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on May 14, 2011
I've been using this Asus Netbook for about a month now, so I thought I'd give my initial impression of this device to help future buyers make a informed decision.
First of buying a netbook was not my first choice, as I already have a 17" Toshiba laptop. However recently a friend/fellow grad student of mine purchased an Ipad and was showing it off. Out of jealousy I decided to get a tablet as well, but after reading about them online, got diverted to purchasing a netbook instead. I wanted a mobile computing device(since I walk or bike to school, mall, downtown etc, and a 17" laptop is just too heavy) on which to check mail do minor document editing, maybe play a game or too. For these reasons a netbook seemed a nicer, more productive alternative than a tablet. Now that you know the reason I bought this let me get to the pros and cons of the Asus netbook.

1. Its light and small. I had a HP mini back in 2008(which I gave to my sister) and it was at least 35 percent more weighty. The Asus could even fit in my jacket pocket. I feel that it is much easier and less delicate to carry than a tablet.
2. Asus Brand name. Asus is the most reliable company when it comes to making laptops. It even tops Apple in reliability(really! google it), even though all laptops seem to be made by Foxxcon(?).
3. I installed Ubuntu Linux Distro on it and everything worked without any additional work.
4.The battery life. Currently I can squeeze anywhere between 3 to 4 hours out of the battery. However this will go down as the battery ages.
5. Colors. I like the color choices that come with netbook. I went for the blue one.
6. The hardware seems to be robust. I've watched movies online, while editing office documents and having 7-10 tabs open in firefox and the laptop worked great. However I'm looking to upgrade the total RAM to at least 2GB.

There were also things that I did not like about the netbook.

1. The Keyboard. They call it the Chiclet keyboard and I feel it is quite small, even for a netbook of this size. As I mentioned earlier I had a HP mini before and it has a much better, roomier Keyboard than this one. The keys also make a "springy" sound that I don't like. It reminds me somehow of the old IBM keyboards. It is difficult but eventually one gets used to typing on this netbook.
2. Windows 7. The windows is the one really bad addition to this netbook. Don't get me wrong, I love windows 7, just don't like the version installed here. With just 1 GB of RAM, windows starts to get sluggish very fast as opposed to Ubuntu. If you are going to use this, I suggest you buy additional RAM to run Windows 7 (even starter) on this machine or do as I did, install a Linux Distro.
3. The power plug. I feel that the power plug and outlet in the netbook are just too fragile and would snap with just a little stress. And since I use this device on my lap and when I'm in bed also, I feel I have to be careful to avoid bending the power plug.
4. Audio input/output. The audio input and output are through the same hole. So I am unable to use my mic whenever I need to skype. And the internal mic is too weak, so that I have to hold the netbook screen next to my face to talk. Will have to purchase a mic/earphone in one combo thing.

I hope this will help the reader make a better decision on their purchase. Will update this review after a year.
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on August 3, 2011
The computer runs slow out of the box because of all the bloatware/adware/nagware. As soon as the computer boots, get rid of the bloatware. Go to start > control panel > uninstall programs, to remove bloatware. The Trend antivirus is the most annoying, throwing up a nag screen every 2 minutes. Next most annoying is Bing, a Microsoft data mining browser toolbar. Be sure to uninstall Bing before installing Firefox to avoid Bing parasitizing Firefox. On the control panel uninstall page there is a turn off features option. Use the turn off features option to remove additional Windows baggage.

Program updaters slow the computer. At the default settings, the updaters run in the background and check for updates, download, and install continuously. Adobe, Asus, and Microsoft are the primary offenders. Asus updaters are notorious for crashing computers. The Microsoft updater had the bad habit of trying to update programs I had already uninstalled, and adding shortcuts to my desktop. Updaters are marketed as a convenience, but have similar properties to spyware.

To improve performance, turn off the updaters, or remove them through control panel. I removed almost every program with "update", "Microsoft", "Asus", and "Adobe" in the title. That ended the periodic freezes.

The included starter version of Microsoft Office severely slows the internet connection by downloading advertising videos. The software also records websites visited in order to target advertising. I removed Office to improve my internet speeds and protect my privacy.

Memory is cheap. From a cost/benefit standpoint a memory upgrade is almost mandatory. I upgraded to 2gb ram using the Crucial chip, 2GB 204-PIN Sodimm DDR3. Memory is easily accessed through a hatch on the bottom of the computer. After I put in the 2gb chip I entered bios (push F2 during boot) and verified that I now had 2048 meg (2048meg=2gb) of memory installed. Extra ram pays off with more speed, more multitasking, and less wear on the hard drive. You can also usually recycle a big ram chip into your next computer. Unfortunately Win 7 starter is hobbled by limiting multitasking, so the full benefit of added memory is only realized with an operating system upgrade.

