Customer Reviews: ASUS 1225B-SU17-BK 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
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on May 28, 2012
Asus has made a fantastic product at a great price. I previously owned an Eeepc 900 and loved it for about five years. I learned to use linux with it, I fell in love with Ubuntu using it and really got hooked on having a computer smaller than a pad of paper. I was worried that the Tablet would end Netbooks for good and hated the idea of a crummy throw away operating system made for cell phones, and incapatibility with windows. Then I heard Asus was coming out with this next-Gen netbook and I was excited. I have had it for a while now and feel it deserves a review. I Love It! It is so fast for its size and has tons of space. I run my website off of it and use it for writing papers, editing photos,watching movies and basic email/internet use.
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on August 24, 2012
Before I begin I will provide a little more information about the product that should be given in the description.

The Windows Experience Index is 3.7. The individual ratings are as follows.
Processor - 3.7
RAM - 5.6
Graphics - 4.3
Gaming Graphics - 5.8
Primary hard Disk - 5.6

The 320 GB HDD is partitioned into two partitions. One 99.9GB and the other 183GB. Not really sure why they did that but not really a negative.
The Netbook also comes with a TON of bloatware. Tons of ASUS apps such as a top dock, a special media sharing app, a BIOS updater, E-CAM (adding effects to the webcam) and a trial of TrendMicro AntiVirus. There might of been more that I forgot because I uninstalled most of them as soon as the device booted up.

Interestingly it also has a built in OS that you can quickly boot into by pushing the button next to the WiFi button. Good for quickly checking something on the internet.

The Netbook as a whole is very solid. The Keyboard is a little cramped but not bad seeing as it is a 11" screen. The backlight is very bright and crisp. The tracpad is a little over sensitive out of the box for my liking and the uni-button on the tracpad takes time getting used to.

The webcam is the usual low quality webcam but has a physical switch that blocks the camera and also a digital zoom button along with a on light for the paranoid.

Under the tracpad there is a on light, charging light, HDD light, WiFi light, and a caps lock light.

It has a app for sending media over WiFi to other devices but I don't have a device that supports it to test it out on.

Good - Excelent battery life (5+ hours of actual use), Decent keyboard, great performance for the price, built in operating system
Bad - Amount of bloatware
Weird - Partitioning of HDD.

I will update this review is anything breaks or goes wrong.
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on May 18, 2012
Looking for a small PC..? If you have money I would suggest you get a Mac book, If not... maybe consider this one under $440. Happy with my purchased! So far.. One of the top netbooks that you can get under 12 inches for 2012. 4G Ram and 320 Hard Drive, pretty good for the size. This is perfect to people who loves to me. I don't want to bring my heavy laptop with me when I travel. Thin and light 3.2 lbs and faster than other netbooks who only have 1G or 2G RAM. So far my only complaint is the battery, it said on the box up to 7 hrs.. mine only last 4 1/2 or 5hrs at times on hybrid mode. Well no biggie...that's good enough for me thats a lot. I mean, battery consumption also depends on the task you are doing on the computer. Well if you are comparing this to Acer aspire one 722, Just to let you know, I bought the acer aspire one 722 before this one which has exactly the same specs but lasted only 15days, Gladly returned it..the power just did not turn on again. Lemon.. Do not get acer. This one is better.
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on June 1, 2012
We got this for my wife to use while we travel, paid a little under $500 with software and a padded sleeve included. It was the only computer we could find that had decent speed & 4 gigs of RAM, was ultra portable that cost less than $800. We could have gotten a tablet but she felt the storage and ports of a real computer would be more useful. It's very compact and is surprisingly fast -- with the 1.6 dual-core AMD chip it runs 64-bit Windows 7 no problem. The display screen is nicer (although much smaller) than the one on my $1100 Thinkpad. I thought the smaller 11.6" screen would bother me but it's not bad at all. It remains to be seen how well it will hold up while traveling throughout SE Asia for months on end, but I'm hopeful.
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on July 16, 2012
I wanted hardware that was this small cheap and packed. I needed high specs like 4Gig ram and decent processor. I didn't want to have to pay for windows since it gets flushed when I get it anyway but the general public hasn't accepted that M$ is on its was to being phased out anyway. Other that that all the hardware works great with Ubuntu and my requirements. Free shipping was fast and reliable. First week but running strong and looks slick too. I respect ASUS for kicking my ACER habit. I will be buying ASUS for my work horse Desktop now. I recommend this to anyone looking for a portable mobile with good specs and especially to open source computer nerds who could appreciate this piece of machinery. :D
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on November 30, 2013
I purchased this used, in 2012 in like new condition. So I cant say anything about amazon, or the ASUS warranty process.

The Good: I love this little netbook, far more capable than a tablet, long battery life and portability are just a few of the upsides. Built in SD reader, VGA and HDMI connector, you can pretty much do anything you need with this little machine. Thanks to the AMD APU, it will run most current games, low settings, but its better that playing minesweeper if you have time to kill. The WIFI reception is great, better then most I have had. The camera has a privacy cover, it has blue tooth and enough hard drive to chock full of movies and shows to survive a stay a the relatives. The 5.5 hour battery life is not a gimmick, you can stretch it out even longer with the brightness turned down. This is pretty much my ideal, light duty, everyday mobile computing buddy. The long cord is about double what other makers give you, they did not skimp it. The matte finish does not show fingerprints like the cool shiny toys all the TV adds have, this is a working machine.

The Bad: I never liked the tiny plug on the power adapter, always figured I would bend it. Never did but it is very slight. there is only 1 USB 2.0 plug, I figured they guessed if you needed more that you would have a hub handy. It was always a little flexible where the hinges connected to the frame, flexed too much for my liking.

