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on June 1, 2012
I've only had this product for 25 minutes, and I can't tell you how disappointed I was!
First of all, the netbook is very similar in speed to my 4 years old Netbook based on the Celeron processor.
It's just as slow, but my biggest gripe is that it was supposed to play back youtube 1080p video, but it wasn't even able to playback a 720P MKV file without slowing down, and have video lag audio!
*Edit: after further testing, it does play back 720p video, just not mpeg2 at these resolutions, like which can be found on Blue-rays. the Mpeg2 or Mpeg4 video I tested, was encoded under a 4,7Mbit compression; or about 2GB per 1hour of video. It does not play this back. Recommended is higher compressed video's of 4Mbit, or 3Mbit or less. (1-1,2GB per hour of video for 720p is okay!)*

I am sincerely disappointed!

I don't consider this an upgrade to the Asus EeePC 701 at all, as the 701 had a factory speed of 630Mhz, one could overclock it to the stock speed of the cpu of 800Mhz, and ~1000-1100Mhz. Comparably, this N2600 compares to the celeron accelerated to 1,2Ghz.

The fan is constantly on! With the 701 and eeectl the fan would drop below a certain audible speed, eventhough the chassis would heat up a bit. This netbook only drops fan when it's completely passive. Moving the mouse arround, browsing pages, or scrolling through text ignites up the fan!

Third, SUPER disappointed that this netbook only has a single speaker working! Not only does it only have a single speaker working, but the speaker is located at the bottom right, so you'll get the idea that the left speaker broke, but in reality, it's just having one MONO speaker (which is not even centered)!
NO stars for you Asus!

4: The netbook as usual comes with a bunch of uninteresting bloatware that takes about 2 hours of uninstalling, and even then there's still some stuff remnant in the memory.

5: Not upgradeable ram, is really annoying! It takes an engineer to open the device, void the warranty, just to open the device! 2Gig of RaM is necessary! Like others mentioned, this netbook uses nearly 800 and something MB of it's 1024MB of ram! You really can not do a thing with it! After uninstalling all the crapware, and without installing anything special, as well as optimizing the netbook a bit, you're able to lower the RAM usage to 550-600MB of RAM.
*Edit: After applying the necessary Windows updates memory usage is closer to 650MB; after installing few basic programs and 2gig of ram, the netbook is constantly running at 750+MB of ram*

6: The screen is way too bright! I can't work well in low lit environments with it! It's just too bright, and hurts my eyes; even at the darkest setting!

7: It has the less responsive, less interesting Windows 7 (starter) installed. I prefer XP much over 7, but the starter version is very limited!

The only positive surprise for me, and the only reason why this netbook has not zero stars, but one?
The harddrive was faster than expected! Not fast fast, like, still slower than a slow SSD, but not as slow as the N450 netbooks from Acer!
An upgrade to SSD would improve speed drastically, and would still be worth while!
I don't really need all the space though! I'd rather would have had a 32SSD, than this 200GB harddrive, where I only will use 40GB at most of.
*Edit:I just bought a Wintec 60GB SSD and installed it, and it really works well now! Except for the fan being constantly on, and the USB ports being slow, this netbook works pretty ok!*
*Edit2: Ok, the video issue I've been able to address, by selecting hardware acceleration in Media Player classic, and disabling all filters and subtitles, and outputting the 720p low compression video to 800x600pix, 72Hz, it is almost possible to run a blueray DVD recorded at 23.98fps; with a minimal video/audio de-sync (1 second delay over 5 minutes of video).
Key is the hardware acceleration of 720p video reduces 30% of CPU use, disabling all filters reduces another 5 or 10%, especially sharpener, which consumes a lot of CPU. At this rate, playing back video consumes 50% cpu, one thread at 100%, the other 3 at 25%, and the GPU helps out the video somewhat.