Added memory increases power consumption slightly. Increased power consumption means the battery drains faster. If battery life is more important than speed, don't upgrade memory.

According to Intel, the n455 chip has a max addressing capability of 2gb RAM. I tried a couple different 4gb chips anyway, to see what would happen. The computer wouldn't POST (boot) with 4gb ram installed, but resumed booting fine after I reinstalled the 2 gb chip. Intel's documentation is correct, 2 gb is the max memory that can be installed on this computer.

In response to a question, I have explained memory replacement in the comments, and posted images to illustrate the process. Also in comments there is a discussion of various memory types suitable for this computer. The memory I bought is not the cheapest that works.

It is also possible to upgrade the hard drive, but it is not as simple as the ram upgrade. Replacing the hard drive involves removing the keyboard, splitting the case, and going through two zif connectors. I do not recommend attempting a hard drive upgrade unless you have experience assembling computers. The stock 250gb drive is adequate for a netbook, but only 230gb is available because of the recovery partition.

An additional performance boost can be achieved cheaply and easily by inserting a 4gb SD card into the card reader and dedicating the card to ReadyBoost cache. After inserting a blank SD card, the option of "use to speed up computer" should pop up. If not, use the "file>properties" drop down menu of file explorer to find the "dedicate to ReadyBoostCache" option for the SD card. I used a Transcend 4 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS4GSDHC10E. Use the fastest SD card you can afford to get the most improvement.

This computer is an excellent Linux platform. Linux recognized all the hardware, including the camera. Connecting to the net was quick and easy. DVD videos played smoothly in Linux Mint. Everything was faster, and wallpaper could be changed. I used the 32 bit Linux version, because of the 2gb memory addressing limitation of the n455 chip.

If you want to try Linux and preserve the recovery partition, you have a couple options. The first is to install Linux alongside Windows. After installing Linux alongside Windows, the Linux boot menu will list Windows, Linux, or the recovery partition as boot options. If you don't want to make any changes to the hard drive, install Linux onto an SD card. The SD card should be at least 8gb. Once the SD card has Linux installed, you can boot from the SD card into Linux, or from the hard drive into Windows.

If you have trouble installing Linux alongside Windows, delete the "d" drive partition, and leave the space unallocated on the drive. The option to delete the "d" drive is in control panel>administrative tools>computer management>disk management. Once Linux sees unallocated space on your drive, the option to install alongside Window becomes available.

Booting from the card reader is easy. You can choose the card reader as a boot device by pushing esc during boot or by entering bios. To enter bios, push F2 during boot. In bios the card reader is listed as a hard drive. Go to bios > boot > hard drives and select memory card reader as the primary hard drive.

The wifi card is good, picking up more transmitters than my other netbook.

DVD playback was crippled in 7 starter. In Windows, I installed the free K-lite codec pack to play dvds. The n455 chip has much better video performance than the n280 in my 1005. DVDs play smooth (video only tested with 2gb memory). I used a single tail drive to play DVDs and install Linux: Liteon ETAU208-96 Top Load DVD/CD Writer Black.

The touch pad is overly sensitive, making typing difficult. I always turn off the touch pad (Fn-F3) and use an external optical mouse.

Cost cutting is apparent in some features. There is 15 pin vga out, but no hdmi. There is only one jack for both headphones and microphone. There are only 2 usb ports, one on each side. The small stock 2200 mAh battery only lasts 3 hours. The Amazon spec of stereo speakers is wrong. The headphone jack is stereo, but there is only one tinny sounding mono speaker on the underside right front.

I need my netbook to last through long plane rides and a shift at work. I replaced the stock battery with a 5200mAh battery (10.80V,4800mAh,Li-ion,Replacement Laptop Battery for ASUS Eee PC 1001HA, Eee PC 1005HA ) that lasts about 8 hours.

Backup of the recovery partition is poorly documented. Press F9 during boot to get the screen with "recover" and "backup" as options (see posted picture). The backup media must be at least 16gb. I backed up to a 16gb memory card and to a small hard drive on a usb port.

