was surprised to see that under the specifications, it didn't have Android listed as an operating system that it is compatible with. It listed about eight different versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix, but it didn't list Android. To make matters worse, it came with an installation CD and my parents' Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn't have a CD-ROM drive. So I contacted Motorola and they reassured me that the modem will work with pretty much any computer and that the installation CD is completely optional. But once you have the modem set up, you do need to call Time Warner to register the modem with them. Just call Time Warner, press 0, and explain that you're "using your own equipment." They'll ask you for the MAC number that's on the bottom of the modem and DOCSIS number, which is 2.0. If you don't register it, your computer will tell you that it's connected to the internet, but when you open your browser you will see an error message. Everything is working now and my parents are really happy with it.
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on January 18, 2013
Comcast has slowly been increasing the price of their "leased" modem over the past several years. It went from $1 per month, all the way up to $7... at least, that's the last time I had a fee for a modem, about two years ago. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the math doesn't add up. If they're charging $7 per month, you're paying $84 per year, just to RENT! Which is absolutely ridiculous, since I bought this wonderful modem for only $49 (with free shipping from Amazon, too).

Comcast is driven strictly by GREED... with all the money they're making from subscriptions that rely on the cable modem, don't you think they would just lease it to you free of charge? Nope, they like to continue increasing the "rental fee", without even providing notice to their customers that the amount of the fee has changed. I would gladly leave Comcast in a heartbeat, but they unfortunately hold a monopoly in my area on high speed internet, so I have no choice. At least owning this modem, instead of renting theirs, restores some small amount of choice (not to mention, saving me quite a bit of money).

These cable modems are oddly difficult to find in retail stores nowadays, so Amazon is the way to go (as usual). The item arrived quickly, and has provided perfect service ever since I connected it. Motorola has built a quality modem that I would highly recommend to anybody who is being pressured into renting a modem from their cable provider, and is under the impression that hooking up their own would be difficult. This is not the case - it took me all of five minutes to do, and I haven't even had to look at it since.
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on August 16, 2013
In my area, TimeWarner is now charging $6 a month to rent a modem from them. That's $72 a year.....

The only benefit you get from this, is not paying for a new modem if yours dies. You could buy this modem once a year and still not pay as much as they charge to rent one. It's very easy to set this one up, anyone can do it. When you get this modem take a look at the MAC number on the box, or on the modem. There is a sticker with other numbers on it as well. This is all you need to set it up. Call up your cable company or use the online chat option, let them know you bought a modem and would like to activate it. They will ask for the Mac number, after you give it to them they will say you're all set. Now go and disconnect the old modem, and wire this one up the exact same way. Plug it in, and in 5min it will be up and running. If the online light is lit up, but your computer isn't going to the internet, unplug and plug the modem back in. It will connect much quicker this time and you should be up and running. Now you must return their modem back to them, and the monthly charges will come off.

Unless you pay for an extreme speed package, this is all you need. If you pay for internet speeds that are less then 32down, and 30 up, this will work just fine. If you pay for a faster speed you will need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem "ARRIS / Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - Retail Packaging", and they cost around $70 and support crazy fast speeds. You won't be able to use VOIP with either modem, so if you have a home phone through your cable company you're stuck with what they gave you.
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on July 6, 2011
Received the unit quickly in 2 days prime as usual. The directions said you may need to call your service provider and provide them with the Mac ID. I called and what a mistake. Spoke to someone in tech that had no idea what he was doing. He was doing a check and said he was not getting a signal. Then he tells me my new motorola modem was defective. Once I got off the phone I simply plugged the unit back in the wall and went to my computer. opened my browser and Comcast activation came up. I followed the activation online and in about 5-7 minutes everything was working just fine. The Modem was in perfect condition and definitely not defective. It has been about a month now and it still works perfect. This modem has a noticeable speed improvement over the rental unit from Comcast. I did a speed test at and my results are as follows: download at 24.88mbps and upload at 3.62mbps Totally satisfied with purchase. No need to read a bunch of reviews, this unit is all you need.
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on March 30, 2014
I returned this modem did not work for my cable company although it was supposed to work with my cable company. After looking into solving the problem I realized that I needed a CD to fix my hook up. Alas no CD or manual was supplied with this item. I sent it back to make sure I was in my 30 days. Although this is a DOCSIS 2.0 it is still older. I went to Tartget and paid a more money for a better modem that worked like a charm. The modem came fast however it was shipped in a box that came dented in many places and the modem itself was just bubble wrapped.
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on March 7, 2015
**This is not necessarily a review of the product quality or functionality but ratehr the experience of the purchase**

When I got this modem it appeared to be brand new although the box did not have a plastic wrap over it. I thought nothing of that as not all products comes wrapped in plastic. Well, I guess I was wrong.

Called Comcast to have them activate the device (using the MAC address) - Apparently, according to Comcast, the MAC address on this device is already in use by someone in Texas. I live in Oregon and I ordered this product as "brand-new unopened" Okay, so apparently that was it. I could not use this modem because it's unique identifier was already being used.

I suspect someone duped the company that sold this to me and bought this only to return it but somehow ripped the MAC address beforehand. Either that, or Comcast was upset I didn't want to pay a rental fee for their garbage modem and they lied to me. Either way I was so busy with school at the time I never got a chance to return it. Basically it's a complete waste of money sitting in my drawer the past 5 years.

On a side note - I heard only good things about the actual modem. It is outdated now, but I would still recommend it for people who just use their home internet casually and don't require the latest fastest speeds and such.
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on March 9, 2013
UPDATED REVIEW: The installation instructions for this start with inserting the installation disc, but the disc will not work on a Macintosh Apple computer, even though the modem specs say it's compatible with Macs. I tracked down the "driver" page on the Motorola website and all of the drivers they had there were only for PCs. No Macintosh drivers.

The Motorola website was no help in this. I finally contacted my cable company and they were able to assist me with the installation without the CD (and without an ethernet connection, which the Motorola site said you would need if you weren't using the CD).

Terrible instructions from Motorola for Mac/Apple users. Would it kill Motorola to include a line in the instructions that say: "If you're using a Macintosh, do this instead..." Seriously, spent about two hours playing around with this when it should have taken 20 minutes.

In short, if you have a Mac, just call your Internet/Cable provider as soon as you open the box.

1/ The Motorola "support" phone number went to an answering machine that said they were closed and to leave a message. I'm zero percent confident that call gets returned.
2/ The website listed for support on the Installation sheet included with the modem is not a valid website.
3/ This is actually the second one of these modems I've purchased -- the first one came with a cracked installation disc (which wouldn't have worked on my mac anyway, but I didn't know that then). So I had to send the whole thing back to Amazon (who was great, as always) and wait for another modem to come.
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