In other words, with optimalization it's almost possible to watch a non encrypted Blueray trouble free; and let the display adapter instead of the graphics card deal with the 23.98fps issue (since the graphics card will need all the juice it has to decode the video stream)
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on November 16, 2012
This netbook is the best netbook I've used so far. The screen is much higher quality than my Acer A1, and I can squeeze a little over 12 real world hours of battery life out of it without changing any power settings. I suspect I can get another hour or 1.5 hours battery life if I change the power settings. I have a 15 inch Asus notebook from 2009 that cost nearly $950 US and the keyboard is nowhere near as good as the keyboard on this netbook.

I have a couple complaints about the 1025C. First, it came with quite a lot of bloatware. No one wants that stuff, and only come people have the skills to get rid of it. The big battery makes it a little thicker than I like, but it's still light, relatively small, and very easy to carry in a netbook case. I think the large size of the battery is worth the amount of electrical energy that it holds and resulting battery life. The performance of the new graphics hardware of the Atom N2600 is a huge improvement over the N550's graphics. So much so that it's like comparing Intel integrated graphics to a mid level discrete Nvidia gaming graphics card.

Operating modern software and web standards with 1 GB of RAM leaves something to be desired, so I went ahead and ordered a 2GB stick at the same time I ordered the netbook. The upgrade makes a noticeable difference in the lag between input and reaction/output. I also ordered an OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD. Doing the SSD upgrade effectively doubles the over all speed of the computer. It is amazing how responsive and durable this netbook is with these two upgrades, which cost about $80 between them.

The case of the computer will never be the same after I had to disassemble it to change the RAM and HDD to an SSD. At least three of the molded in plastic mechanical catch fastners on the case broke off, which left the case a little loose in two places, and there's no effective way to fix it without glue or epoxy. I have disassembled dozens of notebook cases, and I am very aware of how easily they are dmaged, and very careful to do what I can to avoid breaking stuff. Even after I used hot air to soften the plastic, and the most correct tools and careful technique, some of the fastners still broke off. Aside from the plastic case retainers, the quality is good.

There were some available options for this model which I was not able to choose/select. I am almost never able to find a place on Amazon product websites that allows me to choose to have my product come with different available options. For instance, the 1025C has available bluetooth and cellular data, but I was not able to tell the seller that I wanted those things, so I had to take what they offered, even though Asus manufactuers this model in many different versions and ships those versions worldwide in most cases. This is a major flaw and problem in Amazon's product sales system. I've ran into this many times. The only option I was able to choose was the color. I got white. It's a matte pearl white which looks great and very well resists fingerprints. No where in the product description was I told that this netbook belongs to something Asus calls the "Flare Series", and I picked this model carefully. That may or may not have been useful to me before buying the thing. I think I paid right around $300 for this netbook, counting the very nice neoprene case that I included in the shipment, and not counting the SSD and RAM upgrades I also included.
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on November 28, 2012
I'm a very picky and a very techy guy. I don't truly like W7, Facebook, and I don't tweet. That said...

I purchased my 1025C Black for $149 fulfilled by Amazon. It was labeled just as "Good" condition. I expected a few flaws, but there are none!. I purchased many used items "fulfilled by Amazon" and have always been happy :)

This machine is very zippy for a small guy, the HDMI works nicely by just connecting your display to the port. The machine does not have a lot of bloat-ware on it. I did remove the crippled Office 2010, Asus Vibe "Asus fun center", the eee Dock (a pull down that has a few bloat apps on it), but the rest of the system were items that were useful. This maybe one of the first systems that I was able to use the "stock" OS on without feeling I had "Clean out" the system. Thanks Asus! hmm.. much hardware I'm collecting seems to bear ASUS's logos on them?

Does look it's best in the 1024x600 mode but the panel can switch to 1024x768 with a tad of pixel tearing. FN+F4 offers 800x600, 1024x600, and 1024x768 modes. Nice brightness and contrast.

Wireless Lan Adaptor:
this is the first net/laptop I have used that REALLY performs well using a N router. Yes, there is a difference between the G and N using this netbook.