This low priced little computer has great potential. Out of the box performance is hampered by lack of memory and bloatware that hogs resources at default settings. Windows 7 starter also prevents the hardware from reaching full potential because of limits on features like multitasking, and video performance. To get the most out of this computer upgrade memory, aggressively prune preinstalled programs, and change the operating system.

postscript in Sept 2014: The 64bit version of Linux Mint 17 runs on this computer. Previous versions of 64bit Mint do not run because of problems with the video drivers. 32bit versions of Mint 11 to 16 ran fine.
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on December 2, 2011
After doing an incredible amount of research, reading every review on this netbook and many others, I finally decided I just couldn't beat the sale price that day. I have a 15" lap top that does function as my main computer, but it's weight still ties me to my desk. I wanted a small lightweight functional computer that I could easily take with me.

This ASUS is exactly what I wanted and then some. The keyboard took no time to get used to, the battery life is just fine for my needs although may not be for some others. I am never that far away for that long to be able to plug in when I need to. The cord is a great length, too, without the brick in the middle. On the first day, I worked for 6 hours with this netbook on my lap and it never heated up more than just a little warm.

My work involves online writing so I needed only the internet and a good WP program. Based on recommendations from other reviewers, I also bought the 2 mg RAM card, which is suggested with the purchase. Thanks to the guy who put the pictorial instructions on changing the RAM, I was able to do it easily. That's a real tribute since I'm no techie.

I also removed a bunch of bloatware and downloaded Firefox, OpenOffice and Advanced System Care. I have everything I need and then some. Windows 7 Starter means nothing to me since I only use this netbook for internet access and writing.

The internet speed has been complained about, but I find it just fine. For faster internet research, I use my larger lap top. That lap top has a somewhat sensitive tough pad, but my netbook does not. It doesn't skip around on me at all. Just to let you know, I am using my netbook to write this review.

Summary - I think this is one of the best purchases I've made since I bought my Kindle.
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on December 10, 2011
The ASUS PC was a graduate school related choice for me. My older laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) was just becoming too heavy to carry with books, work items, etc...Not to mention I feared for its saftey on the daily commute I take on public transportation. Really happy I made the decision to get the ASUS because it solved these problems.

Great little computer for the price. Really light and super easy to carry around. I really suggest getting at least a 2gb memory card to go with it, but more would be great because otherwise it freezes like crazy (even with the 2gb sometimes it will freeze). Also the card is very easy to install.
Battery life is good...lasts a full three hour lecture with time to spare if I charge it before.

Hard to delete unneccessary programs! I am still figuring it out, but I feel like I need special permission for everything! and I as I am the owner, that makes no sense to me. Oh well, since this is a popular computer it is very easy to find information about it online.

Overall I would definitely suggest this for a person on the go. It does not have the most power (so no pc gaming during class) but it works great, has good battery access and it generally perfect for my status as student/ full-time worker.
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on January 3, 2013
This is my fourth Asus netbook, and until the previous one, I was always very happy with them. One of them I dropped and broke its screen, and one of them I spill coffee on, but both had done me good service until then. The first one I ever bought, a 7-inch one with Linux installed, is still working, and my granddaughter has been using it.

My previous Asus netbook, though, a 1015, had Windows 7 on it, and the 1 gb of RAM was not sufficient by a long shot. I would have put more RAM in it, but it was not expandable.

This model also has Windows 7 an 1 gb of RAM, but the memory can be upgraded to 2 gb. I bought the 1001 and the following memory module:


Replacing the memory module is quick and easy. You open the little door on the bottom of the computer, remove the old module, insert the new one, reclose the door, and your computer is all set.

With 2 gb, this netbook is a pleasure to use. It weighs a little over 2 pounds (1110 grams), fits in a medium-sized purse, and can be carried around for hours without feeling uncomfortably heavy. I also have a great Android tablet (the 7-inch Nexus), but when I'm traveling for more than a few days, I really prefer to have my netbook along. Typing this review on a tablet screen would not have been much fun! Also, many tablets have a bigger footprint than this netbook. They're lightweight, and thin, but you can't carry them in a purse, unless it's rather large. I consider this a lot more portable than an iPad, for example.

I have a powerful desktop computer at home, but even at home, I use the netbook somewhat more than I use the desktop. I keep it in the kitchen, where I can pull it out to check my email or search for things on the internet while I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, so to speak.

