Customer Reviews: ARRL's Wire Antenna Classics
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Customer Reviews

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on November 10, 2007
This is a collection of wire antenna constructions articles taken mostly from QST from the 1950ties up to 1998. Actually it is a simple compilation of copies of the articles.
I am personally missing a detailed list of the articles and some kind of Index. Otherwise it's great to read these fine articles packed with good ideas, and of cause if your target is set on a wire antenna not much has changed over the last 60 years - all solid information
Further to me it's a great thing to read original articles from G5RV and W3 DZZ - to me this is a first time
This small book is a treasure of gold in a number of different ways
Ejner Nicolaisen OZ9EU
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on March 17, 2001
Very good book for the novice to the extra class. If you have wire you can make an antenna. Very good graphics and instructions on how to make all kinds of wire antennas. From field day projects to the avid dxers you will enjoy this book. K4TWT
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on January 24, 2011
You also may want to do a search on the Internet for the US Marines' Field Antenna Handbook, MCRP 6-22D, which shows in detail how to set up wire based antennas in the field. It's available in numerous places as a FREE download in PDF, like armymars net.

Almost anything you are trying to learn, the military has already done it and wrote a manual about it.

By the way, you can make your own NVIS antenna by using a telescoping window washing pole and putting a 1" PVC "T" at the top. To run the "guy wires" through.
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on November 30, 2008
Beautiful and interesting book about how to make several types of wire antennas, with good text and good pictures and tech drawings. Easy to understand and easy to make, with some tricks very interesting. In short, highly recommended.
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on April 19, 2012
This book has plenty of useful antenna projects for people who have plenty of room. Someone with a yard or large field for building an antenna would probably find this book much more useful. I found it great for some pointers but, being an apartment dweller, was hoping to find something more along the lines of random-wire antennas and other projects for those without land.

I didn't find it to be very helpful so I gave it a 4/5. When I do finally get some acreage and have room to set up my own antenna, this book will be where I look for guidance.

Thank you and good night. We love you Detroit.
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on March 20, 2010
Since the antenna is such an important part of the ham station; this book helps to understand the various wire antenna designs that are available. I feel it is a useful reference to my antenna library in addition to ARRL's big Antenna Book.

It is a collection of QST antenna articles describing dipoles, loops, collinears, verticals and wire beams. It also describes the Vee and its big brother, the rhombic. Overall, it is a good source of information to help understand the various wire antenna choices that are available; and really, a guy can't have too many antenna books!
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on October 19, 2014
I found it handy to have this set of old QST articles in a single volume. For some reason though, they make you dig through the book to discover the articles rather than starting the book with a table of contents. So here's what's inside:

1-1 Antenna Here is a Dipole
1-5 Feeding Dipole Antennas
1-8 The Inverted-V-Shaped Dipole
1-10 An Easy-Up and Easy-to-Store Field-Day Dipole
1-12 Make Antenna Center Insulators From PVC Pipe Caps
1-13 Four Bands, Off Center
1-14 Broadband Antenna For 75 Meters
1-15 Broadband 80-Meter Antenna
1-18 The Coaxial Resonator Match and the Broadband Dipole
1-23 A Wideband 80-Meter Dipole 1-0

Multiband Dipoles
2-1 Multiband Operation with Paralleled Dipoles
2-2 Multiband Antenna
2-3 The G5RV Multiband Antenna... Up-to-Date
2-7 Multiband Antennas Using Loading Coils
2-8 Easier Adjustment for the Two-Band Coil-Loaded Antenna
2-9 The Multi Match Antenna System
2-11 Inexpensive Traps for Wire in Tennis
2-12 Dual-Frequency Antenna Traps
2-16 An Improved Multiband Trap Dipole Antenna

Loop Antennas
3-1 160, 75 and 40-Meter Inverted Dipole Delta Loop
3-4 The Two-Band Delta-Loop Antenna
3-6 The Loop Skywire

Collinear Antennas
4-1 A 135-ft Multiband Center-Fed Dipole
4-3 An Extended Double Zepp Antenna for 12 Meters
4-6 Extended Double Zepp Calculations
4-7 The Extended "Lazy H" Antenna
4-8 Collinear Phased Antennas for the HF Bands

V and Rhombic Antennas
5-1 "V" Antennas
5-4 Multiple V Beams
5-6 Plain Talk About Rhombic Antennas
5-9 That W1AW Rhombic
5-10 That Tilted Half-Rhombic Antenna

Wire beams
6-1 160-Meter DX with a Two-Element Beam
6-3 Beams with Inverted-V Elements
6-4 40 Meters with a Phase Delta Loop
6-6 The 160-Meter Sloper System at K3LR
6-9 Curtains for You
6-14 Bidirectional Antennas for Field Day

Vertically Polarized
7-1 Putting the Quarter-Wave Sloper to Work on 160
7-4 A 75-Meter DX Antenna
7-5 More on the Half Sloper
7-7 A Reduced-Size Half Sloper for 160 Meters
7-10 The Inverted-L Antenna
7-13 A Simple, Effective Dual-Band Inverted-L Antenna

Our Friend The Tree
8-1 The Care and Feeding of an Amateur's Favorite Antenna Support - The Tree
8-5 The EZY Launcher
8-7 A New Way To Tree A Wire
8-9 A Tree-Mounted 30-Meter Ground-Plane Antenna
8-12 Trees and Verticals
8-13 A Four-Band "Tree" Vertical

Receiving Antennas
9-1 The Classic Beverage Antenna Revisited
9-8 Antenna Hint for DXers
9-9 Is This EWE for You?
9-12 More EWEs for You
9-15 A K6STI Low-Noise Receiving Antenna for 80 and 160 Meters

Antenna Ideas from W1JF
10-1 Try the "TJ"
10-3 The JF array
10-5 Other Bands for the JF Array
10-6 The Quad-J-Collinear Antenna
10-7 The J² Antenna for 10 and 24 MHz
10-8 A High-Gain Monoband Directional Antenna
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on March 13, 2011
I am gradually building up my ham radio library. I ordered the book, hoping it would also have information about antenna theory, e.g. how they work. I was disappointed that it did not do that. I haven't gotten the more expensive ARRL books yet. A lot of the projects take up some serious property. I have a small yard, and a lot of them either didn't apply to me or were considerably larger than my yard. Some articles on vacation dipoles, slopers vs. vee vs. horizontal dipoles vs. OCFD, etc. would have been nice. Other than that, I've enjoyed reading the book, and have learned several things I didn't previously know.
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on March 20, 2013
The antenna is the heart of your HAM radio system. It doesn't matter what radio you have, if your antenna isn't built right, you won't be talking to anyone.
Antennas have to be EXACTLY tuned. Off by a few inches, and it just won't work right. Off by a few feet, and it won't work at all, and you can damage your radio.
This book will show you how to build 20-30 different types of antennas. Many classic designs.
Don't try to make your own antenna until you've built a couple. This book will help you do just that.
I recommend this book.
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on December 3, 2013
Great book. The other ARRL book on antennas is mostly theory, but this one focuses on practical antenna design that you can use right away. Much appreciated. Glad that I can pick up the book and apply it directly to my needs.
Antennas are the other half of the DXing equation.
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