Wired Lan Adaptor:
Using the performance monitor copying files over the LAN (Cat5 100Megabit) yielded a consistent 96-99% usage rate. very efficient (remember this is a netbook).

System is preloaded with Windows 7 Starter OS x86 (32 bit version). The Boot disk for a x64 version of W7 Starter will refuse to load the installer.

USB 3.0 Ports:
using a Patriot memory systems 32G USB 3.0 thumb drive, I was able to image the C:\ (12g data) to a image file in 12 mins. Yes the USB ports on this bugger are very fast.

Touch Pad:
The different 2 fingers scroll actions make using the touch pad VERY simple. Spend the time reading the PDF manual (shortcut on the desktop) to lean how to use these features.

Above I stated my preferences but with the "Classic Shell" (a freeware app that has the icon that looks like that of the Shell Oil company), I was able to make myself happy with the stock installed OS. This is a first for me. My choice is the stable and easy to use XP. MS, Moving crap around so us 'techy' guys find EVERY feature in a DIFFERENT place for EVERY OS version IS NOT SIMPLER!!!! Windows 8? looks like MS's new motto is "Where do you want to be forced to today?..."

If you want small everything has to be just that. I'm happy with the keyboard and I can type on it just fine. Low Light, I really wish there was a pop out keyboard light that I had seen once on a HP laptop next to the web-cam.

The case has a feel that makes me think quality. It does not feel like your holding a cheap device. At the same time it is well balanced well and can be picked up and carried around with one hand and not feel stressed. Wife has a different model Asus eee PC, and her's feels back-end heavy. This device does not get hot under normal operations. I say that I haven't had to change position feeling I needed due to heat. The very quiet fan on the left side seems to be very cleverly positioned. I don't find myself wanting to put my hand where the air is blowing out of. I think somebody thought of this during design time. :)

Argh the system came partitioned with..

16M EFI (windows 7 loader)
100G C: Windows 7 system and OS
15xG D: Clean for the user
15G Express Gate partition (a Striped down linix SAFE Web browser)

Personally I like to have one partition for my OS and the ENTIRE rest of the drive on in one section for the data. When I was done I had...

100M EFI (windows 7 loader)
40G C: Windows 7 system and OS
27xG D: Clean for the user

What I did was, when I got the device let the Windows 7 System install itself. Load your favorite Disk Imaging software, Image the C: drive to a 6G (compressed) file on a thumb drive. Then I did a "clean" using diskpart (MS's new FDISK utility). Booted with a Windows 7 x86 installer and let it create the EFI (ouch really! 100Meg?) and advanced mode create a 40G partition for the OS. Let the installer start the "Copying files" to about 5%, then cancel the install.

Reboot your imaging software and put the Asus image back on the C: partition (40G). Correct it can't boot now. To fix the boot issue, restart the windows 7 installer and do a repair to make it do the dirty work of the boot loader. Pull the thumb drives out and your up with the smaller C: drive. Go into Disk administrator and create a partition and format it to get your LARGER D: data partition back. Keep your C: image safe as your "recovery resource"! Burn it to a disk(s) as the F9 start-up key for recovery will not work as we removed the partition to gain the disk space back!

My use for this device is mostly RDP (Remote desktop), videos (MANY OF THEM), and Web browsing. I am so happy with this device, I had to buy 2 more for the kids for Christmas :)
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on August 26, 2012
It was a toss up between this Asus and an Acer model comparative to this one. HOWEVER, I chose this one of because of the extremely long battery life. I was hesitant because of all the reviews regarding how slow the netbook ran, but I'm soooo glad I chose this one. It's awesome! So small and easily portable. After removing bloatware and turning off Windows update and other various 'services' by going into the administrative tools option, it runs lightening fast. Im not sure why everyone is saying it's slow. Mine is NOT. I've also installed various word programs and 3rd party software. The Windows starter platform DOES use around 500mb of the 1 gig of memory, but I still have plenty remaining for what I need the netbook to do.