The Ugly: Ram is soldered on, no chance of upgrading that. The HINGES broke! and when it did, it shoved up against the delicate card that connects the VGA, SD Card and Power button and broke the solder connection between it and the motherboard. Upon dis-assembly, the culprit is the weak hinge connection. I epoxy glued mine together and formed up around it with epoxy so that the other hinge would not break as well. IF I had taken it apart and seen the wimpy, tiny, itty-bitty little plastic riser they chose to screw it onto, I would have reinforced it day 1, warranty be dammed. The ASUS netbooks had a fine reputation for solidness, I still have a 900h netbook, runs great, no issues. To be the last, and the worst, speaks very poorly for ASUS, that they would let such a under strength connection play a vital part in the design. I will get another netbook someday, and ASUS no longer makes them, but ASUS will not be making it to the short list on anymore portable electronics purchases. I will still buy their PC mother boards and video cards, but not any of their portable offerings.
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on January 10, 2013
I bought this so I could work while traveling for 2 months under somewhat difficult conditions in Asia - very cheap hotels, transportation, backpacks, unreliable electricity, internet. I needed a machine that was small, light and allow me to run my most basic applications.

I hadn't expected much at all, reading those gloomy forecasts of the 'end of the netbook', and thinking that it was mostly good for surfing the web, as netbooks were meant for, and that I'd be lucky if I could run much else on it. I have to say it went above and beyond all my expectations. While the boot is a tad slow (I think this can be improved by removing all the unnecessary startup programs, some of which installed by me, and perhaps also because the entire drive is encrypted), I've been able to edit large images with Photoshop, upload my camera's photos and videos, update web sites, and of course run Microsoft Office applications; I could run multiple apps at the same time. The only time I really noticed its limitations was when I tried to run an ebook conversion tool on a very large file, but that is to be expected.

There's more room on the hard drive than my other, larger machines. The screen is bright, in widescreen format and the resolution allows you to browse websites and use applications easily without having to resize windows all the time or scroll too much.

I connected via VPN to the US without difficulty, the bottleneck being the local service provider, not the ASUS. It also has all the ports you need and more.

Last but not least, it's very sturdy, inside and out, an exceptional attribute for a laptop; I bought it with the expectation that it would get beat up, but thought it was better that it happen to an inexpensive Asus than my pricy MacBook Air. Although it was only protected by a soft case, traveled on bumpy rides without additional padding and was used in dirt cheap conditions, it looks practically new! Did I say it looks and feels good too?

I ended up loving this little netbook, and am now using it at home as well!
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on June 25, 2012
I needed a cheap, lightweight laptop to work away from home and while traveling, and this fits the bill perfectly. The construction is solid considering the price, and it weighs next to nothing. The 12-inch form factor is perfect, so it's not a pain to haul around yet it's big enough to type on the keyboard easily and actually see what you are doing on the screen (unlike those tiny netbooks). Compared to netbooks I've owned in the past, it feels like it has a good bit more processing power, though this is not a machine that will do heavy lifting like video editing. However, it handles video playback (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) without a problem.

The battery life is ok, not great, which is a little surprising. I'm able to get a little less than 4 hours with normal use, and I was hoping for something around 6 hours for a low-power machine like this. I think all the awful bloatware Asus packs on to its machines may be the culprit here. The touchpad's multi-touch gestures (like 2-finger scrolling) are jumpy and unresponsive, though I'm almost positive that this is an issue with the drivers from Synaptics and not the hardware. Clicking the touchpad buttons is also oddly difficult, and you have to apply a lot of pressure to press it down (thank goodness for tap-to-click).

Overall, this laptop is a lightweight, inexpensive secondary computer for working on the go. Don't expect it to replace a high-power desktop machine, and don't expect to play Call of Duty or Skyrim on it. Other than that, I recommend it.
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on August 12, 2012
This laptop is great.It replaced an older 10 inch Asus with poor graphics and CPU with Windows 7 Starter. The 1225B model has good graphics and reasonable CPU speed and with 4 Gb of ram and Win7 X64 which allows seamless upgrade shortly to Windows 8 Pro X64. It performs well and there are no criticisms of it. It is meant as a lightweight travel machine with a good storage space. Analysis of performance figures shows that the fitting of a 7200 rpm hard disk would not improve the overall figure by much. Well priced and good value for the purpose.
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on February 11, 2013
Only had the ASUS 1225B-SU17-BK 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black) for a little over a week, but so far everything is working perfectly (knock on wood). I'm not a gamer, merely a writer, so this sexy little machine is everything I want in a small travelling-companion computer. My favorite feature is the battery life. Once I uninstalled a few of the bloatware programs, I'm getting close to 6 hours on a charge, and that's more than I was led to expect from the previous reviews here on (and all I need, really). It's sufficiently light weight, and takes up so little room in my otherwise crowded book bag. I still own 2 other full-size laptops (which are dying on me after 4 and 6 years respectively) and have owned 1 previous Gateway netbook (which was horribly slow and pathetic). That one worked on a single GB processor, so this one's 4 GB SO-DIMM feels incredibly fast. And the 320 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive is all I will need for my purposes. I've already got my Microsoft Office, Miriam Webster's Dictionary/Thesaurus, and all of my printer softrware installed on it, and still have about 240 GB space free on the hard drives. I love it that there are three USB ports and an SD slot that I can use for photo transfers. The screen display is incredibly sharp. So yes, right now I'm happy and still excited about this Asus. I spent over a month studying reviews for over a hundred similar notebooks, and came away dismayed. The reviews on this one, and most other Asus products, were by contrast much more positive... so I took the gamble on this one. I'm using it every day and, to date, couldn't be happier. I will update this review if anything changes.
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