The keys on the 1001 feel a little more "wobbly" than those on some of the other Asus netbooks I've owned, but all in all, I'm very happy with this netbook. And I'm really happy to have found one that isn't black. The netbook whose screen I broke was a lovely red; I regret breaking that one, which was a little beauty, but blue is OK, too.
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on June 20, 2011
Works fine for the price I paid. I wanted something with a long battery life a keyboard that can do more unlike a tablet. The 9 cell battery and 2 gb memory make it work well. But with out that it could just be ok. I can also see where the os upgrade may make it better but it works fine for what I wanted. Nice and light compared to a laptop so again I am happy. The 10 inch screen is nice also. Like I said in before fine for the price I paid. If things go bad I will add that to this review.
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on March 4, 2012
I bought this netbook during a Black Friday sale at Amazon for $189, which was absurdly low. I would have paid at least $250 and still been happy, but the latest prices of $350+ are probably too high for most people to be happy with this product.

What it is:
-Very small, lightweight, can literally fit in a large jacket pocket
-Slow but reasonable for web browsing, email, MS Office (I have Office 2007 installed and it works fine, but just don't try to crunch huge spreadsheets)
-Works for basic/older games
-I've watched movies on this successfully, but the sound quality from the tiny speaker stinks. Headphones are a bit better

What it is NOT:
-An iPad--honestly not even close
-A laptop computer--I would consider it more like a very large-screen 3G cell phone
-A gaming platform, although I have been running Diablo 2 LOD (circa 2001) and it runs fine, I just advise that you don't try the newest games. Of course Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc all run fine

-Others have noted the power plug is small and weak, I agree. I am afraid it will break.
-the screen really only has 1 viewable position, all the way open. It does not have the same viewing angle options as a standard laptop
-the keyboard is wierdly clicky, you'll see :) They call it Chicklet
-I never tried running this with the standard 1 MB RAM, as the 2GB module was only 12 bucks so I bought it with the machine. I also added a 4GB SD card and dedicated it to SpeedBoost. With both of those things, it is still pretty slow. But if you are looking for an ultra-portable net-appliance, it is fast enough. If you are expecting a laptop, you'll be seriously disappointed
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on February 22, 2012
I got a used white ASUS netbook, and for the price it was at, it was perfect for my needs. I upgraded to 2GB's ram for very cheap, about an additional 12 dollars with shipping. Unfortunately most of the lower rating reviews I've seen on here are undeserving. A netbook is not designed to replace a laptop. That being said, this netbook does wonders with what it is. It is very speedy. Battery life is about 3-4 hours, depending on how one is using the computer.

I would recommend this netbook for anyone doing quick business work, linux/programmer hobbyists, or university students.

I installed Ubuntu 11.10 without a problem off a USB and got rid of windows 7 starter which was full of bloatware. Not worth it to keep starter 7 on here since of the speed. Switch to a reliable linux distro. It is, however, possible to eliminate a lot of bloatware but it is a long time spent cleaning up the netbook.

Overall, for what I expect a netbook to do, perfect score. Amazon not only got me this netbook fast, it was used, but works perfectly. The price is unbeatable.
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on November 18, 2011
I must say this Asus netbook has treated me well since I bought it. I am a grad student, and other students in my classes have recommended this particular netbook to me. I must admit this netbook is practical and convient. I mainly use this netbook for surfing web, reading, or writing papers. Which is why this netbook was a good match for me. I would not recommend this netbook to someone who wants to only watch videos and play games. When purchasing a new computer, it is important to know the difference between a netbook and a laptop. A laptop can manage work and play. This netbook is meant for more work and little play.
The battery on the Netbook has been good. My netbook can last an entire class (2hrs and 50mins) without needing plugged in. Which is a huge relief! Nothing was worse than bringing my laptop to class and having the stress of finding an outlet!
Overall, I recommend this netbook to the workaholic or the workaholic student. The netbook is perfect to carry around. (Definately by a case for it!) A+ Asus/Eee PC for making a great AND affordable netbook.
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on August 9, 2011
I purchased this laptop to use the built-in camera as a programmable surveillance camera controllable over the network. I installed Debian. Squeeze did not provide the necessary software but wheezy has worked well for everything I have tried. I hate keyboards on small laptops (I was planning on controling this one purely remotely) but this keyboard is relatively inoffensive. If you have small hands it might even be nice. The camera quality is good for the number of pixels. Comment if you have questions about Debian Testing hardware support.

I did not know in advance if the camera would be supported. It is. According to dmesg, it is an Azurewave

New USB device found, idVendor=13d3, idProduct=5702
New USB device strings: Mfr=3, Product=1, SerialNumber=2
Product: USB2.0 UVC VGA WebCam
Manufacturer: Azurewave

Use -m with uvccapture
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