Overall, the battery life is phenominal so, as a writer, I can take it where I want and dont have to worry about dragging around the power cord. I love my new netbook!
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on February 12, 2014
I like this little netbook, and I've used the heck out of it in Wi-Fi situations, but it does have a couple of really annoying issues that I do not like. It constantly wants to update the software, and I have to wait for it to get done, while I may have been in the middle of typing an email or something like that. Also when I'm typing it really tends to jump all over the place on me. I'll be in the middle of typing a long email or message of some kind, and it will constantly be jumping somewhere, and I look up to see that I've been typing in the middle of a line somewhere above where I'm at. It will also delete everything I've typed sometimes, and for no reason or doing on my part. I've been told that I can adjust the typing pad sensitivity to correct these problems, but I haven't been able to find the capacity to do that. I've been using a wireless mouse for some time, and almost never use the typing pad; but it still does these things to me. It's really annoying, but it is a really handy and capable little computer for a lot of things. I bought a really nice tablet to replace it, but I sent the tablet back because I much prefer the PC format on this netbook to the mobile format on the tablets. Typing on this netbook is superior to typing on a tablet as well, even with the problems that it has. I'm going to upgrade to a faster hybrid tablet/netbook soon, but I can't say this netbook hasn't been quite useful for me.
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on March 25, 2013
I rate this 4 stars because it is affordable, upgradable, and the battery life is outstanding.

It is not THAT hard to upgrade the RAM. Watch the Youtube video, it shows you exactly how to do it. I used this RAM, Patriot Signature 2 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz Notebook Memory PSD32G13332S, and it worked. Why Asus didn't give you a handy little door, I don't know. Very poor design in that regard. Other than that, it is a very nice netbook for the price.

It's not super Linux friendly but that is what I bought it for, despite the poor reviews. Ubuntu 12.04 mostly works except for 3D and some Fn keys. I used custom scripts for the screen brightness. So basically it has some flaws but makes up for it in price and battery life. I'm quite happy with it.
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on August 23, 2012
I have purchased Asus products in the past, and a current user of the EEEpc seashell series, which is wonderful. Of course, I needed a bit more memory and was forced to upgrade to 2gb. On the older product - and when I say older I mean a year, there was a slot on the back which was so simple to upgrade. I bought my wife the 1025C, thinking this was one of their latest model. Of course, with the migration towards tablets, etc., you would think that Asus would try improving aspects of Netbooks. Not only to they still include 1gb memory, which is so outdated at this point, but replacing is nearly impossible. I am pretty good with technology, and had to watch this whole video (thank god for youtube) to literally take apart my computer. I felt as if I was bashing it prior to even using it. Fortunately it works, but would NOT recommend this for anyone that does not feel comfortable with becoming an engineer on day one.
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on June 10, 2012
I bought this for my daughter as her first computer and I must say this thing is a huge disappointment. After uninstalling the bloatware and closing out unnecessary processes, this thing is still incredibly slow. I know it's a netbook and aren't renowned for their speed, but this netbook is even slower than first gen single core Atoms. Everything is soooo slow to load and opening programs usually take several seconds. The ram is upgradeable, so I have heard, but it requires a major teardown instead of simply removing a panel. ASUS must not have put much thought into this netbook. I would advise anyone looking for a netbook pass on this one.
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on February 6, 2014
WOW....want 12....13 hours of battery life?? Note as fast as my i5 HP Probook, but keyboard is comfortable, has HDMI port for streaming movies which is hard to find in laptops under 13". Screen is a bit small, but I took the advice and moved start menu to left side and that helps a lot. The wake (from sleep) is miraculously fast and battery life on sleep mode is impressive. I once sent to sleep mode and left in my briefcase for 2 weeks. It still had 20% battery when I next woke it. This is excellent little notebook for quick needs to email, and for taking meeting minutes, working on documents. Can be a bit slow online depending on speed of network...but works much better than I expected.
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on September 25, 2017
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